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Plane vanished and attacks

The HORROR REPORT is obviously going to be following this.. An AirAsia flight has lost contact with air traffic control in Jakarta, Indonesia, a crisis center for the airline said Sunday. The plane's flight number is AirAsia Flight 8501.

This seems to be the year of mysteries in the skies..

But an urgent personal matter is top priority.. We appear to become a target of a mass DDOS attack.. You may or may not even be able to see this posting.

We are working this out and checking the security levels of the site...

And in the meantime watching the air loss story on pins and needles like the rest of the world..

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared. And still creeped out.

I recalled watching the original DON'T HUG ME I'M SCARED years ago. Heck , with how fast time moves, it seems like ages .. but it was 2011 (prior to the birth of my son, so it does actually feel like a whole other time period.)

The video was created after a kickstarter campaign helped Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling bring it to life.. While the original video has aged now, it was brought back into focus this weekend when Clyde Lewis posted a message on his Facebook page saying that he was speaking to someone who told him that the DON'T HUG ME I'M SCARED series is being used for MK ULTRA mind control. He asked readers to simply say what they thought after watching .. 

Reaction was mixed--some said that people were taking the video too seriously.. Others were simply freaked out by the imagery and music. A few remarked that the video was social commentary on the education system--how educators always tell children to be creative but then attack them for doing so.

The video, f…

The year the devil took over?

I was reading a wonderful story from JPOST today, it was an opinion column written by Naomi Ragen.. she opens her article with a word about the hit 1970s movie THE OMEN and how she was watching it a few days back.. Ragen explained how the audience watching THE OMEN knew a bit more than the actors, and how we understood the devil was at play while they did not. Ragen said,
In The Omen 3: Final Conflict, the screenwriters are tasked with imagining what the world would look like if the Devil gained control.

As I read the newspapers every day, it seems to me we are seeing exactly that.
Her point is taken.

She writes,
The slaughter of 132 Pakistani schoolchildren and their teachers. The latest Boko Haram atrocity in kidnapping a whole village of women and girls. The admission of an Islamic State fighter that he personally murdered 150 women and girls who refused to be raped and “married” off to a murderer. The harvesting of organs for the black market by Islamic State from prisoners and their o…

A savior for every species

Perhaps it's just that miraculous time of year..?

Video is making the rounds today online showing a monkey saving his friend.. But even more, the monkey that is being saved was without any sign of life for 20 minutes--his friend apparently had some sort of other worldly to bring back  a monkey from the edge of death..

There is video evidence of something.. as you can see here.

You can determine if you believe this to be a modern miracle in the monkey world or just a chance action in life.


The Associated Press picked up the story, as well.. The dispatch writes 
Onlookers at a train station in northern India watched in awe as a monkey came to the rescue of an injured friend - resuscitating another monkey that had been electrocuted and knocked unconscious.
A Christmas miracle. Not confined to the human race..


Darlene Love’s final performance on Letterman at Christmas.. and maybe the best.  This song, and the Letterman show, has heralded in my Christmas spirit every year since I was a child.. It’s the end of an era.. I will need to find a new source in 2015

Early Christmas Eve news roundup

As Christmas Eve begins this early morning hour, there are still toils and troubles making news from the world and beyond.. A collection and smattering here now from the planet not nearly at peace like we'd wish..

There may not be a war directed at Christmas.. but there sure are wars ON Christmas..

News from Ohio this year.. A homeowner is making news after reporting to the world that his township is telling him to take down his zombie nativity scene.. The owner of the scene also has a haunted house called 13 ROOMS OF DOOM... And he believes his first amendment rights are being violated..

Woman arrested in attack on Satanic Temple display..

Another fatal shooting near Ferguson.. according to reports, an 18-year-old pointed a hand gun at a police officer.. he was shot. The protesters say that the brutality aspect entered when police failed to call for medical assistance for Antonio Martin after he was shot.. The St. Louis Police Department is handling the internal investigation, but we…

The safety net of the future?

The fundamental theory behind this new social idea:
Unconditional Basic Income.

The UBI is a monthly monetary income granted every month, unconditionally, by a political community to each of its members from birth. Depending on the nation, in Europe and the U.S. it would probably be $2,500 per adult and $1,500 per child. It must secure a minimum livelihood and enable a participation in society. It is unconditional because it constitutes a human, civil and legal right and shall be provided without proof of need and without obligation to work, search for work, or performing any services in return. Yes, you’re being paid to live, work and participate as you please.
Some may immediately decry this as a socialist experiment on crack.. But there’s something to be said for one point of this: I often wonder about the future, especially about jobs.. as they dry and whither, does this UBI become more possible?

