As wretched a this image is, it’s the artistic representation of what Terri Shiavo looked like as she lived her final moments on earth, deprived of food and water by a judge’s orders 10 years ago.

This is how we looked ten years ago as she left the planet:


This is a delicate subject.. and still as divisive today as it was then. My position then and today was that her death was wrong..and that the only person who benefited from it was her ex-husband. I still believe I am right.. I also understand the vast amount of people who think differently than me. But regardless of what anyone thinks, the description (graphic, beware) of her final hours needs to be documented for history books. Lawyers at that time were not completely honest about her “beautiful” death ..

Her brother, Bobby Schindler, wrote:
And yet, Schiavo’s attorney falsely told the public during a press conference, just days before Terri’s death, that she looked “beautiful”. This is what they want you to believe, not the harsh truth about the madness of what we permit in the rooms of hospitals, nursing homes and hospices every single day across this country.
These are the hard facts my family and I will have to live with for the rest of my life: After almost two weeks without food or water, my sister’s lips were horribly cracked, to the point where they were blistering. Her skin became jaundice with areas that turned different shades of blue. Her skin became markedly dehydrated from the lack of water. Terri’s breathing became rapid and uncontrollable, as if she was outside sprinting. Her moaning, at times, was raucous, which indicated to us the insufferable pain she was experiencing. Terri’s face became skeletal, with blood pooling in her deeply sunken eyes and her teeth protruding forward. Even as I write this, I can never properly describe the nightmare of having to watch my sister have to die this way.
What will be forever seared in my memory is the look of utter horror on my sister’s face when my family visited her just after she died.

The full article is here..

I believed in 2005 that this was not a case of a ‘right to die’ patient despite that current thought that it was.... Instead I believed there to be ulterior motives to the man who was requesting her death. It may be unfair to be a judge of character .. and I know this post may find some people who disagree with me. Fair enough.

But fair game: The truth about her final moments on the planet.. During a full moon in Florida, March 31, 2005.



But we are just finding out so much about Lubitz so quickly, aren’t we?  The problem I have with all of these stories is that unnamed people are being quoted and we are not finding the true source of the information. Where does it come from? Family? Friends? The EX?  I am not trying to cast too big a shadow of doubt—I believe in conspiracy but also know that not everything is one, so i am trying to be cautious but sensible.  But here is a quote from the FOX NEWS story that gets me into the caution zone:
The New York Post reported that the German newspaper Bild quoted an ex-girlfriend saying that Lubitz “would wake up in the middle of the night screaming, “We’re crashing!”
“When I heard about the crash, one thing that he said kept going through my head: ‘One day I’m going to do something that will change the whole system, and everyone will know my name and remember it.’ ” the woman told the paper, according to the Post.
“I didn’t know what he meant, but now it makes sense,” the woman added.
The Post also reported that French TV channel iTELE reported Lubitz and another girlfriend of seven years shared an apartment in Dusseldorf and planned to get married next year. However, the channel had said Lubtiz’s fiancée ended the relationship the day before the crash.

So how convenient. Suddenly when a big crime is committed, we are told by this EX that she broke up with him a day prior.. And we also have been told as a child he loved this area of the ALPS. And we also know that he was DREAMING about crashing a plane now.. All of this added up together sure sounds like the perfect story book beginning and ending …

I think this girlfriend story is a little sketchy. Don’t get me wrong, again, I am not trying to create rumors where there are none.. but I would think investigators should be asking more about this EX.. asking why the breakup happened. If it did. Asking more about those dreams. If they did..

And if someone is speaking about ‘doing something everyone will remember,’ or something of the like, the partner usually queries a lot more about that than this girlfriend apparently did.

And now pilots are going to have to sign away their medical information on a regular basis to a corporation to ensure something of this nature will never happen again.. I guess Andreas Lubitz will be remembered for that…

….but I keep pondering the ‘we’re crashing!!’ dreams, and they are peculiar.  I have reservations about buying into the storyline at this point—at least as it is being presented by the supposed ex-girlfriend of 24 hours.

And let me ask something more.. in our information age where everyone tweets and tumbles and Facebooks into the night, where is the social media presence of Lubitz? Or this girlfriend?

x x x 

I am not offering up any theories of my own, I am simply adding a mixture of doubt and logic to this whole thing..

From a distance, we have a perfect story.  A mentally unstable pilot breaks up with his girlfriend a day before—the same girlfriend who now says he had dreams about planes crashing. Then he locks out his fellow pilot and he crashes a plane, murdering 150 people, into a location in the Alps he supposedly enjoyed visiting as a child.

There is no letter, though. No motive. But we do have a great set of audio files of people screaming and a pilot using an ax, we are told, to chop away at the door while screaming “My God” … The crash takes 8 minutes. Scratch that. Eighteen. Wait. No. Seven. . Well, pick your own on that.

It glides into the hell on earth, leaving behind a dead metal cylinder of humanity. A tragic story. But we have a villain.. An evil pilot who was hellbent on killing all the innocent souls that day.

This flight recording from the moment of impact is the latest bit that has me a little perplexed.. We seem to know the full extent of the horror that day.  AGerman newspaper BILD is releasing a transcript of the ‘recording’ though admitting the recording hasn’t been released and they haven’t heard it.  Andreas Lubitz, though, is busy crashing the plane while co-pilot Patrick Sondenheimer, now relieved from his bathroom trip, is busy trying to crash through the door.

This is the flight audio recording, we are told, that finishes this story and gives us the inside view of what occurred.

There is another piece of the puzzle, however, missing. And it’s a big piece that provides the scientific and industrial evidence as to how the plane crashed: The flight DATA recorder was found. But it was missing a memory card. AS The AP reported last week:
Confusion surrounded the fate of the second black box. French President Francois Hollande said the casing of the flight data recorder had been found in the scattered debris, but was missing the memory card that captures 25 hours’ worth of information on the position and condition of almost every major part in a plane. Jouty refused to confirm the discovery.

Confusion, indeed.

A few days later, an aviation website reported this:
The BEA has yet to hold a follow-up briefing on the investigation and it fell to the European Cockpit Association to remind the world that investigators have yet to find the aircraft’s flight data recorder, analysis of which could prove vital to confirming the facts.

Was the memory card taken? How was it missing? We haven’t gotten much more word on this.. Instead we have seen the public trial and verdict on the pilot..

I am not arguing that he did not do it. I am not saying he is an innocent patsy.. I am not pretending that people didn’t die.. I am not attempting to begin a conspiracy theory. I am adding a little bit of cold water to a burning hot public feeding frenzy.. that is it.

And I will also add this:

If a pilot was going to intentionally crash a plane, there are two things that don’t make sense. 1) He would have had to crashed the plane while being alone.. the notion that he was alone only occurred since the co-pilot had to urinate. Are we to believe that if both pilots would have stayed put that day, this crash would not have happened? And 2) If a suicidal pilot was going to crash a plane, would have truly have done it by doing a steady descent into the alps for over ten minutes? Or wouldn’t he have just ..well..crashed the plane?

To me, these are perplexing questions that, in the heat of the moment, few are asking and none are addressing.

Instead, we have the tale of Germanwings Flight 9525.


Dreams and unnamed sources: The 'EX' files on Lubitz

Germanwings co-pilot had dreams about plane crashing, report says »

But we are just finding out so much about Lubitz so quickly, aren’t we?  The problem I have with all of these stories is that unnamed people are being quoted and we are not finding the true source of the information. Where does it come from? Family? Friends? The EX?  I am not trying to cast too big a shadow of doubt—I believe in conspiracy but also know that not everything is one, so i am trying to be cautious but sensible.  But here is a quote from the FOX NEWS story that gets me into the caution zone:
The New York Post reported that the German newspaper Bild quoted an ex-girlfriend saying that Lubitz “would wake up in the middle of the night screaming, “We’re crashing!”
“When I heard about the crash, one thing that he said kept going through my head: ‘One day I’m going to do something that will change the whole system, and everyone will know my name and remember it.’ ” the woman told the paper, according to the Post.
“I didn’t know what he meant, but now it makes sense,” the woman added.
The Post also reported that French TV channel iTELE reported Lubitz and another girlfriend of seven years shared an apartment in Dusseldorf and planned to get married next year. However, the channel had said Lubtiz’s fiancée ended the relationship the day before the crash.

