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Space probe picks up something mighty interesting on camera: Could this be a comet version of Stonehenge?Rosetta was able to capture an image of what appears to be standing stones on a comet moving through space.. One of the rocks – a huge boulder with a diameter of around 90 feet – appears to be balanced precariously on the comet’s surface. Scientists admit that the information is not yet clear as to how the stones formed in their positions but believe it was due to the transport process on the surface. But the scientific theory hasn’t quelled the most lively of speculators who are pondering the possibilities that the stones were purposely arranged there.. Admittedly, the on-purpose theory is much more fun than the other option..

A ‘pay per mile’ fee has been long speculated about by those with tightly worn tin foil hats. But as most ‘conspiracies’ go, they come to fruition eventually in our world of reality based science fiction.. Such as this: Oregon is considering ditching the gas tax and imposing a pay per mile idea instead.. Initially, though, it may actually work out quite well and be a tax break for many..

The hunt for the parallel universe: CERN boosts data intelligence.. It feels like something big is about to be discovered.. Something big.

HISTORY and disgusting: Over 1400 individuals are under investigation by British police as part of the ongoing inquiry into numerous alleged historic VIP sex abuse network thought to include celebrities and politicians. Information released by Operation Hydrant, the group of police officers tackling the alleged ring, said that the 1,433 suspected offenders included 76 politicians, 43 musicians, and 135 from film, television and radio…

CHINA plans mission to the dark side of the moon.. Cue the Pink Floyd soundtrack as they go where no nation (we are told at least) has gone before. Maybe they will get there and discover a treasure trove in abandoned moon bases! If so, we have time to clean up the evidence. The dark side moon launch doesn’t happen until 2020…

JARED LETO as the Joker fully revealed.. These are photos from the TORONTO set of the SUICIDE SQUAD filming. While the NET may have gone crazy when David Ayer revealed the cast of the SUICIDE SQUAD–minus LETO–it’s the JOKER attire that most have long awaited. And now the these photos may wet the appetite of fans who have been waiting patiently for any leaked (or purposely leaked) photos of the new JOKER of the modern age..

TIME magazine writes: David Letterman was the LAST pre-internet star.. And I agree with that premise. I wrote a special post last night concerning this very subject and why David Letterman mattered in my life, and why I think him leaving matters quite a bit for society and pop culture..

PEPPA PIG smashes records!! The kids love the hog..Smashes the billion dollar mark.. . My son, age 4, has seen the program, and while he doesn’t request it, he will quietly watch it when it’s on.. Five minute programs about a family with one pig that enjoys jumping in puddles? The makers didn’t know it would be this much of a success and quite frankly, how could they have? It was created in 2004 in the UK.. the same place that gave us quirky comedy with MONTY PYTHON and amazing DR WHO shows also gives us pigs with sidewalks snouts who have overly dull existences and never raise their voices.. And the kids, these days, just love it. If I have to theorize as to why, I would say this: We have complicated kids’ lives with technology and gadgets. Maybe this low key simple show that eliminates flashy animation is exactly what the child’s mind needs. Something kind and peaceful. Something that doesn’t inspire seizures, violence, rage, or hate. Just a pig that likes jumping in puddles.



Joe Rogan talks Whitley Streiber

Joe Rogan and Dennis McKenna discuss possible explanations for alien encounters. From The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast


Heather Wade announced that she was going to go to Area 51 this coming June.. People have been responding fast and furious, with some stating she is in danger of being arrested--or even killed!

Talk show legend and original MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT host Art Bell is responding in kind to people on Facebook..

What Heather is doing is a brave act. For all my life people have talked Disclosure and talked and talked. I have no illusion that she will get to any Alien anything but at least she feels the need to do something, anything to move beyond talk and raise the stakes in trying to get to the truth. If we have been visited (and I believe we have) we have a right to know. It seems to me we have a moral right to know, will it change people’s basic faith? Not any more than the Pope suddenly being quoted as saying “There is no Hell”. We have a right to know, she is right and if a act of Civil Disobedience helps I am all for it.
On acts of civil disobedience..

Not much has ever happened in Amer…

Happy solstice

Around 25,000 people watched the sun rise across Stonehenge on the Summer Solstice this morning - an occasion that is said to have been celebrated for thousands of years at the ancient prehistoric site..

The longest day of the year.
The most beautifully long day of the year…