Does time may it almost necessary t…

All the world's a stage

After all that.. SONY will show THE INTERVIEW in ‘select theaters’ Christmas..

Call me a kooky conspiracy nut, but I offer up the following premise, only based on hunches and a windy tale of a spider web of oddities..

THE INTERVIEW was getting really bad press.. and awful reviews. Most who saw it said it was not funny. It looked disastrous..
The State Department helped write the ending. Along with someone from the RAND Corp, that was reported in the DAILY BEAST..

Sony got hacked—either an inside job or a group called the GOP. I don’t believe North Korea did it.. not that they wouldn’t want to. But SONY figured out a great PR way to make America hate North Korea, force headlines about racist and sordid emails OFF the front pages, and cancel a movie, only to create a demand to release it.

President Obama got in on the action.
And suddenly it seems to be a patriotic duty to go see THE INTERVIEW..

It reads like a spy novel.. or a badly written HOLLYWOOD film.
And really, isn’t all the world a sta…

Pope Francis' Christmas message becomes brutal and honest assessment of Vatican issues

Pope Francis’ year is ending with a bang..
The leader of the Catholic Church stood in the Curia in Rome.. the annual Christmas gift is laden with holy rhetoric and stories of God, Jesus, and a Virgin Birth that gave us Christmas..

But Pope Francis’ approach this year was not with tradition.. his words blazed with fire as they were pronounced.. those in attendance were given a harsh admonishment for their ways.. the Pope of the people was sincere in his pronouncements.. he seemingly has found a source of moral ruin within the walls of the Vatican.

The Pope told the Cardinals, some who seemingly looked like they were wincing and squirming in their self-righteous chairs, that there is an ‘illness’ in the churcg raging.. the Pontiff said that bureaucracy at the Vatican  was complete with a “disease of feeling immortal” to vainglory and excessive planning.. he said that a church that does not improve is akin to a ‘sick body.’

He railed against the “pathology of power.”

Francis said,
Those who lo…

Christmas Eve Eve Eve

Days before Christmas
And all through my town,
No smiles are found,
Only deep frowns .

The nation has weathered a tide of hate,
Rage and the like,
Demons left gates.

The moral compass is cracked and gone,
The heathens of hell are clever and strong.

The nation’s at war,
Bit our secrets came out,
Torture and weapons,
Now there’s no doubt.

Movies were canceled,
Due to a hack,
But that’s the least concern,
Of things in the stack.

It’s been a long year but it seems to fly by,
As the month turns, no doubt some will cry.

Because despite the ill will and moments of rage,
We are all still nostalgic for our place in this cage.

Christmas is here,
All through the land.
But we’ll never improve,
That’s the part I can’t stand.

A fumblr on Tumblr?

I have been a Tumblr blogger for about four years now, on and off.. While I have several hundred followers, I really don’t find myself finding TUMBLR to be a place for dedicated blogging or long winded posting.. The scene there is credits weird GIFs and cat memes much more than someone with a thoughtful and hardcore post about geopolitical affairs or transhumanism. Hence, NIGHT TERROR NEWS..

About a year ago, though, I found myself traveling down a suspicious road on TUMBLR.. Someone reblogged a photograph I posted of myself. It was not a selfie, but one of me alone.. I don’t do selfies.  Really, I don’t. And I will never buy a selfie stick..

Nonetheless, I was first a little flattered .. the person who reblogged it made some sort of comment about my beautiful eyes. And then in an about face, quipped about my receding hairline–I cannot convince people, but I have had this since about 6-years of age..

When I delved deeper into the reblogger’s site, I realized the person was a transsexual …

The meeting before Christmas: Ayden tells Santa the final wish list

Ayden met Santa for the second time last night. He announced his list, but this time shortened it down to two things. I think he panicked a bit and clammed up once he was face to face with the big guy..

Although afterwards he asked a good question: What is Santa doing here right now instead of the North Pole? He knew how busy a time it was.. how did Santa have a chance to come to Ashland, PA? I reassured him .. he was not as persistent as he will be at four, or even five.

I recall my ‘moment’ of realization came around four. So if that happens with my son, I’m just loving getting this one magical Christmas with the amazing innocence of believing in something.

Funny enough, our moment with Santa has been recorded for posterity by the POTTSVILLE REPUBLICAN. A reporter even got a quote from both of us.. John Usalis writes,
Inside the Legion post, members sold hot food while people came in to warm up. Santa Claus was also inside, ringing bells as children came to tell him their Christmas wish…