Perhaps now we are seeing why ROTTEN TOMATOES didn't release JUSTICE LEAGUE ratings until opening day: The numbers are weak. Scoring below 40%..


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Fear and social networking in Paris



CNN IS REPORTING: French law enforcement officers have been told to erase their social media presence and to carry their weapons at all times because terror sleeper cells have been activated over the last 24 hours in the country, a French police source who attended a briefing Saturday told CNN terror analyst Samuel Laurent…

One of the Paris attack terrorists met with Sarkozy in 2009..



Saturday morning cartoons


Bizarre coverage on CNN of the Paris terror attack leads to this: Anderson Cooper has to correct colleague Chris Cuomo after Cuomo describes one of the terrorists as “AFRICAN AMERICAN”!

For the first time since World War I, a Synagogue is closed on Shabbat in Paris..

A screen grab from a video released by Boko Haram, showing its leader Abubakar Shekau delivering a speech - 31 October 2014
Update on the Boko Haram extermination: A town has been hit..
 And hit hard.. as reported yesterday, some say hundreds are dead but other experts are standing by their number of 2,000 dead. Can you just contemplate that for a second? In our modern world–the 21st century–we are still seeing murderous maniacs kills .. and their success rate is getting better by the murder.. Amnesty International is calling this the deadliest in Haram’s history..

News from Venezuela .. shoppers throng grocery stores under the protection of the military..
note the news media reports “under the protection” of the military. That connotes a good feeling, doesn’t it? That the military is allowing people to safely get food.. But consider the real truth: There are massive food shortages that has forced the government to actually put food distribution UNDER THE CONTROL of the military, assuring that people will only receive the small rations the military deems is necessary.. there are long lines in many places, and people still cannot get the basic goods they need to live.  And why the food shortages?  Collapsing oil prices and 60+ percent inflation rates.

Anonymous now declares war no terrorist websites. 

The not so good news about the Friday jobs report: Private sector good. Government jobs? Bad.. Government employment is down and may go further down–the recession is hitting the public sector much later than everyone else.

The next thing to fear: Chaos predicted as we add another second to the clock in the summer.. But hey, at least it won’t be cold and snowy when all technology and power system fail, right?

John Jonchuck Jr. is shown in his booking photo after

Father if six sacrifices child to ‘gain magical powers’..

Consider this: DRONE parenting on the rise.. Move over baby monitors.. drones are coming in for the landing on your baby’s crib. And while some may fear such change and, as so often said, claim it will be a ‘mark of the beast,’ I say good! technology that can keep tabs on a baby’s heart and pulse while they rest and you can comfortably count no a drone to keep tabs..? that’s not bad. And not for one second do I believe that it will eliminate any human emotion or interaction with a child, it will only compliment those nervous parents (like me) who constantly want to make sure their child is okay. Three cheers for technology. There will be so many good things that come with it. Oh, and the mark of the beast, as well..

More good technology: Light bulbs that will help your house catch thieves..

The time bomb waiting to go off? Ground sinking below Iceland volcano by up to a foot a day!

Earthquakes are increasing in North America.. As are weird booms and blasts. In Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Ohio, and Oklahoma.. These weird rumbles have occurred in various places for years. But suddenly they are all seemingly happening in a number of states at the same time–incidentally, the booms are coming all from states that allow underground fracking..

A Bill Murray movie that went unseen for 30 years just got a showing in the night owl hours on TURNER CLASSIC MOVIE..
 It is called NOTHING LASTS FOREVER .. AND YES, it even included “Larry Bud Melman” of 1980s David Letterman fame..

AOL/TIME WARNER deal 15 years later. It is still considered the worst deal of the century..

Friday, January 9, 2015

Let's leave earth and let the robots have it

Standoffs and terror.. hate and greed. The world seems surrounded in a shroud of darkness. I so often try to stay positive, look at the brighter side of life and see the forest from the trees.. but the forest these days seems extra dim and those once tall standing trees appear to have a slight bend to them, like they have slouched down in a form of eternal earthly sadness of the crimes against humanity humans so often commit..

