Perhaps now we are seeing why ROTTEN TOMATOES didn't release JUSTICE LEAGUE ratings until opening day: The numbers are weak. Scoring below 40%..


Saturday, January 17, 2015


The bizarre ESP experiments conducted on aboriginal children without parental consent »

This Washington POST story penned by Abby Phillip is a must read.. The aboriginal children in Canada were subjected to so much misery and torture—kids as young as three being separated from their families and taken into a cruel life of bondage a wards of the state..

But the latest news we see here is a little more on the odd side.. Phillip reports,
A recently uncovered experiment reveals the depths of the access given to so-called researchers seeking to find evidence that aboriginal children, by dint of their race, had extrasensory perception, also known as ESP, or a “sixth sense.”

Fifty children at the Indian Residential School in Brandon, Manitoba, became the subjects of a series of tests that sought to establish a new measure for identifying ESP and also to find evidence of supernatural abilities of “primitive” people.

In the end, there does not appear to be any harm suffered by the children—except unless you consider that they happily and willing participated in them surveys because they’d get candy as a reward, candy for their starving stomachs..

But the study also offered nothing worthwhile—the results of the ESP was no better than just the chance guesses kids can make..

While this specific study took place in 1940, I think a bigger question is what else occurred that we do not know..

And lest we forget, these schools—run  by churches but funded by the government—had more than 150,000 total kids in throughout time and were closed in 1996.That’s in most of our lifetimes—1996 was not ancient history..

Phillip goes on to report,
“The mortality rates of these schools were vastly higher than the rest of Canada,” Mosby said. “This comes back to the dehumanizing elements of residential schools in Canada. The entire purpose of them was to destroy indigenous ways of life.”

Linklater, who unearthed the study, forwarded it to Mosby because the researcher had previously examined other experiments conducted on aboriginal children during that time period.

“There’s no parental consent, there’s no research studies that would have been ethical by our standards today, and these kids were exploited,” Linklater told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. “I don’t mean to say this to inspire white guilt, I’m using this as a tool for change.”

In 2008, Canada said sorry..
As rightfully so.

I think as time goes on and those who suffered—children of course, as always—we will learn even more about the tests far worse than this ESP bizarreity.  Much darker things most likely occurred..

PLANET X after all?

Conspiracy theories have raged ever since the early 80s when newspaper accounts said that a planet X celestial body exists somewhere beyond Earth.. In more recent times, NASA has feverishly worked to downplay any such entity.

Tonight, though, researchers are giving new life to the age old rumors.. Planet X may exist, and as NBC news reports, Planet Y may as well..

This from NBC:

At least two planets larger than Earth likely lurk in the dark depths of space far beyond Pluto, just waiting to be discovered, a new analysis of the orbits of “extreme trans-Neptunian objects” (ETNOs) suggests.

Researchers studied 13 ETNOs — frigid bodies such as the dwarf planet Sedna that cruise around the sun at great distances in elliptical paths. [Meet Our Solar System’s Dwarf Planets]

It’s interesting to note that just under one year ago, NASA announced lots of new planets–but they made sure to say there was no Planet X in the mix..

The newest news of a potential massive planet beyond Pluto is a game changer–or at least a potential if it should prove to be true..

If the Craton is moving, is the sky falling?

Connecticut officials coordinate earthquake preparation »

The situation is confusing and challenging—a place that has not shaken in centuries is constantly now moving..

Of course nothing large enough to be earth shattering or teeth chattering has happened at this point, officials must be anxious.. Residents who have homes not built to withstand large shakes must be equally upset about the daily earthquakes that are occurring.

Safe places are now being thought up.. disaster plans.. family meet up points, and ways to get in touch with loved ones should something bigger even occur.

Scientists are still attempting to state exactly why is happening and why.. It has been challenging . The New York TIMES reports it this way :

Connecticut sat in the middle of this massive body of land. Then, about 200 million years after Pangea was formed, it began pulling apart. As the world began to take the shape, tectonic plates were colliding and breaking apart with tremendous force, creating huge faults. One of those faults — extending from near New Haven north to Keene, N.H. — helped create the Connecticut Valley. Although that fault has been inactive for 140 million years, residual stresses still exist and can set off earthquakes.

Since 1980, there have been swarms of several hundreds of earthquakes in and around Moodus, and scientists believe the Indian name was the result of the small tremors that would shake the lands.

But those quakes were mostly only detectable by machines. Not so the most recent swarm.

Dino Chrisovechotis said that he lived through earthquakes as a child in Greece but that his neighbors could use some basic information.

“Nobody here knows anything about earthquakes,” said Mr. Chrisovechotis, standing in Gus’s Pub & Pizzarama in Plainfield, the restaurant of which he is a co-owner. “It’s crazy.”

Just yesterday, a larger earthquake struck on the NE edge of the craton in Canada..

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

THE ABCS of being fired

Read all about it: News from Columbus Ohio..a substitute teacher is up on felonycharges for showing the horror movie THE ABCS OF DEATH to her class!

