Friday, May 1, 2015

Mars astronauts could develop dementia on journey to Red Planet

The University of California found that exposure to highly energetic charged particles - much like those found in the galactic cosmic rays – can cause significant damage to the central nervous system, resulting in brain impairments, according to reports today. 

This has big ramifications.. it could prevent us from going to Mars. But.  Maybe we should send androids there first. Humanoids to test the waters and see what things are like. Eventually when we merge man with machine we can join the robots who by then will have a beautiful garden with a terrace overlooking the planet Earth built for our arrival.
A human can dream.
Nonetheless. The article worth reading here:

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Get to a better state. NOW!

Marketing has taken a darker turn lately.. The other day AARP put out an ad called bath featuring a peaceful scene of a woman bathing her child--the video was called bath. If you listen really closely, the TV in the background featured an announcer talking about martial law being declared in the United States. The AARP ad ends with 'in your new role.' Conspiracy theories did abound--I think perhaps rightfully so.. that was quite a creepy ad when you consider the background noise that is subliminally being implanted into your head..


But there's a new visitor on the block taking some attention away from the subliminal that AARP put out. This one is a bit more overt. On May 11, a new State Farm ad promises, something will happen.  They also hashtagged their video "#TuneInEarthlings" ..   The alien angle has seemingly riled up some of the quaint places online. Worries and fears that an invasion is imminent.. does State Farm know something..?!

And will our plans COVER an hostile alien takeover? I think the adjusters may not even show during a crisis of that nature.

Marketing 101.. State Farm is getting great attention from a vast amount of people who'd normally never pay attention to State Farm ads. Probably for the right reasons.. they are using the modern love of horror and sci fi to their advantage with an ad about something from beyond Earth disrupting "Jake's" life.. I love the ad.

But the AARP thing?
That one is freaky.

I would much rather purposely overt horror than the subliminal kind.

So on May 11, perhaps, we'll know. The aliens strike and State Farm does into hyper-insurance-drive. And then the AARP turns up the volume on their "Bath" promo and lets the world hear about the Martial Law.

Buy your coverage now. Time is running out.


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The long goodbye

Let me fill you in on a little secret: You saw someone today that is going to die.
As a matter of fact, you saw a lot of people that are going to die.
And it all started this morning when you glanced in the mirror and tried to understand the ball of electrons and atoms staring back at you, vibrating in some form of reality that your mind tries to understand. But in reality doesn't get one bit of..

I knew someone who died today. A few days ago, I alluded to a friend who was afflicted with cancer, and who was succumbing to the disease after his battle began to end. He passed away from this world early in the morning, and has become the latest person in my life and close circle of friends and family to meet destiny. I suppose someone out there reading this right now may have the same moment of sadness and grief as well. Death is common, after all..

My heart is distraught and my mind is reeling. I am attempting to understand the significance of life and somehow juxtapose that with the rapidity of death. Our arrogance and affluence permits us to borrow time. But that time is fleeting. All things must end, including the worries and fears, smiles and hugs. All things must end..
And that's the part that darkens my spirits this evening..

The internet has been a wonderful thing. And an awful thing all at the same time. For much of my life, I expressed myself in private settings. I would summons my artistic powers and draw cartoons or comics in the good times. In the bad times I'd plant the seed of darkness and expel all of my emotions using less vibrant colors.. less humor.. More of the deeper stuff, I suppose. But with the advent of the Internet during my late high school years, that source of artistic adventure was turned off, met instead with the HTML coding and eventually blog services that would steal the paint.  I have tried to draw now and then. For the most part I either can't think of something or I am mentally unable to focus long enough to make a picture look good, good like I think they used to.  So instead now, I write.
And tonight I feel that need to write, to get thoughts down in this setting, and surrender myself for a while to the tears that indeed are flowing due to the death of a friend.

