Perhaps now we are seeing why ROTTEN TOMATOES didn't release JUSTICE LEAGUE ratings until opening day: The numbers are weak. Scoring below 40%..


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Carrie Fisher unloads: Drunken scenes, Lando's dirty talk, and hangovers from hell

The UK TELEGRAPH is among the sources to compile from of the best quotes from a recent 'Date with a Princess' STAR WARS celebration.. Carrie Fisher became, as usual, the honest Leia.. Those in attendance were most likely either shocked or thoroughly happy at the juicy gossip on the display with Fisher and her French Bulldog, Gary, on stage..

As the TELEGRAPH reports, some of Fisher's own words.

She got drunk with the ROLLING STONES before the Cloudy City scene filming..

“And they’re a partying bunch of guys, and though I didn’t drink at the time, to be kind of amenable, or whatever, I drank. I used to say I’m allergic to drinking, and this would have been a demonstration of that. And we stayed up pretty late. Charlie [Watts], that one, he didn’t have a lot of facial expressions. He’s like the Darth Vader of the Stones.

“And we stayed up really late and got to the set about two hours later. And we weren’t hung over, we were still in our cups. And if you watch the movie you can see that: Harrison and I are smiling as we arrived in Cloud City. Doesn’t that sound like a euphemism?”

Lando Calrissian had a dirty mouth..
“Billy Dee Williams was funny. Right before he was going to kiss my hand, he’d say something incredibly filthy, and I would laugh. Something about the Force and it being with me… He was a lot of fun to work with.”

Fisher thought her kissing scene in STAR WARS was 'hot.'... She dubbed herself the 'space slut'..

On her favorite STAR WARS scene:
“Probably one of the scenes where I said something awful to Harrison. ‘Scruffy looking nerf-herder’, something like that. What a moron.”

Should you want more, here is the stream. Skip back in time if you want the juice.

The Plumbing of Walmart story in perspective

Walmart suddenly closed stores in a number of states last week.. All for what the corporation called plumbing problems. Every news account however details that no plumbing permits are being sought..workers in Walmart were suddenly without work.

Conspiracy theorists went hog wild.


If you want to hear an alternate, sensible, and true podcast about, I have an idea.

Last night Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis tackled the WALMART closing issue in a refreshing way, Clyde Lewis correctly said that this has nothing to do with FEMA camps or Jade Helm.. instead, if you look at the stores WALMART suddenly closed for the 'plumbing' issues, it was all locations where workers had previously protested low wages. Yes, there is more to the story. But conspiracy theorists have gone overboard. Sometimes the answer is much simpler than a vast conspiracy.
But we also know that the official plumbing story doesn't hold an ounce of water..

The full show here:

I Finally saw BABADOOK. And it made me quite sad

By now you most likely have too. And even more, if you didn't, you read enough to decide if would even appreciate the film.

I won't write a long winded review at this point, simply because I'm late to the game. But I will say that it was a little painful to watch.  The horror element is interesting. We are deflected at first, in a sense, and told to fear the BABADOOK.  The mother continues to try to burn the book containing the BABADOOK's words. The child, in this case a remarkable Australian actor Noah Wiseman who I think carried the film much better than even the main star Essie Davis, is also battling demons. His demons aren't typical, though. He has fears like other children.. he has sadness and grief. And in this film, he has a clearly mentally ill mother.

I am going to perhaps spoil it a bit, but not intentionally. Read on if you want..

I think the BABADOOK is a farce. I don't believe it to be real.. even more, Essie Davis's character Amelia is a former children's author. I think she understands the profound ways to either comfort to frighten children. In BABADOOK, she does both, sometimes simultaneously.  Her demons are in the basement in this film--the death of her husband defined her existence. She never fully mentally recovered from it, and as a matter of fact, descended into mental illness. The BABADOOK wasn't real, but she made it real. She created it in her own mind and convinced her son that it was real, too.  The 'monster' that Samuel was forced to battle in the end was his own mother--a mother who slipped by police and circles of friends with her mental illness. Instead of anyone helping her, they shoved her away. As we often do in society.

Samuel and Amelia had no family or friends in the end. They were abandoned.. they were alone. Amelia to somehow deal with her mental problems alone and her son, Samuel, forced to grow up without a father and under the gun of a mother who either may hug him or try to stab him.

The movie is heavy handed with metaphors. It's scary at first.. but when I started to consider what I thought it was really about, I was left was the final impression at the end of how sad it was. How hopeless..

Even though the final scene provided comfort after a movie of some rough stuff--and a dog strangling--I wasn't at ease at all. I think the mental illness--the BABADOOK--will rise again. You can never get rid of the BABADOOK. And in this case, as long as Amelia tries keeping her personal demons locked away, the BABADOOK indeed will return again.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Life and death viewed by the angry young man

Cancer is a horrid circumstance.. a outright awful ailment, and a continuous plague that hits without forgiveness or mercy.

I trust that you, the reader, most likely have been faced with a family member of friend succumbing to this affliction.. There are endless tales of horror from children's hospitals and nursing homes. No one can escape this scourge, so often..

I am writing this brief post tonight to get some emotion off my chest.