The COLUMBUS DISPATCH has the full story on Sheila Kearns..

kearns-sheilaThe defense attorney for Kearns argued that she had her back to the screen for the film and did not see the graphic sex or murder scenes.. Of course when you learn that she showed the film five times in one day, and knowingly tried fast forwarding it when a principal walked in (only to pause it on a breast scene) you have to wonder if she really had her back to the screen so much so that she didn’t know the type of film she was providing to the young adults…

The JURY in the case is going to be made to watch THE ABCS OF DEATH–anyone who has been aware of this film knows what the jury is going to see..

I have written about the ABCs before.. It’s not my type of horror flick to watch for fun..  I have some major problems with those who count it as entertainment, but it’s certainly their right to do so. Even more, since this is America, perhaps being fired may be the best result in this case.. even being kicked off the rosters in the entire state may be fine, too. But criminal charges?

Prison time?

All for a horror movie that, chances are, was already seen by half of the kids in the high school class rooms where it was being shown? I think that goes well beyond too far..

But even horror movie fans seem divided on whether her punishment equals her crime..

Read the comments section on this BLOODY DISGUSTING article to get a full flavor of the sentiment among people who love horror but are still divided on whether she should do prison time..

SHAKING. RATTLING. ROLLING. Linda Moulton Howe is thankfully on the case of why the entire country seems to be booming and shaking

More shaking being reported in Rhode Island.. And Connecticut gets its 9TH EARTHQUAKE in just days.. It still feels to me like an inactive fault line has come alive to provide a new generation lots of shaking in a place not equipped to handle it. If a number of fault lines along the East Coast spring to life, buildings have not been made to withstand constant trembles..

Monday, January 12, 2015

Why do we talk?

My nearly 4-year-old has an amazing way of staying away, whether it is by asking for endless bed stories or asking for drinks of water, there's always a creative flow when the lights go off..

Last night, his attempts to stay away were a bit different. He asked logical questions that, I can tell, were really on his mind.. He wondered to me, "why do I talk?" And then "how do I talk?"   I tried to explain in a somewhat scientific approach--looking at the clock and realizing that it's long overdue for sleep to take hold of him, I shortened things up a bit and said "God made you be able to talk."   Then he asked, "but where is God?"  Of course, 'heaven'.. And then "But where's heaven, I can't see it?"

I just said "up there" and sternly said it's bedtime..

As I sat there watching him journey into twilight and dreamland, these questions became my fated destiny that would keep me awake long past my bedtime as well..

Sure, why do we talk? The five senses.. all of those easy scientific methods can explain away the normal intricacies of the human body. So we know how we talk.. evolution.. sounds we make as infants and the learned behavior of voice and recognition of words.. It makes sense ..

Or does it.

Why do we talk?

The first thing I thought of was a horror movie I saw last year called PONTYPOOL. The premise of that film was a radio show host who was narrating a crazy development; Zombies. And those zombies were being created by people who lost their ability to understand words--saying the words so many times the words lost meaning...

Ever do that?
Ever something so much that it begins to not make any sense anymore?

But why does it make sense to begin with?

We talk, in a way I suppose, because we need to communicate.  We need to share and tell others our fears, thoughts, suggestions, and hints.  Early man needed to alert fellow community dwellers of the threats posed by animals, cliffs, or rocks along the path to the stream where fresh drinking water would be found.. And then if someone died from eating the plant that looked good but was poison, we needed to tell others. I just still can't understand why someone would have eaten an onion, unless it was on a dare.

So communication and sharing information is the prime reason for talking, right?

But that still, for me, does not answer the question my toddler son posed to me before sleeping: Why, in fact, are we beings who talk?

I have two autistic children in my family--so many people can say the same thing these days, can't they? In their world, talking is not nearly as important as it is for others.. As a matter of fact, they are both over a decade in age and their vocabulary is not nearly on par with others' abilities. But they have their own skills that no others can have--they perceive. They are able to move beyond the tactile and break out of their limits.. They are further along the autism scale than others, so I don't know how good or furthered their speech will get in life. But for now, they are smart as can be, sharp as nails, and able to express themselves in a far deeper way than children who talk.  The one thing I am amazed with more than anything: For their age, and inability to use words like others, they don't lie. They can't lie. They show their emotions immediately and wear them like proud banners on their sleeves. Happiness, anger, sadness, or fear.. For children who can talk fine and talk a lot, lies many times flow from their lips like hot lava from volcanoes..

But still, none of this answers the question: "Why do we talk?"

Others have asked this question as well. Since the moment prior to sleep last night,. I have been Googling and even BINGING all I could concerning the question.. I found out that Noam Chompsky believes it to be an innate human trait: Talking..  Lots of people also wonder why we talk in our sleep.. Also there are reasons we talk, the scientific explanations as to how our vocal cords evolved through time to allow the better movement of air and noise.. A 2010 NPR article explains,
"Speech, by the way, is the most complex motor activity that any person acquires — except [for] maybe violinists or acrobats. It takes about 10 years for children to get to the adult levels," says Dr. Philip Lieberman, a professor of cognitive and linguistic science at Brown University who has studied the evolution of speech for more than five decades.

