DEAD AT 83..

I credit Leonard Nimoy with most of what I am interested in today.

I was too young to watch IN SEARCH OF when it appeared on television in new form, but I recall becoming addicted to it in the late 1980s and early 1990s when some forgettable cable station ran reruns of it each day. I rushed home from school, typically, trying to catch the show.. Leonard Nimoy was the voice of that program and it was perfect for the content..

Later in life, I came to appreciate the meaning of STAR  TREK--the messages and pop culture commentary was subtle, but as I grew up and starting my own aging process, I loved it even more.. Now, looking back at the program, it's clear that the ideas presented were cutting the cutting edge.. They were beyond the common thought of the day.

Leonard Nimoy, without question, became the face of STAR TREK. Spock was the reason many watched the show--even now when movies are made, the important question always centers around what actor will play SPOCK..

Nimoy did much, much more.. He was best known for his acting. But he was also remarkably funny--a true comedian who was blunt and often subtle in his humor.. And he was famous for another magic he possessed: His velvet voice.

This news is a big bummer.

He left the world at 83.
He lived long..
He prospered..
And he was memorable entertainer who deserves a moment or two of silence..


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