Recently, my uncle and godfather passed away after too long of a fight with cancer. He fought to stay alive. Fate would have it another way. When he lost his battle, he left behind a family of people who have yet to stop completely grieving his death.

And now, this night, a close friend of mine finds himself in an unsettling place: A hospital bed with tubes and monitors attached to him.. he beat one form of cancer only to find out it spread to another place. Suddenly, he has taken a major turn for the worse..

I hate cancer.
I hate all disease actually.

I'm 34. Half my audience may think I'm ancient. The other half probably thinks I still have a world of life ahead of me.  But as I age, I find myself becoming more serious in my studies of many things.. contemplating morals and justice becomes difficult with time, however. Billy Joel's ANGRY YOUNG MAN described a person who once believed in causes and had a pointless point of view but life went on no matter who was wrong or right. Those lyrics become truer by the day. By the moment..

As you age, you also say goodbye to many people you loved or befriended.

And often they leave with the help of a disease...
With cancer..
With the ultimate boogeyman of the medical system.

I bet any money that you--the reader--is also dealing with loss, or recently has dealt with it.  You have probably even read a self-help book or website explaining how to deal with loss.. maybe you have tried to vacation. Get away from things.. But it never goes away. There is no alternative to the life we have now besides not living it. While we inhabit our temples of the soul, we will be hit with crises and upheaval.. Sometimes smiles. Sometimes frowns. And sometimes, just like those we see dying before our eyes, the same sickness that took them..

I am angry tonight.
Accepting of it all, too.
A mixture of emotions.

But that is what life has become.
Either it's a mixture of emotions or it turns into the final scene of THE MEANING OF LIFE..

So many highs.. so often lows.  So many twists and turns and ironic shifts of fate..

x x x

People sometimes become mentally disenfranchised after being drained by loss. The human ruin--one we hardly see..

Everyone has a story. Each and every person who walks too slow in front of you, or who is trying to pass you on the interstate.. the man who glances at you as you walk on a street.. or that elderly woman who vacantly stares out of a window of a dark and dingy nursing home.

Our stories are filled with joy and raw horror.
But we all have a story.

Maybe it's time we stop just judging everyone else and start accepting our differences, move on and stop caring about those causes that the ANGRY YOUNG MAN couldn't realize didn't matter before it was too late.

And find a cure for cancer..
Because that has to go away.



I found a few interesting links in my night owl reading last night about UFOs .. The UFO SIGHTINGS BLOGSPOT peaked my interest with a post about NASA’s sun observation satellite SOHO (the Solar and Heliosperic Observatory) on April 12, 2015 capturing some sort of a "T" shaped object or thing near the sun.  The story was picked up by BEFORE IT'S NEWS..

Also, a few years back, some speculated that there were photos of a UFO 'powering up' from the sun. With images, they said then, to prove it.

There have been some other recent oddities near the sun. Such as this from January, when a speed of light 'UFO' was captured and shown in a YouTube video..  In March, there was a report that NASA may have been attempting to smudge away evidence of a UFO near the sun.. STREETCAP1 was the source on that.

But this T shape is interesting. Because to some it could be the proof they need of a UFO. To others, it could be a hoax, scam, or simply camera error..


Since the UFO blog posted this and it was picked up by one of the biggest conspiracy sites online, there has been a deluge of other websites--I guess you can now include the HORROR REPORT in this--reporting and re-reporting the T shape.

But I am attempting to find credible information about this T Shape on Lasco Satcam and simply am unable to. Perhaps because 'they' don't want me to.. or maybe because there is smoke but no fire, just a small cigarette that someone forgot to out..

While UFO blogs and other sites are reporting about this, the information of the T shape appears to have  come from the YOUTUBE user STREETCAP.   There is a collection of cool UFO videos on the Streetcap Twitter feed, as well. Including the T shaped oddity spotted by Lasco Satcam..

So I figured out the answer to this mystery: Let it be a mystery. Let people speculate.. SreetCap's video raises eyebrows. People will debate whether it's a lens mess up or an alien race in the shape of a T..

Or something else.

After watching this clip from AUSTIN POWERS, we may have our answer:



Thursday, April 16, 2015


....no white paint yet.
Just green hair.
And lots of fans becoming quickly amazed at his teaser. Detractors, though, are dismayed by the appearance.

You can only judge for yourself..
So do so accordingly.


The end of the 20th Century STAR WARS in a trailer for the new one

DARTH VADER's mask and Luke Skywalker's voice appear in new STAR WARS trailer..

As does a symbolic few moments of mentions of STAR WARS of yesteryear..

Harrison Ford and Chewbacca appear, too.


The only thought I have: If the best they have is celebrating a movie from the 1970s, this is not a movie this generation needs..

Unless of course this film simply is transitioning to the next realm of star wars entertainment..  One review of the STAR WARS trailer: "Literally sobbing at my computer"

I think they will have a transitional movie.. It will have people say goodbye to the STARS WARS they loved (not the newer ones with JAR JAR but the real ones) and then present a new age of STAR WARS for this generation. But first the old folks need to be completely ok with saying bye to HANS and Luke And Leia..