This special person and I were also coworkers. Most of the time, when we talked, our chats would turn into conversations and often times feel never ending. But in a very good way. Once we got work off the table, our talks would turn deeper and other-worldly.  He, like me, consistently pondered about the meaning of life, the purpose of our bodies, and the questionable reality of our souls. I often thought that God is math, he thought God was electricity. Either way, neither of us had the belief that God was the large white male with a beard that Catholic nuns had taught us. A little more of a nuanced approach to faith was in play once we got talking..

I will forever miss these talks--these amazing moments in which both of us let our guards down on purpose and spoke freely and openly about fears and superstitions, facts and figures.  Now tonight, I suppose one can say he knows the answers to the mysteries of the planet earth.
As do many others by the second.

x x x

My son falls asleep to music now. Instead of bed time stories, we quietly play YouTube videos of songs he likes to relax him. His little four-year-old nature is perceptive. He knew I was sad today and asked why.. I honestly told him what had occurred, and he looked down and admitted "that is sad, Daddy." Of course, as a child would do, he eventually wanted to think about those innocent kid things again. Which was fine for me, wrestling my son when he is calling himself the Incredible Hulk is much better than focusing on negativity all night.
But before he fell asleep, he picked the CIRCLE OF LIFE song from the LION KING. Somehow the words had an extra special meaning today, this day, when the CIRCLE OF LIFE was completed for one and undoubtedly beginning for a lot more..

x x x

The death toll in Nepal is rising rapidly. And that is the horror so often seen in this world. One earthquake has taken the lives of thousands of poor people who were living in squalor already. The Prime Minister said the numbers could get to a frightening level of 10,000 or more.. Death at that scale happens from time to time on this planet. Either Mother Nature is busy utilizing the tricks of the trade to steal the lives of humans, or Man himself thinks of plots to murder his fellow friends on the earth. Deadly days are always here--the end of the world, feared by many, happens every single day.

x x x

I am not a hopeless person. I am not someone who enjoys reliving the dour over and over again--some who know me, even close friends, often accuse me of that very thing. Instead, I contemplate these events of sadness and grief in an attempt to understand them. Sometimes even to quell my loud laughter on purpose.. because I need to know what I am laughing at. Events of awful nature can often put things in a greater perspective.
Ever have one of the day job moments when backbiting, sour apple co-workers, and meaningless office politics takes over your existence? When you think that those things actually matter? You get shaken up now and then.
You meet a bigger destiny..
You often meet a maker.

x x x

Death has been called the great equalizer. We all share one bond on this planet, regardless of rich or poor dispositions: We will have the common event of an ending at some point.
We hope far away in the distance.. We long for the taste and smells of life. But they go away..

x x x

I recall about a year ago, my work had a conference. That same person who died today was alive and well then, just diagnosed with cancer.  He and others, along with me, went to a fancy steak house and he splurged, buying all of us dinner and a few rounds. He wanted no argument at the time the bill came. He wanted to pay. That was his nature--but that night even more, because he wanted us to remember a rancorous good time of loud laughter, cold beer, and great food. All on him--his gift to us... This is one of his finest moments, and perhaps one of his happiest. The sight of us allowing him to get the tab made him the happiest man in the room that evening.
He was a consummate professional but also a never-ending entertainer. He played songs loud and sang louder. He lit up a room when he entered.
Those rooms lit by the fiery of his existence are dark this night.

x x x

What is life?
What is death?
Those questions are asked to often we fail to even care anymore..

Instead in the age of smart phones when a hand held device gives us all of the information we crave, we stopped asking the important things.

Hillary Clinton is apparently going against some of Bill's crime policies from the 90s.  Jeb Bush did something too. I don't recall what it was. And I frankly don't care. These are not the stories of human passion that we should be hearing.

We should be racing for the stars, trying to find Mars..
By now cancer should be gone..
At this point, all people should have a chance for a happy life.
Every child should share in the dreams of a planet..
Life is too short..
By the time you get to this point in this posting, it's even shorter for you.


x x x

A little rock and roll heaven may be needed for a moment like tonight..
So enjoy it..
Life is only a one night stand. If you believe in forever, of course.

