The LAZARUS EFFECT showcases the newfound popularity of reanimation horror.. WIRED’s Jordan Cruccihola examines this premise in an article posted today, saying
“Reanimation horror is not the most populated of sub-genres. We’ve surely had more cabins in the woods, unbeatable super killers, and haunted houses. But reanimation has a special place in our hearts thanks to its scientific roots. Sure, it’s all ridiculous science with little to no connection to reality, but there are still a lot more lab coats than in your standard-issue slasher. And if there’s one thing we wish there were more of in horror flicks, it’s lab coats..”  

An the author is dead on right! The LAZARUS EFFECT, being released this weekend for public consumption, has an interesting premise: A group of medical students find a way to bring the dead back to life. It’s a horror classification, but easily travails into the science fiction category as you read more about the idea.. And really, we are living in this world.

This horror encapsulates perfectly our fears about future shock, the advancement of medical technology, and how we are on the verge of some amazing but possibly scary things.. The movie is getting intensely bad reviews, not only from the paid informants in entertainment rags, but also the masses who have already been privileged to see and write about it.

The common thread is that this is a rip-off of FLATLINERS. Maybe that’s true, but it’s also bringing to theaters the concept of the future and how it can be dangerous if in the wrong hands.. there’s a cultural allegory here if you pay attention. A commentary on society..

LAZARUS is not expected to rise to the top of the heap in the movie theaters over the next few days, but it is predicted to do fine for its genre for a winter weekend..

The message of IT FOLLOWS explored

IT FOLLOWS trailer lays out rules for upcoming horror film.

The movie is highly anticipated.. it’s a modern movie about the dangers of teenage sexual promiscuity. Instead of exchanging bodily fluids that lead to an STD, the couple involved will become victims of a sexually transmitted CURSE.. that follows.

I have read a number of accounts and early spoiler information about this movie–it looks to be one of the freshest and most creative horror movies that we will be getting in 2015.Some have even called it a ‘masterpiece‘!

Reviews like that often don’t happen in the mainstream world for this genre..The UK INDEPENDENT’s Geoffrey Macnab reviewed the movie with a positive four out of five star conclusion.. Macnab wrote,
“The ingenious new teen horror film It Follows will intrigue, puzzle and trouble audiences by turns.”  

And this:
“This may be a horror movie but it has some of the same feel as Larry Clark’s cautionary tales about mixed-up, laidback American kids. It is shot as artfully as Clark’s films and, like them, portrays a self-enclosed teen society in which parents and teachers don’t intrude.”  

For many years, any watcher of horror either random or astute would know that films often play on the fears of the youth.. Jason Vorhees killed the immoral, in a sense he was the ultimate champion of religious fervor–slaughtering the promiscuous party animal teens that skipped foreplay and went right to the deed at Camp Crystal Lake.

Perhaps no one saw the irony in his kills, the idea that he was the biblical old testament God reigning judgement down on those who sinned.. This new film seems to keep with that same idea: Sin and sex.

In IT FOLLOWS, the predator and villain can only be seen by those who have been cursed with the sexual relations that spread it.. An keeping with my long held notion that horror movies, in any given time (and professional wrestling), perfectly symbolize the current state of modern pop culture for that generation, Macnab paints a similar picture in his INDEPENDENT review, writing:
“It Follows plays not just on the kids’ ambivalence about their own sexual desires, but also on their disgust at the idea of their parents’ sexual lives. The Freudian elements sit alongside action sequences (a car crashing in a cornfield, an explosive final-reel stand-off at the local swimming pool). This is also a love story of sorts. Paul (Keir Gilchrist) is besotted with Jay. He is just a little too geeky for her to consider as a suitor but he is persistent and loyal. His innocent devotion is in very stark contrast to the depravity that surrounds the teenagers..”


For weeks, speculation has been rampant on BELLGAB.COM.. The social site where Art Bell fans go to surmise the latest ordeals, the latest rumors, and the most recent George Noory memes, has also been home to a gush of emotion with each Art Bell message to the squadron of loyal listeners.. They are the base. Sometimes organized. Sometimes apathetic.. sometimes stuck in a mental rut.. and as Bell would say, vaguely lovable.

But today, they may have just cracked the code.

Several days ago, Art Bell made a dramatic announcement on both Bellgab and Facebook that, due to problems being able to play bumper music on his scheduled upcoming July podcast, he may just scrap the whole thing. Intense debate was immediate.. a rush of ideas filled the pages of the site with pleas from some for Bell to just come back, even if music would be absent his podcast. Others mentioned free places, and some wanted to donate their own original songs. But Bell wasn't playing with any new ideas: He clearly wants the music he had always played on Coast to Coast AM, he said to set the atmosphere as the program continued through the night.

Emotions suddenly turned positive as Bell began posting more hopeful words. A deal, he said, was being worked out with a 'major player.' After much speculation, Bell last night wrote about the inability for Bellgabbers to guess who that 'big' player was.

Until today when a user named 'Somewhere in Time' guessed CUMULUS.. Speculation took off from there..

As for me, I did my own part, contacted a source with Cumulus Media that I have used previously.. A brief friendly phone conversation changed to an even more brief and less kind talk when I asked if Art Bell could potentially be a major player coming to the Cumulus brand.. A deal, I was told, would be announced 'if a deal was even being worked on' when both parties decided it should be.. If 'both parties' were even talking about it.  The classic no confirmation.. no denial.. military style.

Bell himself added to the vast array of speculation with a few coy comments and lively jokes, even humoring users who were openly talking about placing money bets on him signing with Cumulus vs not.. Finally tonight, Bell entertained the idea of announcing early but said he didn't want to say a word until the documents were signed:
What clues? I can not say a word till the date to announce. It is hard for me not to just blurt it out now because we have been told it's a go but I want to wait for the signed final deal first but boy it is exciting. I will be depending on the PROVEN ability of this murky and semi civilized group to hit Social Media with a brick for me when we are ready.


The clues were dropped.. the hints were made.
There is not clear confirmation of CUMULUS being the new brand of Bell, but it is certainly raising eyebrows when the comments are taking into consideration.

But at the same time, Bell is having fun with it all, as well.
He posted on Facebook tonight:
For those of you who can read between the lines and do not mind adult language and are not easily offended plus have a good sense of humor you may wish to check out remember, I warned you, it's not the underbelly of the Internet..but you can see it from there.

The underbelly.
And as a card carrying member of BELLGAB, I think I can see the underbelly from my house.





DEAD AT 83..

I credit Leonard Nimoy with most of what I am interested in today.

I was too young to watch IN SEARCH OF when it appeared on television in new form, but I recall becoming addicted to it in the late 1980s and early 1990s when some forgettable cable station ran reruns of it each day. I rushed home from school, typically, trying to catch the show.. Leonard Nimoy was the voice of that program and it was perfect for the content..

Later in life, I came to appreciate the meaning of STAR  TREK--the messages and pop culture commentary was subtle, but as I grew up and starting my own aging process, I loved it even more.. Now, looking back at the program, it's clear that the ideas presented were cutting the cutting edge.. They were beyond the common thought of the day.

Leonard Nimoy, without question, became the face of STAR TREK. Spock was the reason many watched the show--even now when movies are made, the important question always centers around what actor will play SPOCK..

Nimoy did much, much more.. He was best known for his acting. But he was also remarkably funny--a true comedian who was blunt and often subtle in his humor.. And he was famous for another magic he possessed: His velvet voice.

This news is a big bummer.

He left the world at 83.
He lived long..
He prospered..
And he was memorable entertainer who deserves a moment or two of silence..


The Cat's eyes

DC's Catwoman Comes Out as Bisexual »

I am not shocked.
As a matter of fact, being a BATMAN fan since my early years of life, I always sensed something a little edgier about Catwoman when compared to the other villains.. Selina Kyle is not the quaint woman of Tim Burton’s imagination in the early 1990s..

And anyway, I always pictured Catwoman as Ertha Kitt, as she was probably the role model for any Catwoman to come.