The question to me is this: Will this be good without Lucas? And I say yes. Because Lucas gave us the not so good modern STAR WARS movies. I think the notion was fine, but in creation flopped. At least to me.

This new trailer is getting lots of fair attention today.
And most likely more will as they are released...



We all knew this was coming.. the moment when that greenback in your wallet could become a relic of yesterday.. when cash, once king, becomes a diminished peasant that provides nothing more but a punchline in a grocery store line.
Cash ..
Move over, the new king is in town.

Dateline BLOOMBERG BUSINESS.. . reporter Lorcan Roche Kelly authored a story getting huge play tonight about a CITI economist wondering aloud if it's time to end cash. To end the green.. to get rid of the paper notes--remember, they are simply 'notes' alleging worth of a certain degree..

Kelly writes this:
In a new piece, Citi's Willem Buiter looks at this problem, which is known as the effective lower bound (ELB) on nominal interest rates.
 Fundamentally, the ELB problem comes down to cash. According to Buiter, the ELB only exists at all due to the existence of cash, which is a bearer instrument that pays zero nominal rates. Why have your money on deposit at a negative rate that reduces your wealth when you can have it in cash and suffer no reduction?

Buiter goes on to say the best way to address the problem would be to 1) abolish currency, 2) tax currency, and 3) remove the fixed exchange rate between currency and central bank reserves and deposits...

You heard that first thing right. Abolish cash altogether..

Buiter acknowledges problems. Especially the pesky elderly who are trained to use cash instead of plastic.. But he also said one way to solve this 'problem' is to stop printing notes worth less than $5..

Bloomberg correctly finishes its article with jab that this Administration will not abolish cash.. And that is true. Perhaps the next one won't, either. One day, though, one may. One day sooner than a political position making the decision could be a bank doing it for them.

Or.....people doing it for themselves. Technology will advance.. so will the chances of people figuring out that cash can stay at home. Swipe the chip safely implanted in your arm. Bar code your brain..

Ditch the paper.

Cash was king.


The paranormal getting normal: Class of 170 joins up in Rome to fight the Devil

Since Cardinal Bergoglio assumed the title of Pope Francis, a global exorcism frenzy has seemingly resulted. Some even claimed that Pope Francis himself, when greeting people in Rome, performed an exorcism himself...

Francis is being credited (or blamed) with bringing the ancient Rite back to the modern church and making it pop cultural popular..

New reports from Italy have gone further.. 170 people, students of the paranormal in a sense, have joined up to learn all things satanic..  The Vatican Congregation of Clergy organized by the Sacredos Institute are offering a week long class on exorcism and liberation. Demon fighting.. 

Father Pedro Barrajon, the organizer of the program, said that the awareness and popularity of the course is evidence of the evil in the world..

Recently another high profile Vatican exorcist, Fatger Gabriele Amorth, said that ISIS itself is proof of satan and that ISIS is, well, SATAN..

With all of the news articles recently propelling exorcisms to the forefront of media, some are poo pooing the idea of a paranormal evil entity active in our world. Some, as atheism and non dogmatic belief systems rise, are against the notion of satan. Even some non denominational religious believers would argue against Pope Francis' attitude towards 'evil' in the world..


Today the exorcism article is making the rounds online. Drudge picked it up and put above the proverbial fold..

When the paranormal makes top news story status, then you know you're living in an amazing and scary place.


The Epic storm in Belarus: The day turns into darkness as huge haboob sweeps in

The video tells the entire story ...


This video is from the city of Soligorsk.. The daytime literally turned into darkness as the massive storm swept in..

I don't care who you are. This is frightening and would have been if you were there..

Movies about what scares you. Or the kids.

Nelson Greaves is getting some positive press about this week's horror release: UNFRIENDED.. the movie is a twist on the safety net of the internet--a net that isn't safe at all, as we know.

UNFRIENDED takes viewers down the road of what scares him about cyberspace. Matt Barone in WIRED explains the genesis of UNFRIENDED. One day, Greaves got an email from a friend. The scary part was that the friend recently committed suicide .. Barone goes on to write in WIRED:
“It was so emotionally troubling for me,” says Greaves. “It’s such a simple thing but it made me stop and say, ‘This is like something out of a scary movie.'”

After that, Greaves started thinking about how the Internet is in many ways a secondhand cemetery, housing millions of social media profiles created by people who have passed off this mortal coil but left their Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr accounts active. That dovetailed with discomfiting memories of being a kid in the early ’90s and seeing his older sister spend hours in AOL chat rooms without ever knowing what what her chatmates looked like—for all she knew, she could have been chatting with, as Greaves puts it, “dirty 40-year-old men.” The inherent creepiness of anonymity, its potential for malevolence, always stuck with him.

The idea of monsters and FREDDY KREUGER type characters in horror movies is so cliche at this point.. the generation who is budding today with youthful vigor doesn't get freaked by Michael Myers or Jason. They are simply laughing stocks of the 20 century, relics of a time when movies were just slashing and dashing their way to cheap quick cash at box offices..

But the internet? Now that can be scary.