So do you believe in forever?

Judge Orders Etan Patz Jurors Back to Deliberations After They Send Note Saying They're Deadlocked


We need a decision on this case... the jury needs to decide. Too many years of injustice have already happened..

David Letterman Reflects on 33 Years in Late-Night Television in a NYTimes interview

You can read the full interview  here:

One quote I felt was notable, as it shows the melocholy nature of Letterman during this transition:






David Letterman Reflects on 33 Years in Late-NightTelevision

Slide Show | Letterman Prepares to Sign Off A look backstage at the “Late Show” as David Letterman nears the end of his more than 33 years in late-night television.


APRIL 29, 2015

In a single bound, David Letterman seemed to leap the full length of the stage at the Ed Sullivan Theater, racing from backstage as if he’d been thrust forward by the fanfare played by his longtime bandleader, Paul Shaffer, and his CBS Orchestra, and by the rumble of his announcer, Alan Kalter, bellowing his name — “Daaaaay-vid Leh-terrrr-maaaaaaaan!”

It was a routine Mr. Letterman, 68, has performed countless times but will repeat no more after May 20, when he will preside over his last episode of “Late Show,” the CBS franchise he established and has hosted since 1993. Like the veteran slugger who comes to the ballpark for batting practice, he was here on this April afternoon partly to warm up his swing on a few easy pitches, but mostly to put on a show.

No home viewers were watching as he twirled his microphone around like a Wild West lasso, walked it across the floor like a dog and leaned on an expensive broadcast camera. This was a pretaping ritual Mr. Letterman was doing only for the few hundred audience members in the theater. Or maybe he was doing it only for himself.

“Everything O.K. at home?” he asked the crowd. “Everything O.K. at work?” Met with mostly cheers, he laughed and added: “You don’t find yourself filled with some kind of emotional longing? Are we emotionally stable?”

David Letterman dressing for a taping of “Late Show.” Each cup to the left represents a completed show.


But how could these fans not be riddled with angst, knowing that in a few weeks, Mr. Letterman would bid a heartfelt good night to all of this, after a run of more than 33 years in late-night television — even longer than the three-decade tenure of his mentor, Johnny Carson. After that last show, he will head home to his wife, Regina, and 11-year-old son, Harry, and try to figure out what comes next.

"" style="border: 0px; vertical-align: bottom;">

Late-night television will feel the loss of Mr. Letterman, one of its most innovative and unpredictable broadcasters, who in 1982 took a sleepy NBC time slot following Carson’s “Tonight” show and transformed it into a ceaseless engine for Top 10 Lists,Stupid Pet Tricks and a decade’s worth ofpioneering comedy bits.

With almost no blueprint to follow, Mr. Letterman showed that late-night TV could offer more than a what’s-in-the-news monologue and witty banter with celebrity guests (though he was capable of doing all that, as well). He made his show a home for misfits and oddballs, for Andy Kaufman’s slap fights and Larry (Bud) Melman’s shrill soliloquies, where champion bird callers or his own mother were deemed as important as Hollywood ingĂ©nues or rising rock bands.

Mr. Letterman proved he could reinvent himself, too: When he was passed over as Mr. Carson’s heir in favor of Jay Leno, he packed up for the uncharted territory of CBS and became a more inclusive — if still idiosyncratic — master of ceremonies.

Mr. Letterman reviewing cue cards with Todd Seda.


But Mr. Letterman is leaving a late-night biosphere very different from the one he helped thrive. Hosts like Jimmy Fallon (who ultimately replaced Mr. Leno at “Tonight”) and Jimmy Kimmel (at ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live”) are dominating with their own ingenious energy, their Internet savvy and their visible youth, and Mr. Letterman is about to be replaced by Stephen Colbert, the politically astute smart aleck of “The Colbert Report.”

