Thursday, January 22, 2015


There are some very strange currencies in the world.. the Pope may be debating whether dogs go to heaven and what limits on the freedom of speech should exist when discussing religion, but there is something far more supernatural potentially happening..

I read a report in the CATHOLIC WORLD REPORT concerning whether a “future pope may be forced to flee Rome” ..

The story was written by William Kirkpatrick and discusses the arc of history–and the idea that we are being drawn back to a time when darker forces ruled half of the civilized world..

The perspective is obvious.. the source is a Catholic paper, so don’t expect anything to deviate from doctrine.. But Kirkpatrick wrote one thing that caused me pause:
“If Rome ever falls to Islam, the pope—whoever he may be at that time—may choose to remain in Rome and suffer the almost certain martyrdom that would follow. That is up to him and the Holy Spirit. However, in light of the escalating Islamization of Europe, it would seem prudent for Vatican officials to draw up some contingency plans.”    

There is one thing that chilled me with that statement..

St. Malachy, for those keeping score, may be predicting that Bergoglio, Francis, is the final pontiff.. Malachy prophetically said:
 “In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign Peter the Roman, who will feed his flock amid many tribulations, after which the seven-hilled city will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people. The End..”  

And another: PIUS X fell into a bit of a trance in 1909.. he said this:
What I have seen was terrible… Will it be myself? Will it be my successor? What is certain is that the Pope will quit Rome, and in fleeing from the Vatican he will have to walk over the dead bodies of his priests. Do not tell anyone while I amalive.”

  This is why seeing articles about a Pope fleeing Rome is a bit chilling when considering the tidal wave of prophecy portending a final Pope among us..

Pope Francis is greeted during a meeting with Filipino families in Manila

Do rabbits breed like Catholics in heaven?

Paradise.. a place for all of God’s creatures? If that’s the case, what about dogs and cats as well?

The Pope has been saying some interesting things lately–like Catholics should not breed like rabbits and there should be limits to the freedom of speech and criticism of religion.. but something deeper is in question: In December he alluded to the notion that all of God’s creatures go to heaven.. the NEW YORK TIMES ran a good article by Mark Oppenheimer regarding the potential newfound animal love in the Vatican..

It is a longstanding theological question–one with no scientific answer since, quite frankly, there’s no proof of any afterlife or beforelife to begin with. But it certainly is interesting to contemplate.

The real question may not be whether Fido or Whiskers accompanies you on your journey into the afterlife, but if rabbits breed like Catholics in heaven..?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Just some news..

FILE PHOTO: Smoke is seen after an underwater volcano erupted in Hunga Ha'apai, Tonga March 18, 2009.(Reuters / Matangi Tonga)
The planet is amazing.. the planet is scary. This is the scene in the Pacific in Tonga… a volcano has been erupting for about a month.. And suddenly a new island has appeared. Tonga now has 177 islands. Update your maps accordingly..

Rising temperatures are causing Greenland meltwater lakes to drain at dramatic rate..
Scientists say that Greenland’s lakes are vanishing..

Dateline Yemen: Yemen’s president Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi has expressed readiness to accept demands for constitutional change and powersharing with Houthi rebels who took up positions outside his home after defeating his guards in two days of battle. This could start getting very dicey very quickly.. Even more, it was announced today that Boehner bringing BIBI to the House to address Congress. Obama said he didn’t know.. a surprise for The Commander in Chief after a raucous State of the Union..

Yemen’s sudden state of crisis poses a problem for the United States..

SAMSUNG has been in the hot seat over just how invasive their smart TVs are.. Now people are wondering just what the creepy friend in our living room is doing with our images and private conversations..

An amazing and breathtaking LARGE image of the universe released by NASA.. the biggest photos I have seen yet.

What do avoid during sex: The woman on top.. Scientists now say that it is the most dangerous sexual position known to humans, leading to the majority of penile fractures in men..

Disneyland employees now coming down with Measles..

