Perhaps now we are seeing why ROTTEN TOMATOES didn't release JUSTICE LEAGUE ratings until opening day: The numbers are weak. Scoring below 40%..


Saturday, March 14, 2015

Where's Pootie? Mystery at the Kremlin

UK DAILY MAIL: Vladimir Putin has been 'neutralised' by a stealthy coup as rumours about his health and well-being continue to flourish

It's going to be a wild night of news, as this UK DAILY MAIL headline showcases..

There are some interesting developments in Moscow even as US media blackout on it continues.. Reports of tanks rolling into the city and power being out in several places..

Propaganda on all sides is evident in the a Tweets and news reports coming from Russia.. Only rumors at this point and no hard reporting.. Few facts. Only a deepening mystery in the nation .. And for that matter , the world.

When nostalgia meets the present

The family took a voyage to the movie theater today.. the HORROR REPORT family didn't see anything filled with fright--no IT FOLLOWS for me, it's not in a theater nearby.. Instead it was SPONGEBOB.. A sponge out of water. Funny parts, good laughs--though the 'out of water' business only took up the last 20 minutes or so of the movie, which was a disappointment. The real story here is that Ayden Morris, now 4, was at his first movie theater experience.

This was a big day for me--huge as a matter of fact.. It's not the movie choice that mattered, but just that he wanted to attend a theater showing. And he loved it.. he was stunned a bit at how loud certain parts were, he cringed during the return to JURASSIC PARK trailer, and he heartily laughed at the humor of Spongebob. So did I, and my wife..

There was one more proud pappa moment for me, too.. After the film, we perused a much emptier mall than it ever was before. My local shopping sensation of yesteryear is suffering through the same downtown as many other brick and mortar shopping plazas.. But there's a thrift shop--a place where old antiques and relics of yesterday are still bought and paid for by collectors and modern internet people. My son came across a bulk batch of HE-MAN action figures. He knew them since he plays with the few older broken ones I still possess. After today, we are adding three new (old) HE-MAN characters to the family, including HORDAK, who hasn't been in my presence since 1990.

A full circle kind of day.. Beginning with drenching rain, dour as could be. But the light of family brightening the mood.. a modern movie in a cool theater with my 4-year-old eating up every moment.. and then a dad, at the age of 34, buying toys that I bought at the age of 4 in the same mall that I bought them in 20 years ago. So different in ways, but so similar in others.

Full circle.
Another moment of parenting..

The fleeting moments of today are gone tomorrow.. So forgive me for writing about it. But it's my way of making amazing little things last just a little bit longer than the short span of time they inhabit..


Friday, March 13, 2015


This was an image of Cyclone Pam before as it slammed into Vanuatu.. category 4 winds.. monster storm. Untold destruction.. those on the scene report pure devastation..


Red Cross workers report “unbelievable destruction” after Tropical Cyclone Pam hit Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu.

This is a developing story..

IT FOLLOWS review roundup and theater locations

The movie is being released in a limited capacity today.. but that doesn't matter to reviewers and fans of horror. The film has attracted untold amounts of attention through intelligent social media buzz and positive reviews--the film is boasting a near 100% rating on ROTTEN TOMATOES. Those types of things don't happen too often..

Here's a wrap of some of the reviews for the film that seem readable:

A VOX review is calling it the scariest movie in years.. "This is a movie you need to see right now."

A THE WEEK review calls it a mesmerizing 'coming of age' movie"  "The sense of unease is buoyed by Rich Vreeland's terrific, pulsing score, which recalls John Carpenter's unforgettable work for Halloween"

SALON: An instant horror classic about the dark side of teen sex: "There are distorted but obvious images of several real-world issues in “It Follows,” including acquaintance rape, teen suicide and mental illness, but you can’t boil the movie down to any of those things any more than to a metaphorical treatment of Detroit’s social and racial divide."

i09: Proof that horror movies don't have to be dumb to scare you: " It offers an unpredictability that's become increasingly rare in horror. For that alone (and for not being a sequel, a remake, a found-footage extravaganza, or gratuitously gory) It Follows deserves high praise. This movie is absolutely one of the year's must-see horror films."