I think TUMBLR can often be scary..  I recall vividly the moment on my personal TUMBLR page--one I don't update much anymore because I just quite frankly thought about it too much--when I posted a family photo of me with my wife and son.. And then the photo got reblogged on another page.. But then it got reblogged on a really not so good page. I asked for the photo to be removed, the person complied, but I was sort of amazed and yet appalled with how easy it was for my personal items to be taken from me. Until it dawned on me, or hit me like a freight train: I put it out there. I was the problem. Me. I didn't realize the power of a clunky social network. How can I possibly blame someone else.

This is off the path of the movie UNFRIENDED. The actual film looks, well.. a little clunky itself. The reviews are mixed. I don't doubt it will have a successful quick fortune at the box office, even if it's not in the number 1 or even 2 place. It will also have a longer lifespan when it eventually gets to NETFLIX and others.

However the idea of the movie is what fascinates me more than the movie itself.

I remember when HALLOWEEN 8 tried an online angle way back in 2002. The movie, HALLOWEEN RESURRECTION, followed the cast of characters as they live-broadcasted a show from the Michael Myers house. Of course we know how that ends. The movie wasn't received very well. It was a disaster. It failed miserably. I don't think the concept was a failure, but perhaps the use of the internet in horror was too soon. Or maybe it is because the premise was just wrong. Instead of showcasing the internet as horror, Akkad (RIP) thought Michael would be more frightening. He wasn't.

What UNFRIENDED may be getting right: The chills and spills of the NET and how often it can give you a little bit of hair raising moments. UNFRIENDED is speaking to bigger issues ... social issues.. pop culture issues. Real issues. The fact that the monster isn't some supernatural being, but instead the vast information superhighway, now that's scary. Because we are so connected, and we are so often at the mercy of the anonymous creature or villain on the other end of the road.

When I read Greaves anecdote about getting an email from a dead friend, it reminded me iof something I wrote on  February 2014, I wrote an article on the HORROR REPORT about how, if ghosts and EVPs are real, they should be starting to appear on Facebook and the internet any time now. Then, I wondered what it would be like to suddenly get a live message on Facebook from a friend you know is dead. I spoke personally about a friend I knew who did in fact die and leave a beautiful family behind. And I was as much struck then as I am now about how Facebook pages become milestone memorial sites, with profile pictures frozen in time of the person who passes, and constant updates are thrown on the wall by friend who wish happy birthdays or Christmases, or just pop in to say they miss the person.  Maybe eventually, so as long as EVPs and contact from the dead is real, they will also learn how to use Facebook and update their page from beyond the grave.

In UNFRIENDED, the bullied soul, someone who committed suicide, enacts revenge on the cyber bullies who caused it.
Now that is scary for this generation.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Notable headlines from the world at large

Cunning cowards and chaotic crises. The world at large is as bizarre and frightening as always.. The HORROR REPORT hasn't curated much news as of late with some personal duties that needed tending to, but here's a snapshot of some things that matter and many that probably don't from sea to sea and beyond..

Why not start the news update with perhaps the most dangerous for humanity: An astronomer is claiming that an asteroid the size of the Statue of Liberty is on a collision course with the planet earth.. Dr Judit Gy├Ârgyey-Ries, astronomer at the University of Texas' McDonald Observatory, believes the giant rock could create a huge impact when it reaches earth in around October 2017..


The scary real news doesn't stop with asteroids lurking beyond the planet's ozone.. REUTERS has an exclusive story running about how the NY branch of the FED, worried about 'natural' calamity, is adding staff to its satellite office in Chicago..  I can't help but think  a bit about the story we, and many others, reported last night: WALMARTs around the nation--5 of them--all shutting down suddenly because of 'plumbing problems.'    Customers are skeptical of that claim.  SO are workers. So am I..  And while I am not alleging any connection between the WALMART plumbing claim and the NY FED movements to Chicago, I am stating for the record: Everything seems to be a creepy hair trigger away from disaster as of late.. moments in which we seem to think that our safety is fleeting and chaos is knocking on our safe front doors..


More fear and loathing in Vegas. And everywhere else.. Scientists at the European Science Foundation are warning every person on earth that a volcanic eruption could destroy humanity.. that we will be back to a time when we existed during pre-civilization days.. and that the human race will be devastated by the natural occurrences..


More news from the information superhighway about the highway to hell..
Large scale WMD drills hosted throughout Iowa...
Realistic Military Training in California, Arizona...
Marine unit drills at sports park...
Pentagon drafting thousands of ‘cyber forces’ in prep for cyber emergency 


With evil and darkness looming, religious people seemingly are gearing up for battle, too. Take for instance these headlines: Most British dioceses now have an exorcist at the ready..  From the city of Rome: A high profile exorcist is claiming that ISIS is Satan.  Father Gabriele Amorth says that the Holy Spirit exists. And now is in a spiritual battle with the true evil, ISIS.  The UK TELEGRAPH says that the Pope Francis effect is the reason that the exorcism boom has occurred. Perhaps it goes deeper.. perhaps it can be chalked up to the fact that people are truly feeling that the earth has been suddenly shrouded in spiritual darkness.