While these may be the best and times and the worst of times, one thing is apparent in my somewhat academic mind: We are divided and hateful. Maybe not more than times gone by, but certainly the strains of modern society are showing..

Muslims vs Christian.. Black vs white.. gay vs straight. Republicans vs Democrats.. All the groups we are put into by corporate giants who claim to give us the news on a daily basis.. And all too often, we happily place ourselves into those categories and categorically ignore the prejudices and divisions that group assimilation can often create..
There's moments, such as these week, when terrorism and murder rear their heads.. Ugly heads indeed. The school shooting in Pakistan is a recent example as well.. In 2015, the world has changed after terrorist gunmen opened fire on innocent cartoonists who expressed their freedom of speech.

And now come the new years fears.. the warnings of more terror, the descending array of hate and horror that comes with funerals and tributes.. There are few rays of goodness shining from today's host of headlines..

And that is precisely why it's time to gear up, get ready, and create a future off this planet..

To begin an argument to leave earth, let me first explain a bit of the premise behind why I say it to begin with. The planet earth is in some trouble. . all experts in various disciplines can tell you that water shortages, food wars, and climate change will impact humanity some time soon--and some time now. And even on these issues, we have become divided. We argue whether humans cause climate change, but ignore the fact that it really does not matter anymore.. Even if 'global warming' is a fraud, global cooling may not be. Tour through history.. we are living in a perfectly tranquil time on this planet in comparison to other ages. Tranquil times have occurred before, too.. and they do not last forever. Sudden earth changes can take place without warning with volcanic activity or even Yellowstone eruptions. The New Madrid fault can shake.. Japan can quake--lest we forget the big 2011 earthquake and tsunami were said to have actually made earth wobble. Isn't it interesting that this summer we have to add a second of time onto our clocks. Perhaps the earth did in fact slow down due to major Chile and Japan rumbles.

However doomish and gloomish this may all seem, it's not really. Actually it's just purely the cyclic nature of the planet. It is how the earth was formed and reformed again. And it will happen again. The planet is old.. lots of history took place that we will never know. Quite frankly, there's always that chance that our current 2000 years of modern history will be buried under the weight of earth changes again.

So the race to space must take place. We need to leave this planet, or at least begin the venture into the wild oxygen-less black yonder. New explorations must take place, and a no holds barred approach to the space plan must also happen on the federal level. President Barack Obama has been busy cutting the space program since he took office. Recently, he began the quest to provide free college education on a community level to Americans. That will cost billions. However, it only solidifies we stay on this planet..

Right now, the goal should be to colonize others.. reach out for the stars and take gambles..

And those gambles could also have another purpose..

As mentioned early on in this post, old habits are not dying. Instead we are still fighting the same wars, the same battles.. creating the same hate. It seems like there's no global purpose anymore.. nothing which unites the entire planet. Ronald Reagan famously quipped that an alien threat would do just that, but why be negative. Why not an alien quest.. why not a global goal for all nations to equally have the opportunity to travel beyond our galaxy?

A race to the stars would give hope to a new generation.. every child looks to space at some point, and every kid gets into talks with their friends about alien life and UFOs. Adults do, too.. although they are more careful about it since they try to maintain 'maturity,' and any hint they privately wear a tin foil hate would embarrass their vain existence.

A race to the stars would also create jobs. We so often see robots taking over manufacturing, construction, and even service.. 3D printing is going to change the way we build houses, buy cars, and get surgeries.. so often, we are creating a future in which we will be served by technology--but technology will also destroy the social fabric with each job it robs. A race to space could actually rebuild the economy and create a new revolution.. instead of an Industrial change, this would be a Space Revolution. I can envision a future in which scientists would actively create new forms of travel between here and other planets, and even interior decorators would have a vast new world of rocket ships to decorate.