Entertainment WEEKLY praises: "Even with its flaws, though, It Follows is a dizzyingly tense and creepy workout. Oh, and I almost forgot… Hey kids, don’t have sex!"

NEW YORK POST says the movie will stick with you.

A VULTURE reveiwer says 'I've rarely been as scared as I was in IT FOLLOWS'

There aren't currently too many theaters showing it. I have a feeling word of mouth will create demand.. and create a sensation. It will be the sleeper hit of 2015.

This is a full listing of the theaters you can see it


Disclosure: Overreachable or teachable moment on Kimmel?

That’s why you will not be president.

Barack Obama, in a joking response to Jimmy Kimmel last night after Kimmel said the first thing he’d do as president is open the files on AREA 51, Roswell, and UFOs..

And another UFO related quip from the show:

On President Clinton’s claim that he went through the secret files on extraterrestrials and found nothing:
"That’s what we’re instructed to say."

Obama went on to read ‘mean tweets’ . . his comments about UFOs are considered, of course, jokes.

But let’s not forget.. for a joke to truly work, there’s always a shed of truth behind it.. Perhaps it is why people like KIMMEL, who always seem to ask Presidents about UFOs, will not be President..

Kimmel had previously made some waves after asking former President Clinton about aliens.. at that time, Clinton was analyzed to have had ‘stressed’ behavior during his response.. I can’t find any analysis yet of Obama’s reaction..

Jokes.. Jokes.. laughable moments. Teachable moments?

Am I overreaching here?

With Secret Service Agents in the background, President Barack Obama talks with Jimmy Kimmel during a break in taping on Jimmy Kimmel Live, in Los Angeles on Thursday, March 12, 2015. After the taping the president is expected to attend a DNC event.


FRIDAY THE 13TH IN RUSSIA: Putin, Said to Be ‘Perfectly Healthy,’ Is Also Nowhere to Be Seen »

There are rumors online that Vladimir Putin is either sick, or even  dead!

The NYT says,
The last confirmed public sighting was at a meeting with Prime Minister Matteo Renzi of Italy on March 5 — although the Kremlin would have citizens think otherwise.

Given that the Kremlin borrows all manner of items from the Soviet playbook these days, there appeared to be an attempt to doctor the president’s timetable to show that all was well.

The KREMLIN is busy doing damage control..

The mystery deepens: Where’s VLAD the IMPALER…


Confirmed: Jupiter's moon Ganymede has a salty, underground ocean »

SET SAIL FOR Ganymede!

Take a deep breath.. read the headline a few times until the true power of it sinks in. Jupiter’s moon.. a salty ocean..

Though it may seem like eons for my, it wasn’t too long ago that I learned in school how Earth was the only planet with life and water. And there were only 9. Boom. Done.

Now there’s trillions with untoldillions to be discovered. And maybe multiverses.. and Pluto is NOT a planet. But CERES has glowing balls of light emitting from it. And we are landing on asteroids.. and there’s a ROVER on MARS watching the sunset from the distant planet.. and TITAN may have water.. And MARS may have HAD water..

And we are stardust.
And there may be aliens..
And we are not alone.

This is an amazing time to be alive. It also makes me ponder if ‘disclosure’ is going to drip out slowly .. with each new story about water on some distant body in space, are we being primed for the ultimate: Not only water is abundant, but life is too?

From the LA TIMES STORY, a money quote:
"The solar system is now looking like a pretty soggy place," said Jim Green, director of planetary science at NASA. "The more we look at individual moons, the more we see that water is really in enormous abundance."

A soggy place.
Much different than those 1980s and 90s grade school textbooks in science. And even much more different than those 2013 textbooks.

Throw them all away.

Next up?


Anghus Houvouras writes: It's a Trap: Why 'The First Gay Star Wars Character' is a war on common sense »

Interesting article.. Worth the read. Anghus may be very familiar to those who have been long-time HORROR REPORT fans, he used to pen a little bit of a column way back when we were nothing and now he is a profoundly important writer and director, plus a genius columnist at FLICKERING MYTH (not being paid to write any of that, but I sincerely believe it) ..