Not that any of these issues appeared to be on Mr. Letterman’s mind during his preshow set. Asked by an audience member from Newberg, Ore., if he had any advice for that city’s impending graduates, Mr. Letterman replied, “Treat a lady like a whore, and a whore like a lady.” After some laughter at this seemingly un-Letterman-like joke, the host chuckled to himself and said: “I don’t know why I would say something like that.”

“What do you care?” Mr. Shaffer said.

But no matter how hard he has tried to hide it over the years, Mr. Letterman doescare. As he said, more sincerely, to the man who had asked for graduation advice, “If you do good things for people, it will never stop making you feel good about yourself.”

Upstairs in his “Late Show” offices a few hours later, a contemplative Mr. Letterman emerged, dressed in khakis and a T-shirt that said “Genetically Engineered Trout Is Safe!” to reflect on all that he has learned along the way. In these edited excerpts from that conversation, he offered his unguarded and unsparing assessments of his heroes, his colleagues, his would-be successors and himself.

Q. As your last show approaches, have there been times when you’ve thought: I’m leaving too soon?

A. Yeah, I’m awash in melancholia. Over the weekend, I was talking to my son, and I said, “Harry, we’ve done like over 6,000 shows.” And he said, [high-pitched child’s voice] “That’s creepy.” And I thought, well, in a way, he’s right. It is creepy. Every big change in my life was full of trepidation. When I left Indiana and moved to California. When Regina and I decided to have a baby — enormous anxiety and trepidation. Those are the two biggest things in my life, and they worked out beyond my wildest dreams. I’m pretending the same thing will happen now. I’ll miss it, desperately. One of two things: There will be reasonable, adult acceptance of transition. Or I will turn to a life of crime

I find it amazing to contemplate that the David Letterman I came to love in my youth and teenage is unknown to the modern era.. forgotten by the aging viewers.. and a product of a time that is forever gone never to return.

Letterman referred to the Jimmys  thst now surround him ..and they are dominating and creative ..

I was struck by Letterman now having a say in the Colbert pick. After all, back last century Letterman hand picked Tom Snyder on the Late Late Show.. now Letterman seems to be getting the watch from CBS tv... to be given a nice goodbye dinner but quickly forgotten gy the network...

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Avengers: Age of summer movies

Ticket sales for AVENGERS AGE OF ULTRON are already defeating the first 2012 film's numbers.. It's an early projection, but if this continues, this film is going to have a solid weekend that may lead to some box office records. The summer movie season indeed begins in May. And consider this: Age of Ultron advance tickets comprised 84% of Movieticket.com’s sales between April 27 and April 28..  It has been the number 1 film in every country it opens in so far. FURIOUS 7 may have been a hit. But a few AVENGERS are about to change that..

Purge Splurge

When horror movies meet reality, we are there to contemplate it..

There were lots of 'purge' stories making the round on Google. The word was trending since the Baltimore bedlam began.. that is because groups of teens, we are told, were posting signs saying that there would be a 'purge' on Monday night. We saw the riots that developed.  The BALTIMORE SUN reports about how cops think the purge notion and plans came straight from the horror movie. 

This is not the first time the term purge has been in the news. In 2014, several 'purge' fears were prevalent after rumors circulated in cities across American of similar plans for violence, without any materializing.

 The movie THE PURGE, however, is now directly being BLAMED by some for the violence in the city..

This time in Baltimore, perhaps, as opposed to the past 'purge' meme warnings, violence did materialize. But to blame a movie? Perhaps this is just a chance for the media to drum up more fear over the summer of hell that may be coming..

Midnight strikes again, Art Bell relationship back on with Keith Rowland

Art Bell posted a message to his  Facebook feed today informing fans that once again he has resumed his professional relationship with his webmaster, Keith Rowland.

Yesterday Bell posted a somewhat apocalyptic message stating that Rowland was quitting and that the program Midnight in the Desert may not continue without his presence to assist with legal and technical issues. Rowland also reportedly was going to give up the dark matter radio network...