So how convenient. Suddenly when a big crime is committed, we are told by this EX that she broke up with him a day prior.. And we also have been told as a child he loved this area of the ALPS. And we also know that he was DREAMING about crashing a plane now.. All of this added up together sure sounds like the perfect story book beginning and ending …

I think this girlfriend story is a little sketchy. Don’t get me wrong, again, I am not trying to create rumors where there are none.. but I would think investigators should be asking more about this EX.. asking why the breakup happened. If it did. Asking more about those dreams. If they did..

And if someone is speaking about ‘doing something everyone will remember,’ or something of the like, the partner usually queries a lot more about that than this girlfriend apparently did.

And now pilots are going to have to sign away their medical information on a regular basis to a corporation to ensure something of this nature will never happen again.. I guess Andreas Lubitz will be remembered for that…

….but I keep pondering the ‘we’re crashing!!’ dreams, and they are peculiar.  I have reservations about buying into the storyline at this point—at least as it is being presented by the supposed ex-girlfriend of 24 hours.

And let me ask something more.. in our information age where everyone tweets and tumbles and Facebooks into the night, where is the social media presence of Lubitz? Or this girlfriend?


Given history, I suppose it’s amazing I even got the chance to read SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK when I was a kid in the 90s. I was doing more reading on the upcoming documentary being made on this and learned something I never quite knew previously: This was among the most banned book of the 1990s..

Cody Meireck describes it best, 
The interesting thing that I have been encountering as I begin to talk about this documentary is the question of how I can “bill” the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series. It is listed as the most banned book between 1990-1999 and remained at #7 in 2000-2009. It was #1 on the list for several years in the 1990s. In the 21st Century there are a number of other books that have taken the mantel for most frequently banned… Harry Potter is often up there, and recently the bookAnd Tango Makes Three is often high on the list because of the presence of a homosexual couple (animals though they may be). So although Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is no longer top on the list, for the last 25 years that the American Library Association has been compiling a list, it has been a major title on the list. The original books are over 20 years old at this point, and yet they still show up on the lists amongst more widespread and known books such as Harry Potter and Huckleberry Finn. That says something.

I remember the moment I got my first SCARY STORIES book.. it was during grade school when a book fair truck came and set up in the school gym.. I found this black book with a skull on it and somehow was attracted to the concept and stories.. It became a treasure for me and then, with each new one, I would buy them up for the collection.

The most amazing part, given history of book bans, is that I bought my SCARY STORIES book at a Catholic school book fair!  The same Catholic school that suspended me for a day for bringing a fake Freddy Kreuger glove to class in fourth grade for our field trip..

I suppose the school’s nuns couldn’t be aware of every book that was sold. And even more, I ponder if the book seller was secretly trying to fight the pop culture movement at the time to hide these books from kids.

If it wasn’t for the SCARY STORIES books, my appreciation of the paranormal and even love of drawing perhaps would never have blossomed. I bet there’s a lot of 90s kids in the same boat as me because of this series..


Let me first explain what this is.. Late at night, if you’re perched at the right place in my bathroom, this is a view directly into my bedroom.. There is a piece of blanket stuffed into the closet which pokes out. Quite frankly, perhaps my laziness has equaled this, it has been there for a long time.. Too long. As a matter of fact, each night at 3am when either nature calls or some other noise of the house startles me awake, I make my way to the bathroom and see this blanket.. The more I stare, though, the less it is looks like a blanket.


See, this blanket has been scared me for months. With the darkness of night shrouding the room and just the faint glow from a nearby night light, this little piece of blanket starts it morphing. It looks at first like a witch, sort of staring at me.. If you look long enough, it begins to change into a smiling old hag, almost with a knowing cackle on her face as she sees me have a heart begin to race.. A few times it turned into a man, posing as though he was taking his final photo of life. There was a time when it appeared to be a wolf.. Another time it was simply a blank figure but yet somehow had eyes that were staring at me, almost winking with each second I gawked back..

Sure, I know this is all a figment of the wild night time imagination–when your reality suspends for a little as you take walks between the here and the dream world there.

But each time this is so realistic that I need to check this blanket prior to attempting to regain the sleep world. Regardless of my knowledge, my distinct knowledge, that this is a blanket, my deep fear of the shapes it poses as forces me into a nightly check.

I maintain sanity, let me explain.
I maintain reality..
But in the dangerously dark night air, the shapes that objects take can piece your imagination and scare you to the bone.

Slender man never looked so good

Happy Saturday from a scary place. To your scary place. And everywhere in between ..


Rare earthquake in CHICAGO!

The earthquake occurred at a depth of about 5 miles.. It was a minor 2.9--but minor is meaningless when you consider the location, a city that isn't equipped or ready to handle shaking of much measure..

Reports indicate a loud and thunderous sound also accompanied the quake as it rattled the nerves of the windy--and shaky--city..



French prosecutor Brice Robin gave further chilling details of the final ten minutes in the cockpit before the Airbus A320 plunged into the French Alps killing 150 people. Revealing data extracted from the black box voice recorder, he said the co-pilot - named as 28-year-old German Andreas Günter Lubitz - locked his captain out after the senior officer left the cockpit.


THE CO-PILOT was alive and breathing when the plane crashed .. The latest news accounts state that it was an 11 minute descent--not 8 or 18 as previously reported.. According to prosecutors commenting on the voice recording, the final 11 minutes inside the cockpit were calm, with Lubitz showing no trace of panic as he prepared to mass murder 150 people, including innocent children..

According to prosecutors, screaming could be heard on the audio recording only in the last few minutes, and death was instantaneous for those on board when the plane crashed. Whether that is true or not, perhaps we'll never know.. It certainly is easier for humans to digest the idea that death is unknown rather than an 11 minute knowing of the doom to come..


News agencies are blasting information around the world today that the Germanwings Flight 9525 which crashed over the French Alps was most likely taken down on purpose..

Last night, it was revealed that a pilot was locked out of the cabin and audible noises were heard of him trying to break the doors--all of this as the flight glided to the hell on earth for 18 minutes. A plane filled with 150 innocent people, including high school and two infants..

NBC NEWS broke into regular programming this morning with the chimes of doom to report that prosecutors are claiming the pilot took the plane down intentionally..

The entire narrative has changed.. the story of this plane crash has turned much more sinister with these developments..


One pilot was locked out of cabin before Flight 9525 crashed!

This breaking news is being reported by various agencies tonight.. I chose the words from the NEW YORK TIMES as they best describe what stumped officials are contemplating as the search for debris and body aorta continue in the French Alps:

PARIS — As officials struggled Wednesday to explain why a jet with 150 people on board crashed in relatively clear skies, an investigator said evidence from a cockpit voice recorder indicated one pilot left the cockpit before the plane’s descent and was unable to get back in.

A senior military official involved in the investigation described “very smooth, very cool” conversation between the pilots during the early part of the flight from Barcelona to Düsseldorf. Then the audio indicated that one of the pilots left the cockpit and could not re-enter.

“The guy outside is knocking lightly on the door and there is no answer,” the investigator said. “And then he hits the door stronger and no answer. There is never an answer.”

The data is providing no answers, only more questions and theories..


Bright flashes in Russia

Unexplained flashes are turning the night into day in Russia ..

We reported this when they occurred but more news agencies are picking up on the weird occurrences after midnight on March 17 in the sky above the southern Russian city of Stavropol..

Thanks to dashcams in Russia , the rest of the world has the chance to be perplexed by whatever mystery lights are creating fire in the sky after the midnight hour..

Lots of speculation..pick your favorite conspiracy theory..

2014-YB35. Let's be thankful this will not hit the planet on Friday

Huge asteroid is on near-collision course with Earth..but it will miss. »

Even more troulbing: This fire in the sky is about to skim past Earth this FRIDAY—THIS FRIDAY—at 23,000 MPH..

