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PARANORMAL ACTIVITY house off the market

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY house quickly snapped off the market for under $800,000//  The house is gorgeous and, photos from inside show an even dreamier place to live. And the story is worthy of a flashback.. don’t forget, whoever is the proud owner of the humble abode, Oren Peli claimed he chose the house after real paranormal activity took place prior to making his first film..

At that time, Peli said when he moved into then house, weird things continuously happened there. And that’s what gave him the inspiration to make the movie.. The CBS8 2009 story also quoted a pool cleaner who visits the house saying, “We try to not pay attention. We just do our job and we are in there and we are out. It’s really weird.”

The reporter for CBS8 wrote this about the house itself: “Although no one was home, a faint banging was heard coming from the house.”  It is always difficult to tell fact from fiction.. other famous houses from horror exist, like the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET HOUSE that was purchased in…

The Quaid file

Randy Quaid attacks Rupert Murdoch in what may be the strangest YouTube video from a celebrity. Ever.. During the epic rant, his wife is on the bed in a bikini wearing sunglasses.. he refers to CHRISTMAS VACATION and Warner Bros stealing his house and the NEW YORK POST smearing him, and also complains of false arrests.. You can watch the video here..
I don’t think he blinked even once during this video.. But be warned, the video is not safe for work or after dinner.
At the end, Quaid has his wife put on a RUPERT MURDOCH while he either simulates or REALLY has sex with her while speaking about police media corruption.


Vaccines are suddenly becoming a campaign 2016 issue.. Rand Paul and Chris Christie both suggested that parents could choose to vaccinate. Others disagree vehemently.. Hillary Clinton stepped into the fray with a #vaccineswork Tweet.  President Obama has utilized his weekly radio address (yes they still happen) and other appearances, like his beer-swigging pre-superbowl interview, to advise parents to choose vaccines over not. But Rand Paul, the famed anti-establishment eye doctor who is not a Senator and vying for the highest office in the land, says that vaccines have dangers.. Paul said they they can cause profound mental disorders.. the Paul comments raised some eyebrows, and have others in the anti-vaccine world applauding.. you can see his unusually combative interview here on CNBC.. the interview was set to be about financial issues but it took a controversial turn immediately..  Paul says that ultimately vaccines are a good idea but he had his ‘staggered’ over several months..…

Paranormal Punxsutawney Phil

The only real thing strange about the groundhog at Gobbler's Knob in Punxsutawney Pennsylvania is that anyone takes it seriously..

it is clear that if a groundhog did in fact see a shadow, it would be only due to the lighting from media cameras and flashes of personal devices..

The air this morning was thick. A snowstorm blanketed the entire state of Pennsylvania and others from late Sunday through today.. The groundhog, we are told, saw its shadow and predicted 6 more weeks of a slushy winter of discontent..

However, if you imagine a groundhog is correct, you'd have to suggest that there are paranormal powers abounding at Gobbler's Knob..

There is history to Phil and his powers.. the legendary creature dates back to the 1700s.. groundhogs were considered honorable and a pagan holiday entered the fray and led to the modern idea of Groundhogs Day. Jeffrey Pritchett detailed the history in 2012:
The name Punxsutawney comes from the Indian name for the location"ponksad-uteney…

The hot air is blowing strong


It may not be a war of words, but a cold wind of tension has taken over the popular message board BELLGAB this week.. While the Superbowl and New England Patriots victory played out on television, Art Bell and George Noory were busy playing their own radio version of a war of words.. Bell, who has messaged considerably more often on BELLGAB and Facebook than any time since his Sirius radio program aired, issued a direct message to Tom Danheiser, Lysa Lyon, and George Noory. The message seemed to cut deep enough that Noory himself returned to BellGAB to respond.

Art Bell's message in total:
 To, Lisa, Tommy & George

 I am posting this here because I know you read here by the hour.

 You may have noticed that when I made my announcement on FB I did not in ANY
way mention George or even Premiere. That is because I was hoping that I could
put all my efforts into preparing for the show I am going to do. …

The Debbie Dower Super Bowl

I am surprised with how 'down' all of these Super bowl commercial are..

The Nationwide child death ad seems to have upset the entire nation.. Along with lots of tearful and somber ads of dads crying and dogs running..
This year we are being hit hard with emotions.. Advertisers a seemingly have abandoned all forms of humor and replaced it down doldrums and a mood slump..

Katy Perry lit up halftime with color and craziness, but the new ad order of sadness was on full display..

Why all the dismay?
Why all of the melancholy blues?
Field goal.
Smiles you'll lose..
It's the way to sell, to tear at your heart..
Advertisers have learned a new way.. Just remind people of how much life can often suck. And they will buy.
And cry..
Tears have filled empty nacho plates this Super Bowl Sunday..

Nationwide is not on our side..


Anyone following the ART BELL saga knows what site BELLGAB is.. it's the home to a dedicated fan base of various people from all walks of life who, in the spirit of online honesty, come together to lament the way Coast to Coast AM has changed since Bell left as the prime steward. But now it's becoming the new hangout for Bell himself, who has previously utilized the message board during his Sirius stint, but appears to be stressing a more active role on the site.

Last night, the gloves came off on page 666..

Premiere Radio networks has been airing a program each Saturday called 'Somewhere in time' for years, much to the chagrinne of Bell, who has asked them repeatedly to cease the weekly show. Instead, they continued it. This week,  after Bell announced his new program will air on the Dark Matter Radio network in July, Premiere chose an interesting program for the Somewhere in Time. It was a show from 2002 in which Bell not only alluded to a future trip with his wife at …