Today things reversed course.. Bell posted this message showcasing that's a relationship was back


Fans are undoubtedly dizzied by the developments over the past 72 hours. Website hackings, cryptic Noory messages. And now a public battle playing out in real time--battles in showbiz thst typically take place behind the scenes.

The latest Reuters dispatch on the Iran situation


Claim: Iran seizes U.S. ship, 34 sailors, US denies

Arab news sources reporting..


The screen cap for the record...

The BBC however is reporting this at the moment:
American officials have denied media reports that a US cargo ship had been seized by the Iranian navy.

The Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya TV network had reported that a US vessel had been seized and taken to an Iranian port.

However, the Pentagon spokesman said the vessel involved was flagged to the Marshall Islands and that no Americans were on board

The markers are watching..


Israeli sources claim warning shots were fired but no takeover occurred...
Developing story...

Nightmare in Nepal with warnings that death toll could exceed 10,000

The death toll is nearing 5000..m the prime minister says it could double to 10,000 as more remote villages became searched by teams...
The area is poor, but the remote villages are even more so .. the constructed buildings are delapidated and already in complete dissaray.
This story is getting only worse by the day, if not the hour..

Monday, April 27, 2015





Freddie Gray's funeral day..
Cops hit..



The scenes from Baltimore today are troubling to watch for those who have called for peace after the death of Freddie Gray in police custody .. And for those who live in Baltimore or even vistors who have come to love the city …and for Americans who want the rule of law but also justice for all to prevail for all regardless of race or class difference..

Freddie Gray was arrested for looking at police.. And when he was in their custody his spine was severed.. But it did not begin there.. Race relations and tension in not only Baltimore but many other places have been brewing for some time.. Tension has been boiling tonight just as a funeral for Gray was ending..
The justice department is looking into it..

Lynch will now be on the case, though both she and her boss avoided media questions on the Baltimore riots today.

So tonight cars are burning, businesses owned by hard working people stripped of their livelihood.. Liquor stores ransacked.. High schoolers sending around memes of tales of a 3pm purge.. Rocks thrown, gangs meeting up with protesters,  police injured, and the world is watching.

The events of 1968 .. And now 2015.

Th sun has set on the city of Baltimore now..

The only lights seen are that of cameras from media glare, dim street lights, and fires set by the hands of rioters destroying their own city..

Pray for calm to prevail. Because the alternative is tragic..

Rowland with the punches: Keith calls it quits, Art Bell may too

If it's not a website being hacked, it's a quitting. Tonight, Art Bell announced to fans that his friend for years and webmaster, Keith Rowland, is calling it quits. With his absence, Bell hints, there is a less of a chance he will return to the air this summer for the planned July MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT.

In full, Bell writes,

I am sorry to announce that Keith Rowland has informed me tonight that he no
longer wants to move forward (he quit). This follows a conversation I had with him in which I asked him to not snap at people. I was concerned because he was in charge of the Business side of the deal which is a lot of work and involves dealing with people. Business is built on relationships. He said the stress of all this was to much for him which is understandable because there is a great deal to do on his side. He further told me that he will turn his Network over to somebody else. All this was as much a shock to me as I am sure it is to you.

As a result of this, it is less likely that I will move forward because I can not handle both The Talk Host part of the job as well as the Music License matters, the Streaming deals that have to be made, the Website, the Producer he had lined up and much more.

Since I have already bought all the Studio gear I will go ahead and build the Studio with the hope of finding a way forward. This is not me saying I quit, it is me saying that right now I don’t see a way to get it all done. If I can find a way, I will do so, but this is kind of a stopper for the moment. I will keep you all informed.


The incident Bell is hinting to occurred this weekend when BELLGAB was hacked and taken down, Rowland wrote a Tweet critical of the webmaster. Rowland took the tweet down and also apologized.

The latest development is a surprise to Bell fans. He and Rowland have long been a team. Rowland even hosted a site ArtBell.net for years while Bell was incognito and absent from radio.