That may sound flippant, but it should not.
I am entirely serious..
We can collectively decide to leave the robots to tend to the planet earth, and humans can begin the real adventure of leaving this planet and moving to space..
We can kill hate with a quick future shock.
China, the United States, and Russia can join together and herald in a new age..
I am not naive, though. The United States' defense budget, CIA and Defense Department contractors would never allow such an honest zeal to provide a better future to humanity.. Instead, I fear a space race would equal star wars, with nations pursuing planets and attempting to cripple others.

But that is the gamble.
And instead of fearing such a gamble, why should we not take it?

Take one glance around at this planet.
It's time to branch out and fulfill the manifest destiny we all have: To return home to the stars where we came from.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


This is a developing story and it has global ramifications ..

At least 12 now dead after what the nation of France is considering a terror attack..two of the dead are police officers..

The shooting took place at the offices of the magazine CHARLIE HEBDO..that magazine has been running satirical images mocking Mohammed recently..

Kim Hjelmgaard of USA TODAY writes,
Armed gunmen wearing black hoods stormed the offices of the publication in a suburb of the city before firing automatic weapons in a scene police described as “carnage,” local media reported. The attackers were heard shouting “Allahu Akbar,” an Islamic phrase that means “God is great.”

The masked men who went into the name and asked for specific names before the shooting began walked out and got away..

They were also armed with a rocket launcher along with their Kalashinkovs..

Minutes before the shooting, CHARLIE HEBDO tweeted a satirical image of Mohammed.. Moments later their office building was under siege and the murderous rampage took place..

An injured person is evacuated outside the French satirical

There is also video of the attacks.. raw video showcasing the shootings.. Originally, the media reported that they had video but chose, initially,not to air footage. That self imposed embargo has been obliterated after the video streamed online millions of times over already.. in the footage, sounds of gunfire can be clearly heard, as can frequent shouts of Allahu Akbar..

Jean Cabut, a graphic artist known to readers by his pen name Cabu, and St├ęphane Charbonnier, the magazine’s editor in chief known by his pseudonym Charb, were among the dead, the police said..

Since the attack, a car bombing has made news in Paris.. French media reports indicate that an explosion took place outside of a Synagogue in Sarcellas.. There is video of the aftermath of the car bombing here..

The killings also follow the official warning of attacks that were previously heralded..

Three terror suspects are on the loose..

Developing story..

Breaking: Car Bomb Reported at Paris Synagogue »


“The aim is to laugh. We want to laugh at the extremists — every extremist. They can be Muslim, Jewish, Catholic. Everyone can be religious, but extremist thoughts and acts we cannot accept.”

Charlie Hebdo journalist LAURENT LEGER, speaking after the firebombing of his publication’s offices in 2011; the controversial magazine had published caricatures of the prophet Muhammad.

(via Time Magazine)

And the events of today have led to anything but laughter..


Raw footage of the Paris terror attack..

FLASHBACK: White House slams French magazine Charlie Hebdo over Islam cartoons »

An interesting flasback via poorrichardsnews:
This is from 2012.  Leave it to the Obama administration to take the side of the terrorists…

Certainly, in the perceptive of today’s events, this is interesting..

This is an image of a police offering begging for his life at the Charlie Hebdo building.. The media is opting to only show this still image and now the next scene in which the officer has his head blown off..

This is an image of a police offering begging for his life at the Charlie Hebdo building.. The media is opting to only show this still image and now the next scene in which the officer has his head blown off..

The TEXAS shaking

There has been nine earthquakes in under 24 hours in Texas.. the most recent and final was called a strong one. None are aftershocks, but this swarm has shocked researchers and residents..

This is from Tuesday January 6 through January 7 2015.. So far.
I suspect more will be happening..

