There were always tense moments for me growing up when it came to sports.. I did not have much of an interest in any, as a matter of fact, throughout my grade school life, I attempted to join on the bandwagon and nod my head in agreement with other children’s swift sports ramblings. Sure, I figured, why not agree with the crowd I was in.. no one would ever ask me.. So I pretended to know players’ names. I even delighted in their analysis of games, ferociously saying “yes” and “I know!” when I had my chance to say something else..

The problem was, I always get caught not knowing anything..
The major problem for my often came with the Superbowl.

I never really knew who was ever playing in the game.. I had so little interest, but as a child I couldn’t wait for the ‘IN LIVING COLOR’ halftime show and the FOX brief comedies that would be played while the ‘big game’ showed off the latest pop culture phenom on the field singing..

It was rough.
I recall at one point I decided to just like whatever team my brother, a sports aficionado, liked. And that worked out for me. He liked, and now I do, the BOSTON RED SOX and the CELTICS. And I love the history of both teams as well.. I grew to appreciate baseball and basketball, and soccer too. And I always loved professional wrestling so that goes without saying..

However…to this day I may be one of the few Americans who really can’t say I like football much.

I have a few friends who coach it and understand the game to be a great diversion. But they get diverted from life just the same. The latest ‘deflate gate’ was ridiculous in all ways, but yet American news stations and major journalist outlets found themselves discussing balls ad naseum for the last two weeks.

Since my childhood of confusion over football, I now at least know teams and some players. And  I came to understand that football seems to be the big game that is thrust on Americans to take their eyes away from the important stuff.. Men act like men in bar rooms and living rooms during football season, we are told. We are told…

With all of that said, I still can’t say I like football.
I dislike NFL executives..
I think a lot of games were fixed and fans would never want to believe that..
I think players have an ego the size of Manhattan island and a bank account the size of all of the people on Manhattan island put together..
I think players are taken advantage of and the NFL really does not care much at all about head injuries..
And I think, more than anything, the affinity one has to a ‘team’ can get disturbing..

When Philadelphia Eagles player Michael Vick was convicted of dog fighting abuses, there were lots of people who still wanted him to play on the team. . but on the flipside, when a player is traded, the ‘home’ team abuses and verbally accosts them as they come onto the field in another team’s uniforms. Again, the Eagles are mentionable on this front as they so often have been said to be the worst of the worst when it comes to fans..

Grown people scream and cheer over their teams.. when someone’s team makes the ‘big game,’ all of that person’s co workers knows the person will be happy that ‘their team’ has made it. Equally when the team loses, that person will shudder himself into a dark room and quite literally often cry.. I knew someone who did that, a day of mourning was often taken after a dramatic loss during a game.

It’s quite silly..
And a showcase of how we can easily fall prey and jump onto the bandwagon of sports. I think it’s fine to like a game, like a team, but when it comes to a religious-type feeling over someone wearing a certain color of uniform, well then perhaps it’s time to check yourself before you wreck yourself..

And here we are again, the same game and new teams. Kind of.  Reporters are following suite, giving endless amounts of their less-than-precious cable news time to football coverage. Already, there is controversy about a Go Daddy Superbowl commercial–what year wouldn’t be complete without that, right? Oh and Katy Perry? She said she will roar on the field with sharks and lions and that the ‘wild’ halftime show will make jaws drop.. Perhaps deflation will not occur while Perry is on stage, but at that point half drunken men’s faces truly may hang near the floor if Perry decides to wear a revealing outfit. And it’s Katy Perry, so what the hell am I saying.. she will wear a revealing outfit and it will creepily involve placing balls in an important place on her body..

That’s the show.
It’s on the way..
The big game,
Just one more day..
The buildup..
The excitement..
The eagerness..
The enlightenment?

NO .. no enlightenment. Just watch the TEE VEE..
Commercials galore,
And Perry’s TEE TEES..
Wear your team’s colors,
And wait for the kick,
The world is on fire,
But..who did you pick?


There has been some recent doubt as to whether ART BELL would return, but a message posted to Facebook tonight seems to make it official: Art Bell will face George Noory.. However, Bell will debut his program on the DARK MATTER RADIO NETWORK for free..

