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VHS Vault Invokes Video Nostalgia For Horror Movie Streaming Site

VHS Vault Invokes Video Nostalgia For Horror Movie Streaming Site:

I love this statement from the TECHDIRT site:

The VHS Vault is an ode to ‘80s and '90s reverie, from the Reagan-era, scare-inciting titles it proffers (Day of the Dead, Adjust Your Tracking, Night of the Demons and more) to the site itself, designed as if it’s straight from 1998, complete with a traffic counter, low pixel GIFs and the quintessential Dancing Baby.

I had those nights in high school–as VHS became DVDs but still not streamed.. we popped movies in. Had popcorn, or soda, or pizza.. and laughed often times until sunrise. Horror movies all night. Bad horror movies.. complete with MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER style sarcasm from friends and me as well.

I know there is always a melancholy attempt to bring back nostalgia. But nothing will ever be like those summer nights of horror again. HALLOWEEN 3 and CARNIVAL OF SOULS.. they are two movies I can’t watch again. I want to keep them in the past, on one of those magical nights, and let them sit in memory. In posterity. In nostalgia.

I applaud anyone attempting to bring back the VHS ‘vault.’ But it’s just not going to be the same..



Official searching for the phantom pooper

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – Police are searching for a woman who has been seen repeatedly defecating in a neighborhood while out running.Cathy Budde says her kids saw the woman mid-squat and came running back in the house to tell her.“They are like, ‘There’s a lady taking a poop!’ So I come outside, and I’m like … ‘are you serious?'” Budde said to the runner. “‘Are you really taking a poop right here in front of my kids?!’ She’s like, ‘Yeah, sorry!'”

IT continues to make some box office history

IT easily beat mother! this weekend .. It wasn't great competition, but it's a good victory nonetheless.

And some facts: In its first 10 days, the film adaptation of Stephen King's novel has earned $218.7 million domestically, passing up Get Out ($175.5 million) to become the No. 2 R-rated horror film of all time behind The Exorcist, not accounting for inflation. 
It is already the top-grossing September release in history. 
IT will finish its North American run with north of $300 million.

Overseas: IT is grossing $60.3 million in its second weekend from 56 markets for a foreign tally of $152.6 million and a stunning $371.3 million worldwide against a $35 million budget. 
Highlights included a record-breaking horror opening of $13.8 million in Mexico.
A perfect horror movie for the age of TRUMP.

DOES 'MOTHER!' DESERVE THE PRAISE IT IS GETTING? (A spoiler alert with this one)

The horror film 'mother!' Is getting high praise from noble media affiliations. It is also being billed as an intellectual horror flick with a message.. religious overtones.. social justice ramifications.
Big name star: Lawrence. Big name director: Aronofsky (BLACK SWAN FAME) Shock scene (SPOILER): Infant being eaten.

Let's unpack this.. The HOLLYWOOD REPORTER ( opines:
Taken purely on its surface, the film is about the horror of hosting ungrateful houseguests. Going beneath that surface, it’s about gruesome male narcissism. Ignoring its text and subtext entirely though, mother! is something more ambitious: A herald of prestige horror at a moment when we might actually need it. It’s September, the calm before the dizzying storm of awards season self-aggrandizement, when we stop thinking of movies as works of art and start thinking of them as show horses; we sac…