And his point is taken ..

The money quote:
Up to this announcement, any of the characters could have been gay. Admiral Akbar. Boba Fett. Hell, even, Lando Calrissian. Would it matter if Lando Calrissian was gay? Not at all. His role in the story wasn’t impacted by his sexual orientation. If I had read the headline ‘Lando Calrissian revealed as gay’, all I would have thought was ‘that makes sense: those overtures to Leia were overcompensation.’ Lando ran Cloud City, betrayed Han and friends, and redeemed himself by blowing up Death Star 2.0. Gay… straight… it didn’t matter.

We live in a time where everyone is desperate to label everything. To define what something is or isn’t because saying nothing somehow implies intolerance. To me, the Star WarsUniverse feels far more intolerant because they’ve flat out told me there’s been no gay characters in canon until now. I liked it better when there was ambiguity to it, because it had no impact on the story I was watching or comics I was reading.

He does make a good point near the end of his article: There really is no need for STAR WARS, a movie that will already have lots of attention, to get more attention.. And really, the sexualization of STAR WAR never really occurred.. though by THE RETURN OF THE JEDI I was coming of age, so I figured Princess Leia may have been Jabba's sex slave. But, since it was gross, I never tried to determine how that would have even worked..

And Anghus is right: We are seemingly desperate to label everyone in our current time. Every single person deserves a label, an acronym, or a bandwagon to jump on. What happened to just being an individual? Daring to be different? Just having a light saber and destroying the Empire?

This is a trap..
And people will fall for it.

George Lucas gave us a number of political commentaries in STAR WARS when you study it.. Seems like DISNEY would rather give us pop culture than generationally important messages..

And anyway.. JAR JAR BINKS was gay, right?



This is how the ASSOCIATED PRESS dispatch reports it for the official record:
NASA launched four identical spacecraft Thursday on a billion-dollar mission to study the explosive give-and-take of the Earth and sun’s magnetic fields.
The unmanned Atlas rocket - and NASA’s Magnetospheric Multiscale spacecraft - soared into a clear late-night sky, right on time. Within two hours, all four observatories were flying free.

A billion bucks to study, as the AP also reports, this:
Magnetic reconnection is what happens when magnetic fields like those around Earth and the sun come together, break apart, then come together again, releasing vast energy. This repeated process drives the aurora, as well as solar storms that can disrupt communications and power on Earth. Data from this two-year mission should help scientists better understand so-called space weather.

While I am not trying to induce mass hysteria or concoct some elaborate conspiracy, the timing is amazing—to some, most likely, even suspect.  CERN is back with a vengeance this weekend, as the large Hadron Collider is going to fire with DOUBLE the power as previously done.. With the restart, scientists are hoping to unravel the secrets of dark matter and the universe..  Clyde Lewis had a couple of shows and guests this past week that may raise eyebrows and speculative questions, including Anthony Patch, someone who clearly, not in the mainstream has been sounding an online alarm over the CERN restart..

Since CERN was just being planned, people feared it would create a gaping black hole or alternate reality for everyone living on earth.  Some even argue that it did just that, thinning the veil in a sense and giving us a whole new vibration..

And now with NASA satellites traveling to the sky to study magnetic reconnection, and some CERN magnetic happenings, all eyes are on the multiverse this weekend. Let’s see how things go..

PAM'S Friday the 13th Hit

Cyclone Pam Hits Vanuatu: Nationwide Red Alert Issued, Officials Fear the Worst »

With Cyclone Pam expected to deal a major blow to the island nation of Vanuatu, officials were pleading with the population to get to safety, or risk their lives.
The country spent Thursday stocking up and fortifying buildings for the cyclone’s strong winds, torrential rain and devastating storm surge, but experts fear the worst will happen if Pam hits Vanuatu’s population centers directly, especially the coastal capital, Port Vila.
The country’s government issued a red alert for all six provinces as Pam closed in, BBC said. The alert orders all of the South Pacific nation’s 250,000 residents to get to shelter immediately, the report added.