This comic book coming out has generated a lot of controversy and attention—

This whole thing started when Genevieve Valentine wrote a blog about this. The explanation for this new role of the arch nemesis of BATMAN:
When I was first plotting out what I expected to be a six-issue arc, there were a few emotional beats I considered indispensable. One was Nick, around whom Selina’s moral axis pivoted and whose death would set up Antonia to be both guilt-trip and threat to Selina – a contestant for the throne, even if neither of them wanted to think of it that way. Another was finding time for a few key moments with Batman, particularly in the first issue to set up their connection even when at odds.
And one was establishing Selina as canon bisexual.
She’s flirted around it – often quite literally – for years now; for me, this wasn’t a revelation so much as a confirmation.

And boom. The Bible versus are now being quoted on news articles and comic book sites, and many people are suddenly condemning someone that doesn’t exist except on paper.

Now the question becomes: Who does the CAT want more? The BATman or the BATgirl?

So don’t fear, BATfans, Catwoman’s sudden burst of sexual creativity is not going to be ruining any childhood imaginations.. her proclivity for both genders is not going to incur the wrath of God on the comic book world.. And quite frankly, we will survive.

I think this is a fine move. Comic books are always and should be on the cutting edge of societal evolution. I think for some male oriented readers, this may challenge and rattle the core of their nerve endings for a bit. But they will grow used to it.. After all, why condemn a woman who is bisexual but be pefectly fine with a wealthy man, Bruce Wayne, who uses his money and influence to get attractive women to sleep with him?

And really, what BATMAN and CATWOMAN do in their bedrooms is nobody’s business. Well, unless it’s on a certain page in a comic book..



This fascinating story written by Sady Doyle in the UK GUARDIAN explains how a new burst of ‘witches’ is taking place in the modern world..

The GUARDIAN seems to credit modern pop culture and entertainment with the new witchcraft of our age.. Things like AMERICAN HORROR STORY and the COVEN. Doyle even gives a nod to the TUMBLR site I have visited it, though it seems more that it’s a site of reblogs as opposed to original content.

But there is another angle, one more political: Feminism and the power of the female, symbolized by the strength of a witch..

Doyle writes,
Wicca, with its focus on a goddess (rather than a male god – though it has those too) and its relatively open approach to creating canon, was a natural fit for many feminist women interested in writing their own spiritual script. But women who weren’t explicitly Wiccan were also drawn to “witchy” ways of processing the world: not only did women make feminist tarot cards in the 1970s, author Alice Walker personally endorsed one set – the Motherpeace deck. Feminist psychologists such as Jean Shinoda Bolen and Clarissa Pinkola Estés wrote books on using goddess imagery and myths as means of understanding female subjectivity.

There has been a long and wrong series of centuries in which witches were proclaimed evil.. they were stoned, drowned to death, and ‘pressed’ with heavy objects.

I know several people who practice Wicca. They are fine, amazing people. While they may have one too many ‘coexist’ bumper stickers, they don’t cause harm to me or society.

Suddenly witches are trendy. Get ready for that..



It was beyond important..

The title was “My Name is Metal” and talked about the very real future that is about to hit humanity like a freight train: Babies becoming less inclined to being born from a womb.. instead, futuristic ways of putting stem cells away for later, so women can choose when she has a child, is coming. Along with that, religious implications, societal upheaval, commonplace gay parents, and future shock..

Clyde Lewis opened his show with shock and awe:
Being in a lab or a building where we can grow children is at least two years away according to a report from Russia Today and the child-growing lab is being used in order to allow two men to have children.
Babies of same-sex couples are becoming a future prospect, as scientists have disclosed revolutionary research on making human egg and sperm cells using the skin of two adults.
It means that we might soon see a fully “dish-manufactured” baby in a lab.

The show had a free-flowing only caller driven format .. during the course of the program—and this is not a scientific viewpoint at all—the majority of younger callers seemed to be better apt to having agreeable minds to the future coming. However, older callers—and those who professed more of a Bible bumper belief system—did not.

The amazing part is this: It’s all happening. Not later, but now.

Last week TIME magazine published a cover with an adorable baby’s face: The headline read ‘This baby could live to 142 years old’ 

There are dangers with this future. But amazing possibilities too.. the idea of knowing genetic defects prior to birth.. the chance for parents who cannot have children being able to in new ways.. And even more, as Clyde Lewis argued, this could end the abortion debate. Imagine no more need for women to consider aborting a fetus… instead putting it all on hold, saving the pregnancy for when she is ready through the use of artificial practices.

The future is now.
And it’s going to scare a lot of people.
It’s going to shred old style beliefs on life and death..
And it’s going to be a totally more revolutionary idea than the test tube baby of last century.

Welcome to the brave new world, earth.

You can—and should—listen to the show here:



According to the report appearing in the UK TELEGRAPH today, this nearly 100% eclipse on March 20 may actually cause problems..

The eclipse is going to be the biggest one since 1999.

Victoria Ward writes this,
Power supplies could drop suddenly next month when the UK is plunged into darkness with an eclipse of the sun.
Energy experts warned there could be possible blackouts in the biggest solar eclipse since 1999.
Nearly 90 per cent of the sun’s rays will be blocked out in parts of Europe on March 20.
In London and the South East, 85 per cent of the sun will be obscured by the moon whilst in northern Scotland, more than 95 per cent will be covered.
The National Grid has warned that solar power output in Britain will halve during the event.

My first inclination on this was that the story appearing is just an example of fear porn and attempt to get readers and clicks. But it could also be a relevant message about the future. If we rely heavily on solar energy, there very well will be moments where, perhaps, our power source goes black. Or maybe times when that same power source throws a hissy fit and solar storms knock down a grid..

Ward says,
He told the Financial Times: “In a way March 20 is a glimpse into the future of our power systems.”
The eclipse will last around two hours from 8.40am. The next one will not be until 2026.

So .. Eclipsepocalypse 2015 begins in earnest..
Be afraid.

Dreading the poster of the TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN

tumblr_nkal2nByv71qfjo2go1_540This is a movie poster blast from the past.. it was called THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN, and a was loosely based on the 'Phanton Killer' or the 'Texarkana Moonlight Murders' that took place ni 1946..

The other evening, I got the chance to watch the 2014 remake of this 1976 classic.. The redo was interesting. It was like DICK TRACY meets SCREAM, a movie with cartoonish appeal that also featured a 'we know this is a horror movie' attitude like Wes Craven's late 20th century horror series..

However, any time I watch a remake, I typically go back and watch the original. Either for posterity or just because I want to check off the similarities and differences between each incarnation..

The original SUNDOWN film wasn't exceptional by any stretch of imagination.. But it created a new genre--it may be one of the least known movies that started the slasher flicks of the late 70s and all of the 1980s. The TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN was brutal at times and most likely difficult to view during some moments in theaters during the Carter years..

But there was one thing that THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN got right in 1976: One of the most memorable posters I have ever seen for a movie, especially a horror flick..  There's something freakish about that sunset image and the town, that lonely town, tucked safely but dangerously between the trees and mountains.. And that foreboding image of the Phantom with his freakish mask that only displays two eye holes..

This poster has stuck in my mind for years.. Since I was younger and first stayed up late without my parents knowing to watch this on Rhonda Shear's UP ALL NIGHT, I remembered that poster. . and that quaint image of Americana destroyed by a masked villain to stole innocence..

I was born in 1980, years after this original film.. But as a child of the 1980s, a certain spirit of the 70s was bred into my in my early life..

This image presented on the poster haunted me for two distinct reasons: 1) It reminded me of the scene from ET where Halloweeners begin to the roam the streets at sundown, and 2) the image looks amazingly like the town I grew up in the 80s, Centralia PA--a town with an underground mine fire that met its demise because of that crisis..

This post is not a movie review .. I quite frankly disliked the new remake and the original was lackluster. But it was important in the history of horror movies. It gave us the slasher flick.
And it gave me chills each time I thought about that hauntingly beautiful movie poster..


Lots of trolls have been online lately.. when you hear the term, you’re accustomed to thinking of teenage twits in the wasteland of their parents’ dark basement.. 4CHANers posing as people and knocking around the innocent with online bullying and fake news..

But these trolls are scientists. And they are trolling conspiracy websites and forums in an attempt to make the muddy waters even dirtier..