Lieberman says that, looking back at human evolution, it's evident that after humans diverged from an early ape ancestor, the shape of the vocal tract changed. Over 100,000 years ago, the human mouth started getting smaller and protruding less. We developed a more flexible tongue that could be controlled more precisely, and a longer neck.

The reason the neck started getting longer, Lieberman says, is that the tongue moved down, pulling the larynx lower, requiring more room for it all in the neck. "The first time we see human skulls — fossils — that have everything in place is about 50,000 years ago where the neck is long enough, the mouth is short enough, that they could have had a vocal tract like us," he says.

That's fine and understandable.
But why...?

Isn't it amazing that children learn how to talk so early in life? How they pick up on the words being used around them and somehow figure out the meanings of those words?  Yet there's so little achieved in the scientific world that explains the real reasons this occurs.. This video portrays a unique experiment.. the Speech Home project.. It was a dad who performed a language observation experiment, with every second of the man's son's life from the moment of birth to three years old to showcase how language happens..

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75XxjJYuV7I?list=PLB20439E638039F36]

The video shows something also interesting.. as the boy learned words, the parents dumbed down their own speech.. using simpler words. As the child learned more, the parents began to increase their vocabulary again, thus introducing the child to newer forms of words and phrases. And all of this happened naturally without purposely intent. It was innate.. and Chomsky said.

5000 words by the time a child is 5..
Think about that?

We know how we talk. We are beginning to understand why we talk..

But I still don't know how to explain that to a child.. because in the end, even I cannot comprehend the magnitude of the incredible human trait: Speech.

A year of what?

The HORROR REPORT, in boredom, asked a question days ago on this website: What will 2015 be? The choices in the polls were 1) change  2) horror, 3) old century murderous dictatorial rampages, 4) amazing technological advancements..

Of course some may argue those choices are a little limiting, they were quite frankly just put together in a last minute poll making list.

The opinions, however, were amazing. Among the emails and messages the HORROR REPORT received, the best are listed here:
"Actually probably all.
We just better hope we survive the next two years.."

I am with you on that.. Sometimes I just hope we survive the next two months..
Can we have a year WITOUT politics?

I agree with that sentiment.. I wish more of us would.
One bit of positive thought was given with this line, 

2015 will show better than 2014 economically and national standards of living.

That is something we can all hope for.. but what we probably don't hope for is the next thought:
More hurricanes, forest fires, lootings and burnings, earthquakes, fracking, government shutdowns, presidental maneuvering, young white girls set on fire, crappy movies, crappy music, new gadgets to replace your new gadgets, and about 10 celebrity marriages nobody really gives a sh*t about.

That short sarcastic line does sum up what the media fed us for the past 13 months..

And perhaps the best of all:
Change. Horror. Amazing technological advancements. Old century murders. Dictatorial rampages. Blah, blah, blah.

Blah blah blah indeed..

The winner, by the way, was 'change.'


Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Sunday morning sidewalk

Hot coffee.. a cold morning.
And a Sunday morning sidewalk filled with news, events, and the turbulence of humanity.. All FTPed and posted for your enjoyment in the comfort of your misery.. Welcome to Sunday. The day of the sun.

Some food for thought.. why does it seem like fracking related earthquakes are so out of control right now? Dutchsince has an answer..

Hayat Boumeddiene and  Amedy Coulibaly
One of the gunmen who shot up the CHARLIE HEBDO building is released, after death, in an online video proclaiming allegiance to the Islamic State..

Attack on German newspaper that published CHARLIE HEBDO cartoons..

Latest:  France terror suspect Hayat Boumeddiene ‘in Syria’

Big crowd--and lots of security--expected in Paris for 'day of unity'..

Ron Paul declares: We live in a police state.

Senior citizens flock to Facebook!

The Pope lets out the nipples!! Francis allows breastfeeding to take place in Sistine Chapel..

NASA releases posters depicting earth-like worlds..

MORON PARENTS arrested after posting Facebook video of their TODDLER putting a gun in his mouth!

Kevin Hart, right, films Melissa McCarthy as she accepts the award for favorite comedic movie actress at the People's Choice Awards at the Nokia Theatre on Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2015, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)
Rumors: Melissa McCarthy close to signing on to GHOSTBUSTERS 3..

A listing of the major movies in 2015 to look forward to.. Among those titles, blasts from the past like STAR WARS and JURASSIC PARK..MAD MAX and TERMINATOR.. It may be a big year for cinema.. And some other films I am looking forward to: M Night Shyamalan's THE VISIT, the POLTERGEIST remake, and Stephen King's CELL movie..AINT IT COOL has the epic list of the other amazing movies being released in '15..

Some horror movies almost had different names. It would have been interesting to see how well they would have fared at box offices or in later video shelf life if they would not have been released with the titles we have so affectionately come to know them as..