And even more intense, a tweet posted by a user Humans of Vanuatu says a few things about the storm, right now, as it hits:
Folks, I’ll be honest. It’s really bad out there. The wind is howling with a deep roar that just doesn’t let up. Anyone not in shelter now is in mortal danger. Frankly, I don’t think our country will make it through this without some deep scars.

The shutters are groaning like ghouls, but the power is still on, and my internet is still running full bore. Not sure how I’d be feeling if not for that….

Just got a text from some of the skeleton crew on the Tina 1, one of those ships opposite our house that you saw in the video. They’d love to get off the ship now, but they can’t. They’re stuck there for the duration.

This is PAM as she starts the terror on land:

The horror renaissance , 2015

A good list has been compiled by the AV Club about how to make good horror..

And it's good horror that has been lacking for too long of a time, besides a few gems that have popped up through thebyears..

This article linked here could help any upcoming writers or directors create a new masterpiece of our time and genre..

I am perfectly fine that the Era of torture porn appears to be coming to a close..

Of course as I say that a popular Go fund Me still exists for 30, Rob Zombie' upcoming film. .

The masterpieces of yesterday may never get repeated--even though we keep on trying to recreate them over and over again with remakes and redos.. Instead, directors and writers should update the standards, refocus on what is scaring this new generation.. And what isn't.. Slashers lost their effect.. Our reality is comprised instead of trustworthy men in business suits ruining the world. That's scary..
Equally scary: The future of robots and nanotechnology.. science fiction and horror can merge in a beautiful and well-made with under the direction of the right producer.

And maybe even more, horror movies should teach lessons again. Become societal commentaries again. Like DAWN OF THE DEAD. That movie held a revolutionary message. Even some say the same for FRIDAY the 13th, calling it a commentary on the Reagan era and the rise of the Religious Right.  The SAW films capitalized on America's newfound love of torture after 9/11..

And now today, as this is written, IT FOLLOW and BABADOOK are celebrated not only in alternative sources but also mainstream press as horror films worth seeing.

That's a positive.
Horror can be as important as drama or any other genre.. As a matter of fact, even more so: It's the primal fears, the instincts of humanity, the hopes and prayers of survival.. the scares of what we cannot control. All rolled into one hour and a half (or more) of visual and emotional scares.

Today, IT FOLLOWS is released in a number of theaters--but not nearly as many as I wish. With success, of course, that could change.

Earlier this week, I wrote about the high praise of IT FOLLOWS. And the positive press hasn't stopped there, the shower of love of this movie has only continued. And that's a good thing if you're a fan of what this genre SHOULD be about.

For years I have been the anti-horror movie horror fan, usually celebrating movies opposite of what pop culture says they love.. as an emotional and loving father, I am disturbed by many of the films in the horror genre that some praise. I get a little queasy when other sites write stories talking about the 'best death scenes' and the 'kills' of films..  But please don't get me wrong, there's enough room in any genre for subsets of the best.

The real reason that horror, to me, is still important and worthwhile to follow: Because when done right it can put a spotlight on pop culture or societal troubles, drench it with attention, and change the world.. I really do believe that.



Some comments so far on the HORROR REPORT paranormal poll:

Freeranger writes, "Friday nights after I've rec'd my paycheck mostly........then upon waking Saturday mornings, I've found that much of it has been spirited out of my wallet. Poof...."..
x x x
rootbeer29 says, "When i practise extended perception, intention, and wandering."
x x x

Barbara wrote this, "I was working in my office when out of the blue a voice in my head said my brother was going to commit suicide. I immediately called my brother and he told me his was fine and working in his yard. The next afternoon he killed himself."
x x x
Vote below on the poll and comment here on SODAHEAD..

[sh_poll poll_id="4736476"]

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bright lights during spring nights

I'm getting various reports from friends nearby tonight who are in or near the coordibates 40° 35' 57" North, 76° 9' 51" West seeing weird lights behind churches, bouncing white balls of light in the air, and other strange phenomena..

There seem to be two intense times of year for paranormal tales of Twilight
lights . One being in the waning days of summer and autumn while the other happens, as March advances to April--a month that could be decidedly cruel when you gaze into history..