A new study concludes that ‘anti-science’ conspiracy theorists don’t know when they are being fooled by insane conspiracy theories.. According to the research published on PLOS.ORG,  people who already believe in conspiracy are more apt to believing in more of it and finding information to back their claims rather than refute it.. Even more, the study says, people will engage in social media pages more when they realize they found a place that would allow their beliefs–beliefs that are typically opposite of the mainstream of society on any given topic..

Here is how the RAW STORY described the way the study was conducted:
The researchers examined social media patterns for 1.2 million Facebook users and found that nearly 92 percent of those who engage with Italian conspiracy theory pages interact almost exclusively with conspiracy theory pages.

The study also found that conspiracy theory posts are much more likely to be shared and liked by Facebook users.

The researchers then tested the strength of these users’ biases by posting “troll information” – or sarcastic comments parodying anti-science views – on Facebook.

“These posts are clearly unsubstantiated claims, like the undisclosed news that infinite energy has been finally discovered, or that a new lamp made of actinides (e.g. plutonium and uranium) might solve problems of energy gathering with less impact on the environment, or that the chemical analysis revealed that chemtrails contains sildenafil citratum (the active ingredient of Viagra),” the researchers said.

They found that 78 percent of those who “liked” these 4,709 troll posts interacted primarily with conspiracy theory pages, as were 81 percent of those who commented on them.

The researchers also noted that anti-conspiracy theorists often wasted “cognitive resources” pushing back against these unscientific “troll” claims, even when they were “satirical imitation of false claims.”

There are some interesting parts to this study but also some creepy angles to consider.

Most people on Facebook have either been duped by a fake ONION story or saw a friend get sidelined by fraud information or parody.. It’s a truly self-defeating time in someone’s life when other friends post the SNOPES refute to ‘school’ the tin foil hat wearing Facebook user. But for scientists to purposely troll and unknowingly study people who didn’t take  the opportunity to volunteer for such a study is a little more creepy..  While there is no dubious note being placed on the study results from me, the notion that people unknowingly were becoming mocked and the butt of jokes in the elite scientific circles is a bit too much..

There are parallels that can be drawn from this, however. And positive ones as well.. First off, it’s always good to ascertain the source of information you are getting–this is important for this website as well, as we often source out and link places where we get information and attempt to trace any news back to an original source before your consumption takes place on NIGHT TERROR NEWS. Going further than that, though, it’s also good to consider those sources and conduct careful review before buying into something that sounds a little fishy. I am reminded of the MARK DICE videos where he is able to get people to sign a petition for just about anything, including one where he asked people to sign a form demanding the banning of H2O from the environment.. People did.

You can always find a few..

But on the other side of this coin, there are positives to have a doubtful mind when you read news..

While some enjoy debunking conspiracy theories, there are truthful moments of history where conspiracy took place. And times where sordid events occurred because of ill-timed or contrived actions on behalf of those in charge of society.. there is truth to many conspiracies.. they all don’t pan out. And they all don’t make sense.. However, simply buying into the ‘official’ line without questions is not scientific at all, and contrary to how an astute functioning brain should actually operate..

When the Sandy Hook nightmare took center state in December 2012, a number of conspiracy theories abounded. In part that happened due to awful reporting from mainstream sources, and wrong information being disseminated on national news programming..

One man’s conspiracy theory is another man’s fact.
Sometimes this argument over conspiracy theory itself annoys me.

When George W. Bush was in office, many liberal Democrats found themselves being in the uncomfortable position of agreeing with Alex Jones that 9/11 was an inside job. When Barack Obama assumed the presidency, those same people who bought into old conspiracy suddenly matured and downplayed anything that questioned the public relations talking points about the President. Suddenly Alex Jones became a kook who, some may even say, should lose his First Amendment right..

There are very rational people who want to deliver us from talking points and get to the bottom of a story. Without a conspiracy theorist, Woodward and Bernstein would never had asked more questions.. Iran Contra would have been ignored.. Bill Clinton would not have had sexual relations with an intern, at least to our knowledge. History itself has been shaped by people asking more question, delving deeper, and using a scientific approach to factual discernment.

That is not to say people aren’t wild and wide-eyed in their belief systems at times. It’s tough to believe that reptilian shape shifters are reading teleprompters on the evening news. But I for one don’t want to take away anyone’s ability to claim that. I will discern the information I read and research the sources of them..

And finally, with all that said, there is one more aspect to ‘conspiracy theory’ about science, vaccines, and all of those types of topics  I think would be worthwhile to state.. Do vaccines cause autism? Probably not. But do vaccines cause injuries? Yes. There is a Vaccine Injury Fund.  Do scientific studies conclude anything? Yes. But other studies refute those conclusions and keep the topic going.. is coffee bad for you? Does traffic cause autism? Are airplanes releasing toxic pollution that is changing our atmosphere? All of those questions and more get answers.. and then new answers and theories..

Perhaps this is where you need to take a step back BEFORE you conclude anything.

What is science? It’s not a man. Or a deity. Or a God. No matter what some may think. Instead it is defined this way:
the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

And on those types of things, so often there are no answers.

If I asked you: Are there colors we have never seen? You’d most likely first say no, we have seen them all. Then you may back it up by saying the very factual statement that since we have already explored the electromagnetic spectrum, there are no more reasons to ask this question. And no more colors coming.

But what about that alternate universe that may exist? That other galaxy where all things would be new? The place where, quite possibly, gravity is not a rule and things don’t quite work they way they do in our logic.

Science is evolving constantly.. finding out more.. And asking.
And anyone who would start to diminish the need for people to keep asking questions are not scientists at all..



Strange news broke early in February and thanks to an article by Lee Speigel in the HUFFINGTON POST and subsequent link by Clyde Lewis, the story is going viral online..

The story first appeared in PERU THIS WEEK on February 11. Reporting by Hillary Ojeda about the footage posted on YOUTUBE and now being shared around the world:
The video footage was uploaded by Eduardo Chávez Guerra to YouTube today and has since been viewed more than 2,600 times.

Reggiardo had just begun filming for his program “Alto al crimen” when his camera man got distracted by something floating in the distant sky. They postponed filming a few moments to take a better look at the floating object.

The YouTube clip’s description reads, “[d]uring the recording of the ‘Stop Crime’ program, in the heart of Miraflores, at 10:30 am, was distinguished in the sky a strange hovering object.”

Onlookers in the video shout their wild suggestions and estimations for the UFO and concluded it could not be a plane for the way it was floating.

The video here:

At the time the original story was written, the video was viewed under 3000 times. Today that number is closing in on one million..


We have been speaking of the ISIS threat to the Vatican and Pope Francis for several weeks now.. The ‘prophecy of the Popes’ and the visions of Nostradamus aside, the real news is very blunt and showcases how dangerous of a time we live in..

USA TODAY reports on the tumultuous turmoil of warnings in Italy and the VATICAN.. a few snippets of text that are worth reading:
The Italian government is on high alert after threats from the Islamic State called Italy “the nation signed with the blood of the cross.” And the country would probably need help to confront the militant group.

“The risks are real,” said Sabrina Magris, president of the International University Schoolof Rome and Florence, the only European institution that prepares negotiators for hostage and terror threats. “The goal may be an actual attack of some kind or simply using threats to create an atmosphere of fear. But the risks shouldn’t be underestimated.”

The Vatican has made no official comment about being a potential target for the Islamic State, also known as ISIL or ISIS, or other extremist groups, and Pope Francis resists many security measures, delving into crowds whenever possible.

At Sunday’s Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica, extra security was evident. Police patrolled the area and were stationed around the Vatican’s perimeter.

There is much more to the story.. you can read the NIGHT TERROR NEWS archive to discover some other stories printed concerning the dangerous threats to the VATICAN from terrorists..

But reading all of this, I was reminded of one image from years back when Pope Francis first became Pope.. In 2014, Pope Francis released doves of Peace.. but the doves were attacked by crows–the sign seemed to be inescapable..  And seemingly since, bad news has come for the world and a darker force, some may argue, has taken over..



Draven Rodriguez didn’t want a yearbook image like all he made himself different, posing with his cat and laser lights. It went on to become one of those ‘things of the internet,’ the little pieces of pop culture that seem to catch on and stick. Although for Rodriguez, this senior portrait of fame has ended very  badly: News reports abounded this weekend that he committed suicide..