With all of the negativity, it may be hard to believe there is hope that someone, someone alive today as a matter of fact, may be the first person on Earth to live until 1000. Can you imagine living to 1000? Would you want to? Most people I asked today said no. . . until I mentioned that it could be  a healthy life and that their family may also be able to live as well.. Suddenly their answers shifted towards the affirmative. And they accepted the new possibilities of a long life..


Let me quickly talk about a few things that really don't matter. But they are most likely things being talked about by talking heads on talk shows that have endless talk.. Things like this: Hillary Clinton faked a photo op .. made a staged Iowa event look like a real campaign stop.  People who lived through the 90s shouldn't see this as any amazing feat. Just another day in Clintonland. Speaking of Hill's hill of beans, BUZZFEED is splashing headlines on its site about how, according to their reporting, Hillary Clinton flat out lied about having immigrant grandparents..  But as life goes, every normal event--politics and scandal--has some weird and often paranormal aspect to it. Such as this: Hillary Clinton's father's tombstone has been topped..  I fear whoever may have performed of vandalism doesn't realize that, just plain out, you don't mess with the dead.. unless someone didn't do it..

And now the rest of the story....

NETFLIX released information today showing that they are doing well. More subscribers.. more profit.. But a deeper look into the numbers may reveal a bit of a different fact.. Content costs are skyrocketing, and some analysts say that the financial picture at NETFLIX continues to falter..   Rosy Scenario? Or Blight and Plight..?

Things going downhill since the roast: Justin Bieber was put into a chokehold and thrown out of an event with DRAKE..

From movies to music.. now FURIOUS 7 soundtrack is Billboard number 1..

WONDER WOMAN has a new director..

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK gets another NETFLIX season..

GUITAR HERO coming back!

x x x x

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Six Walmarts closing all at the same time in different cities. For six months.

And 'plumbing issues' were blamed..

Employees given no warnings.. shelves were completely stocked. Just five hours notice was given at a California location..

And as you can imagine, countless conspiracy theories are abounding all across the Internet..
This video summarizes things quite well:

This is a little creepy if I saw so myself..

A few news articles, mostly local, are picking this story up at this point.
One article posted on Tulsa's CHANNEL 8 about how the closing has come as a surprise.. they sum it up this way:

The Walmart on Admiral and Memorial Drive closed for repairs Monday night. Tuesday afternoon, customers were still trying to get in.
The message about the repairs may not have made it to all the customers, but for employees like Dane Humphreys, it was loud and clear.
"There are a lot of things that don't seem right to me," said Humphreys.

No it does not seem right.


Art Bell and Keith Rowland have made it official: There will be July fireworks in 2015 .. the talk show legend is going to go his own way.. A podcasting style as opposed to the terrestrial or even satellite radio he did previously. This time he is greeting the 21st century with open arms, working out private deals to play music, hoping that fans sign up in big numbers to help his return, and beaming himself to every smart phone that wants him.

The show will be called MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT.

Bell posted two messages on Facebook tonight:
Midnight in the Desert is on the way! It is official now, Starting in late July we will begin streaming a full show from Mon-Fri 9PM- 12AM P.T. It will come to you Worldwide on the Internet in 64Kbps Stereo on Tune In which has a free app available for download right now.
Keith and myself have come to a agreement and the main Studio gear has been ordered. There is a great deal of work ahead and all of you who are friends and fans will have to help out when the time comes by spreading the word far and wide.
Wanna Take a Ride?
Art Bell

And the next:
From Keith: The Final Results, Art Bell IS Coming Back!
After extensive analysis and elongated negotiations with several suiters, we have decided that we can go ahead on the planned launch of “Midnight in the Desert” in late July, using a business model that will allow us to manage the entire operation on our own.
As was hinted by Art via his Facebook feed, we thought about it, compared the numbers and decided we could pay for bandwidth, pay the commercial licensing fees, pay our own overhead and still be financially viable, assuming the following conditions:

1. We have a considerable number of fans subscribe to a membership service that allows you to access the archived shows anytime via the website for a reasonable $5 / month.
2. We can sell advertising to be played during the breaks during the show. Not a lot, but enough to help pay for the music licensing during the LIVE FREE stream.
3. We can successfully curb pirated posts of our content to the Internet.
We’ll be operating under a certain specific licensing model that will allow us to ramp up from a “small webcaster” status into a large broadcaster in the future. It is imperitive that we earn enough through subscribers and ads sales to pay the bandwidth costs and music licensing fees. We believe that we can ramp up successfully using the current models in place at this time.
However, this happens to be the year (2015) that music industry participants are negotiating the next 5 years (2016-2020) rates for music licensing on the Internet. It is a wide open arena, and some license models may not survive. But we believe that we can operate under the current 2015 model for 6 months, and eventually fit into a 2016 model that is still cost effective.
We hope to recoup all of our investments within the first 6 months, so we can better endure the cost increases that will inevitably happen in 2016. If the fans support us with memberships and the advertisers are satisfied, we should be good for a long while.
Keep watching here for the launch date announcement and further updates as we can pass along. We’ll let you know when it’s time to promote the show.
— Keith and Art

A copy of the text was also placed on ARTBELL.COM to inform readers there of the return..

