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Germanwings crash theories abound

The crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 today is a story only a few hours old. But already theories are advancing online. Conspiracy theories.. One because the trip the plane was making was from Barcelona to Barcelonnette .. Strange, perhaps..

Already, though, it's taking 'flight' online.. That, along with questions of whether scientists were on board, perhaps officials or authorities that someone wanted to 'take out' ..

Another theory actually says that CERN--firing up the Hadron Collider soon to full power--is the reason for the crash.

Some are claiming terrorism.. Some aren't..

There is a link to a foreign news story that reports the crash--but the date on the story is March 22. Two days prior to today. That has fired up a series of theories of conspiracy as well..

We know this:
We don't know.

Already today, the news surrounding the flight crash has changed substantially.

When it was first reported, there were news accounts that a mayday distress call was made. Now it has turned out, according to official statements, that no mayday was made. And then the plane descended for 8 minutes before the final crash into the mountains of the French Alps..

This is a part of why, until the dust clears, I attempt to steer clear of reporting breaking news... we make readers aware, but on the details, it's better to allow the events to play out in real time, as no news source seems to get anything correct..

As for the events of this Germanwings crash: The theories are abounding.. This is the latest in a series of high profile crashes that have seemingly been dominating headlines over the past 14 months..
But crashes happen..

I don't want to authoritatively state any theory on why this crash occurred. To the best of our knowledge, if you believe the reporting of NBC NEWS at least, there is at least one black box recovered from the scene.   In that light, the world hopefully will find out the truth as to why the plane crashed, why no mayday was called out, and why the entire event took 8 minutes. . . just imagine the horror of those 8 minutes.

I think it's fair and proper to question all accounts, all theories, and try to ascertain what events took place. That goes for any events that occur.. But it's premature to conclude a conspiracy.

Sometimes accidents do happen. Just as every crash accident is not a conspiracy, every plane crash is not either.

I have my personal thoughts about Fligth 800 in 1996. I also have my own doubts about Flight 370.. I also think a missile took down the flight in late 2014..

As far as this one? Time will tell.
But there is one thing to note.. If this is not a conspiracy, not terrorism, not inflicted on humans by other humans, then it becomes scarier.. Why? Because it shows how out of luck we can be on this planet.. how cursed we often times are without knowing it.. And how at risk we all are to the dangers that pop up when least expected.

Yes, indeed.. Just as reality is scarier than fiction, 'chance' is much more frightening than conspiracy. Because there's no rhyme or reason or sympathy when you speak about 'chance.'


  1. A note worthwhile of noting.. When I wrote this the common thread was that the crash took 8 minutes. It did not, new reporting now suggests it took 18.. even worse to contemplate.. It is my hope and prayer than the passengers on board were, at this point, not aware of anything.


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