According to reports, he was 17 and took his own life on Thursday last week.  The New York teen is now being mourned online, the same place where his image went viral only months ago.

There are also endless theories popping up in comments sections on stories concerning why Rodriguez died.. But this is the nature of suicide and stories like this: we don’t know.. we will never know, and quite frankly, perhaps we should not know.

Whether he intended the world to see his image or just to make high school fame, his creativity and fearlessness should be appreciated and applauded.

But the thing I fear the most for the family, the part that touches my heart more than anything else, is that most people who share the image of this innocent young man will never know the tragic outcome of his fate from days ago.. they will share his image and it will live on in Internet infamy.. it will continue to exist in the domain of the meme..

And all the while, the young man left his family and this world, took his own life, and ended whatever ordeal he was dealing with on this planet.. His family, the obituary said, cherished him. What family wouldn’t cherish an amazing soul in their lives? What parents wouldn’t give every bit of their love and support to a child?

I ponder this: Did internet fame somehow haunt this young man? Did his meme becoming a shared and viral picture destroy him, even though he only did it to celebrate the dare to be different and the joy of being creative? Did the world somehow stomp him down?

Only he knew that…

No words are adequate for suicide, and I would not even pretend to articulate the morals or implications of Rodriguez’s decision. I think we know them already..

Bumper music continues to be sticking point in potential Art Bell return

From Bell's own Facebook account tonight, the news is not yet conclusive as far as his return. He writes, in full:
Ok here is a update that I am afraid will not tell you much. We are in talks with a big player and the rub is the music, for me a must have, as is the live show aspect and the time slot 9PM-12AM P.T. for the show.

The only sticking point is the music and we should have that worked out by the end of the Week, or not. All I can tell you is we are going at this as hard as we can. If we pull it off it will have some commercial content but it will be a free live stream and be Worldwide, then I feel I will have kept my promise. Nobody wants me back on the air more then me.

You will all know the moment I do.


The return to the airwaves, or podcasting, has been thrown off the 'midnight express' tracks after the blunt fact of high costs for the use of music reared its head. While some people have offered advice, and even offered their own music for free to Bell for his show, he has refused. Instead he wants to use music from his personal collection for his own program, many songs most likely that were also used when he hosted Coast to Coast AM and DARK MATTER on Sirirus XM.

The newest news isn't much, but it's a message advising situational awareness for fans resolute in their hope that Bell returns this July..

This is an obvious developing story.. as usual, the HORROR REPORT will continue to go for the ride with everyone else.

Who could the big player be..?

The strange events in the land of the meteor

This is an image showing four separate scenes from the city of Chelyabinsk.. That was the site of the 2013 meteor explosion that rocked that part of Russia and was equal to several Hiroshima bombs..

RT profiles the city where now, as you can see, strange things are brewing.. 

The image of the three suns was an optical illusion.
But the blue snow wasn’t.. As a matter of fact, the storm giving people the strange colored precipitation made world headlines but no one came by to explain why exactly the weather was as colorful as it was..

There is little we understand about anything.
But three suns and blue snow is probably at the bottom of our human comprehension…

The amazing things that happen when you’re busy making other plans. Four years on..

The John Lennon song still is true.. there are things in life that remind you you’re not in charge. Such an event occurred February 2011 when my wife went into labor after watching a Cosby Show rerun with me around 3am—the witching hour. She had our son, Ayden Morris, near 1pm hours later..

From that moment on my life changed and it continues to do so.

Being a father is amazing. Rewarding.. challenging.. And honestly the best job I’ve ever had. And one I have to do—my wife feels the same way about motherhood. We are called to act each and every day. And even when he goes to bed each night, we still watch from the corner of our eyes to make sure he’s safe and sound.

And today, Ayden is four.

I can’t honestly believe how quick time has passed.

I think it was about two years ago that I wrote on this website that I intended on writing a book about fatherhood. I still want to. I started it.. I suppose it’s never too late. Information about parenting really doesn't change, does it?

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC hits nerves with new cover

The people who believe in evolution are also typically those who don't like GMO food. And those who don't like GMO food are also wealthier and are more apt to refuse vaccinations.  NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC is slamming them with its new cover story--and lumping other conspiracy theorists in with them, including people who don't believe in the moon landing.

The story is titled "Why do many reasonable people doubt science?" It is written by Joel Achenbach. The cover story and subsequent article fired up an intense conversation on REDDIT.

You can read the article for itself and judge accordingly. It names a number of heavy hitting topics, even touches on fluoride in the water,  and reports that there's no dangers and science has yet to find a reason to worry.

The is an applause of science, and a denunking of the myths that often perpetrate long after they are started.. Such as Ebola, and the fear that the disease could go airborne (though there was scientific and historic precedent, NAT GEO is not impressed.) They are equally not impressed with claims of GMOs being less healthy than regular food, or vaccines having much danger.  Of course the true and real Vaccine Injury Fund is  not mentioned in the article.  The woman everyone suddenly loves to hate is though, Jenny McCarthy makes a big appearance.

Climate change comes up. Achenbach, again, asserts that science is near 100% in agreement that climate change is happening. I agree with it.. But if Achenbach wants to truly figure out why people doubt such claims, then look no further than the email scandal from only a few years back where it showed scientists were conceiving some information and creating data as a way to further scare the public. Do real scientists REALLY do that?

On fluoride, Achenbach says,
Actually fluoride is a natural mineral that, in the weak concentrations used in public drinking water systems, hardens tooth enamel and prevents tooth decay—a cheap and safe way to improve dental health for everyone, rich or poor, conscientious brusher or not. That’s the scientific and medical consensus.

Not mentioned, however, is that Adolf Hitler actively used sodium fluoride in water supplies in Nazi Germany and there have been studies which have aimed to poke holes in the 'safe' campaign on the chemical additive to water. Even more, other figures released in various studies also would bring into question whether better health overall has led to a decrease in tooth decay or if it's been all due to fluoride. 

The article is fine and factual. Science and the answers it gives us should be celebrated. But I don't think veneration of science as a new religion does any good for society, and scientists who want fame and fortune also don't do science justice.

There are real reasons that good people doubt science. After all.. now many times have good people been told that coffee was either good or bad and that cholesterol was fine or not?

Science is a living and breathing institution.

And really... is the case EVER closed on anything anyway?

An update from Art Bell and a new trailer for the potential DARK MATTER podcast

Unless insanity prevails and Art Bell changes his mind, DARK MATTER is going to be coming this July. And here, thanks to a fine YOUTUBE user named ḰIḒṔṴJẶ PRODUCTIONS, we have a trailer for the much anticipated return to the airwaves. Via a podcast.

Sometime in July.
From somewhere in a dark room in Pahrump Nevada..

Meanwhile, Art Bell posted a new message on BELLGAB with a bit of an update:
No news yet. The deal is actively being worked on by both sides, I will let you all know the moment we have a deal because until that time THOSE PEOPLE would screw with it. For all I know they have already tried to steal Falkie away for their bumpers.
I love this board, never change.

I love BELLGAB, too. That’s why I am not only a reader but an active member

I don't care if it rains or freezes as like as the Oscars has Plastic Jesus

Welcome to Hollywood.. where apparently even the Oscar statue snorts cocaine..

It is actually a message of art being sent by the artist PLASTIC JESUS..

More from the LA TIMES:
"The piece is intended to draw attention to Hollywood’s hidden problem of drug addiction that affects hundreds of people in the showbiz industry and is largely ignored until the death of a high profile A list celebrity," Stern said in a statement on Plastic Jesus’ behalf to LAist.

The winter without content

Here is the sight from this weekend’s weather forecast.. anything pink and purple are winter weather somethings. And there are lots of them, storms are a plenty..

The season is almost ready to change. I hear song birds in the morning now and the noon sun—when it is out—is strong.. But until the spring blossoms bloom, it’s going to be considerably cold and snowy. That continues, obviously, this weekend.

I think the second week of March will be a transition..

Let’s see how good I do with that forecast..