It will not hit us.. But it’s relatively close and will be viewed by professional and amateur astronomers alike..

It’s also a huge reminder—in size and meaning—of how much is beyond us that can endanger this planet.

While we argue about useless memes and toil away with trouble, the danger lurks in our galaxy. It can strike at any time. So far we’ve been lucky.. But you sure would think by now we would have found a way to find these threats and do something about them …


Earlier today it was announced that two Americans were on board flight 9525 when it went down over the French Alps.. Now the names have been revealed:

Yvonne Selke of Nokesville, Virginia, was a longtime and highly regarded employee of Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. 
Daughter Emily was a 2013 graduate and music industry major from Drexel University in Philadelphia 

The family has issued a written statement asking for prayers and privacy...




Eisenberg has been comic relief.. he was Mark Zuckerberg.. and now he will toughen up and play evil in BATMAN VS SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE..

And he looks foreboding.


Officials claim doomed Germanwings plane flew to the end..

Remi Jouty, the head of BEA, is quoted by media sources as saying that the debris field in the French Alps where Germanwings flight 9525 crashed is 'not characteristic' of a plane that exploded in mid-air.. MORE: It would be more a plane that broke apart as it hit the ground, the official said..

At this point, investigators are being dropped by helicopter to the site of the crash.. The rugged terrain and weather conditions have complicated matters..

CNN reports, 

Investigators have managed to hear some audio from the flight data recorder, one of two so-called "black boxes" on the flight. The other "black box," the flight data recorder, has not yet been found, Jouty said.

Earlier, French President Francois Hollande said the outside frame of the second "black box" has been found, though not the recorder itself.

Hollywood stars: The next victims of the robot revolution?

Manufacturing and the service industry may be hardest hit during the robot boom happening in the job market.. But who knew that Hollywood stars would face the same peril..

Carolyn Giardina, reporter for the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, has a fascinating article running today about how Paul Walker was digitally created for FURIOUS 7.. Walker died in a tragic accident during filming of the movie, but that doesn't stop his starring role in the film.. HR reports,
Today, it's possible to create an actor entirely from digital composites. The Mill, for example, has completed a 90-second Johnny Walker ad featuring a CG Bruce Lee for agency BBH in China. "We created his entire face in CG and hand-animated that, using shots of the actor for reference," says Shenfield. He believes that a CG actor is an option, as long as artists can create his face convincingly. "The eyes require a lot of work," he says. "Keeping motion continuous in the musculature and the eyes is the key to making it look real."

Some movies now even create 3D scans of actors as production begins, so that they can make CG doubles for complicated stunt scenes. It's not known if that occurred on Furious 7, but it was done on Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Explains VFX supervisor Scott Squires: "If there's any inkling that you might need a scan, they scan the actor at the start of production. I've also heard of certain studios having actors scanned just as an archival thing." That way, 20 years from now, filmmakers would still have access to the likeness of that actor — dead or alive.

That is a huge this, as well.. Just as labor unions in various other industries have had to respond to management phasing out employees for the systematic help of robotic machinery that never needs water breaks or paychecks, perhaps the Actors Union may face the same issue..

CGI is the future. You may not believe what you see.. what you already see isn't real. So why should be the players in the play?

Don't panic. Or panic.

Southern California may face tense moments on Wednesday.. The NOAA will issue a tsunami warning--it may or MAY NOT include the word 'test'..


The NOAA issued this

Some television systems are programmed to scroll a standard emergency alert text message and in some cases, the message may not contain the word “TEST.” An audio message will say that the message is only a test, but if the volume is turned down or otherwise unheard, viewers may not realize the message is a test.”

This seems to be the year to warn California about urgent needs to prepare for killer quakes.. Movies and television are constant reminders with upcoming summer entertainment featuring California breaking off of the United States. Also official warners from official places are speaking out about upcoming dangers during the next decade when it comes to the chances for quakes or even tsunamis..

Tomorrow will be a test of nerves.. Especially for those who don't know it's a 'test' ..


Accused Newtown shooter Adam Lanza's house has been wiped from the face of the earth.. Making good on promises to destroy it, the town of Newtown Connecticut purchased the 2-acre lot and 3100 square foot home for $1 .. it was torn down and will now be used as an empty space.

According to reports, neighbors wanted the house gone, saying it served as a reminder of the events of December 2012 in Sandy Hook elementary school.


Everything in the house was already removed prior to the razing. Reports indicate that rugs, curtains, furniture, fixtures, and all the rest were removed from the property and incinerated.

36 Yogananda Drive is now just an address. No home. Just a vacant plot of ground on top of a hill..

WFSB 3 Connecticut


Germanwings plane crash: New information suggests that the descent took 18 minutes, not 8 »

A lot of initial reporting on the Germanwings flight crash in the French Alps has been discredited as more information has surfaced.. The initial report yesterday that a mayday distress call was placed was wrong.. And then another issue was reported, that the descent of Flight 9525 took 8 minutes. Instead, new information suggests, it took 18!

John Lichfield with the UK INDEPENDENT reports this for history:
The French environment and transport minister, Ségolène Royal,  said that the crew of the Airbus A320 had stopped responding on radio at 10.30am yesterday when the aircraft was over the Mediterranean.
The aircraft slammed into the sheer side of a mountain in the French Alps soon after 10.48am. For those 18 minutes, it gradually shed height from 28,000 feet to less than 2,000 feet without transmitting any form of distress signal.

This information is also being reported: The French interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, said that so-called “black box” had been damaged in the crash but was “usable”. .. For some reason, I hesitate buying into this at this point. With the number of times official stories have already changed, I wouldn’t doubt a change in this factoid either.

At this point, the results from yesterday’s crash are horrific.. one family last three generations of people. A school lost 16 of its best and brightest children.. The heartache extends to the United States with news that two passengers on the doomed flight were from here..

And a few more things of note as well:

Three generations of one family dead in plane crash..
Mystery: What happened on Flight 9525?
Two people from the United States were on flight..
Weather an issue in search ..

The Big Bang glitch: A shirt circuit at CERN

Today as the Germanwings flight fell to the earth over the French Alps, other news was silently being reported at the Large Hadron Collider. There was a short circuit.. Now the big firing up has been postponed, it is being reported..

This is how Reuters captured the event for historical record:

CERN scientists expressed disappointment at the last-minute problem, in just one of the underground machine’s eight sectors, which have been rewired and checked thoroughly during the closedown. But the research centre’s director general, Rolf Heuer, played down its significance.

“All the signs are good for a great run 2,” he said in a statement. “In the grand scheme of things, a few weeks delay in humankind’s quest to understand our universe is little more than the blink of an eye.”

Scientists and engineers at CERN, mindful of a serious leakage in 2008 which caused a delay of two years in the start-up for the first LHC run, have long insisted that there can be no rushing into full operations.

The eerie coincidence over the French Alps

Presented for your thoughtful consideration, the place where the Plane crashed in the French Alps today was the same exact location where another plane crashed in 1953.. ..

Meanwhile, it was reported today that pilots refusing to fly over the same part of the Alps where this occurred led to several delays and cancellation of flights..

And this is how things work.. Strange coincidences that may not be just chance, and the human reaction and emotion to tragedy..

Today was tragic. All of those lives lost in the 8 minutes to oblivion is awful..

Another day in the life of planet earth..

Germanwings crash theories abound

The crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 today is a story only a few hours old. But already theories are advancing online. Conspiracy theories.. One because the trip the plane was making was from Barcelona to Barcelonnette .. Strange, perhaps..

Already, though, it's taking 'flight' online.. That, along with questions of whether scientists were on board, perhaps officials or authorities that someone wanted to 'take out' ..

Another theory actually says that CERN--firing up the Hadron Collider soon to full power--is the reason for the crash.

Some are claiming terrorism.. Some aren't..

There is a link to a foreign news story that reports the crash--but the date on the story is March 22. Two days prior to today. That has fired up a series of theories of conspiracy as well..

We know this:
We don't know.