Apparently, don’t VAPE em even if you got em.. New lab tests imply that e-cigs are more dangerous than their dangerous counterpart.. From the information being provided on the study, they are FILLED with cancer causing chemicals. Like a lot.. like more than real cigarettes..

Make sure when you read this, you’re standing.. A new study suggests something we have long suspected: Sitting can kill. And it’s deadly EVEN IF YOU EXERCISE.. Maybe it’s time to redesign classrooms and offices. Donald Rumsfeld may have given us killer chemicals but he sure knows how to live long: Stand while working. It may be time for lots of other people to consider changing their lifestyles to live longer to have one..

George Lucas
George Lucas sounds off: Disney didn’t use any of his ideas in new STAR WARS movie..
  But while some fans may seen this as a shot at Lucas, let’s get real.. the ‘newest’ STAR WARS movies were basically a triplet of trash, some of the worst films I have ever seen. Especially the PHANTOM MENACE.. should we really ponder why Disney didn’t use the ideas? Sure, a young George Lucas gave us Darth Vader. But the modern Lucas gave us Jar Jar Binks.. I think a new direction was quite appropriate when considering that..

A great question posed on HUFFINGTON POST: Do atheist movie goers get scared during supernatural horror movies? The answer provided by Robert Frost (not the poet): “So, atheists can certainly get a thrill from supernatural movies, but they do miss out on the scariness being prolonged after the theater lights come back on. That’s a thrill reserved to those that can believe in the possibility of ghosts and demons.”

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Days ago we wrote about Sheila Kearns, the teacher on trial for showing a horror movie to her students..

This story has developed in full.. a decision was made by  a Franklin County Ohio jury.. they have convicted her of FOUR FELONIES and she will now face substantial prison time..
All for showing 14-18 year olds (who probably always saw it!) the cult horror film THE ABCS OF DEATH..

John Futty of the COLUMBUS DISPATCH reports it for the official record in a story filed for the paper.. Futty writes,

But the jurors were certain that she committed a crime by showing it to four more classes that same day.

The jury convicted Sheila Kearns yesterday of four counts of disseminating matter harmful to juveniles and acquitted her of one count.

Common Pleas Judge Charles Schneider scheduled sentencing for March 4. The maximum penalty for each felony count is one year in prison and a $2,500 fine, but probation is the presumed penalty for the low-level felony.

A crime..
Think about this one more time..
A CRIME for showing a horror movie to students. Again, students who most likely already streamed the film a number of times on NETFLIX without parental guides stopping them or knowing of it..

Futty writes more,
Kearns spoke just three words outside the courtroom when asked for a reaction to the verdict.

“God is good,” she said.

Her attorney, Geoffrey Oglesby, said she will appeal.

Kearns, 58, of Miller Avenue on the South Side, had told investigators that she didn’t watch the movie in advance or while showing it during five Spanish classes at the high school on April 11, 2013.

But one student testified during Kearns’ trial that the teacher did watch portions of the movie. The student, who was 17 at the time, called the movie “disturbing” and said students “were going crazy” while watching it.

“Going crazy.” Most of us reading this have been in high school or still are. It’s not difficult to get a pack of hormone-laden teenagers to ‘go crazy’… it happens with merely anything during a long and boring day of supposed learning and education.

While I would agree that by the 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th time she saw the scenes she was showing to the classes, she would have realized by that point just what kind of a movie it was..

But as I wrote previously on this matter, I am alarmed that this is considered a crime and not just a disciplinary issue. First off.. the movie has been released, and has it has been watched countless times by all age groups on Netflix.. There are websites, Tumblrs, and Facebook pages dedicated to talking about it–many times children perhaps too young are doing it. I would be surprised if most of the children that day in school weren’t watching the movie for their second time or more..

Futty wrote this as well,
Tim League, one of the producers of The ABCs of Death, talked about the movie last night from his home in Austin, Texas. He said that when he first heard about the trial, he thought it was a “joke story” because he couldn’t believe the movie would be shown to a high-school class.