Tonight's moon and bright friends

The moon and Mars and Venus are high in the cold sky tonight provoking s remarkable view for the faint of heart..

Take a peek outside of you date to brave the cold air.



The crime captured the nature's imagination and gave us two fresh faces of real horror: Young 12-year-old girls who stabbed their best friend in 2014..

We already know that the girls,  Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, wanted to ward off the SLENDERMAN by offering their friend as a sacrifice..

During the tapes, they explain to police how they lured their friend into the woods.. A number of screen caps from the CNN report showcasing the girl being talked to by an interrogator and some of their chilling words:

slender1At one point, after stabbing their friend, the girls also believed they say 'Slender' himself..



Morgan described the way it felt when she was stabbing her friend:



Anissa said that after the stabbing they told their would be sacrifice that they were going to get help, however admitted to the investigator that it was a lie.. Instead they were going to run and 'let her pass away.' At one point Morgan said "I knew we'd get in trouble" about the attempted murder..

Police have also decided to release to the media sketches from notebook of one of the girls, as you can see from this ROLLING STONE report today.

Their friend survived.. but now, unless the charges are reduced, the SLENDERMAN fans now face up to 60 years in prison, if convicted..

The HORROR REPORT wrote of this crime, and SLENDERMAN, on various occasions. Mostly we found it to be obnoxious to blame a fictional character for the horrible crimes. It also showed how little so many 'experts' understand about Creepypastas and the internet, but yet they feel compelled to describe it as they actuall have a clue. Even during the 2014 year in review, the HORROR REPORT entertained the notion that '14 was the year of paranormal, and highly cited the Slenderman case as a perfect example of the fright..

2015 seems to be a year, at least in this case, when justice may prevail.

Morgan was right. She knew they'd be caught. Slenderman didn't tell her that, her conscious did.

But now, slender is the fright and goodness is the light.. with that said, hopefully a fair process ensues, critical thinking occurs, and justice prevails.  I think that is the simplest thing owed to the victim who almost died in this case.



The tree of death

Whether you find a deeper meaning in this story or just scratch your head at the strangeness of it, it is making the rounds online today and into the pop culture lexicon. When President Barack Obama was in India three weeks ago, he had a photo op at the at the New Delhi memorial to Indian independence leader Mohandas K. Gandhi. He planted a tree..

Now three weeks later, passersby are amazed at just how dead the tree looks--lifeless and droopy, no leaves and sad..

India is ferocious in their argument that the tree is NOT dead, it just looks it..  they are blaming it on the time of the year. But the media in India is seeing it quite different, reporting and bashing the government for carelessly allowing the tree to die and whither away..

Do they need a miracle?
Perhaps Chauncy Gardener from BEING THERE..

Or better yet: The gang of Charlie Brown's friends, those kids who seem to have a good history of working miracles with lifeless trees..


How wayward are the Pines?

TWITTER and all things entertainment exploded a bit today with a surge of news about a director who made his star shine bright at the end of the last century: M Night Shyamalan.. His newest conquest is not over movie theaters or strange SIFI 'documentaries' but instead prime time television..

Shyalaman's bringing WAYWARD PINES to FOX.. and with it comes a strange and elusive trailer for the show.. Matt Dillon stars in the show. And quite obviously the trailer, as well.

It speaks for itself:

The official description:
Imagine the perfect American town, beautiful homes, manicured lawns, children playing safely in the streets...Now imagine never being able to leave. You have no communication with the outside world. You think you’re going insane. You must be in Wayward Pines.

For those who don't know much about this soon-to-be hit series (I predict) it's based on a novel by Blake Crouch and the series, with M Night Shymalan shepherding it, will feature Matt Dillon as a secret service agent on a mission to find missing federal agents..

The immediate and overwhelming reaction online has been critical of Shyamalan but receptive of the trailer for the May 14th premiere of the show..  even the description on the trailer poster deeming this an 'Shyamalan event' rather than a 'series' has some scoffing.

Shyamalan has had a series of love-hate relationships with fans after several of his movies were criticized as stinkers following after the hit SIXTH SENSE..  while  some lament the fall of his star, I still believe SIGNS and even LADY IN THE WATER had appeal..

It remains to be seen how many fans, or former fans, go into the journey to WAYWARD PINES..
But for me, it can't be any worse than UNDER THE DOME.
Or could it!?

A worthwhile retort on the CABLE TV cord cutting

Last night, I dropped a link on this site and espoused some of my beliefs that the current generation growing up will drop out of the TV scene much prior to the next one. . the link on the ‘cord cutting’ actually came from TIME magazine.. However, a reader comment on the situation offered a very different and good perspective on the potential other side of the coin.. Since it was buried at the bottom of the site and few may have seen it, I’d like to share it in full, as it offers up a counter argument to the believe that Millennials are ready to abandon their TV sets altogether:
It’s important to put this in perspective. The industry does a really good job of hyping reports and headlines based on a single, biased view. If we were to describe “millenials” as the age group of 18-34 from the inception of cable TV in the early 80s, things really don’t look that different. People don’t make primary choices about TV services until they have their own homes. The median age of first-time home buyers has gone up considerably just in the last 10 years alone. Until you are making a primary decision about TV service (not living with mom and dad, in a dorm or with several roommates), you are just making do (i.e., watching video online). SNL is not irrelevant. People are just choosing to record it and watch it later, not live. Nielsen, the author of this report, does not have the capacity to measure this.
Since the inception of the VCR, live TV viewing has declined. When operators introduced DVRs into consumer homes, live TV viewing declined even more. A couple of years ago, DVR penetration among pay-TV subscribers was only about 40%. Throughout 2013 and 2014, due to much lower manufacturing costs and a hefty drop in the global price of chip sets and memory, operators have been able to put a lot more DVR set-top boxes in homes at a much lower price to subscribers. So what happens? Again, live TV viewing declines even more. This is not to say that people are watching less TV, they are just watching it on demand from their DVR. The popularity of broadcast TV programming has never been higher. People are just not watching it “live”.

And that all makes sense.

It does not shake my perspective though that SNL is irrelevant..I base that a bit simply on the humor or lack thereof that often comes from the show. But there may be other shows that are quite relevant, perhaps being recorded later.. Which changes the game altogether for Neilson and advertisers.

No matter how you look at it, the pop culture world has changed.

CHURCH LETS OUT: Keith Rowland speaks

Normally this website and many others wait patiently for Art Bell to make comments on Facebook or BELLGAB, but this night
the HORROR REPORT can relay information that Keith Rowland, Bell's famed webmaster and curator of THE DARK MATTER RADIO NETWORK, is the one doing the speaking.

Rowland published a post tonight regarding the controversial exit of Jimmy Church from the radio network. Church made appearances as a guest host on Coast to Coast AM--you may remember that after the original hosting Bell had Rowland actually take down ARTBELL.COM until the situation was settled between them personally..

Rowland tonight offered up his explanation as to why Church left and how the entire situation went down.. the statement in full:
It seems the right time to set the record straight regarding Jimmy Church leaving Dark Matter Radio Network.

First of all, while Fade to Black was the most popular show on the network, Jimmy was not a “sit-in” for Art Bell. In fact Art Bell never heard of Jimmy, never asked him to sit in, nor ever contacted or talked to Jimmy in his entire tenure on DMRN, except for one conference call discussing Jimmy’s appearance on C2C. Art has never listened to Jimmy Church and has no idea what kind of show he does.

It appears to us, that ever since Jimmy’s one-time “DMRN Promoting” appearance on C2C and was asked to decide between continuing on DMRN or going over to C2C, he was planning to leave DMRN, and never discussed this with me. Jimmy just called up one Sunday night and told me he wanted to move to Spreaker, eventually iHeart and Coast 2 Coast. He felt that was a way for him to further his career. I agreed it would be good for him, but wished he gave me a chance to fill the large void he would leave in the schedule.

We talked about a 2-4 week transition period. Which if the move was kept secret, would work, but since Jimmy wanted to use our station to promote his move, and would be announcing his upcoming change to iHeart / Clear Channel and eventual appearance on Coast to Coast, there was no way I could ethically continue his show on DMRN. I left it up to him to decide. He could wait until he had more prepared for his move and continue on DMRN, while I too prepare for replacement shows. Jimmy decided to announce his move on his website that night. So he decided to leave us in a predicament, we did not boot him off.

