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And it makes sense as to why.. If no one knows earth is here, this pale blue dot, why tell them? Why announce ourselves to potentially hostile beings from elsewhere? Why give a big blast of "HELLO UNIVERSE" to creatures that may want to simply enslave us or take our resources..?

This is the very real concern of some very real scientists.. The UK INDEPENDENT has the full story on the fear..

The basic gist: Leading scientists at SETI, that little place that has been searching for alien life for as long as I have been alive and then some, are proposing that we beam the signal we send out to the universe and direct it specifically at the potentially hospitable zones for life as Kepler has recently found.. In doing so, the hope would be that actual beings hear the message and either answer back, or I suppose travel here.. and destroy every living being on earth. Well, that is the fear at least..

The argument made by those who oppose: Evil alien intentions will be made easier by us, …

When the entire world seems to ignore the plight of children abused by the elite, the only one left to turn to is Anonymous.

The UK INDEPENDENT, as evidenced by this screen cap, declared war on tee elite who have been accused of abusing children:

Laimat Sabin reported this in the dispatch:
“Politicians, royals, media, religious figures, singers, actors, men and women; it seems that the long grotesque arm of this club has no bounds.

“You think you are safe. You think we will not directly interrupt your lives. You are wrong. You are the stuff of nightmares.”

“We are calling for an evening of action. On Friday 13th we will march to the homes of some of those involved in this nightmarish cover-up,” it added.

The network of masked campaigners have claimed that Operation Death Eaters will engage in a protest focusing on “elite paedophiles” in the hope of launching a victim-led independent inquiry into child abuse, rape, torture and murder.
For those living in some sort of a hole--or just paying attention to the mainstream media that doesn't report these sorts of things--there is an ungodly scandal taking place in t…


50 SHADES OF GREY is going to not only dominate the weekend box office, but there are hopes within the offices of Universal that a record could also be broken with the release of the sex-laden film in North American theaters..

The news so far, according to industry insiders: $30.2 mil Friday opening--that is a big number.. there is hope among corporate execs that it will reach or surpass $76 million for the week--and if that occurs a record could go down for a Valentine's opening.. by Monday, a federal holiday, there are predictions the movie will surpass $90 mil!

Lots of sex.

The heat will likely continue in box offices throughout the rest of today, Sunday, and even Presidents' day, when instead of honoring past chief executives, people will be heavily breathing in dark theaters near you..

DEADLINE has more, and one piece of news is certainly giving this 50 SHADES 'release' an unholy twist,, Anthony D'Allesandro writes,
Should Fifty Shades final at its c…

Cupid's dangerous arrow: Those ancient Romans and what they gave us

Those ancients were wild and crazy..

Imagine the scene: A naked herd or folks dancing while the sacrifice of animals takes place.. There are smiles and cheers, and hopes that the burning animals will get the gods to give the dancing nudes fertility.. Oh, and then while the crazy Romans would continue in their deadly pagan rituals, men would draw names from jars and, for the duration of the festival, be 'coupled' with them.

All of this is described in this 2011 NPR story authored by Anne Seipel.. It showcases some of the darker origins of Valentine's Day..

And just as Christians always took on pagan traditions to make them their own, the same occurred here as reported by Seipel:
The ancient Romans may also be responsible for the name of our modern day of love. Emperor Claudius II executed two men — both named Valentine — on Feb. 14 of different years in the 3rd century A.D. Their martyrdom was honored by the Catholic Church with the celebration of St. Valentine's Day.


Triskadekaphobia times three

Yesterday I didn't add much hope to those with triskadekaphobia, reminding them of black cats, Jason Vorhees, and lots of other problems that may arise with a Friday the 13th..

But the Associated Press even hurt them more, pointing out the number of 13ths coming this year to be aware of..

As the screen cap proves, the AP dispatch gave the scoop:

Sure sure sure..

It's all fun and games laughing at a superstitious lot of folk.
Until someone loses an eye.

One GMO apple will spoil the bunch

Imagine an apple that never browns.. Never seems real. Perhaps never tastes real.. just a vacant, emotionless apple.

Welcome to your new apple, AMERICA..

Despite a big push against it, the first GMO apple in the United States was just given FDA approval. Safe to eat they say!

At this point, I don't have an opinion.. Everything has become so GMO related, it's tough to even care about it.. Fight MONSANTO and their weed killers? You're fighting an uphill battle.. The real battle is just to find your source of good, healthy, and viable organic foods.. The challenge may be difficult, but regardless of FDA approvals and certifications of safety, I still think eating a fresh and healthy bin of apples from organic growth is better than a chemically enhanced specimen that never grows brown.

But that's just me..

Reuters reports:

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) approved two genetically engineered apple varieties designed to re…

Only hours ago the USGS said a 6.8 magnitude quake struck near Ukraine. Russia said it didn't, and then the USGS followed with a retraction..

Dutchsince is on the case..

At this point investigators need to be determining e if this was intentionally done

Yahoo news reporting this tonight:

New troubling details are emerging about the livery cab driver who survived the fatal crash of journalist Bob Simon in a car accident this week.