Already today, the news surrounding the flight crash has changed substantially.

When it was first reported, there were news accounts that a mayday distress call was made. Now it has turned out, according to official statements, that no mayday was made. And then the plane descended for 8 minutes before the final crash into the mountains of the French Alps..

This is a part of why, until the dust clears, I attempt to steer clear of reporting breaking news... we make readers aware, but on the details, it's better to allow the events to play out in real time, as no news source seems to get anything correct..

As for the events of this Germanwings crash: The theories are abounding.. This is the latest in a series of high profile crashes that have seemingly been dominating headlines over the past 14 months..
But crashes happen..

I don't want to authoritatively state any theory on why this crash occurred. To the best of our knowledge, if you believe the reporting of NBC NEWS at least, there is at least one black box recovered from the scene.   In that light, the world hopefully will find out the truth as to why the plane crashed, why no mayday was called out, and why the entire event took 8 minutes. . . just imagine the horror of those 8 minutes.

I think it's fair and proper to question all accounts, all theories, and try to ascertain what events took place. That goes for any events that occur.. But it's premature to conclude a conspiracy.

Sometimes accidents do happen. Just as every crash accident is not a conspiracy, every plane crash is not either.

I have my personal thoughts about Fligth 800 in 1996. I also have my own doubts about Flight 370.. I also think a missile took down the flight in late 2014..

As far as this one? Time will tell.
But there is one thing to note.. If this is not a conspiracy, not terrorism, not inflicted on humans by other humans, then it becomes scarier.. Why? Because it shows how out of luck we can be on this planet.. how cursed we often times are without knowing it.. And how at risk we all are to the dangers that pop up when least expected.

Yes, indeed.. Just as reality is scarier than fiction, 'chance' is much more frightening than conspiracy. Because there's no rhyme or reason or sympathy when you speak about 'chance.'


Disaster: A rescue helicopter flies over wreckage of a Germanwings Airbus A320 plane that crashed between the towns of Barcelonnette and Digne in the French Alps. All 150 people on board - including two babies and 16 children from the same German school - are presumed dead
German official: High school group on crashed Germanwings plane; Spanish school says 16 students involved »

I remember the crash of TWA Flight 800.. I was 16 at the time (and all conspiracy and missile theories aside) that result from that crash was traumatic to my area in Pennsylvania. On Flight 800:  The town of Montoursville PA was ‘in a daze’ after a number of high school kids died on that plane (Source: USA TODAY, 1996)

I would imagine the same ‘daze’ will be happening in whatever school these kids were from—teenagers who were lucky enough to get a chance to see some new parts of the world and now after this tragedy, have perished from our earth..

Germanwings Flight 4U9525: Airbus A320 plane crashes in French Alps en route from Barcelona to Dusseldorf »

There was NO mayday..
The plane dived for 8 minutes
NBC news is reporting that at least on black box has been recovered..


Just when you think your plight in the grand scheme of things matters a bit, news comes along to give perspective to just how tiny we all are. Today, two examples exist in science news, presented for your review:

Maybe JUPITER is planet x!? There is new information to suggest that the early solar system was made up of giant super earths. And then Jupiter came along to smash things into pieces.. A theory for now, but certainly amazing when considering the mighty explosion something like this could have made..

And this other tale, a little closer to home: The huge Australian impact of an asteroid was so large that it caused cracks to the earth’s core..

When considering the history of our universe, and the ever-changing space around us, it’s pretty amazing that we are even here. That somehow we evolved into the creatures of habit we have.. and somehow still survive in a very hostile existence..

We are somehow alive..

No matter how big of planets of the past crashed and asteroids smashed.

Of course all of that could easily happen again..


A passenger jet carrying 152 people crashed Tuesday in the French Alps as it flew from Barcelona to Duesseldorf, authorities said..

Various sources reporting: The crash site was at Meolans-Revels, near the popular ski resort of Pra Loup, according to Eric Ciotti, the head of the regional council in southeast France…

There are also reports that the Germanwings Airbus A320 sent out a distress signal prior to the crash.. A long search and rescue operation has now begun, as the crash site is in an extremely mountainous region..

The CEO of the airline said that there were, in all, 152 people on board.  That number includes two babies.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Tuesday that “we don’t know much about the flight and the crash yet. And we don’t know the cause.”

And more, the AP reporting:

The owner of a campground near the crash site, Pierre Polizzi, said he heard the plane making curious noises shortly before it crashed.

“At 11.30, I heard a series of loud noises in the air. There are often fighter jets flying over, so I thought it sounded just like that. I looked outside, but I couldn’t see any fighter planes,” he told The Associated Press in a phone interview. “The noise I heard was long – like 8 seconds – as if the plane was going more slowly than a military plane. There was another long noise after about 30 seconds.”

Blood of St Januarius liquefies during Francis’s visit to Naples

read the full story.. http://www.catholicherald.co.uk/news/2015/03/21/blood-of-st-januarius-liquifies-during-franciss-visit-to-naples/


This report claims it didn't happen since the 1800s.. it also did not kccur, the Catholic claim goes, when Benedict visited in 2007..

From the Catholic Herald report:

The blood of St Januarius liquefied in the presence of a pope for the first time since 1848 on Saturday.

The blood of the patron saint of Naples, which is normally solid, partially liquefied after Pope Francis kissed the relic during his day trip to the southern Italian city.

FRANCIS ALSO SAID TO SPREAD THE WORLD OF THE EVENT.. the Internet is, with lots of skeptics and doubters raising eyebrows and disagreeable conclusions to the liquidification claims..


Last night before bed, I made a little mistake in listening to a DARKNESS RADIO true crime show with Dave Schrader featuring the owner of Serial Killer Magazine.

The show was great and interesting. True crime fascinates me … actually scares me.

The intense reality that exists beyond the safety of our locked doors and closed windows is abhorrent, often.  There is much to be written and told of true crime—too much to start now. But I’m curious how many others out there are interested in true crime.. How many people are both fascinated and horrified by the macabre.. and how many fear reality more than fiction?

The Horror Report is what nightmares are made of

Some may say I never looked better. Others say nay.

Horse heads show up all the time with HORROR REPORT shirts..

What would MUTLEY the dog think?!image


Scientists at Large Hadron Collider hope to make contact with PARALLEL UNIVERSE in days.. For those who don’t know, the Hadron Collider fired back up a few days ago … so far the world didn't end or fall into a black hole. But there’s always time for that..

But I was a little intrigued when I found that the Extinction Protocol was reporting a story that scientists with CERN are going to be attempting contact with a parallel universe. You certainly don’t see headlines like that everyday, so my eyes did a triple take. The Extinction Protocol is a decent website that usually links up its information to a valid source.. In this matter, they linked a UK EXPRESS article titled:

Scientists at Large Hadron Collider hope to make contact with PARALLEL UNIVERSE in days

So a few things need to be contemplated before running into the world of lunacy.. First off, the UK EXPRESS is a clear tabloid from the land across the pond.. I read it, I enjoy it.. but I take it with a grain of salt. If the DAILY MAIL is the NY POST, the EXPRESS is probably the STAR..

Nonetheless, I read Paul Bowman’s article with extreme interest..  I sure don’t really understand what I should about physics but that doesn’t stop me from trying to.

Ironically, this all travels back in the Internets to the DAILY MAIL, the powerhouse tabloid that gets worldwide attention.  Days ago, that paper reported.

Will the Large Hadron Collider find a parallel universe? Particle smasher could become a gateway to alternate realities, say scientists


Mir Faizil, a scientist at CERN, gets a lot of the attention in various postings regarding this..