Bell wrote,
Hi all here is a update,

Here is the way I see things: Starting in late July Dark Matter makes a return five nights a Week
from 9PM-12AM P.T. on DMRN. The Stream will be at a higher bit rate and FREE to all.

As I mentioned a Producer is needed and it looks like we have found a really good one, Paul will
also be able to assist.

I will be depending on all of YOU as well as my FB followers to spread the word far and wide on
Social Media. A blitz if you will, BUT not yet, it's still too early, but I will give you all the word, we don't
need magazine's and we sure do not need AM radio to spread the word, Social media has far more
power, I have seen what YOU can do.

We will start building the Studio in March or so and as I have mentioned I will absorb the cost
myself. This will be a labor of love because I do dearly love Talk Radio. There will only be enough content
from anything else to give myself a short break every hour, or put another way, almost no commercials.

There are other very exciting aspects of what this show will have, but again it is simply too early to give
away what is coming. Trust me it is exciting.

Art Bell

There does not seem to be any bit of doubt in his words..
He showcases excitement and especially emphasized the free streaming aspect ...

A developing story--and one that still appears to be evolving..

An official word of this has also been placed on ARTBELL.COM ..

While Bell may want people to wait to blitz social media, his message tonight will not stay hidden for long.. Twitter, BELLGAB, and other sites---including this one--have already been busy broadcasting the development..

BLACK MIRROR to get a United States adaptation..

....and with that, the helium was just let out of my balloon..

I am not a big fan of UNITED STATES versions of amazingly great shows.. There is something so fresh and deeply inventive, disturbing, and scary about the BLACK MIRROR shows I have seen..

There actually not been enough of them in my opinion.. and quite frankly each one could be a must see three hour film, in my opinion..

Here is the news, as reported in major trade publications tonight: BLACK MIRROR faces a US adaptation..

Paul Harris writes this in a VARIETY report:
A U.S. rendition of “Black Mirror,” the British sci-fi series that has been a buzzy hit for Netflix, is in the works, the new leaders of Endemol Shine North America said Wednesday at the Real Screen confab.

The keynote session at the Washington Hilton marked the first major public appearance by Cris Abrego and Charlie Corwin since they were tapped co-CEOs and co-chairmen of Endemol Shine North America.

Corwin confirmed that “there is a plan” regarding a U.S. version of the “Twilight Zone”-esque series created by Charlie Brooker and produced by Annabel Jones for Endemol U.K. He declined to elaborate other than to say that Brooker and Jones “have really touched on something and I agree – we need more.”

There are other shows that may get some US versions.. You can find those more in that Harris report in VARIETY.. my focus was clearly and solely on BLACK MIRROR.

I have not done any official reviews of the programs for this website, but certainly should. There is something compelling and additive about each one of them, and when one program is over you're leave searching for more.. yearning for just another half hour, or longer..

BLACK MIRROR is heralded as the TWILIGHT ZONE of our age. I think that's accurate and I can't add more than the praise already showered by so many on this series..

I just don't trust any US version of it.. But certainly will give it a try to see how it holds up compared to the original series from Brit land..

In the mean time, NETFLIX if your best bet if you actually want to catch some episodes. Hold your nose for the first one, but be amazed by it as well.. and each one thereafter..



Vaccines and safety

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Cat claws out: George Lucas hits back at movie industry

Some say that George Lucas changed movies forever with his original STAR WARS films.
Others say that his incarnations in the early 2000s were some of the worst pieces of film crap every displayed on screen, besides Natalie Portman of course..

But George Lucas is hitting back, calling out his critics and even slamming people's pop cultural preferences..

Among the many quotables that you can find in the VARIETY article penned by Brent Lang, the HORROR REPORT picks its favorites:
 If you go into ‘Star Wars’ and see what’s going on there, there’s a lot more substance than circus


All art is technology. That’s the one thing that separates us from animals.


All of us in film school hated the establishment. It was the sixties.


Studio executives generally are not the most sophisticated people in the world…you do not want to be oppressed by people who are not as smart as you are and I’m dumb


But perhaps the one that will cut the deepest: Lucas scratches his head at pop culture:
I would never guess people would watch cats do stupid things all day long

George.. this one's for you:

giphy (1)

SHARP JAB: George Noory anti-Science? Art Bell thinks so

Art Bell, considering making a run at online broadcasting later this summer, launched a missile at his potential rival George Noory on Coast to Coast AM tonight on Facebook, further showing the bad blood that exists between the former and current host of the late night radio program.