For those in these necks of woods or any other tonight seeing oddities and strangr occcurnces, I'm not surprised. Not at all..it's just that time of year..

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Colorado fireball: The green stars are falling

A massive fireball lit up skies in several parts of Colorado during the early morning hours of March 11.. Even more, the meteor was reported by dozens of people on the AMS website..

Amazing tales of a long tail and a piece of space that was visible, some accounts say, for up to 9 seconds in time..

This star, however, was not a pink, but reportedly yellow and green in color..

Fine line for music as jury aways Marvin Gaye's family millions over BLURRED LINES

The AFP reports this interesting note from the world of music:

A ruling that pop stars Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams stole from Marvin Gaye threatens to create -- in the words of their smash hit -- even more blurred lines for songwriters who could increasingly be hauled to court over their artistic inspirations.

Gaye's family was awarded millions--the jury decided that Thicke stole BLURRED LINES. The defense--and lots of musicians--say that 'inspirations' should not result in lawsuits like this..

The lines are blurred indeed..

But what bet goes away: The smell of lawsuits and money.

More from the AFP..


Major earth facing X class flare

The first strong X class flare has been fired off from the sun today--the anniversary of the major Japan earthquake four years ago now..

The flare today was also earth directed-- more:

The x class flare, the strongest category of sun storms possible, peaked at 12:22 p.m. EDT (1622 GMT) today, originating from a sunspot known as Active Region 12297 (AR12297).

Experts now watching to see of any geomagnetic effects may be seen on earth, if radio or satellite problems will emerge or of any other effects will be felt..

Whatever happens will take place in a fee days--also this weekend: CERN fires up..

Tuesday, March 10, 2015



Hillary got rid of half her emails & used one account for convenience »

While I don’t propose that as a definite, I only bring it up as a possibility..

What if.. what if.. Hillary and Bill thought this whole thing up? Triangulate, slowly drip out the news that Hillary may —cue the music— had a private email system on her personal server.. What if Bill and Hill figured to own this, they release it.. get bombarded, embattled.. and create Hillary as the Teflon woman, the iron lady of the United States.. the comeback kid of the 21st century..

I got this thought today during the theater of Hillary Clinton’s press conference.. she downplayed her scandal. And her first questioner—one that noticeably was chosen by a media handler—asked  Hill basically, if a man did what she did, would people care? And Hillary handled it with ease, a smile, and a knowing ‘thank you’ without stating it.

She won today—I know lots of people say she didn’t.. But she won.

In one sense, people like the notion of Hillary because, face it, it’s going to get fun again. Politics will be theater again, good theater.. MEET THE PRESS may actually become a must watch again..

I could be completely wrong about this theory, maybe absolutely wrong.

But as the email slow drip starts, if we see very positive emails of a commander possible Commander In Chief directing situations with ease, then my theory will become more than just a theory..

Yes indeed.
90s style.

IT FOLLOWS: Heard from a review, who heard from a review, who heard from a review this is going to be a good movie

The IT FOLLOWS heat is on..
The upcoming horror movie, much anticipated, is being heralded by some reviews as not only the best of 2015 but also the best in a long while..

A Samuel Zimmerman review on SHOCK TIL YOU DROP sets the stage:
How they converge is, brilliantly, in this aforementioned post-coital curse, one which carries the everlasting anxieties over where your lover’s been before, but pushes farther into all of life’s stresses. Where am I? Where will I go? Who will I become? There’s a deliberate dread in “It’s” rules. Once you’ve got “it,” there it is, walking slowly, assuredly your way. This is where Mitchell has fun composing wide, confident frames— your eyes engaged, always under attack, searching for “It.” At more reprieving moments, he acknowledges the absurdity of the accursed characters and elicits huge laughs. When more explicitly a threat, the director and cinematographer Mike Gioulakis still employ symmetrical, centered stunning visuals. This time, they’re less paranoid and more confrontational, immediately assaulting. Sometimes, “It” is in your face. Others, it’s throwing electrical appliances at it.

As the review goes on--in my humble opinion--it shares too much of the premise and gives a little too much away of the ending, you may want to shield yourself from the final paragraph that spoils without warning. But the essence of the Zimmerman story yields the result that this film is going to be a bit different. There is a message here.. one that may need to be explored with a deep mental journey.