“I agree with the prevailing sentiment that this is absolutely inappropriate for a substitute teacher to show anyone under the age of 17,” League said. “It’s not a movie for children.”

A joke it is not.
A teacher has lost her freedom.. will face jail time and substantially high fines.
But she will appeal.

The ABCs of getting fired.
And the ABCs of making something ‘off limits’ even more pervasive.. the kids who didn’t get the chance to ‘go crazy’ that day by watching the film have undoubtedly seen it be now..


A German reporter is making global waves with reports of information that mass genocide is being planned by the group..

The reporter’s name is Jurgen Todenhofer.. Al Jazeera interviewed him about his experiences doing embed reporting with ISIS..

Among the points that amazed me: How it all began. Todenhofer wrote to all of the Jihadists that he could find on Facebook..eventually his social networking prowling worked. He told Al Jazeera during the interview that he got a response from someone who told him that someone from the ‘media department’ of ISIL would be in touch with him.. Todenhofer said, “Maybe this was their way to open a door to the West, or to show that they took the first step, because killing journalists is not a very intelligent strategy.”

Todenhofer was made aware that they knew he had met with Syria’s Assad.. they even said they were not concerned with his opinions, but wanted to showcase their story to the West..

Todenhofer said,
Everything was uncomfortable. Sometimes there was no food or water, like on the last day when we had nothing to eat. It was very simple because they chose houses where nobody thinks they are or may be. They have to hide because there are American bombs out there.

One of the most difficult situations was in Mosul when a drone identified some who were with us, and the bomb came down. 

The thorny issues of meeting and greeting ISIS only grew from that point..
A few days before we were to cross, there was some shooting and at the end, close to the border, you have to run about 1,000m to cross the border with all your bags and equipment in order to get to safety. Running 1,000m is very far when you’re running for your life and there are gun towers with armed men inside.

And more:
These were very difficult discussions, especially when they were talking about the number of people who they are willing to kill. They were talking about hundreds of millions. They were enthusiastic about it, and I just cannot understand that

And that may be the highlight for the West–and world–to see.
The perplexing thoughts of wondering why a group of human beings wanted to murder hundreds of millions of other human beings–so long after the 20th century of brutality is over, and we are still talking about the same types of issues. Mass rapings.. mass killings.. mass beheadings.. mass murders..

Todenhofer offered food for thought during his Al Jazeera interview.. when probed about what information he could pass on to the rest of the world after his encounter with ISIS, he responded with a chilling series of thoughts:
I had three strong impressions of ISIL. The first one was that ISIL is much stronger than we think. They have conquered an area which is bigger than Great Britain. Every day, hundreds of new enthusiastic fighters are arriving. There is an incredible enthusiasm that I have never seen in any other war zones that I have been to.

Secondly, the brutality of their intended religious cleansing is on another level. And thirdly, I think the strategy of the western countries regarding the Muslim world is completely wrong. With our bombardment, we have never been successful. We have not been successful in Afghanistan; we have not been successful in Iraq. The bombardments are a terror-breeding program. We had much fewer terrorists before 2001 and these bombardments, which killed hundreds of thousands of people have created terrorists and increased terrorism.

He is correct. The amount of territory that the group has conquered is large, even after President Obama had tried to downplay their early successes, achievements obviously from ISIS could not by undone by the bombardment of air strikes led by the United States. ISIS has set up a governmental system.. they run roadways and sewer systems. As mentioned early, they have a media department.. They are beginning to phase in their brand of Sharia law in each and ever crevice of the Middle East they take over..

And with that takeover comes global implications.. With each and every airstrike from the West, another potential band of terrorists is created.

The 9/11 generation has matured. They are now ages 18 through 25 and they are joining ISIS–sometimes, perhaps, for their own safety..