I do have a few critical thoughts regarding this. While on one hand I am celebrating the return, there's a little part of the 20th century boy in me that will miss the radio aspect. There are only about 2 shows I still actually listen to on radio. I have accepted the podcast world. I love it, as a matter of fact.. I think Art will be best, only though, on live radio. I am happy he is giving a free live stream with downloadable content afterwards...

As for the pirates? I don't know if there will be an efficient way to stop them. Recently Art Bell has posted on BELLGAB asking for users there to become his deputies around the NET this summer, scouring the sites of the hinterlands of HTML for any and all pirate streams. And then threatening legal action. But that is plugging a leaky hole in a flooding dam.. it's not just that easy.

As for the six month window, that is going to be a risky gamble.

And there are some, even on the ART BELL website, who are shaky on the return. After the quick SIRIUS XM quit--when fans were left trying to return hundreds of dollars in merchandise to the satellite company after DARK MATTER suddenly ended after Halloween--some fans have expressed hesitation to sign up for a monthly fee in return to hear Bell.  The other side of that coin, however, presents a much different picture of the situation at Sirius. Coast to Coast AM quickly showed up on the INDIE station after Bell left. Along with that, there seemingly were other things happening behind the scenes that perhaps even Bell will address this summer on MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT..

I think I'll make a prediction: Those fans that are hesitant today will be signing up tomorrow. The talent that Bell has will be hard to pass up, especially when compared to the monotone moronfest that Coast to Coast AM has turned into over the past several years since Bell's 2010 final departure from the 'hot air' of that show.

Summer is set.


Fourth of July fireworks.
As the long and hot summer nights fill the air with heat and murky humidity, Art Bell will once again be broadcasting from the high desert for the world to hear. This time in a new century style..

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Age before beauty

Let me first say, politics is a blood sport and I really have lost interest of the years. It amazes me that we teach our children not to bully each other, and laws are passed stopping them, but yet politicians have free reign to destroy each other and use NSA secrets or back alley Sallys to their advantage. The more dirt the better.. the more chances a politician can be destroyed in front of the media spotlight.. And then the other guy wins.

Though I am politically an atheist at this point, I enjoy watching politics from a distance and see how the actors play their roles.
At times it's clumsy..at times it's infuriating.
And the media? Oh that media..

Hillary Clinton has announced that she will announce she is running for president. That happens tomorrow, Sunday. The strange part, in my political analyst mind, is that she is choosing to use the internet to feed a video to supporters saying she is going to run for President. No rally or big speech. Instead, a quiet video uploaded to the net.  In a sense, that's creative. In another, it misses the point. It loses the excitement.

Hillary Clinton has a lot of work to do. There are Democrats that really don't want her to be president. And some of the Democrats who don't want her to actually wanted her to in 2007 and 2008--until Barack Obama started his quest for the White House. The Clinton vs Obama match up was one for the ages. Tears, fears.. "3am ads," Obama jokes at debates about her being likable. Even Bubba himself reportedly was enraged. And Bill was forced into going to Girardville PA and eating a Tony's Screamer during the St Patrick's day Parade, all for the campaign, and something his stomach  may yet not be completely healed from.

I personally think there is something else that will work against Hillary Clinton. The media is going to start pushing the image of her as an aging war hawk, someone who has seen her years and now has become withered with time.

Remember this 1995 TIME magazine cover?

That is Bob Dole. The cover story came early in the campaign. The media summed it up. He was old. Too old. By the time October came when Bob Dole literally fell off of a stage during a campaign event in exhaustion, the media's prediction came true. He was indeed too old.

Now keep in mind, Bob Dole was 72 then. He's 91 now, and still alive. And from interviews I see when him from time to time, he also still has a full mind and spirit.

Hillary Clinton will face the same. She's 67, not the same as Dole's wrinkled banana was at the time he sought the presidency against Hill's Bill, but she's aged nonetheless.

In reading media reports hyping her bid for the presidency, I am confronted by one thing that the Hillary campaign is set to do: The propaganda is going to be amazing. Which is what a good campaign does, don't get me wrong. Someone needs to tell Rand Paul that, he's been floundering since he announced and is blaming the media instead of oiling his machine that needs oil internally.

But with Clinton, the posters and images, buttons and shirts being used are all featuring a much younger Hillary Clinton. They are showcasing her presidential candidacy photos from 2008.. they are living in the past. Take a look at these two AP photos of people inside the Hillary super PAC office. And check Hill's images being showcased:


Photo number two especially is promoting he younger more energetic Hillary.

Before the stroke.

Before Benghazi.
Before the baggage.

What is my point?

My point(s) follow:

  1. The media is going to be a bit biased at first. They won't call attention to Hillary's age at first like they did Dole, but they will. They love a good feeding frenzy. And if someone younger and more exciting comes along in the Democratic party, Clinton will suddenly be characterized as an aging beauty of the 20th century, not ready for the new times

  2. The Hillary Clinton campaign is going to use old images of Clinton to create a reality that existed then, but not now. The years are what years are: Unkind. Men and women wrinkle over time. Faces change.. the scars of the planetary revolving get noticed. And yes, we get old. Hillary Clinton is not a spring chicken. But eventually her campaign will have to come to grips with that. It appears they are recycling old images--images that don't look a thing like Hillary does now.