Police have confirmed that the Lincoln Town Car transporting the longtime “60 Minutes” correspondent to a medical talk about Ebola on Wednesday night sped up before rear-ending the Mercedes-Benz in front of it and crashing into metal barricades on Manhattan’s West Side Highway.

Again Brian Williams? Again?

"What was my wow … I’ve been so fortunate. “I was at the Brandenburg Gate the night the wall came down."

The NBC tall tales continue.. With Williams suspended, there's lots of time to go through each record of every word Williams ever uttered--and there have been lots of them. Get ready for a big amount of oddities and strange non-occurrences of his brain to penetrate our society at large..

Wait.. didn't mainstream news talking teleprompter reading heads tell us the blogosphere and now social media were just liars and frauds vying for attention?
Cue the special report music..

Enter this:

Williams went on to tell a possible whopper at the Gipper’s Ronald Reagan museum in 2008..

The only problem with him standing at the Brandenburg Gate is that he really didn’t. Tom Brokaw did. Williams arrived 12 hours after it came done. But it was a long time ago, right?

I figured six months would be ample time to find the other Williams whoppers ..

While we're at it..


A strong magnitude 6.9 earthquake has struck in the open waters of the Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge; the quake struck within the last 30 minutes
"A destructive widespread tsunami threat does not exist based on historical earthquake and tsunami data. However, there is the small possibility of a local tsunami that could affect coasts located usually no more than a hundred kilometers from the earthquake epicenter."


Until I saw—quite literally—a black cat walk underneath a ladder this morning, I completely forgot the calender read Friday the 13th..

So for all of those out there with that sick sense of doom lurking behind every bad event, happy day to you all..

In 2004, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC detailed the horror that some people face when they wake up on the 13th when it’s on a Friday.. the fear.. the refusal to even get out of bed!  In that report 11 years ago, NAT GEO said that over $800 mil was lost in productivity because of people neglecting to live their normal lives, instead fearing the 13th..

I would imagine that fear is only amplified as time goes on..

For those with triskadekaphobia, it’s going to be a long day.

The roller coast rode known as Art Bell continues

After 24 hours of fans in confusion and anger, Art Bell has reversed course from last night and is again posting messages as though his return is back on the rails..

This came from his latest venture on Facebook:

With little substantive information vein revealed at this time, it's unsure as to the potential fix this may have over his alsmot decisive tone last night that DARK MATTER may not happen at all.. This more hopeful note of course comes with a caveat..

Perhaps Bell is just informing his fans of progress.. Maybe trying to gain more attention and interest in a return.. Or just shoots from the hip and thinks later ..

Only 24 goes ago, Bellgab users and others online were actively saying they 'quit Art Bell.' Tonight the tune has changed--and perhaps now there is a course for Bell to return to some kind of airwaves in July and play his own tunes as well...

Art Bell scrubs DARK MATTER RADIO plans? Bumper music is the reason

Art Bell's words speak volumes:
I have some very sad news to report, barring some sort of miracle there will be NO Dark Matter Radio show. Here is why: I will be unable to use ANY Bumper music, I will be unable to use any Theme music. The cost of using even the small amount that I use in my show stops us cold. Both Keith and I have talked this to death and there is no way around it.

Yes I could do the show with no music but I will not because it was part of the very soul of my show as any of my former listener's know. I feel like crying to be honest with you. Keith and me along with others have poured time and money into this effort. I was about to spend $20,000.00 on just the Studio here in Pahrump. We had also cleared free streaming just as I had promised. The ..bottom line is that the music Industry has in my opinion shot themselves in the foot by making it impossible for anybody in my position to stream or provide any copyrighted music on the Web. That is why nobody, even Ru…


This is a story from my local area–but worthy of some attention from fans of the macabre or slightly paranormal..

In Auburn, PA, a tiny little hamlet in Schuylkill County, a secret existed behind the walls of a quaint house..

FOX 43 ran a story about the Bretzius and their discovery of a disturbing secret behind their walls: It was insulated with dead animals..

WNEP interviewed the family .. as expected, Kaiji Bretzius was a little shocked and horrified by what was hidden in their home..
We were shocked, horrified, and disgusted
Fair to say that would be the emotional of us would experience if faced with the same circumstances, no?

WNEP’s  Jackie de Tore goes on to report more:
The mother of four said they first found animals in the walls back in 2012 and have been removing the items ever since.
The dead animals were all wrapped in old newspapers from the 1930s and 40s.
She said when they got a home inspection before they bought the place in Auburn, the inspector didn’t find a thing.
“We got th…

Mr. TV head man is about to rule your world. And then some.

Samsung TVs freak users out by inserting ads into movies »
You’re used to ads in regular TV programming, but what would you say if your smart TV started inserting ads into videos you own?
If people are creeped out by this, they must have missed last week’s big news that SAMSUNG is warning purchasers of smart TVs that they should not have personal conversations in front of the device for fear that third party advertisers will get a hold of it..

It should all be creepy..

I can foresee one day coming soon—very soon since it seems to be going so fast lately—when you’ll be watching a home video of you in your private setting.. and your “SMART” device will note a product in the house. Perhaps a beer can, Pepsi bottle, or particular cereal.. suddenly you’ll be beamed an advertising lallapalooza ..