If you hear any other statements that you may question the validity of (and there are), regarding this matter, please don’t hesitate to contact us, so we can set the record straight.

Keith Rowland

The JIMMY CHURCH thread on BELLGAB has been busy lately..

The Church appearance as a host on Coast originally divided fans of Art Bell as much as Bell and Rowland seemed be distant during the situation. While it may have been worked out, the ongoing Church 'bells' ringing. Art Bell himself made vague references to Church's COAST hosting, but never elaborated in full on how he and Rowland worked out the divide.

Now with the statement from Rowland, there appears to be a 'setting the record straight' attempt before the upcoming months that he and Bell will be preparing for a potential new ride podcasting. Bell said on Bellgab that there will be a confirmation of something coming within days as to whether he will be able play music during his podcast if he returns in July. With fans awaiting that news, Rowland's words tonight seem to be coming at the opportune time to close the Church door once and for all.


Los Angeles hospital warns 179 patients possibly exposed to 'superbug' »

It seems high time for a new fear.. Ebola never quite hit home. Measles didn’t much more to shake the nation to the core.. and the Polar Vortex  was replaced with a ‘Siberian Express’ to remind us of how awful weather is and how it’s our enemy. Plus don’t think for a second that news directors aren’t getting a kick out of a slight percentage of Americans believing that Vladimir Putin is somehow creating polar surges into the United States to destroy our Western Civilization..

But all mocking aside, perhaps the new fear of the SUPERBUG is warranted?

More from the REUTERS report:
The possible exposures occurred at the UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center between Oct. 3 and Jan. 28 during procedures in which a specialized endoscope is inserted down the throat to diagnose and treat pancreatic and bile duct diseases.

One thing to note: Many of those who may be infected are in the predicament after a ‘routine’ procedure. And now there is nothing routine about the possibility that they have a life-altering bacteria that may kill up to half of the people who get it..

And while we are not calling this one Captain Tripps just yet, public statements being made now will either be looked on as prudent caution or blatant disguises sometime soon in the future..
"It’s important to emphasize: This particular outbreak of CRE is not a threat to the health of the public in Los Angeles County," said Benjamin Schwartz, deputy chief of the acute communicable disease control program at the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.


The 500 pound meteor in the room »

An amazing—and scary—piece of news is being reported very close to the HORROR REPORT home base..
Americans in New York, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania reported seeing a fiery, 500-pound meteor soar through the sky this week before the space rock apparently broke up somewhere over the Keystone State, according to scientists.
NASA said on Tuesday this week that the meteor entered the Earth’s atmosphere in the sky above western Pennsylvania earlier that morning and was reportedly witnessed by spectators stretching for hundreds of miles across the United States from the Mid-Atlantic to the Midwest.

The meteor burst into flames above PITTSBURGH..

Remnants of the meteor ended up on the ground in Pennsylvania—my home state as well. I didn’t see this, however, it seemed more confined to the Western part of the state..

It was traveling at 45,000 miles per hour..

The video and the story are both equally amazing..

There were reports of sonic booms.. Lots of calls to the AMA..

And also this piece of interesting news: A meteor exploded over New Zealand yesterday..

The pink stars are falling all too often lately, don’t you think?

The death of TV

Cord-Cutting: Millennials Abandon Their TV, Cable Faster Than Ever »

This is important and game changing.. A cultural switch is going on. And this backs up my point the other night that Saturday Nighy Live and other live programs are becoming increasingly irrelevant ..

Like AM radio, conventional TV is dead.

There is a revolution in what people want and how they want it.. The talking heads who gave us what they wanted us to digest are almost no more--the power is in the people's hands.. is this why regulation is being discussed? Why the Internet will be branded as a public utility and the government will act accordingly?

Since 1998 the NET was a wild west, tamed a bit by modernization and maturity.. but we are living in unparalleled times.

Anything is possible.
And bad.
It is our choice .. and cutting out the norm of how we once acted is a good choice.


When in Rome...

Rome is getting very worried about ISIS.

We have reported on the strange prophecies that seem to be driving news lately..

Now the DAILY BEAST is reporting about officials in Rome having no clue how to deal with the threat of ISIS, but being very concerned about their potential advance from Libya to Italy..

Barbie Latza Nadeau reports this in the BEAST article:

Last weekend in Italy, as the threat of ISIS in Libya hit home with a new video addressed to “the nation signed with the blood of the cross” and the warning, “we are south of Rome,” Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi shuttered up the Italian embassy in Tripoli and raised his fist with the threat of impending military action.  Never mind that Italy has only 5,000 troops available that are even close to deployable, according to the defense ministry. Or that the military budget was cut by 40 percent two years ago, which has kept the acquisition of 90 F-35 fighter jets hanging in the balance and left the country combat-challenged to lead any mission—especially one against an enemy like the Islamic State.

In fact, Renzi didn’t specify exactly who would wield that military might, and, two days later, when no one volunteered to lead the charge, he backtracked.  “It’s not the time for a military intervention,” Renzi told an Italian television station Monday night and said the United Nations had to lead the way.  “Our proposal is to wait for the UN Security Council. The strength of the UN is decidedly superior to that of the radical militias.”

Among the notable facts reported: Libya is just 109 miles away from the island of Lampedusa and 300 miles from Sicily..

There have been recent news stories regarding threats on the Pope's life, with very real plots revealed..

There is an increased security presence outside Rome's American embassy on Via Veneto and the Libyan embassy on Via Nomentana..

The most recent beheading video released by ISIS showcases Coptic Christians meeting their collective and bloody demise.. The threat of the video was that ISIS was going to Europe next. And the goal: Rome.

The Vatican.

The Pope.
The war of religions in our modern times..

The Pope has spoken out against ISIS on a number of occasions, most recently speaking of the horror of the 21 beheaded Christians.. As a matter of fact, he called them modern martyrs.. Cardinal Dolan, a famed figure of Catholic hierarchy, says that civilization itself is being threatened by ISIS.

In January, prior to the recent beheading and threats, the Vatican saw 'dangers' with a terror threat..

Those dangers are getting closer..
The world is watching..

Aliens from the musical stars: Tom Delonge believes in UFOs and says he knows people who 'know'

Recently, John Podesta, an official who had power within the United States government, said his biggest recent regret was not being able to provoke UFO disclosure.

Enter into the discussion, a musical star: A famed star in the paranormal world, Tom DeLonge, is 'positive' that aliens exist.. the BLINK 182 star goes further and says he knows people in a position of power that would be 'in the know' on the alien situation..

The words come from a PAPER magazine interview with Delonge (PAPER made fame in 2014 with the exposure of Kim Kardashian's rear) .. Delonge went deep into UFO and government coverups.. he went on to explain his opinion as to why aliens are even more important than Jesus..

Among the many things that Delonge said during the wide ranging and amazingly interesting interview:

  • He said he had his phone tapped.

  • He spoke of trillions of galaxies with the unknown amount of planets within..

  • He said NASA did NOT fake the moon landing, but there are questions that need to be asked which are covered up, such is what was there when we got there..

I visited a number of forums and checked the comments on some stories regarding Delonge's words today.. a few people seem shocked he believes what he does. I have previously heard some in depth interviews with Delonge. I most note his few appearances on Coast to Coast AM with George Knapp was the fill-in host..At that time Delonge was advertising his then new website StrangeTimes, one that seems to have gone off the internet..

Delonge is an intelligent person and good thinker on this and other topics of the unusual..
Whether he really 'knows people' or not cannot be proven by me or anyone else.

But is there something out there?
With zillions of potential planets that would harbor life, I think the question is moot..

I am quitting nighttime sleep meditations. But nothing against meditation.

The march of machines is taking our jobs from under our feet.. robots will accomplish tasks once held by human.
But in all of the futureshock we are being hit with, one thing remains clear: People are still trying to be people. And get in touch with the larger element of our cosmos..

Enter into the equation something that maybe could be the job of the future: An expert on meditation..