Bell said this in a Facebook post,
I just got a Facebook message from a listener who was very concerned that George Noory is having Guest's on urging people not to get their children vaccinated! I am not a listener to Coast but if true it is beyond irresponsible

Bell continued,
I don't want to believe it's true but if so please look at the real science George, this is just plain dangerous.

The recent measles and flu scares have caused a vicious debate to surface in media and pop culture about the safety and importance of vaccines. Noory as host of Coast's newest incarnation has phased into a more government conspiracy program as opposed to paranormal version made famous by Bell. As a result, Noory has entertained numerous guests who have questioned the safety of vaccines and tied them to autism and other malfunctions of the brain. The most recent guest is the controversial Doctor Sherri Tenpenny. Tenpenny spoke to Noory concerning a burst of controversy about an anti-vaccination speech she had planned for Australia. Just today, it was announced that Tenpenny has canceled her land down under blunder..

But it's also not the first time the subject matter has been entertained on the program as proven by a search of past shows. While it is not clear which specific guest Bell may have been referring to, his point is clear: He is not in the camp that believes vaccines cause danger bad enough to refuse them. Without a doubt, Bell's would have also had have to been given many himself, traveling between the Philippines and the United States an untold number of times.

Readers of the HORROR REPORT will know, this is not the first war of words between Art Bell and George Noory--and will not be their last. Despite Noory's reference to Bell at the end of each one of his shows, Bell has repeatedly said he wants nothing to do with Premiere Radio Networks or Coast to Coast AM..  His brief stint on Sirius radio featured a number of verbal strikes on Coast. While the program did not last, his loyal fan base is still hoping for fourth of July fireworks with a return of Bell to Dark Matter Radio Network site created by Bell's longtime webmaster Keith Rowland. Recently, Bell dropped some hints that gave fans pause about a return, saying a big "IF" on the BELLGAB website on the ART BELL THREAD..

The comments on Facebook tonight were greeted mostly with agreements, however some naysayers on vaccines also spoke up to defend their position. The overarching theme however was disdain to what Bell fans perceive as Noory doing to Coast to Coast AM, changing and maligning the program's intent and now, if you agree with Bell's position, offering listeners very bad if not dangerous science.

Bell continued the dialogue in his Facebook post. At one point he address Noory's constant use of his name at the end of the nightly show, saying,
I have asked asked for a very long time that George NOT mention my name as I would rather not be connected to what Coast has become, thus far he has refused to stop for a reason I can not grasp.

Another commenter called Noory a slimeball. Bell responded to that,

Let's not call names, for me it is very simple, George Noory and myself have very different visions of what the show should be to the degree that I do not want my name associated with it. Obviously he will do what he thinks is right.

One comment was written by a woman believing that Bell was 'set up' in his Sirius program. Bell responded to that, as well:
Cindy, in fact I agree, however business is War and I lost that battle in part due to my own stupidity, a mistake I will not make twice.

One interesting aspect of tonight's thread is how much more involved Art Bell seemed to be in the conversation compared to posts past. Typically, Bell drops a line and it's liked and commented on by hundreds, but he is not heard from again. This go, however, seems to have peaked his interest. On one hand, Bell's love of science is evident. On the other, his dislike of any association with Coast is apparent.

As expected, there is reaction on BELLGAB that will most likely continue as the posting beat goes on. It's doubtful that Noory and company will issue or speak of any official response to Bell, but it will certainly be fascinating to see what type of attention vaccines get on future Coasts.


The darkness that comes with snow is colder than the winds that blow it

IMG_2480.JPGA view from my window tonight.. on a cold and snowy winter evening//


Our favorite Martian

If you believe that they put a man on Mars…

We have had squirrels and garbage cans, Obama’s face and more.. but now may be the biggest shocker for people staring closely at Mars rover images..

This picture seems to show a man repairing the probe on the red planet.. At least that is what some are wildly saying online..

Men on Mars?
Or a rover still on earth and faking out the entire population of the globe?

The picture was released by NASA—something strange to do if you would want to hide such an occurrence.

Shadows, Dear Watson, just shadows.
And really.. with the temperature, you really think EGON from GHOSTBUSTERS would survive without a helmet?