Back to the EXPRESS, Bowman writes,
Mir Faizal, one of the three-strong team of physicists behind the experiment, said: “Just as many parallel sheets of paper, which are two dimensional objects [breadth and length] can exist in a third dimension [height], parallel universes can also exist in higher dimensions.
“We predict that gravity can leak into extra dimensions, and if it does, then miniature black holes can be produced at the LHC.
"Normally, when people think of the multiverse, they think of the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, where every possibility is actualised.
"This cannot be tested and so it is philosophy and not science.
“This is not what we mean by parallel universes. What we mean is real universes in extra dimensions.
“As gravity can flow out of our universe into the extra dimensions, such a model can be tested by the detection of mini black holes at the LHC.
“We have calculated the energy at which we expect to detect these mini black holes in ‘gravity’s rainbow’ [a new scientific theory].
“If we do detect mini black holes at this energy, then we will know that both gravity’s rainbow and extra dimensions are correct.”

Without question, there is some eyebrows raised and even panic.. Some fear that this attempt to tinker and toy with the unwritten laws of existence are dangerous.. Many fear it will shred the vale between the here and there, the now and the then.. I even read one account that this will amplify our lives and give us super abilities and senses beyond the 5 we have, but that we will die quickly since our existence in this reality cannot handle the reality from some alternate universe..

I quite frankly don’t know what will happen.
We certainly trust those who make oodles more in cash than us to have the best interest of humanity in mind when playing in the scientific sandbox. And to me, I would love there to be some confirmation that alternate universes or parallel existences have gone beyond the science fiction realm and are now becoming mainstream enough to continue studying it for proof of their respective existences.

Meanwhile, grab some popcorn.. Throw in DONNIE DARKO, and watch the pictures as they flutter around the universe(s).

Let's do the ART BELL dance

For those who don't know, radio great Art Bell is planning a return this summer. Either online, or perhaps a little online and a little AM. Undisclosed information at this time.. But my son, age four now, is happy. Perhaps by force.. He has been a captive audience member since infancy when he'd hear Art's reruns on the FINE ART STREAM and U7 Radio .. Now he fully endorses the return with his own version of a celebratory dance. I suspect if Art can muster up another ten years, Ayden will be 14 years of age. And he will have a full experience of what Art Bell was .. Amazing.


And just for a perspective, here's AYDEN at age 1..


Original Horror Report Artwork

I haven't drawn in years.. but thanks to a new Samsung note phone (ditched the iPhone ) I now have that power.. submitted for approval, some original and probably not so great artwork inspired by things that circulate in my night owl head.. mostly drawn late at night. One drawn at 3am. I just have been lonely.. (matchbox 20 reference for those not from the late 90s)..







The emotional snap: A second in time shows a doctor's humanity

This photo was posted to REDDIT on Thursday and shows, at least according to the description, an ER doctor stepping outside after losing a 19-year-old patient..

An EMT worker posted the photo. According to the report, the EMT had permission to share it and wanted to shed light on what it is like to work in the industry..

According to the report, moments after the photo was taken, the doctor went back into the ER to continue his work. But he obviously took a time out to contemplate and become privately emotional about not being able to save a life.

This is a moving picture—a showcase that doctors are good and that the medical profession, though flawed and often littered with bureaucracy and lawsuit fevers, can still be morally just and amazing in professionalism..

The picture can also be and instrument of attraction to get more people into the field.. or a turnoff to some who know, seeing this, they couldn’t handle the emotion of seeing young and old human beings perish in front of them..

There is a deeper meaning to life. A bigger picture. Perhaps that bigger picture is that earth is simply a stepping stone in life and our souls move on.. Maybe the bigger picture is that this brief life is the beginning and the end of our computer systems.. That there’s nothing else, that we are alone in this galaxy and that life just happened without the help of divine love.

To me, that is what this picture symbolizes.. not just the emotion of a doctor losing a patient, but the true and unadulterated humanity that shows itself during intense moments of birth and death.

This doctor, despite his high education and established career, is moved to tears by the same thing humanity itself is.. We don’t know anything. We say we do. We go to Churches with pastors who tell us what to know.. we read self help books about how to know. We listen to vague pluralities that are supposed to define the known.

But we don’t know.
Instead, we wail and cry when we face the end. We are confused by the process.. We are are succumbing, each day, to death. And this doctor couldn’t save a 19-year-old from expiring before his time..

There indeed is a lot of emotion in this photo snapped during a second in time.

But it’s a testament to the goodness that can exist in the hearts of men.



There was a shocking crime reported yesterday by local stations in Colorado.. A grisly crime as well. Michelle Wilkins, 26, was seven months pregnant. She went to a home of a person she found on Craigslist who was selling baby clothes.. Instead, the woman, Dynel Lane, 34, cut the baby out of Wilkins' stomach. The baby died.. the woman was rushed to the hospital..

The TRIBUNE NEWS WIRE dispatches this graphic information:
Lane is accused of stabbing Wilkins and removing the fetus.

The fetus died, but the mother survived and has a “very optimistic” prognosis, authorities said Thursday.

Authorities’ version of events was unlike anything the local district attorney has seen in his 32 years practicing law.

‘I’m pregnant’

Stabbed in the stomach and bleeding, the victim called 911.

“She cut me,” she told the operator.

“Who cut you?” the operator asked.

“I don’t know,” the victim said.

Then came the revelation.

“She cut you in your stomach?” the operator asked.

“Uh-huh. I’m pregnant,” the victim said.

Even more, again graphic:
Searching the split-level home, police found several bloody towels being laundered in the washing machine.

David Ridley, the 35-year-old husband of Dynel Lane, told police he had returned home earlier after leaving work to meet his wife.

As the husband walked downstairs toward the basement, his wife walked around the corner “covered in blood,” the police report said.

“She told David she just miscarried and the baby was in the bathtub upstairs,” the police report said.


After Ridley saw his bloody wife, he ran to the bathroom and found “a small baby lying in the bathtub,” the police report said.

“He rubbed the baby slightly then rolled it over to … see it take a gasping breath,” the report said.

Ridley wrapped the baby in a towel, and apparently unaware that its mother was still bleeding inside the house, drove the baby and his wife to the emergency room of Longmont United Hospital, police said.

There is more information.. grisly, graphic.. and disturbing. This is worse than a horror movie.. This is horror on a scale unseen in Colorado before.. Police are now asking for information from anyone else who may have traveled to "D's" house for baby clothes as a result of the Craigslist ad..

This website has said many times over, true horror is much worse than any works of fiction. The reality of this crime, this Craigslist shocker, is still sinking in..

Another thing worth noting--and let this sink in:
Under Colorado law, essentially, there’s no way murder charges can be brought if it’s not established that the fetus lived as a child outside the body of the mother for some period of time,” Garnett said during the media conference. “I don’t know yet whether that can be established, what our facts are here"

Let that sink in..
True horror hits Colorado. And it's a town that may never get over the shock of the Craigslist Killer.



Spring time comes later today.. Right now as I write this post, a snowstorm (yes, snow) is falling outside on my Pennsylvania USA sidewalk.. Meanwhile, there's a celestial event of epic proportions taking place in the NORTH ATLANTIC, the total eclipse of the sun is in progress at press time..

8000 visitors have voyaged to the Faroe islands to witness the amazing event..

CBC news reported it this way for the historical accounts:
People shouted, cheered and applauded as Longyearbyen, the main town in Svalbard, plunged into darkness. The skies were clear, offering a full view of the sun's corona — a faint ring of rays surrounding the moon — that is only visible during a total solar eclipse.

A few hundred people had gathered on a flat frozen valley overlooking the mountains, and people shouted and yelled as the sudden darkness came. A group of people opened bottles of champagne, saying it was in keeping with a total solar eclipse tradition.

People are 'blown away' by the event.. As the darkness shrouded the existence, eyes on the sky were perplexed and fixated on the rare event--so many times in history, human beings had the same reaction. Despite the time and place, we are always amazed when the source of life and light vanishes behind a cloak of darkness.. Many people, as we know, see it as a harbinger.. a time when darkness invades the land. That belief goes back a long way. But it still exists today as much as it did then, despite scientific explanations as to why and how solar eclipses happen in the first place. I think we are programmed through evolution and the development of the brain to be apprehensive of darkness.. and when our senses see dark skies on what should be a sunny day, it throws the mind for a loop.

Coming later on top of the darkness, a blood moon at night. Spring, too.. the equinox to remember.