The world is changing by the moment–and hundreds of fighters are adding to that change, joining with ISIS for a new rebellion against the West. If they win, it will be filled with the bodies of lifeless corpses along the way, millions of them..

And with their race to hundreds of millions of deaths, they are also busy using technology to their highest caliber..  The UK INDEPENDENT is among the media outlets reporting this today: ISIS is going to launch its own 24 hours news network.. Author Adam Withnall writes,

The Isis militant group is reportedly launching its own online TV channel, featuring a series from the British hostage John Cantlie and a weekly programme called “Time to Recruit”.

Social media accounts linked to the group have begun sharing a so-called “teaser” video, which claimed the channel would broadcast 24 hours a day and be named “The Islamic Caliphate Broadcast”.

There are photographs being seen as well on Ben Swann’s website .. those photos show the brutal nature of the law being imposed by ISIS. One image taken for the record of time: An accused homosexual man being thrown to his death from a tall balcony. He is blindfolded and alive. Before death, he is falling towards a ground already littered with corpses. A large group of people seem to be gathered to watch the murder take place.

Image from VICE.

This is the world we now live in.

The mad hat man's hatting

Last night, paranormal author Heidi Hollis appeared as a guest on Coast to Coast AM, hosted by George Knapp.

Hollis has written a number of books concerning shadow people and other supposed paranormal entities, but lately it seems her attention has been focused on the ‘Hat Man,’ a rumored supernatural being known for his hat and often times dark red eyes starting at people through windows..

Hollis used her guest appearance to relate a number of stories she has acquired from people about the hat man, often littering her stories with giggles and a light hearted spirit.. but she does not want her laughter to be mistaken for disrespect of the creature who pervades the night, according to eyewitness accounts.

Hollis says that the ‘hat man’ is showing up throughout the world–according to Hollis, she even had a letter about the hat man dating back far in history ..

According to Hollis, people who sense a presence of the hat man also have an overwhelming feeling of dread during their encounters..

This website wrote about the ‘hat man’ previously.  My own family member has told me about a series of encounters with a strange man with a hat in the back seat of her car. It happens when she is alone, and the entity seems to look at her with a knowing stare. I have no reason to think my family member is a loon or crazed, and there’s no reason to assume that the story is untrue..

On another occasion several years ago, another family member was watching my son while I was at work. During her time, she said she saw a ‘hat man’ type being in a mirror looking back out at her.. She said he vanished once she took a longer look at him.. she is a professional person, and again there is no reason to discount her story..

A few years ago, I detailed a co-worker’s story about a creature her daughter saw outside of her bedroom window, what appeared to be a hag-like woman quietly tapping and whispering “1, 2, 3.” I called it the 1-2-3 Lady at that time.. I am beginning to wonder if this could also have been a hat man story, perhaps a 5-year-old’s perception of it as a woman was simply incorrect..

I received a comment on Facebook from a reader concerning the hat man and last night’s COAST TO COAST AM:
I thought the show was good, but it gave me the creeps at times – only because I have seen the “Hat Man” myself. Even though it was a few years ago, I still can’t talk about it without getting spooked. In fact, my daughter and I saw him at the same time. It’s one of those things you just don’t forget. 

There are a number of people of reputable position in life, complete sanity of the mind, and critical and doubtful of paranormal encounters.. And what convinces me, more than anything, is when those people are the ones who come forward to speak of the ‘hat man,’ or the black eyed children and the men in black. It has become a cliched statement, but I will regurgitate it nonetheless: The paranormal is fake and fraudulent.. until it happens to you. When an explained moment takes place, or premonition comes true.. or dream becomes real.. or Hat Man appears in your rearview mirror.. that is the moment when the paranormal becomes real. And that may be the scariest thing in life..

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The mad Hat Man

The family member of mine, someone who I will remain nameless, told me of a story that has been happening..

Over the past several months as she was driving her car alone, a man appeared in her rear view mirror.. she said each time the man was in the passenger seat, when she looked closer and took more than a passing glance, he vanished from sight..

