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The 'ring'


This may be a video you have to see to believe.. Various sources on the planet earth reporting about a strange black ring that descended from the sky over Kazakhstan .. And then vanished.

According to the reports, people who saw the objected were mystified and rattled in fear..

The video has been seen countless times on YOUTUBE, with commentators suggesting a hoax may have been pulled or an artificial mechanism was used to create the smoke-like UFO…thing.

While I am intrigued by UFOs and want to find evidence I can believe in, I am not endorsing this video as anything except.. explainable..

And a video from APRIL 2014–just one year ago–can explain it..

At that time–AGAIN, one year ago this month–a weird black ring was spotted over a town in England, Warwickshire.. But video evidence shows a very natural way to create such a smoky mystery.. Watch:

While we don’t know exactly what created the RING over Kazakhstan, I’d put my money on a v…


Aly Semigran in BUSTLE writes a good article on the cultural meaning of the horror film IT FOLLOWS and how Maika Monroe is a ‘feminist scream queen icon we deserve in 2015′ 

This new article is just a continuation of mainstream and alternative sources giving this movie some of the best ratings and best press that any horror movie has received since HALLOWEEN in the 1970s or SILENCE OF THE LAMBS at the end of the 20th century..

It’s amazing to see so many different publications giving both street cred and real cred to a horror film–a genre normally avoided with ten foot poles by most reviewers and news agencies.

This movie has cut across cultural boundaries and has redefined what may be scary–along with it giving people commentary on teen sex and the economic collapse in Detroit..

2014 reviews of BABADOOK were kind. But the IT FOLLOWS reviews were overly generous regardless of the site or source writing them..

And it’s translating to an ever-expanding amount of theaters and change in the dy…


After al Shabaab gunmen massacred nearly 150 people at a Kenyan university on Thursday, singling out Christians for point-blank executions, churches in Kenya are turning to armed guards to protect their Easter Sunday congregations »
(Image source) 

Christians who make up 83 percent of the population of 44 million in Kenya.. This Easter Sunday they are horrified to have to worship surrounded by signs of warfare.. modern hate.. the emergence of violence in their nation stunned their souls.

Shabab threatened to make Kenyan cities turn red with blood.. The attack on the school last week was a victory for terror.. Easter Sunday armed guards is a continuation of that win.

Edith Honan with REUTERS reports:
Kenya has imposed a dusk-to-dawn curfew in four crime-ridden counties along its porous 700km border with Somalia, while helicopters were deployed along its palm-fringed coastal region popular with Western tourists.
Robert Kitur, the coastal region police chief, told Reuters extra uniformed and p…

A tale of two lawns

ADAM NAGOURNEY, JACK HEALY and NELSON D. SCHWARTZ  all write in the NEW YORK TIMES that the California dream may be over..  Not with a bang. But a dought..


I think for me the most striking of images: The green grass around homes and golf courses, juxtaposed to dry land directly next to it.

Meanwhile, some welcome rain is coming to CALI and residents are urged to save the rainwater. It will not be enough to end the drought.. Over 90% of the state is in a severe drought. The clock is ticking on the return of the dry season to the west..


After so many plans to go to the theater, and then REDBOX the movie Interstellar, I finally had the opportunity do watch it last night. My verdict isn’t so kind.. I actually didn’t like it nearly as much as I 1) expected to and 2) wanted to. There are some amazing parts, don’t get me wrong. The idea of time travel and inter dimensional communication fascinates me and, quite honestly, may be possible.. CERN could tell us that soon. But as a movie, it missed a few marks I wanted it to hit. I cheered for it.. I supported it.. But in the end, I felt let down by a somewhat empty string of dialogue and some forced emotions that didn’t seem natural with the actors involved.

I won’t spoil anything .. There’s a slight chance that at least one or two people have yet to view the film..

I give the movie a 4 out of 10. Sorry.

But I do give Anne Hathaway’s haircut a 9 out of 10, though she looked a little like a young Leonard Nimoy, and I’ll kindly rate Matthew McConaughey’s new face a 10. Except his …