A few weeks ago, I had a dream that was bizarre.. In the night terror, it was 4am and it was sunny. People were confused as to why the sun had risen so early, and it was as bright as noon at 4am.. People were waking early to come out from their comfort zone and look to the a frightening sky..  It reminded me a bit of the MIDNIGHT SUN Twilight Zone episode..

And that is why eclipses rattle us. They make the unexpected occur.. They turn off the lights.. they let the darkness enter. And the fear begins..

Happy viewing to those who see it.
Happy shoveling to anyone else getting the snow today.
Happy spring to all who are reading.


Katie Couric’s newest documentary called FED UP had a profound effect on my.. I was left ringing my hands in anger, checking all of the products in my home, and becoming astounded at just how much hidden sugar was in stuff I was heating. Healthy stuff, at that.. things I never suspected.. I told all my friends, co-workers, and family to download the COURIC hit, and I promised, their lives would change to..

So you’d imagine my face after reading the secrets of a 104-year-old woman’s key to living past the century mark: Dr. Pepper..

Forth Worth’s CBS’ Kaley O’Kelley profiled Elizabeth Sullivan as she turned 104.. The local story running on the CBS website shows the party.. interviews Sullivan. And the keys to life, the secrets of longevity, were revealed:
“People try to give me coffee for breakfast. Well, I’d rather have a Dr. Pepper.” Sullivan fell in love with the soft drink’s trademark “23 flavors” when she was in her 60’s. “I started drinking them about 40 years ago. Three a day. Every doctor that sees me says they’ll kill you, but they die and I don’t. So there must be a mistake somewhere.”

For her birthday she got a very big surprise. A beautiful cake shaped like what else, Dr. Pepper.

Commenting on her special day she said, “When you live to be 104 and still can talk to nice people, you deserve some Dr. Pepper, but I never expected this.”

I think, right now, the fine corporate suits at Dr. Pepper better get on the ball and trademark these statements.. They should get this woman into a Super Bowl commercial for 2016.. They need to strike while the iron is hot..

Who needs Katie Couric and her warnings that sugar is slowly killing all of us!? We have someone who’s been drinking Dr. Pepper for over 50 years and is still going strong.. even asking for me.

But the real secret?
She was asked if she has a secret for living past 100. She said she really doesn’t, other than, “you just keep living”.

And that may be the point..

How often do you see younger people–younger as in the early to mid 60s and retiring–just dwindle and rescind all bits of fun and frivolity? How many times did you know of someone or heard the story of someone else who retired, and immediately afterwards die or succumb to some horrid disease or affliction that prevented them from enjoying the years after work..

While I do not believe someone should be defined by the work they do wholly, there is something to be said for working. For doing something, something anything. For having a daily mission, or a profound reason for being..

I am striving to find answers to the meaning of life. I am desiring ‘signs’ or mile markets from the gods, God, or aliens that created us.. and I am attempting my best–so far a futile exercise–to find the reason for existence. Maybe it’s quite simple.

Maybe it’s Dr. Pepper.
Or better yet, maybe you just keep living.
And never start dying.

Happy birthday Elizabeth Sullivan. May carbonated beverage be cold and strong.


The sky is falling in Idaho

Avian cholera is suspected in the deaths of at least 2,000 snow geese that fell dead from the sky in Idaho while migrating to nesting grounds on the northern coast of Alaska, wildlife managers said Monday.

Reuters reports more


Sirius founder envisions world of cyber clones, tech med »

Oh but there’s so much more than just robots taking out the trash.. try this:
At the keynote, Rothblatt described how the inevitable emergence of cyber consciousness – when machines act with a sophistication and thought level equal to that of humans – will not be overnight but a more subtle evolution.
"Every company will try to out-Siri Siri until we have consciousness," she said, referring to the Apple/iOS application that works as a personal assistant and navigator. "It will be like water that rises and rises and rises and, before we know it, we’re in an ocean of cyber consciousness."

And then what?
Lots of choices are coming for humanity. Lots of choices will not have to be made—and actually a lot of misery and heartache may occur as advancements become cruel to people trying to live out out their lives.

Progress.. The future. It’s all good. Until it goes bad.. Until one of those thinking machines thinks too much..

And I wonder, sometime about 1000 years from now, will robots ponder ‘who created me? Why am I here? What happens when I turn off?”   We do. And we think. Or so we are told we think..

Rick Jervis in USA TODAY goes on to report:
Artificial intelligence and robotics have been key – and controversial – themes at this year’s SXSW. A slew of panel discussions and keynote speeches on the topic have drawn thousands of attendees, while films screening at the film festival portion of SXSW, such as Ex Machina and Creative Control, have addressed it in their plot lines.
The themes have also prompted protests outside the conference warning of an over-reliance on artificial intelligence to the detriment of humans. In one, a group of protestors held signs reading “Stop the Robots” while chanting “A-I Say Goodbye!”
Rothblatt said robots and humans don’t have to choose sides – such as in the plotlines seen in popular Hollywood movies – but will live in a peaceful co-existence that will make them virtually indistinguishable from one another.
"It’s not us versus cyberspace," she said. "We’re merging together."
She added: “We don’t want to create a new slave-versus-free motif. I’m all for merging everyone together. On the level of consciousness, we’re all one.”

We are all one.
Skin and bones. Gear and bytes.. We are the world.

We are the future..


All the world's a stage.. Vladimir Putin may have just payed the entire world..

After being gone from the scene for ten days, and internet rage took over Twitter with #putinIsDead tags and rumors that Vlad was either abducted by aliens or a coup was taking place and new leadership was on the way.. Near hysteria took over last night when, for a bit, UVB-76 went down..

But today, as planned (and as reported by Russian state TV on Friday by accident when a script reader ill-timed the reading of news that wouldn't take place for three days), Putin emerged..

It was official business and a photo op worth a great caption: The meeting with the leader of Kyrgyzstan was Putin's first public outing since a March 5 press conference with the Italian prime minister...

Putin even made light of the rumors, saying that things would be 'boring' without gossip..And things are never boring with Vladimir Putin..

He is alive and well.
Vlad living to impale another day.

Blue skies are falling

A Blue 'Meteor' Over Switzerland and Austria »


This is the video of the long lasting blue meteor over Austria and Switzerland..

The numberless numbers station?

I received reports earlier Sunday that the famed UVB-76 numbers station was down. Various people were also reporting they were not able to hear the live feed..


Broadcasting again: The UVB-76 Live Stream Blog »

I think the buzzer is buzzing again. I am able to hear UVB-76 again on the live feed page.. It’s back to ‘normal,’ whatever that normal may be.

Meanwhile, I am on the Earthcam Moscow site. Traffic is moving as normal. I think.. “normal,” again..

I got a message earlier from someone asking why it would even matter if UVB-76 was down, or up, or broadcasting eerie messages. You can read some background from this January story on the HUFFINGTON POST UK page..

I also wrote a few bits about the numbers station and my intrigue and love for them during the history of this site.. one four months ago, another here showcasing one of the creepier numbers stations broadcasts I have ever heard, one a year ago when I celebrated the Clyde Lewis show where he played recordings of creepy media hijacks..

However, the best article I may have ever read on the UVB-76 story was by James Cook in THE KERNEL..

Lots of reading to do.. Lots of weird beeps and buzzing, oddities and frequencies.. Strange frequencies during the night. While you sleep, the numbers stations don’t.. And isn’t that the creepy part? Trying to relax while these strange messages beam around the planet?


HBO dropped a bombshell on viewers--and Robert Durst was arrested because of it..

Durst is a millionaire eccentric, and has been linked to two murders fifteen years ago. On Sunday, just before an HBO finale about his life, he was arrested.. The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports in dispatches tonight:
Durst was arrested on a murder warrant just before Sunday evening's finale of an HBO serial documentary about his links to three sensational killings.

In the finale, Durst was asked about similarities in handwriting in a letter he wrote and another linked to one of the killings. Later, filmmakers said Durst wore his microphone into the bathroom.