7:37 a.m. 2.3 magnitude
3:10 p.m. 3.5 magnitude
6:52 p.m. 3.6 magnitude
8:11 p.m. 2.9 magnitude
8:12 p.m. 2.7 magnitude
9:54 p.m. 1.7 magnitude
10:05 p.m. 2.4 magnitude
11:02 p.m. 1.6 magnitude
12:59 a.m. 3.1 magnitude

9 in 24 hours..

Make that 11 in 27!

New information breaking shows a steady continuation of the quakes around Dallas..

The latest two ..

8:34 a.m. Wednesday               2.6 magnitude

9:57 a.m. Wednesday               2.7 magnitud


ing wrong.

This is the now. There is no more future..
To hear the debates in Congress, the tired old foolish whims of old men, is beyond frustrating. The lackluster performance isn’t a verdict on the system–the amazing part of our founding fathers is that devised something that could withstand war and rage and the tests of time. But what needs changed are the minds and attitudes of the ruling class.

There is a great unveiling occurring across the internet world.

This week, I was reminded of the 1990s again.. Bill Clinton was able to get away with quite a bit and leave office with a nation loving his presidency.. The Seinfeld era, a decade about nothing, was a success for Clinton.. His sexual tribulations didn’t matter but instead led to a more erect President in front of the American people.. Things may change now though in this century.. Clinton finds himself embroiled in a strange and lurid scandal involving a pedophile named Jeffrey Epstein.. And now thanks to the internet (and the British press) we are finding out quite a bit more than we ever though possible about Bubba. And his 20+ phone numbers. We also know that the houseman for Epstein cleaned his sex toys and was constantly afraid he would disappear.  Matt Drudge was the lone wolf in the 1990s who cleared the way for the internet when he blazed a headline and siren on his page about Bill Clinton having sex with an intern in the White House. If it was sex, of course.. But these days, the DAILY BEAST is the one who is claiming other media sources dropped the ball on the Epstein scandal.. Vicky Ward wrote a piece titled “I tried to warn you about sleazy Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein in 2002.” Among her interesting words,
Upon hearing of my assignment, Epstein had invited me to an off-the-record tea at his Upper East Side house (during which I distinctly remember he rudely ate all the finger food himself) and then had his assistant call to tell me he’d thought I was pretty.

Even more
Separately, Hoffenberg’s daughter has gotten in touch—and it’s gotten me thinking. There are some injustices that maybe only time can right. And perhaps now is the time. Things happened then that simply shouldn’t have, and if I don’t talk about them, then probably no one will.

Ward’s piece for VANITY FAIR on Epstein was scrubbed of any references to women claiming abuse. That was 2002. Eons ago in Internet language.

The future is now. The scandals of yesterday have a renewed place in the Internet of today, and a new generation is constantly judging the old one. Children not of age in the 1990s may wonder why Bill Clinton got away with it.. children not of age in the 1980s recently became shocked at the fall of Bill Cosby from the national applause sign..

Everything that’s old is new.
Except our Congress..

There the same debates still occur as they did in the late 1980s.. Many people still be in a mindset that there’s a Cold War.. that we are far away from others .. instead we’ve never been closer. With our modern technology, we have never known more about everything and everywhere in the world.

We are educated. We are understanding. And we are not young and dumb..

Some may be able to stop a few websites. But not a billion. Not a trillion.

There’s information beyond our wildest dreams. And quite frankly, LOTS of it is true. Even the ‘tin foil’ types have facts to back up their often lengthy diatribes about our modern world and news of the day..

The economy is changing drastically.. pop culture is evolving every 12 hours.. the weather is more fierce and the demographics of America are rapidly evolving.

But John Boehner is the speaker of the House. And Nancy Pelosi kissed him.