While I said before, I don't like taking sides in political fights because, in reality, I think I am much more nuanced than that. We all are, if we stop and think about it. The political parties are like manmade religions. Ironically, people go to church on Sunday and the political shows also air Sunday morning. (Not that either church or political shows matter anymore, of course.)

However the nuttiness of the political process, from a distance it's surely fun to watch.

I consider presidential campaigns like I do Super Bowls or World Series with teams I don't like: I love watching the process and not having to take a side. Of course I vote..and often for the lesser of the evils. But don't we all?

I am fascinated by how Hillary overcomes her State Department years. Her Benghazi 'what difference does it make' comments. Her angry tirade in front of Congress about the terrorist attack. Her email server oddities. And yes. The elephant--or should I say donkey?-- in the room: Her age, once it eventually becomes an issue. As we all know it will.

THE GOOD OLD DAYS. DOLE WAS OLD. HILL WAS 50. The future was ahead of her


The Hillary we know now


Art Bell and Keith Rowland plan to go it alone, will broadcast independently this summer

Art Bell, back in his time, had a different take. He did politics for some time. But changing the format equaled a success that has been unparalleled by any in comparison.

Art Bell is coming back to radio. But will people back to him?

There are lots of people happy about--including me, to be honest. I have been a proud card carrying member of the BELLGAB.COM forum for several years, joining in a strange arena of general disgust with George Noory and the state of modern radio..

And speaking of modern radio..

It's a cesspool of politics. Constant banter about material items that have useless end results for those who debate them. Issues that really don't matter. Gay wedding cakes, for one.. And many other things to divide a nation that is already divided into small divisions of divisions that don't have a chance of ever getting along with each other..

I think it's fair to say that Coast to Coast AM, the 1990s and early 2000s version, inspired a nation to accept the paranormal or at least question it. It led to countless ghost hunter shows, added to the aura of creepiness of the X-FILES, and make lots of night shifters and night owls hear something few others did: A bizarre four to five hours of overnight programming focusing on the absurd, the bizarre..the science.. and the shadow creatures. That may or may not exist.

And Richard C. Hoagland. Who does exist. As does his hair..

But a return of Art Bell?

In a market saturated by fools and frauds, it is a little difficult for me to see where Bell fits in the new scheme of things..

Radio is mean and cruel now. Some may say it always was, but regardless of history, it certainly is now. It seems that everyone who has a chip on their shoulders when they call and opine. It would appear that everything--from religion to science--has someone who backs it without prejudice or many times even logic.

Art Bell did not.

He created a new category of media that did not exist before his venture into the strange activity late in the night.

When Art Bell returned to SIRIUS XM radio in 2013, something seemed off. The opening intro, the guests.. the format. SIRIUS XM did not seem to be the rightful home for Art Bell. The satellite company's chief talent, Howard Stern, certainly did not welcome him with open air.. Lots of others poked fun at Bell for disallowing cursing no his unregulated program. And then when Bell chose to ask Sirius to be permitted to broadcast his show on his own website, he seemed to have an inability to grasp the notion of the contract he signed.

Little did anyone know at the time, of course, was that Coast to Coast AM was working behind the scenes to secure Art Bell's spot on the INDIE station--the home that Coast still has today on XM..

Art Bell has been toying with fans in various places for months. On BELLGAB, he has become a regular contributor to the message board site. On Facebook, he drops messages from time to time about his plans.

Tonight, he posted what seems to be a near-maybe-soon to be decision on his future program, MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT. Bell said,

Midnight in the Desert

Here is what I can tell you, Keith and I are going to think about this over this Weekend but it looks like instead of making a deal with anybody else we will do it ourselves. We will be on the Internet and everybody will be able to hear the show on Tune In (free app) Worldwide.

If we decide to move forward I will be ordering the gear by Tuesday. The music is taken care of and the time of the show will be 9PM-12AM PT M-F.

The live show will be free, but because we are doing it ourselves we will be depending on people buying membership for 5 bucks a Month which gives you the Podcast and Wormhole and so forth. If they don't we won't get very far because we pay music, Bandwidth, Producer Etc.

We could have signed with a Partner BUT they wanted to put us in a pay wall with other stuff and the price would have been at least double with all kinds of restrictions so we think we will put up the money ourselves and roll the dice. It's a gamble but so is life.


The gamble..

Keith Rowland and Art Bell will undoubtedly have a tough choice on their hands this weekend. Art Bell said on BELLGAB that Rowland doesn't have much money for the game. Bell himself even said he wanted to try to save the money has put away for his family, and at the same time hinted about how expensive it will be to buy equipment to broadcast himself and how much money it was going to take to be able to play bumper music.

Five dollars a month will help him.

But will it be enough.