Mary Macvean of the LA TIMES writes  that people are seeking a way to slow down.. a moment to take a breather and disconnect from the highly wired world. And in doing so, find the inner peace that is promised with meditation..

The LA TIMES opens this way:
"Bring your attention to this moment," Janice Marturano instructed. "Be open to sensations of warmth or coolness, sensations of fullness from breakfast, or perhaps hunger." Minutes later, the meditation ended with the traditional strikes of little hand cymbals.

Buddhists? Old hippies? New Agers?

Nope. The room was full of hospital executives and managers in lab coats and scrubs, jeans and sports coats at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center. And the teacher was Marturano, once a top executive at General Mills.

And it goes from there--people who are in highly respected walks of life are the new meditators.. They are attempting to slow down a bit..

Years ago, well before the 60s generation drugged the meditation world up, this would have been unheard of. It wasn't so long ago that even Catholic priests warned of the dangers of meditation.. you can slip out of the realm here and let evil forces take over. Now most religions are heralding in the power of yoga and mixing it with prayer. What was blasphemy then is bastioning now.

I can see it now.. experts in meditation opening up their own buildings where people can find solitude in darkness. Experts and 'gurus' will be the new fad--and lots of people will pay big money to those who call themselves a subject matter expert in the art of just being alive without a handheld device.

Instead of a quiet walk in the woods, we will pay hundreds of dollars to someone who can give us the experience in alternate ways.. A new movement! And a new job market.. Finally humans may have found the one thing robots can't do. Well.. maybe not.

There is one interesting caveat, and a personal one, I'd like to share on this, however.. And an important one. For about two weeks, I was attempting a certain sleep meditation (one that will remain nameless, as I don't want to besmirch the reputation of a highly visited YOUTUBE page.)  It seemed to be putting my to sleep quite fast.. the video's essentially said it would connect me, or the user listening, to the God of the universe. Whatever that meant..

The video clearly had an impact on my life. But not the one I expected.. For about two weeks, I fell asleep fast without trouble. But I didn't dream.. I literally can't remember one instance in the two weeks where I woke up remembering any dream at all. Even more, for about a week and a half my daily life seemed slower and more zombielike. I didn't get excited about nearly anything.. I was zoned out, and even my morning coffee didn't do much to awaken me. I  stopped the meditation and without about three or four days I was back acting normal again, heart racing after caffeine. Even my tin-foil hat paranoia was back in full force.

So which 'me' was the better me? Zoned out and careless about most of everything. Or wired with a touch of mental anarchy? A better question, perhaps: Which was the real me? I have lived most of my life being stranger than some and perceiving conspiracy where others don't even see smoke. But I am never at rest. The meditation-version of me was at rest. At night, and even during the day..

This showcases, at least for me, the power of meditation and the ability of the mind-body connection becoming more of an albatross than a savior.

I am quitting the nighttime hypnoses.

Instead maybe I'll just take a phone-free walk in the snow winter woods.



The growth of doom

I got an email last night from someone saying that they come to the HORROR REPORT for horror news, and not world events.. I implore you, find reader, look to your news headlines for the horror. It is there..

The HORROR REPORT has been around since 1999, in some shape or another. At that time, we were on message boards and forums.. AOL rooms and ICQ rooms.. Now we're steady as a website--one that changes its design now and then, much to the chagrin of readers who are thoroughly confused by the constant reshaping of icons and pages.. Throughout all of the history of the HORROR REPORT, we have told readers of the scariest of things both real and fake. Movies, TV, comics, and books. And real events..

The news of the day is always scary. It is always the best of times and the worst of times..

The latest 'worst of times' news is constantly streaming to us from the Middle East, where a death cult describing itself as a religious branch of Islam is wrecking lives and destroying realities.. ISIS is not a Muslim group. They are beyond the pale, and have no regard for decency or any tenets that other Muslims hold.. As a matter of fact, we are being thrown back onto the cesspool of the Middle Ages with each beheading.. each burning..each stoning.. and each baby being stomped on by ruthless men who are hellbent on shocking the world even more than we have been..

Just last night, the HORROR REPORT reported on the prophecy of end times that is guiding ISIS.  They believe they are heralding in the final days. Some in the extreme religious right think the final days are here, too.. but they are mistaken when they believe their rapture will save them from suffering the rest of us would have to endure. World citizens, I think we are in this together. And if we don't think about how to stop this new century's villain, the next century will look back and either ask us why they inherited a thousand years of darkness or ponder why this current age seemed determined to allow itself to become a turmoil-laden battleground of religious insanity..


ISIS is expanding its area. The latest atrocity is showcasing their power in Libya and growing influence in North Africa. Tim Lister reports today that the group is actually growing at a warp speed:

ISIS is under pressure in parts of Iraq and battling a variety of adversaries in Syria, but it's metastasizing at warp speed elsewhere, most dangerously in Egypt and Libya.

It also has support in Yemen, Afghanistan and Pakistan. And the leader of the group ravaging northern Nigeria, Boko Haram, has expressed his admiration of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.Set featured image

I am reminded of the previous comments of our leaders..Comments that all proved to be either wrong or ignorant.. Bush with his 'bring it on.' Obama with his 'benchwarmers' comment about ISIS. Or the Iron Lady Hillary Clinton's 'we came' joke about Qaddafi's death and subsequent corpse raping the dictator endured at the moment when the 'Arab Spring' took shape in Libya.

Dead ambassadors. Weapons being given to Al Qaeda.. chess matches in a land of oil. And all for what? Another group of horror established itself.. John McCain denies he met with them. But there are photos.

If those photos matter now.

This is morphing at a warp speed..

500 miles from Rome.
And they could watch 500 more.




This website and many others have talked about the prophecy of the Popes quite a bit..   Just recently, we also reported on the undertone of rumblings about strange threats to the Vatican and to the Pope himself--along with the news last night that ISIS beheaded 21 Coptic Christians and have publicly said that they want to go to Rome next.

Lots of eyebrows have suddenly been raised to what we have been saying: Prophecy is playing out in real life. However, it may not be due to divine inspiration, but instead because ISIS is paying attention to prophecy and wants to accelerate what it deems as the end times.


CNN's Peter Bergen reports this tonight:

The name of the Dabiq magazine itself helps us understand ISIS' worldview. The Syrian town of Dabiq is where the Prophet Mohammed is supposed to have predicted that the armies of Islam and "Rome" would meet for the final battle that will precede the end of time and the triumph of true Islam.

In the recent issue of Dabiq it states: "As the world progresses towards al-Malhamah al-Kubrā, ('the Great Battle' to be held at Dabiq) the option to stand on the sidelines as a mere observer is being lost." In other words, in its logic, you are either on the side of ISIS or you are on the side of the Crusaders and infidels.

When American aid worker Peter Kassig was murdered by ISIS in November, "Jihadi John" -- the masked British murderer who has appeared in so many ISIS videos -- said of Kassig: "We bury the first crusader in Dabiq, eagerly waiting for the rest of your armies to arrive."

In other words, ISIS wants a Western ground force to invade Syria, as that will confirm the prophecy about Dabiq.

This may be tough to ponder for a more secular world.

A wide spectrum of religions, however, understand the deal quite well.. If these human sacrifices continue, and the Pope is in danger, a veil of darkness will descend over this world.. depending on your point of view, either Jesus comes back as the Judge, or Islam will be the true religion that inherits the earth.

So here we are, in a time when modern convenience is plenty and the joys of technology is often unparalleled.  All the while, beheadings and burnings are being conceived by other humans--humans not at all rational.. Instead of projecting the intelligence of evolution and modern maturity, we are being taken back to the middle ages.. For so many right now under the leadership of ISIS, the dark ages are ruling..

With each step closer to Rome, I fear the steps will be closer to two different branches of faith believing that end times are upon us.. Sadly, many Christians will throw their hands up and wait for a rapture that, logic tells us, will not occur. Instead we will be faced to deal with death and a hell on earth.

And then what..?


Cold as hell

Some of the coldest weather in 21 years ..

It hurts to breathe, stand outside ..

Even my dog decided to cut short his early morning walk with 7 below temperatures greeting him. ..

