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The heavy wooden doll's hand: Gravity or demonic possession stuck in a glass case?

The haunted puppet.. but of ANNABELLE or CONJURING style but in real life.. The DAILY MAIL is among the sploids reporting on this paranormal doll, haunted we’re told.. It tried to choke an owner.. it’s been caught MOVING ITS hands inside a sealed glass cage..

Euen McClelland writes:

Paranormal Investigator Jayne Harris, 32, from Stourbridge, West Midlands, recorded the puppet every night for three months - after its previous owner claimed it tried to choke him to death.
And last month she was left dumbfounded, when her cameras caught the chilling moment the wooden doll appears to come to life.

BUT.. before I jump to a conclusion of demonic wood possession, I will say this: note the doll’s WOODEN heavy hand moves down. At first slow, then with a large umph.

It’s a wooden hand.. it picked up speed.

There is a chance in my mind this could simply be due to the hand slowly moving enough over time toward the point where it fell down on its own because of sheer gravity.

Or demonic possession.

Or gravity.

Or demonic possession.

Now if the hand would have moved UP, whole different story. I’d have my Rosary beads in hand and prayer accordingly,

Undoubtedly a movie coming soon.
Until then, creepy video that perhaps can be discounted. But if it can’t.. you know where that leads.


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