Until then, people will lament their smart TEEVEES..

And still buy them.

At some point soon I feel this will be commonplace---devices throughout a house will be so interconnected that there will not be a …

Brian Williams suspended; Jon Stewart stepping down: Which one is the bigger item?

Did news just die today?
Brian Williams was suspended after a number of days of intrigue.. He lied about a helicopter in Iraq years ago. He also is being doubted over his tales of Katrina of watching bodies float through the street ... And now, six months from now when Americans will undoubtedly be baking under a late summer sun, we will see if NBC NEWS really brings back the anchor..

He may be forgiven.
He may be forgotten..
It also may give more time to the sleuths online who will notate any other potential lie that Williams may have uttered over the past lifetime we've all shared together.

However, a bigger event may have occurred today. Jon Stewart announced on the DAILY SHOW that he is going to step down at the end of this year--he hosted the program since 1999 and has become one of the most influential comedians in history. Not just because the DAILY SHOW has been filled with memorable humor, but also because he has become the Cronkite of our age..

He is trusted more than Williams…


I’m not the only one who noticed an unsettling image of a sweaty Obama last night.. A lot of people watched a very sweaty and strange looking Commander in Chief give a message to the GRAMMY Awards audience last night about domestic violence..

Twitter was alive with comments about Barack Obama’s odd appearance.. Lots of people saw the sweat piling up on his brow ..

Matt Drudge did too.. Of course he took it a step further pondering if Obama knows ‘something terrible’ is on the way ..Though I still think the 2009 phase of flies being attracted to Obama was much creepier..



The UK MIRROR running this story by Lucy Thornton..

Among the troubling text, this:
In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mirror the shaken MP has told how she ‘nearly lost her mind’ after victims turned to her for help – unable to trust the police or local council.
She is currently getting an average of 10 victims a week coming to her for help.
Fighting back tears she told how she feared having a nervous breakdown worried about failing the “amazing women” and her horror after finding out a manual for grooming existed for paedophiles.

This has been ongoing for some time.. Five months ago, I had a post about this when news broke that UK politicians failed to stop the crimes against children in Rotherham that went on for almost two decades..

The UK seems to be the plac…



In case you missed the GRAMMYS tonight in favor of some more positive activities, you missed Madge trying to out do herself..

A lot of people are noting the weird array of references to the occult last night.. the typical stuff after a big group of artists meet.. But Madonna? She heralded in the year of the goat after ACDC opened the highway to hell for business.

Pop culture meets creepy..


Forgive me Madonna, I know you’re trying to show off the remaining sex appeal you possess.. but you left me just thinking that you simply forgot to secure your adult diaper before the night began..

Closer to midnight one blast at a time

While the world seems fixated on pagan rituals and Illuminati messages at the Grammy awards, this big news just happened..

This is a photo screen grab from a video making big waves on YouTube tonight.. Some are saying is evidence of a tactical nuclear weapon being used in Ukraine.. Others say it’s evidence if a chemical weapons plant being hit..

Some speculate it’s a nuke . Others say it’s just a big big blast..

All things are sketchy right now and rumors are sort if insane..

I keep thinking back to that nuclear clock moving closer to midnight..
This is a developing story worth watching..
You can read the only bit if mainstream link source I found on this so far here..

The sad reality of nostalgia: It really does not feel good

Nostalgia is a terrible feeling at times.. It reminds you that you are losing time, giving away minutes. Precious minutes.. Allowing the second hand to dictate your existence..

The smell of certain things, the sounds.. The cold at night under a moon.. Fog on a a warm evening.. All I those things bring back very specific memories or me. More accurately, they bring back feelings..
They bring with them a melancholy and infinite sadness.

Don’t get me wrong.. I enjoy my current state if existence quite a lot. But those creeping moments of yesteryear occurrences are becoming more pronounced.. The thoughts of life as it goes gets a little more fire. More serious..

Youth is drying up.. Sure 34 is the new 19. But that’s only because people say that when they age..

There’s a memory I have of a foggy night in a dance club in Allentown PA.. A night I danced with the woman who years later would became my wife. My wife who birthed our son.. Our family who is growing together with the pains , laughs, and…

Poltergeist then and now

A few months ago, I introduced the classic film POLTERGEIST to someone younger in my family.. She was born in the late 1990s and did not have a notion of pop culture of the 1980s or the reason the Stephen Spielberg film changed everything. I really played the movie up to her, as well. I mentioned the spooky scenes, the scary clown, the bizarre tiny psychic, and the tree that came to life during a thunderstorm. By the time she had made it through the movie she was unimpressed.. It wasn’t scary compared to the compelling gory snuff films of today. And among the horror of our modern world, you can find a few gems, don’t get me wrong. But I still find the original POLTERGEIST compelling, deeply frightening, and yet amazingly beautiful and a story about how love perseveres.

Enter into the fray the newest incarnation, or should I say reincarnation, from Hollywood: Poltergeist is back. With iPhones and flatscreens.. no fuzzy TVs in this version.

I saw the trailer a bit ago for the film. Every …