The plot would be laughable in a movie that doesn't script it very well, but it seems that IT FOLLOWS makes it work. A entity, paranormal and foreboding in nature, is spread through teenage lust and sex. There is something similar when compared to 80s slasher flicks--such as JASON and FREDDY ruining the lives of the sinning children who act out teenage passion in pre-marital sex. But IT FOLLOWS brings a new darker presence to it: The shadow is cast on the woman by this sexual entity, this curse which is handed down through the false love that happens when you're a tender teen tot not yet experienced with what love really means..

A DIGITAL SPY look at the movie jokes that you may never look at swimming pools or sex the same again.  Again, even with this DIGITAL SPY review, author Ben Rawson-Jones gives some spoilers (this time we were warned, though) .. He writes,
This strange affliction can only be picked up and passed on through sex, which throws up some fascinating dilemmas. Digital Spy caught up with the movie's writer-director David Robert Mitchell to find out what inspired the tale, whether a franchise is on the cards and how tricky some of the key plot twists were to pull off...

DIGITAL SPY goes on to interview Mitchell, who says some interesting things about his horror flick that could, including the fact he had a nightmare since youth of entity following him .. the sexual allegory was added to IT FOLLOWS.   Mitchell also downplays the idea of a sequel, joking that "IT'S STILL FOLLOWING"  just doesn't sound right..

Reviews for the film have been overwhelmingly great--something that does not happen for movies, but especially for those of the horror genre too often. Even the old grey lady has positive words to say, with a Mekado Murphy interview of the star of the film in the NEW YORK TIMES: Maika Monroe.

Monroe is already being called the 21st century scream queen--a champion role that many stars of the 20th century still hold dear to their hearts, even after their careers moved on from horror..

iDigitalTimes says it's a horror movie like you've never seen..

Roger Moore says it's a dead teenager movie that gives teenagers a deep idea to ponder..

Another review calls the movie horror boiled down to its bones...

Review that says the movie is 'made with love,' not something said often about horror flicks..

The site ROTTEN TOMATOES has the movie with 98% positive--something else that rarely happens for horror.

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive for Mitchell and Murphy..
The ideas presented in the film seem to force questions over sexual morality and the often false safety of suburbia--and even, some say, a certain GATSY like vision of the collapse of the American dream.

This movie has a lot to offer.. a deep meaning, jumps and scares, and perhaps, just perhaps, a brand new scream queen for a new generation that needs horror movies to make a difference again.

Follow it FOLLOWS now.. The world has been watching it, and on Friday the 13th, it's going to get a limited release--that could equal a big sensation and sleeper hit of 2015.

[caption id="attachment_5899" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]THE 21ST CENTURY'S SCREAM QUEEN THE 21ST CENTURY'S SCREAM QUEEN[/caption]



Homosexuals beheaded in IRAQ

The AFP is reporting in fresh runs today that homosexuals in Northern Iraq have been beheaded and that there is video evidence to show it--though the 'proof' is at this point unsubstantiated.. MORE FROM THE AFP..

These crimes against humanity should come as no shock to those paying attention. Only weeks ago, footage revealed ISIS hurling gay men off of buildings to their death.. Even more, there is evidence of constant beheadings of women and children, torture and killing of men, and constant trails of death regardless of where ISIS goes..

Lately, the world has turned a blind eye to not only the murder of people but also the destruction of history. Archaeological finds in Iraq have been bulldozed, religious sites have been desecrated, and relics of  ancient times have been eliminated for good. The ultimate peril of the modern age is to kill it, and regulate it to the stone age. It's working..

While the AFP and other sources are reporting today's beheading story as though it's fresh, there's a long history of horror from Iraq and Syria. The website SHOEBAT has been illustrating that with countless articles and graphic photos showcasing the brutal nature of ISIS that would make even the most strident of horror movie fans revolted..


The nation of France is in mourning today as Olympians from the nation are among ten dead in a tragic helicopter crash in a remote part of Argentina..