What followed was a bizarre rambling in which Durst said, apparently to himself, "There it is. You're caught" and "What the hell did I do? Killed them all of course."

The show ended, and it wasn't clear whether producers confronted Durst about the secretly recorded words, or what Durst meant by them.

But the FBI swooped in and he was arrested in New Orleans.. Durst left his Houston town house for New Orleans to escape unwanted attention since the documentary's second-to-last episode aired. The Durst family is worth more than $4 billion..

Weekend Report: 'Cinderella' Shines, 'IT Follows' the little horror that could

.. The family film secured $70 mil this weekend.. the audiences were primary women and primary families--66% for each category, respectively..

The horror film IT FOLLOWS got $40,000 or so per theater.. the tiny release will expand experts don't see it expanding past 200 theaters but with this little film that could, who knows

Families and horror fans both happy with a weekend box..
Notbbad, Hollywood.. March madness.


Footage of Vladimir Putin raises speculation of whereabouts »

The events in the Kremlin are being explained this way: A big concert on the anniversary of Crimea’s annexation..

Meanwhile, the Kremlin is getting angry at REUTERS reporting calling asking where Vladimir Putin is. One comment said it wasn’t funny anymore to be asked so many times.

The next public appearance is set for Monday. Although Russian state TV already said on Friday what happened on Monday, I suppose time is going to be on someone’s side here.

The wild rumors .. the facts.

In propaganda wars, there are no facts. Always remember that. The victors of war and battle simply write the history book..

The fiery sun fires again

A long duration C9 eruption around sunspot 2297 hurled a coronal mass ejection (CME) into space and may have a small Earth directed component...

This comes after the X class solar flare emitted from the sun late last week, that one was also earth directed.

The newest flare certainly is not as strong as the X class beast that fired, but each flare is different. And each flare should be watched for its effects on the earth's magnetic safety net and radio signals and other terrestrial satellites in orbit..

The glancing blows seem to be getting repetitious. Either something big is constantly being averted and luck will run out, or that magnetic field is being controlled by a greater force that is protecting Earth..

One day, as we know and have been warned, luck will run out.

The day after Pam

Much-needed aid arrives in cyclone-devastated Vanuatu »

The situation on the island is dire—food and water and shelter are all gone for a population quickly ravaged by the storm.  Ten are reported dead.. there are hints and suggestions that the number will rise as time goes on.  One pilot who was forced to land in Tanna described pure devastation, with entire communities simply flattened.

Many officials and also world citizens are relying heavily on social media to see just how bad things are—the world has been reading Tweets and other citizen reporting from the ground where the storm struck.. One Tweet described a 21-year-old sheltering a 1 week old baby even as the roof was ripped off by Cyclone PAM..

And that is how natural disasters work. They come quick, they leave fast. They leave misery in the wake.. And deaths. Injuries, but also little quips and anecdotes of miracles that seem to keep humanity hopeful just enough to clean up until the next disaster..

The Phantom (pooper) strikes at night

Ohio has a problem. This man you see here, is the phantom pooper.. the night owl defectator.. the silent shitter..

You pick your own term. Either way, he’s going around various parts of the city of Akron, Ohio. It’s been going on for years, the suspicion now is that the Bowel Movement Bandit has defecated on over 19 cars. 

The poopetrator even hit one woman’s car 7 times..

He’s been getting busy with his business. But now cops want him to cut the crap.

This story is just asking for bad puns, and regardless of the source, people are making them. But just imagine waking up one day to find a large load on the cook of your car.. The horror of that scene would be unimaginable..

Either way, with his image now blasting across the internet--the image of him in action--there may be 'movement' on the case.. For the sake of Akron, we certainly hope so.

Where's Pootie? Mystery at the Kremlin

UK DAILY MAIL: Vladimir Putin has been 'neutralised' by a stealthy coup as rumours about his health and well-being continue to flourish

It's going to be a wild night of news, as this UK DAILY MAIL headline showcases..

There are some interesting developments in Moscow even as US media blackout on it continues.. Reports of tanks rolling into the city and power being out in several places..

Propaganda on all sides is evident in the a Tweets and news reports coming from Russia.. Only rumors at this point and no hard reporting.. Few facts. Only a deepening mystery in the nation .. And for that matter , the world.

When nostalgia meets the present

The family took a voyage to the movie theater today.. the HORROR REPORT family didn't see anything filled with fright--no IT FOLLOWS for me, it's not in a theater nearby.. Instead it was SPONGEBOB.. A sponge out of water. Funny parts, good laughs--though the 'out of water' business only took up the last 20 minutes or so of the movie, which was a disappointment. The real story here is that Ayden Morris, now 4, was at his first movie theater experience.

This was a big day for me--huge as a matter of fact.. It's not the movie choice that mattered, but just that he wanted to attend a theater showing. And he loved it.. he was stunned a bit at how loud certain parts were, he cringed during the return to JURASSIC PARK trailer, and he heartily laughed at the humor of Spongebob. So did I, and my wife..

There was one more proud pappa moment for me, too.. After the film, we perused a much emptier mall than it ever was before. My local shopping sensation of yesteryear is suffering through the same downtown as many other brick and mortar shopping plazas.. But there's a thrift shop--a place where old antiques and relics of yesterday are still bought and paid for by collectors and modern internet people. My son came across a bulk batch of HE-MAN action figures. He knew them since he plays with the few older broken ones I still possess. After today, we are adding three new (old) HE-MAN characters to the family, including HORDAK, who hasn't been in my presence since 1990.

A full circle kind of day.. Beginning with drenching rain, dour as could be. But the light of family brightening the mood.. a modern movie in a cool theater with my 4-year-old eating up every moment.. and then a dad, at the age of 34, buying toys that I bought at the age of 4 in the same mall that I bought them in 20 years ago. So different in ways, but so similar in others.

Full circle.
Another moment of parenting..

The fleeting moments of today are gone tomorrow.. So forgive me for writing about it. But it's my way of making amazing little things last just a little bit longer than the short span of time they inhabit..



This was an image of Cyclone Pam before as it slammed into Vanuatu.. category 4 winds.. monster storm. Untold destruction.. those on the scene report pure devastation..


Red Cross workers report “unbelievable destruction” after Tropical Cyclone Pam hit Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu.

This is a developing story..

IT FOLLOWS review roundup and theater locations

The movie is being released in a limited capacity today.. but that doesn't matter to reviewers and fans of horror. The film has attracted untold amounts of attention through intelligent social media buzz and positive reviews--the film is boasting a near 100% rating on ROTTEN TOMATOES. Those types of things don't happen too often..

Here's a wrap of some of the reviews for the film that seem readable:

A VOX review is calling it the scariest movie in years.. "This is a movie you need to see right now."

A THE WEEK review calls it a mesmerizing 'coming of age' movie"  "The sense of unease is buoyed by Rich Vreeland's terrific, pulsing score, which recalls John Carpenter's unforgettable work for Halloween"

SALON: An instant horror classic about the dark side of teen sex: "There are distorted but obvious images of several real-world issues in “It Follows,” including acquaintance rape, teen suicide and mental illness, but you can’t boil the movie down to any of those things any more than to a metaphorical treatment of Detroit’s social and racial divide."

i09: Proof that horror movies don't have to be dumb to scare you: " It offers an unpredictability that's become increasingly rare in horror. For that alone (and for not being a sequel, a remake, a found-footage extravaganza, or gratuitously gory) It Follows deserves high praise. This movie is absolutely one of the year's must-see horror films."

Entertainment WEEKLY praises: "Even with its flaws, though, It Follows is a dizzyingly tense and creepy workout. Oh, and I almost forgot… Hey kids, don’t have sex!"

NEW YORK POST says the movie will stick with you.

A VULTURE reveiwer says 'I've rarely been as scared as I was in IT FOLLOWS'

There aren't currently too many theaters showing it. I have a feeling word of mouth will create demand.. and create a sensation. It will be the sleeper hit of 2015.

This is a full listing of the theaters you can see it


Disclosure: Overreachable or teachable moment on Kimmel?

That’s why you will not be president.