There are two schools of thought in my own head on the return of Art Bell to radio. On one hand, I want him back. I am a little dismayed by most of the 'paranormal' talk that is out there--those who fall victim to believing everything or others who simply pretend to understand the paranormal as a means of pretending to be the next Art. And with a return to the radio, there's a good chance that real talk will return. Questions that matter, speculation based on common sense, a fun spirit of tin-foil-hat wearing paranoia without being too paranoid. And truthseeking with critical thinking instead of gullibility.

On the other hand.. if a failure occurs, and yet another quick retirement happens, the Art Bell stock will be utterly washed up. Gone. Finished. And a mighty career and industry-changing life will be forced into the background without respect.

I am biased. As  fan, I hope scenario two never happens. I certainly don't think it will, but say it only for the purposes of possibility.

The podcasting world is saturated.

I have a very tough time keeping up with message boards and blogs that I love. I have an equally difficult time, as of late, finding the time to write as much as I crave doing so. But the podasting world? With a blog or website, you can quickly skim for the best parts. You can see the bold type and read, quickly, what may matter more than the rest of the verbiage. But with podcasting, you can't really do such things.. it's much tougher to find a batch of podcasts you really love and find the time to actually listen to them all.

And that is why Art Bell has to be good.

He will be successful, I predict, in gaining back the fans who have become weary with Coast to Coast AM. He may even build his audience a bit, based on the fact that so many newcomers to the Coast show have grown equally tired of cue-card questions and borderline stupidity displayed by George Noory. But will Art Bell be able to gather enough of the new generation to listen?

It's interesting to think that all of the things popular today, the ghost tales and stories of alien encounters, UFO sightings, and conspiracy, all have a bloodline dating back directly to Art Bell. And few in the new generation of social media or internet broadcasting have a clue as to how their world and subject matter popularity was based off of the hard work of someone who went against the grain in a time when 'paranormal' was marginalized and mocked.

In that sense, Art Bell deserves the respect of the people who buy into the ideas he promoted.

But we know that what should happen doesn't always occur.

I will not be making any predictions on whether there will be success found on MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT. Of course, I will be working 5 bucks a month into my budget. Heck, if I subscribed (for three months) to Sirius, 5 bucks is a bargain.

Art Bell will need a lot of people like me, however.

Time will tell to see if he gets them.


Water wars coming. The next crime wave is predicted

I recall a documentary I saw back in the late 1990s, it was some sort of bad TV special--bad in acting and producing--that predicted what the next fifty or so years of life may be like. Some talked about Nostrodamus, others just predicted based off of scientific research. One particular thing stuck in my mind: The possibility of 'waters wars,' with shortages and droughts people would be forced to fight and become adversaries just for a drop of liquid.

I kept that fearful tale in the back of my mind for years.

Today, I read this headline and the fear came racing back.

Dateline, KQED Science section, an article written by Sasha Khokha:


The story comes from the drought scourged California landscape, where water is no where and there's hardly a drop to drink, or use for farming. Underground aqueducts are quickly becoming clay. It's getting tense, with Governor Brown announcing tough restrictions on the use of water.

Meanwhile, golf courses remain green, as do the luxurious yards of the rich and famous. But that's a whole other story.

The article linked weaves a troubling tale of what the near future could look like. A maybe those 'water wars' fears from that unnamed 1990s special could actually occur.

From the story, the more important text:

“They’re taking the water hoses, taking the copper wiring,” says the county’s District Attorney, David Linn. “We’ve even had instances where they’ve come in and stolen the water pumps from the farmers.”

Linn has recently launched a new task force so rural residents and farmers can reach a deputy district attorney 24-7 to report crime, including illegal well drilling.

Linn says a hypothetical call might be, “You know over the past two weeks, the water flow on my kitchen sink has continued to decrease. I notice there’s a couple of big drill rigs across the road, looks like they’re very active.”

An investigator could come out and talk with the well driller to make sure they’re drilling where they should be.

“We want to stop the wholesale planned attempt by water drillers to essentially tap out entire neighborhoods of homes without proper legal authority,” says Linn.

If water is siphoned out of a storage tank, or a water pump goes missing, the DA’s office could dispatch investigators to the scene to collect evidence for prosecution.

Under last year’s landmark groundwater law, local officials will be taking on the primary responsibility for managing groundwater and enforcing new rules.

The Madera County Task Force also plans to educate farmers about the best kinds of fences and tank enclosures to keep out water thieves.

Imagine: Water delivery trucks will be threatened. Fire hydrants will be targets.. People will be dying--if things get really, really bad, for just one more taste of life-continuing liquid. Just one more drop of the once abundant resource that we all need to sustain life..

All of these hypothetical fears are, frighteningly, quickly become more than hypotheticals. They are becoming likely possibilities.

I recall that scene from the TWILIGHT ZONE episode the Midnight Sun, where water was scarce and the earth was moving towards the sun--before a sudden change in course and it was hurled away. But during peak hot times, the program illustrated the desperate need that law abiding people would have and how they may resort to things that, under fair circumstances, they'd never consider. And that, in the end, is what is tough for us to consider: The prospect of people doing desperate things with the scarce resource of water drying up across the populous state.

I think the entire country is hoping for rain.

But forecasters aren't giving much hope lately.