UNEXPECTED Strong geomagnetic storm hits Earth »

The storm was being called ‘unexpected’ .. This is how SPACE WEATHER documented today’s event:
UNEXPECTED GEOMAGNETIC STORM: A strong G3-class geomagnetic storm erupted during the early hours of Jan. 7th, sparking bright auroras around Earth’s poles. What happened? The interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) near our planet tipped south, opening a crack in Earth’s magnetosphere. Solar wind poured in to fuel the strongest magnetic storm since Sept. 2014. NOAA analysts believe the fluctuation in IMF is related to the arrival of a CME originally expected to miss Earth. Browse the aurora gallery for pictures of the event. 

The geomagnetic storm is the strongest to hit Earth since September..

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Tuesday morning terrors.. from around the world and beyond

Just a sampling of the strange activities taking place around the planet as we speak..

A new plan in Britain seems extra creepy: Toddlers will be spied on to see if they exhibit any early signs of being terror sympathizers.. The government calls it the ‘duty’ of nursery teachers to spot terrorists in the making.. 

More intrigue as various sources begin to report Bill Clinton’s connection with Florida pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.. As previously reported, Epstein had over 20 numbers for the former President and, in the past, Clinton took a number of trips to the same private island that Prince Andrew did–the same place where underage girls were reportedly held and given to men and powerful elite .. The SMOKING GUN website indicates that Clinton and Epstein traveled together even though police were investigating him at the time..

MORE: Prince Andrew accused of using underage sex slave..

Flashback Rand Paul: Bill Clinton is a sexual predator..

EXPLOSIONS IN PENNSYLVANIA.. these weird blasts have been taking place near Lancaster, PA// Residents have been both hearing and feeling explosions under their feet but law enforcement haven’t the clue as to what they could be..

Doctors have euthanized over 650 babies  as part of assisted suicide law in the Netherlands..  People who argued that those with only terminal illnesses would face such a consequence are now being rattled by these numbers.. some are raising eyebrows and suspecting that babies with disabilities are facing the brunt of these deaths.. More coverage of this in the British press with the UK DAILY MAIL writing, bluntly, that parents who don’t want their children are killing them in Holland.. This is the very ‘slippery slope’ that many progressives said would not happen…

Now police want to be included in federal hate crimes law..

Welcome to the future of sex without partners: A vibrator that can sync to your iPhone..

WASHINGTON POST reporting a very blunt fact: In ten years, your job will not exist..

Courtesy: Arizona Department of Transportation Facebook page
Cameras caught something bizarre along a highway in Arizona.. 
 Some say an animal, others say bigfoot.. I saw people who knew a camera was there and wanted to cause a stir. And then they did–if it was people. The story has gone worldwide today..

Monday, January 5, 2015

Just as predicted ..

The HORROR REPORT said months ago that the WOMAN IN BLACK 2 would be a surprise hit in January--January is an exceptionally good time to release PG-13 horror movies..

And without fail, we were right on the prediction..

The WOMAN IN BLACK 2 did not have enough scare to surpass THE HOBBIT, which is continuing to get incredibly high numbers in the box office both domestic and international, but it did defy the odds and surpass its own estimates. It grossed an estimated $15mil or more, beating the distributor's prediction of a $9 mil weekend--strongest nights were Friday and Saturday, undoubtedly date night crowds chomping for horror after the Christmas and New Years holidays wrapped up..

But according to estimates and indications, WOMAN IN BLACK 2 played very good with female and younger crowds as opposed to a male-centric audience.

This is what HORROR and other genres are going to have to play to now..  Horror's broader appeal to women is going to change the face and shape of horror movies.. The gore may buckle under the pressure of deeper scares--the movie BABADOOK is a clear example of a movie playing to the deep fears within women..

It's not just a man's world anymore.


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Late Sunday update

Britain's Prince Andrew speaks at the 10th anniversary of Harrow International School Beijing, October 24, 2014. REUTERS/China Daily/Files
A Royal Scandal of epic proportions broke over night across the planet.. News circulated that Prince Andrew may have been secretly filmed having sex with an underage girl! The story revolves around the elite’s friend Jeffrey Epstein.. British media is also pointing out that Bill Clinton had a relationship with Epstein that included travels to his private island.. Along with Clinton: Highpriced celebrities from Hollywood, politics, science, and entertainment.. Another name, besides Prince Andrew, named in the lawsuit: Alan Dershowitz.