Among the dead:
Camille Muffat, free style swimmer and Gold Medalist..
Alexis Vastine, bronze medal boxer..
Florence Arthaud, sailing pioneer..

Published reports indicate that two helicopters collided causing the fiery scene..

Altogether: 8 French Nationals and Two Argentine pilots perished in the accident..

The ultimate reality bend is that the stars were in the nation, in this helicopter, because they were going to star in a 'reality' show about athletes being forced to survive on their own in the remote part of Argentina. They were filming DROPPED, a popular reality show in France..

Images of the doomed passengers and their final moments are also being scene, as the TV cameras were rolling.. 

Doomed: Olympians Camille Muffat, centre, Florence Arthaud, second right and Alexis Vastine far right, are pictured with their fellow contestants on their way to film French survival TV show 'Dropped'. Former Arsenal footballer Sylvain Wiltord (centre left) was in the show, but was not on board either of the helicopters

The doomed flight .. the fractured reality..
The fake reality of television being presented in news with a real tragic outcome.. Lives wasted for a pointless program..

A very unfair way to go..


Monday, March 9, 2015

The Lily Groesbeck miracle: Who cried out for help?

There is a story making the rounds online tonight about baby Lily Groesbeck. It's tragic but yet hopeful.. It's a merging of the yin and yang in life, a showcase of how cruel life can be but yet, at the same time, how seemingly strange occurrences can take place that confound the logical mind..

25 year old Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck was driving home from her mother's house in Spanish Fork River, Utah. Her passenger was her 18-month-old Lily, securely strapped in a car seat.. According to police accounts, the car was in an accident and plunged into a cold and icy river on Friday night.   Jennifer died. Lily lived, and is in critical condition. The accident is under investigation..

But the story, in all its tragic makeup of a woman now gone from the earth and a young child without a mother, something else is being mentioned..A few strange and, to some, miraculous events led to the successful rescue of Lily.

Some rescue workers were treated for hypothermia. Despite the cold, they said when they jumped into the water they felt nothing..  They realized that a child was inside and their urge to fight the elements became stronger than the elements. They were able to get inside the vehicle. They saw a lifeless woman and a child still breathing..

But something else happened.

KSL in UTAH has a full breakdown of the incident and subsequent, perhaps, paranormal activity surrounding the rescue.

Four police officers--people of sound mind--said they heard cries of 'help' from inside the car. One officer, Jared Warner, said that 'all four of us can swear we heard somebody inside that car saying 'Help'."  

The 'help' that was heard was impossible .. As KSL says,

But when they flipped the vehicle resting on its hood in the Spanish Fork River onto its side Saturday, they discovered there was no one inside able to speak.

"The only people in there were the deceased mother and the child," said officer Bryan Dewitt.

"We're not exactly sure where that voice came from," Warner told KSL.

But because of the actions of those officers and several Spanish Fork firefighters, 18-month-old Lily was rescued. She remained at Primary Children's Hospital Sunday in critical condition but was reported to be stable.

Police belive Lily was upside down, strapped in her car seat for up to 14 hours. Her mother, Lynn Jennifer "Jenny" Groesbeck, was killed in the crash.

About fourteen hours after the Friday accident, a fisherman found the car.. A police officer arrived. Three more followed. KSL says,
And that's when they heard a voice.

"We were down on the car and a distinct voice says, 'Help me, help me,'" Dewitt recalled.

"It wasn't just something that was just in our heads. To me it was plain as day cause I remember hearing a voice," officer Tyler Beddoes said. "I think it was Dewitt who said, 'We're trying. We're trying our best to get in there.'

"How do you explain that? I don't know," he said, adding that the voice didn't sound like a child.



One officer speaks of the miracle of seeing the eyes of Lily flutter when they got her from the car.. A firefighter, Paul Taultomadakis, told KSL that he ended up with Lily in his arms and did everything in his human power to keep her alive.

The rescue workers did their part to ensure life continued for Lily. The miracle, though, may not have been as possible if it wasn't for that distinct voice from the car yelling for help--a voice that is not logically able to have come from the car..

But four police officers were--four who tell the same tale of a voice coming from a vehicle.. a woman's voice..