Slender is the fright

Before you begin to read this, yes I know: Slenderman was a meme created on a website thanks to a Creepypasta only a few years ago. I was  reminded of that today on Facebook, as well.

With that out of the way, let’s go straight to the news of the bizarre from the an area in the UK.. Cannock, Staffordshire is the location, you may recall, where a number of “black eyed children” were spotted in recent times.. Those paranormal entities supposedly knock on your window and door begging to let them in.. Of course, as the urban legend would have it, you’re damned should you do so..

In the newest news frenzy from the location, “Slenderman” is appearing to people–yes, that fictional character..

For days news, tabloid media outlets in the UK have reported on the Slenderman sightings in Cannock. Paranormal investigators may want to flock to the location again, purported by some to be one of the more haunted areas of the globe. If you believe in that sort of thing..

The UK version of the HUFFINGTON POST is publishing some first hand accounts from people claiming they have recently seen a tall figure roaming Cannock.  One report described the entity like this,
If I were to compare it to anything, I would say it looked like a stereotypical Victorian gentleman. Long black overcoat with a Homburg hat. Except, I know this was no flying human. I know that because it had blood red eyes that shone in the night sky. It also had a mouth full of teeth that seemed to look like razors

Another said this to the UK HUFFINGTON POST,
I saw a man floating over me. He was so close that I would have headbutted him if I moved an inch. I could see into his eyes. They were a fierce red colour that shook me to my very core. Although he didn’t speak, I knew what he was thinking. It was as though he was talking to me telepathically. He definitely wanted to hurt me, but there was something stopping him. It was almost like he was someone gaining power from scaring me though. Maybe something bad will happen when he gets strong enough? For what it’s worth, I’m not a nutcase, and I work for a local business of which you will be familiar. It just seemed the anger in his eyes grew stronger as I was feeling more scared

There are some things to note about this recent series of news articles streaming from the UK.,One important thing is this:  the tabloid UK MIRROR published what it portended to be a ‘photograph’ of the SLENDERMAN, which would make it the first in history.. You can see the photo here and discern appropriately: 

Christine Hamlett

I did, and I don’t think we are seeing anything except an trick of the eyes and oddity of a camera.. I know some may say this is proof of the tall slender man who roams Cannock, but I say the opposite. Quite frankly, the photo shows nothing..

There is something else to ponder..

While Slenderman a newly made name, history proves that the idea of the entity has been around for quite some time. Slender Man has appeared in folklore for centuries under different names – in Scotland the fiendish figure is known as Fear Dubh (The Dark Man), the Dutch dubbed him Takkenmann (Branch Man) and in Germany he is referred to as Der Grosse Man (Tall Man). Lots of nations and lots of cultural takes on the same creature..

At the end of the last century, the popular show BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER featured one episode titled HUSH. The show had haunting “Gentlemen”. I think these perhaps most accurately reflect the notion of what a slender being actually is.. slow moving and almost floating, tall and pale, and grinning like a knowing demon of another world..

Most of the articles that have been circulated about the rash of Slenderman sightings have also been deluged with comments mocking the authors, the websites, and the thoughts that a paranormal entity could even exist is inane.

But Tulpas? Urban legends? Scary monsters who haunt children–often the innocent youths tell the same tale without even knowing it .. Tall men. Hat man.. ghostly creatures staring in windows.. Tall and pale figures without faces.. Teeth that salivate as the victim of the haunt gets chilled to the bone.

There are people, sane and rational, who believe in these things. And there are lots of people who pooh pooh the notion of any other-worldly creatures..

Slenderman? Silly we are told by those who believe in Mohammed or Jesus.

Perhaps ‘slenderman’ is not the name.. But the entity’s pop cultural presence throughout history gives me pause before I simply say there’s no such way that Cannock residents are seeing the tall and slender figure of fright..



THE GREAT BUST OF 2015! The blizzard fizzle..

The storm, though large for some, failed to live up to the predictions some said..

The Weather Channel went wall-to-wall on coverage for the storm they called Juno.. other networks had their reporters out ready with yardsticks..but each time they did a live report, the snow was vacant and the streets were covered in a simple slushy mess..

Parts of Long Island had a long duration wind storm, and Boston seemed to be the hardest hit of the big cities when speaking of snow totals.. But 6000+ flights later, you sure wonder if the threat was big or if the hype simply took over ..