INDEPENDENT: Prince Andrew regret his friendship now..
Andrew steps up denials in sex slave case..

And the past is haunting in the UK, too: The UK TELEGRAPH is reporting that Margaret Thatcher’s confidant former conservative minister Sir Peter Morrison lured a 14-year-old into a guesthouse and abused him.. The police covered up the crime after..

Kim looks like a teddy bear, really, among the children of the orphanage.
Cuddly Kim Jong Un plays with children..

Two earthquakes hit Los Angeles within 20 minutes of each other..

Pope Francis names 15 new Cardinals–none from the United States..

Happy new fears: A complete list of the 12 disasters that could end the world!

The biggest threat to humanity: THE INTERNET!?

Monsanto’s earnings may nosedive, could drop by 50%.. 

Polar vortex (or winter?) set to return next week..
Brutal cold and clippers..

KFOR reporting: New proposal in Oklahoma City may make it a $500 fine to simply wear a hoodie..

Reviews continue to give high praise to BLACK MIRROR.. I recently began viewing this now somewhat old British series.. So far interesting results. Perhaps when I have the chance to finally finish the full episode listing I will write up a review..

Good advice from the mouths of bosses: How to stay cool under pressure..

A Sunday Morning Sidewalk in '15

A 4.9 quake struck Idaho today.. no major damage, but rattled nerves.. also it caused rock slides that blocked several roads..

Alarm sounds on sugar: New effort underway to bring attention to chronic disease connection with over consumption of sugar..

Madonna edits images of civil rights icons and posts them on twitter..
  now she is busy defending herself (And enjoying the public attention) ..

Happy new fear: Scores of giant asteroids to begin buzzing by earth in February..  This story has been around for some times–and vast conspiracy sites have warned over the earth destruction coming .. but there is real science to this, and it’s endlessly important that we monitor the stars and space to ensure if the pink stars begin falling we know about it prior..

Coronal holes are regions of the corona where the magnetic field reaches out into space rather than looping back down onto the surface - and eject solar winds far faster than other parts of the sun.
Speaking of space..
NASA reveals a mystery on the sun.. coronal hole on the solar surface where winds reach 500 miles PER SECOND..

MORE from the sun: Only a few days ago, sunspot AR2253 did not exist. Now the fast-growing active region is wider than the planet Jupiter…On the latest NASA information, the sunspot seemingly is growing in size still.

If you are lucky enough not to be getting hit with a winter storm today: The annual Quadrantid meteor shower, caused by debris from shattered comet 2003 EH1, peaks on Sunday, January 4th…

What your Android knows about you: It can hear your conversations and it always knows where you are..

Pacific Coast sea bird dieoff is puzzling scientists.. They have been found dead in the hundreds along the Pacific coastline.. Mass die-offs of the small, white-bellied gray birds known as Cassin’s aucklets have been reported from British Columbia to San Luis Obispo, California..

66 grocery stores CLOSING in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia PA..

CIA admits to being behind UFO sightings of the 1950s and 60s..BUT!!!! It only means that HALF of the sightings are accounted to..  The truth is still out there.

Great video accounts for every day of a pregnancy.. 

BOKO HARAM now abducts 40 boys and young men ages 10 to 23..

The first weekend box office of 2015: HOBBIT number 1 again but WOMAN IN BLACK 2 a big surprise ..  I have written before that January is one of the best months for horror. So this showing does not surprise me at all–especially given that this sequel maintained a PG-13 rating, an important thing for the success of a horror movie in January.

New research claims that creative thinking actually creates dishonesty… My response? DON’T HUG ME I’M SCARED part 1.