It's brutal. Just brutal..



coptixcThe AFP is reporting,
The Islamic State group in Libya released a video on Sunday purportedly showing the beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians, prompting Egypt's president to threaten a "suitable" punishment for the killings.


President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said his country reserved the right to "punish these murderers" as he called a meeting of security chiefs and declared seven days of mourning after the video was distributed by jihadists on social media.

The footage shows 21 handcuffed hostages wearing orange jumpsuits being beheaded by their black-suited captors on a beach the group said was in the Libyan province of Tripoli.

The developing story has taken the internet by storm Sunday night, with images of the video--and the video itself--making runs across social networks..

The Associated Press is adding to the fear over this horrid story.. ASHRAF KHALIL AND MAGGIE MICHAEL are reporting this in recent runs across the news wire:
The killings raise the possibility that the Islamic militant group — which controls about a third of Syria and Iraq in a self-declared caliphate — has established a direct affiliate less than 500 miles (800 kilometers) from the southern tip of Italy. One of the militants in the video makes direct reference to that possibility, saying the group now plans to "conquer Rome."

NIGHT TERROR NEWS has published articles relating to these vague threats previously, one here called 'shadows and dangers' and another about the 'paranoid prophecies of the Pope' ..  each story suggested a danger lurking with the rise of ISIS and radical Islam--and those dangers pointed at the Vatican and Rome..

And now, tonight, the AP is pointing out the obvious and most troubling: ISIS is only 500 miles from Italy..

My really ultra sad and depressing assessment of tonight’s SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE 40th anniversary nostalgia

I was looking forward to this 3+ hour extravaganza celebrating SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE'S 40 anniversary for weeks.. Tonight when it finally began, I couldn't to turn it off..

Let me explain.
I grew up watching the show.. from an early age, I recall my parents allowing me to stay up late on a Saturday to watch the cold open, usually with Phil Hartman nailing his Ronald Reagan impression. I typically was only able to stay away until the band's first song.. As I got older, the show was a staple of my existence on weekends.. after working late at a restaurant for several years, this program was the go-to before turning in and waking up the next day to do the same grind job again. There are even particular seasons I find the best: The 92-94 years, and then 97-the early 2000s..

The special airing tonight is giving me a different sense of SNL.. In a sense, I think the forced nostalgia is a bad thing. The live recreation of old skits using the same actors--actors clearly who have aged and gained weight--are not kind.  The parade of stars is obviously interesting to watch, but it's also a bit unnerving to see how fast 40 years went by. And how many stars have left our world.. the number of unfortunate deaths of cast members is normal with a program that spans four decades.. But the sharp recall it gives so many people seemingly makes them also think of their own demise..

Call me a little too negative on this, but I was reminded watching it of my own aging process as well.. Some may call me young yet.. But when you realize that you're about 6 years younger than this program, you get the 'oh boy' moment..

There are some other things that are called to mind when seeing this many years of memories. First off, SNL is running shorter clips of the classics. They used to be 20 years old.. but now as they age, the life of the memories has become abbreviated to fit more..

And in fitting more, it also showcases how the 'not ready for prime time' comedians of the 1970s have led to a 'does anyone still watch this show?' mentality of our current age..

The modern world of comedy is a bit different.. The youth of today, for better or worse, like watching clips on Youtube or short 10 seconds VINES.. or even shorter three second GIFs.. Or better yet, one frame memes usually featuring some sarcastic or rude commentary about life. The live entertainment offered up on SNL is not cutting edge. While they have attempted to mix the internet generation onto their show, the last effective cast to do that was Andy Samberg. And really, he only gave us a 'dick in the box' as the fondest memory some have of him on the show..

I am really not trying to be negative--I am not. But seeing Chevy Chase's weight start gathering around his neck like a brace, and "Opera Man" coming back, Steve Martin singing 'King Tut', and Dan Aykroyd blending up a fish al-la-70s style, I get a bit nostalgic. And a bit sad.. And quite honestly a bit too much.

Maybe some nostalgia should be left to the personal moment, the time when you're alone and contemplating all you have seen and done.
Maybe this 40th anniversary special is a little unhealthy..

Yes, I am seeing the Facebook and Twitter messages of people "LOL"ing  .. And they are taking photographs of the show from the smart phone of the TV, mostly trying to brag about the APPLE TV or SAMSUNG in their homes... It all seems so vacant.. It seems so forced..
Compared to the early clips of racy and risky humor, the current incarnation of this show is overly safe and about as cutting edge than a dull butter knife.

This is my honest assessment and gut instinct of this NBC special..I may be wrong.. But it's how I feel.

Perhaps I am alone..
Or maybe 40 years worth of three generations is LOL in spite of themselves tonight.. and when it's over they will wonder where their night has gone. And their lives.. As the beat goes on.

SNL 40th Anniversary Special

The implied message of this Jehovah Witness video: Not paying attention at meetings will kill children

I don't think I am wrong.. here's a video for you to decide for yourself:

This is a reason all organized religions, regardless of the name, reminds me of Pink Floyd songs..

The threat of death .. if you fall asleep at meeting, your life will not be spared.

Listen up kids. The flood is coming.


Call me a tin-foil-hat wearing paranoid conspiracy believer, but a rather peculiar headline got my attention today from BLOOMBERG, as captured here:

Bloomberg announces the new world order

For those who still don't know, the normally safe and completely secure city of Copenhagen has become a fortress..heavily armed police roam the streets. Order is being kept as the constant sound of sirens blare in the air.. This is how BLOOMBERG reporters Christian Wienberg and Frances Schwartzkopff present their information:
The Danish capital, which topped a 2014 Monocle ranking of livable cities, is in a state of shock after attacks that erupted on Saturday are being investigated as a terrorist act. Two people were shot dead and five police officers wounded. Security services gunned down the suspect after he shot at them on Sunday following a manhunt that lasted through the night.
 Danes now need to brace themselves for a new reality, Justice Minister Mette Frederiksen said at a press conference on Sunday. “There’s no room to be naïve,” she said. “These are dark forces that want to hurt us.”

As European leaders declare their determination to preserve the region’s way of life in the face of extremism, the risks of doing so are proving daunting. A record security operation is now under way in Copenhagen with units from all over the country sent to the capital. The shootings in Denmark may have been inspired by the January massacre in Paris at satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, police said. About 10,500 soldiers have been deployed in France since that attack.

The Australian writes that 'we are all Danish tonight' about the incident..

And perhaps we are all living under a new world order?

There us audio of the gunman opening fire in the cafe.

Terror has come to the city of Copenhagen.
And with it, a world order that the rest of the world has been fully aware of for some time..

There is nothing 'new' about it.

The Podesta reveal

Imagine: A United States citizen with high profiles and extremely high credentials and clearances in the United States government publicly saying that he wishes he could have brought disclosure on the topic of UFOs.



Stop imagining.. it’s exactly what John Podesta is saying! Some hate him politically, others love him. But stop with the ridiculous two-party division nonsense and just realize what Podesta, a former Clinton staffer, is really saying: Podesta said in a tweet February 13th:

“Finally, my biggest failure of 2014: Once again not securing the of the UFO files..” 

There seems to be a drumbeat of news leading to some sort of reveal..
If Podesta's wish comes true, we'll see it soon.

Just in time for the United States to open doors to a new relationship with CUBA, this shows up: 

A “much more aggressive than others” strain of HIV have been discovered by an international team of researchers in patients in Cuba. ..

TRANSFORMERS rumors: Some news reports are just all thumbs.

Some new rumors about Megan Fox and Michael Bay–could it be that she’s in the new TRANSFORMERS movie but HE is out!? At this point just rumors. I highly doubt them as well.. for better or worse, Michael Bay IS the TRANSFORMERS movie.

And lots of people are really excited about the idea that Fox will return along with Shia LeBeouf, so as long as he’s not wearing some paper apparatus over his head that day..

These casting and production rumors are getting a little ridiculous.. as noted with a headline like this: “‘Transformers 5′ Cast, Trailer & Plot: Mark Wahlberg & Megan Fox Confirmed For Film [Rumors]

(because I'd go to REALTY TODAY for my entertainment news?)


… ahhhh..entertainment journalism. Where the words ‘confirmed’ and ‘rumors’ can appear in the same sentence..
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