After all, forecasters have to pick now from dozens of computer models where as, in those ancient days of the 20th century, they’d get guidance from a model and forecast it themselves.

There was science then. Now there’s computer runs… The runs tell the tale correctly: There was a storm on a certain date. They can pinpoint patterns and systems.. but forecasters need to begin doing their jobs again and picking a model for guidance and coming up with their own story.. One forecaster even Tweeted an apology to policy makers in big cities over the forecast being so wrong.
While the major metropolitan areas–with people well-stocked with bread, milk, and liquor–were spared, the real blizzard will take place but not in the big cities.. Maine and Nova Scotia will be getting hit hard.. But will the media care? Will they report? Will they decide?

The bust was a gust,
But hype they must!
Fear gets ratings.
And empty store shelves..
Stock boys must be hating.

Art Bell address JULY 2015 potential show on BELLGAB

Art Bell has been under the radar of social media since his brief stint on Sirius XM radio ended abruptly. However, he has been active on Facbook over the past year and also has been posting messages on BELLGAB, a message board dedicated to Art Bell fans and talk about Coast to Coast AM. Last night, Bell went to that message board to deliver a statement to his legions of who congregate there on a daily basis. Bell said,
 Hi again,

 It's been a long time since I have posted. First I did not miss any shows for Sirius/XM save for one when the studio in New York went down, none missed for my back or the spider bite.

 Second, I do still have the Flu and have had a bad back since I was in my 20s, sometimes it is ok and at other times I can not walk. Only people with bad backs can possibly understand.

 Third, IF I decide to take a run a streaming it will be free while live as I have always said, this would be in July after my Non-Compete is over. It would also be at my own expense and require a considerable investment. It will also require a Producer which may be a problem because Paul may not be available, no Producer would mean no show.

 Fourth, I have zero regrets about having left Sirius/XM and were I faced today with the same situation now, would make the same decision. The ONLY thing I would have done is to not have signed a contract with them in the first place without understanding their streaming problems, it was represented to me that they had a viable National and International stream in place, that is on me.

 Fifth, If anything aside from my Health would hold me back it would be the people who as I have read on this board are already starting to say I will quit again, if I decide to give this a try at my age there is no guarantee my Health will hold out and if it does not it might be wiser to not begin as opposed to facing all the grief I would get if at some point I could not hold up.

 These are the things I am considering...

                                                                                                          Art Bell

We have covered ART BELL extensively, , including the Sirius XM radio situation when Bell shocked fans by suddenly ending his show after only eight weeks. At that time, he wanted Sirirus to permit free streaming on, something the company refused. A long drawn out and strange affair occurred and finally Bell pulled the plug on DARK MATTER.

More recently, Art Bell had an online battle with Keith Rowland, his webmaster, over DARK  MATTER NETWORK host Jimmy Church guest slotting on Coast to Coast AM. After was taken down, Bell and Rowland resumed their working friendly and the site returned. Along with it, promises of Art Bell returning to broadcasting with free streaming on the website in July of 2015.

However, the latest message provided on BELLGAB doesn't hold as much promise as the website guarantees that he will return. Bell seems to allude to the people of Bellgab--his fans--being a detriment to him returning.

But the criticism, anger, and pain of constantly having to say goodbye again to their favorite radio host is what BELLGAB is known for.. They brutally critique the current Coast to Coast AM on the famed "George Noory sucks" sub board.. Bell had even referred to the people of BELLGAB on his radio program on Sirius. Many of the people who celebrated his return slammed him with nasty memes once he left Sirius.

Reaction to Bell's newest post on BELLGAB was quick, as expected. One message quoted his "fifth" statement, and said this,
Understood. Just please, give us one more show. We'll complain no matter what you do.

Another added:

Don't commit to 5 nights a week. It's too much. Do 1 or 2, and jump on whenever you feel like during the week to do open lines or something.

And finally, the sentiment of many said this,
Art, come back. C2c sucks.

The saga continues, as it always does with Art Bell. The man of mystery and macabre, making decisions with speed and often times on his own terms.

All eyes on July. Fireworks on the 4th or Art Bell broadcasting about aliens, ghosts, and the strange under the stars? Time will tell.. as will a aging radio star's health and family life.