She tells me she has become used to it, that she is aware of him and he seemingly is aware of her.. She even tries to pretend she does not see him only to attempt to keep the entire thing lasting longer.. in a hope she will figure out just who the figure may be.

Of course, she feels this foray to the netherworld was a bit alarming.

The interesting thing she relayed to me, and the part that she couldn’t truly understand was as follows: When she first glanced at the man, or figure, she said that she recalled have a 100% recognition of who he was. As a matter fact, she said she thought to herself “hey what are you doing here”.. When she looked away and then re-locked her eyes back on the empty space the entity sat in milliseconds earlier, she had absolutely no recollection as to who he was or how she may have known him for that short instance.

She knew that she knew him, but only for the brief fleeting moment in time, and the memory of whoever he was with quickly gone again .. as far as he was.

There are a number of different theories in the paranormal world as to why someone or something would appear in your backseat as you are driving. Some believe that there is a message a spirit guide is attempting to get to you, others foresee such an occasion as a harbinger of some dreaded doom coming your way. And the best time to reach you is when you are alone in the car with your attention being divided between workings of your vehicle and throw it around, it is claimed ..

That being said, at least for my family member who experienced this is our set of paranormal circumstances, she’s rather dismiss the entire incident from thought. She did the first time. And then the second time it became harder..

I believe wholeheartedly in what she told me, . For me, I was able to judge the truthfulness of her story from the emphatic nature in her voice s she relayed it.. Even more, and the part that scared her the most, she has lost her ability to logically think through why this person in the mirror was there and what is haunting presence means for her.

The reason I am even typing up these occurrences for the general NIGHT TERROR NEWS readership is because I saw that tonight’s COAST TO COAST AM–thankfully tonight hosted by George Knapp instead of Noory--will feature Heidi Hollis as a guest to discuss the ‘hat man’ and the strange paranormal theory that a supernatural being is peering into people’s homes, cribs, and cars.. could my family member be seeing the same being? Someone peering, in her case, into her soul?

Of course, for that to make any sense, you may have to suspend your logic for a bit..
But in talking to the person in my family, she has lost no logic but yet has found herself suddenly venturing down a path of paranormal oddity and high strangeness..

The perils paranoid fatherhood

My wife is in St. Maarten for the week—my son and dog are both stuck with me alone for the week.. The strict regiment of 9pm nbedtime failed last night already.. I envision the day care start times as being late each day too if the pattern, already set in motion, continues..

Without delving too deep into my personal issues here, this has been a rough bit for me .. Eight crazy nights’ worth of being the loner dad—that doesn’t sound right does it?—and knowing that, while I peer out of my dirty coal-covered windows at a lazy winter gray sky my wife will be suffering through sunny days with 80 degree temperatures..

Nonetheless, these are the plights and perils of only one parent going on a vacation while the other does not.

However, in my strange mindset, my wife set me the photo you see with this post of the view from her airplane wing as she flew south.. My first thought was how much it resembled the scene from the Shatner TWILIGHT ZONE.. Really..

images (1)

Maybe this is my other paranoia setting in—the fear of flying that was deeply ingrained in my non-traveling parents at an early age.

People of the coal region inflict that on others.. My wife, who was from Philadelphia, never had to worry about the sheltered mountain mentality of being fearful of change and discovering new things.. I suppose now 30+ years into that fear, it’s still so hard to overcome that I see visions of monsters on airplane wings..

My son has already announced that he listens to ‘mommy when she counts to three,’ but went on to remind me ‘but I am not going to listen to you when you do it!’ And then he belted out an evil laugh..

7 more days..
One week.
Either from parental hell or from angelic heaven.

Time will tell. As will moods—and God forbid some wretched snowstorm piles up this week, forcing us to maintain sanity in four walls.

While in St. Maarten? 85. Sunny. What else is new..