Barack Obama, in a joking response to Jimmy Kimmel last night after Kimmel said the first thing he’d do as president is open the files on AREA 51, Roswell, and UFOs..

And another UFO related quip from the show:

On President Clinton’s claim that he went through the secret files on extraterrestrials and found nothing:
"That’s what we’re instructed to say."

Obama went on to read ‘mean tweets’ . . his comments about UFOs are considered, of course, jokes.

But let’s not forget.. for a joke to truly work, there’s always a shed of truth behind it.. Perhaps it is why people like KIMMEL, who always seem to ask Presidents about UFOs, will not be President..

Kimmel had previously made some waves after asking former President Clinton about aliens.. at that time, Clinton was analyzed to have had ‘stressed’ behavior during his response.. I can’t find any analysis yet of Obama’s reaction..

Jokes.. Jokes.. laughable moments. Teachable moments?

Am I overreaching here?

With Secret Service Agents in the background, President Barack Obama talks with Jimmy Kimmel during a break in taping on Jimmy Kimmel Live, in Los Angeles on Thursday, March 12, 2015. After the taping the president is expected to attend a DNC event.


FRIDAY THE 13TH IN RUSSIA: Putin, Said to Be ‘Perfectly Healthy,’ Is Also Nowhere to Be Seen »

There are rumors online that Vladimir Putin is either sick, or even  dead!

The NYT says,
The last confirmed public sighting was at a meeting with Prime Minister Matteo Renzi of Italy on March 5 — although the Kremlin would have citizens think otherwise.

Given that the Kremlin borrows all manner of items from the Soviet playbook these days, there appeared to be an attempt to doctor the president’s timetable to show that all was well.

The KREMLIN is busy doing damage control..

The mystery deepens: Where’s VLAD the IMPALER…


Confirmed: Jupiter's moon Ganymede has a salty, underground ocean »

SET SAIL FOR Ganymede!

Take a deep breath.. read the headline a few times until the true power of it sinks in. Jupiter’s moon.. a salty ocean..

Though it may seem like eons for my, it wasn’t too long ago that I learned in school how Earth was the only planet with life and water. And there were only 9. Boom. Done.

Now there’s trillions with untoldillions to be discovered. And maybe multiverses.. and Pluto is NOT a planet. But CERES has glowing balls of light emitting from it. And we are landing on asteroids.. and there’s a ROVER on MARS watching the sunset from the distant planet.. and TITAN may have water.. And MARS may have HAD water..

And we are stardust.
And there may be aliens..
And we are not alone.

This is an amazing time to be alive. It also makes me ponder if ‘disclosure’ is going to drip out slowly .. with each new story about water on some distant body in space, are we being primed for the ultimate: Not only water is abundant, but life is too?

From the LA TIMES STORY, a money quote:
"The solar system is now looking like a pretty soggy place," said Jim Green, director of planetary science at NASA. "The more we look at individual moons, the more we see that water is really in enormous abundance."

A soggy place.
Much different than those 1980s and 90s grade school textbooks in science. And even much more different than those 2013 textbooks.

Throw them all away.

Next up?


Anghus Houvouras writes: It's a Trap: Why 'The First Gay Star Wars Character' is a war on common sense »

Interesting article.. Worth the read. Anghus may be very familiar to those who have been long-time HORROR REPORT fans, he used to pen a little bit of a column way back when we were nothing and now he is a profoundly important writer and director, plus a genius columnist at FLICKERING MYTH (not being paid to write any of that, but I sincerely believe it) ..

And his point is taken ..

The money quote:
Up to this announcement, any of the characters could have been gay. Admiral Akbar. Boba Fett. Hell, even, Lando Calrissian. Would it matter if Lando Calrissian was gay? Not at all. His role in the story wasn’t impacted by his sexual orientation. If I had read the headline ‘Lando Calrissian revealed as gay’, all I would have thought was ‘that makes sense: those overtures to Leia were overcompensation.’ Lando ran Cloud City, betrayed Han and friends, and redeemed himself by blowing up Death Star 2.0. Gay… straight… it didn’t matter.

We live in a time where everyone is desperate to label everything. To define what something is or isn’t because saying nothing somehow implies intolerance. To me, the Star WarsUniverse feels far more intolerant because they’ve flat out told me there’s been no gay characters in canon until now. I liked it better when there was ambiguity to it, because it had no impact on the story I was watching or comics I was reading.

He does make a good point near the end of his article: There really is no need for STAR WARS, a movie that will already have lots of attention, to get more attention.. And really, the sexualization of STAR WAR never really occurred.. though by THE RETURN OF THE JEDI I was coming of age, so I figured Princess Leia may have been Jabba's sex slave. But, since it was gross, I never tried to determine how that would have even worked..

And Anghus is right: We are seemingly desperate to label everyone in our current time. Every single person deserves a label, an acronym, or a bandwagon to jump on. What happened to just being an individual? Daring to be different? Just having a light saber and destroying the Empire?

This is a trap..
And people will fall for it.

George Lucas gave us a number of political commentaries in STAR WARS when you study it.. Seems like DISNEY would rather give us pop culture than generationally important messages..

And anyway.. JAR JAR BINKS was gay, right?



This is how the ASSOCIATED PRESS dispatch reports it for the official record:
NASA launched four identical spacecraft Thursday on a billion-dollar mission to study the explosive give-and-take of the Earth and sun’s magnetic fields.
The unmanned Atlas rocket - and NASA’s Magnetospheric Multiscale spacecraft - soared into a clear late-night sky, right on time. Within two hours, all four observatories were flying free.

A billion bucks to study, as the AP also reports, this:
Magnetic reconnection is what happens when magnetic fields like those around Earth and the sun come together, break apart, then come together again, releasing vast energy. This repeated process drives the aurora, as well as solar storms that can disrupt communications and power on Earth. Data from this two-year mission should help scientists better understand so-called space weather.

While I am not trying to induce mass hysteria or concoct some elaborate conspiracy, the timing is amazing—to some, most likely, even suspect.  CERN is back with a vengeance this weekend, as the large Hadron Collider is going to fire with DOUBLE the power as previously done.. With the restart, scientists are hoping to unravel the secrets of dark matter and the universe..  Clyde Lewis had a couple of shows and guests this past week that may raise eyebrows and speculative questions, including Anthony Patch, someone who clearly, not in the mainstream has been sounding an online alarm over the CERN restart..

Since CERN was just being planned, people feared it would create a gaping black hole or alternate reality for everyone living on earth.  Some even argue that it did just that, thinning the veil in a sense and giving us a whole new vibration..

And now with NASA satellites traveling to the sky to study magnetic reconnection, and some CERN magnetic happenings, all eyes are on the multiverse this weekend. Let’s see how things go..

PAM'S Friday the 13th Hit

Cyclone Pam Hits Vanuatu: Nationwide Red Alert Issued, Officials Fear the Worst »

With Cyclone Pam expected to deal a major blow to the island nation of Vanuatu, officials were pleading with the population to get to safety, or risk their lives.
The country spent Thursday stocking up and fortifying buildings for the cyclone’s strong winds, torrential rain and devastating storm surge, but experts fear the worst will happen if Pam hits Vanuatu’s population centers directly, especially the coastal capital, Port Vila.
The country’s government issued a red alert for all six provinces as Pam closed in, BBC said. The alert orders all of the South Pacific nation’s 250,000 residents to get to shelter immediately, the report added.

And even more intense, a tweet posted by a user Humans of Vanuatu says a few things about the storm, right now, as it hits:
Folks, I’ll be honest. It’s really bad out there. The wind is howling with a deep roar that just doesn’t let up. Anyone not in shelter now is in mortal danger. Frankly, I don’t think our country will make it through this without some deep scars.

The shutters are groaning like ghouls, but the power is still on, and my internet is still running full bore. Not sure how I’d be feeling if not for that….

Just got a text from some of the skeleton crew on the Tina 1, one of those ships opposite our house that you saw in the video. They’d love to get off the ship now, but they can’t. They’re stuck there for the duration.

This is PAM as she starts the terror on land:

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