Perhaps a mother's voice who, in the last moments of an earthly dwelling, was simply attempting to make certain her child lived through the scene of tragedy..

Some are using this to prop up their own stories of religion and miracle tales.. others are disputing the facts presented and said the police were simply rushed with adrenaline and were not of a sound mind to be able to say anything they heard. And yes, I even saw a few who said the cops were just making up their story for attention and some future movie or book deal.

A story of hope..
How about instead of disputing it or rampaging through it to find inconsistencies, we just accept it as a story of hope. A little glimmer of goodness in a world filled with despair..


RIP Sam Simon, the co-creator of the Simpsons..

He was only 59 years young.. his agent said he was battling colon cancer and today lost that battle..

He also worked on TAXI and CHEERS..

Published reports tonight say that Simon had previously decided to give his entire fortune to charity..

The Simpsons Co-Creator Sam Simon Passes Away At 59

The return of U7Radio

After a controversy, a legal request from iHearteadio, and then a cease and desist, U7 has returned tonight and this message plasters by the owner:


The interesting question may very well be: Who is the mysterious 'new owner' helping thumb the eyes of The Empire?

Lots of interesting speculation on that tonight..

Sunday, March 8, 2015

America's SNIPER: Who's laughing at Eastwood now?

Dirty Harry's days of box office glory aren't gone, Eastwood is now able to brag about a global take of $500 million for his film AMERICAN SNIPER. He can also say it was the best of 2014..


SNIPER has now surpassed The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I to become the highest-grossing domestic film of 2014 with an estimated $337.2M take.. And with his weekends cash being counted the movie has surpassed the half a billion dollar make--a success given the controversy and concept behind the film..

Warner Bros has bragging right too, touting the fact that that SNIPER is now the number one war film ever..

This weekend's box office was the lowest of the year so far..

Last weeks not so stellar horror film THE LAZARUS EFFECT sunk even more by 50%.. The Lazarus Effect has earned $17.4 million. However considering the lackluster reviews the movie got and the typical second weekend slump horror flocks endure, this movie is performing better than some others..

SOS to NINJA TURTLES toy collectors (written only halfway in a joking manner)

Attention parents of Ninja Turtles fans or adults who collect children's toys: Some disconcerting developments have been taking place at stores across Pennsylvania--stores that regardless of size or location seemingly have become wastelands in the hunt for new Ninja Turtles action figures.. Is anyone else having the same problems finding new action figures that are not yet in the family collection? I myself have witnessed broken hearts with children staring at empty racks at Walmarts, Toys r Us, and other related locations. Even more, the figures displayed are already the ones purchased..

However, miracles can happen--one day my son found TIGER CLAW in a rather ghastly dollar store in a purposely unnamed hole in the wall town in Western Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania..

A few possibilities..
1) Viacom and Nickelodean are trying to create an artificial scarcity
2) Chinese factories can't stop workers from committing suicide as good as APPLE does, therefore the scarcity is real
3) Parents buy up the new actions figures immediately when a truck delivers..

And that is why I am asking for help: Any store workers, delivery drivers, or people with insider information, I need to know the day that trucks delivers new action figures. I need to also know the day--and time--that workers restock shelves..

We need Rat King, Razhar, and Neutralizer. Nick also created new action figures.. probably ones I'll just buy online..

Return to Flight 370: The expired battery theory

The oddities and strange activity surrounding the vanishing Malaysian flight 370 only got weirder--again--today.. This breaking news report was carried by CNN but global sources also report:

The battery for the locator beacon of the flight data recorder of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 expired more than a year before the plane's disappearance, an interim report on the investigation said Sunday, citing maintenance records.

The report said that there was no evidence to suggest the battery was replaced and that while such a battery can operate past its expiry date, "it is not guaranteed that it will work or that it would meet the 30-day minimum requirement."

The battery on the plane's other so-called black box, the cockpit voice recorder, was replaced as scheduled and remained within its expiry date, the report said.

A riddle solved? The reason we can't find a plane? Or a black box signified a reason for treason and a mass conspiracy that started a year prior?

Theories will rage on this one..