The HORROR REPORT has reached out to Rowland for commentary on tonight's development.  We will update accordingly should any further information abound. We additionally are interested if Rowland will continue as Bell's webmaster, as the site was updated tonight with this information: http://artbell.com/art-puts-comeback-on-hold/

Meanwhile, this strange news comes hours after George Noory Tweeted this:


While it would be a bit wild to speculate that Noory knew anything of this, it surely is interesting timing. He mentioned 'war' before BELLGAB was hacked, and now  promised something 'big' before Keith Rowland quit Art Bell's DARK MATTER and MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT..


US lowers fluoride levels in drinking water for first time in over 50 years

Apparently it's causing white spots on teeth.
Story here:


Not mentioned: the fact that fluoride cuts through concrete and the studies showcasing a lowering of IQ and ineffectiveness of doing anything to help teeth when ingested ... topical is a different story.

Currently over 70% of Americans get fluoride in their water. And that's not counting soda and beer.

There have long been claims of a cancer relationship to the chemical..

And now the government is taking it down a notch.
Because of white spots of course. Not that other stuff..

Buyer beware! Art Bell to be featured keynote speaker at September conference... OR IS HE

Time to play truth or trash.. a website for a September 2015 event is selling tickets to an Art Bell keynote speech. Bell is front and center on the page. Which came as a surprise to Bell today when he learned it!!

More here--

The date for the conference and information:

SEPTEMBER 23-27, 2015 FROM TO 9 AM TO 10 PM, LAX Holiday Inn 9901 South La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90045


From the 5D event website, a description of the upcoming conference:

5D EVENT is about 5 days of celebration and life transformation of like-minded crowd of attendees with over 50 keynote speakers giving over 100 amazing Lectures, Panels, Workshops & Exhibits in a wide variety of subjects such as: Consciousness, Science, Cutting edge Technologies, Latest Health discoveries, Energy Healing, Healing the Earth, The intention and determination to bring rain and raise underground water levels with group Sound Vibration, Chanting, Meditation and Prayers with daily workshops and gatherings, Longevity, Moving away from Mass Media fear factor with creating Global communities with New Humanity Movements, Free Energy, Alchemy, Spirituality, Peace, Freedom, Human Rights, GMO, NWO, United Nations 300 pages report of Agenda 21, Eugenics, Extraterrestrial  Disclosure, Time Travel, UFO/ IFO, Alien types, Cosmic Cultures, Secret Space, Paranormal, Metaphysics, DNA Activation, Forbidden Archeology, Secrets of Pyramids, Human origins, Crop circles, Path of Enlightenment, Conscious Leadership, Conscious Commerce, Business Networking, Self-Development,Empowerment, Personal Growth, Soul Cleansing, Karma cleaning, Self-Confidence, Vitality, Conscious Dating, Joy, Life Satisfaction, Evolution, Thriving, Awakening, Mastery, Meditation, Music, Building a better future with Star Seeds, Indigo and New Humanity..

But There MAY Be One problem..
Art Bell isn't yet committed to the event!!

Bell posted this on Bellgab:
Wow, somebody is selling tickets on a false premise, I only tol him I would think it over and he should call me back which he has not done, not smart.

Bell made an additional note of warning on his Facebook page:

A new age indeed...
September ...two months after a Midnight tide begins.. and people making quick profits off of the Bell name.

How Many People spent Money On this?!
Buyer beware....

Another Look At Joker In 'Suicide Squad'

Another Look indeed.  And this one appears just a little more ghoulish than the previous...



Furious 7 tops US box office for a fourth week

Nothing seems to br stopping FURIOUS 7.

Until perhaps a week from now when a gew AVENGERS may dethrone the four weekend KINGS...


Cnn headline: Solemn, stupefied, families stare at ruined lives

The title is true.. the dramatic earthquake and aftermath has destroyed so many lives and properties that the numbers are simply overwhelming  to contrmplate.. the death toll is rising quickly through yhe 3000s and closing in on 4k.. the amount of destruction is unfathomable.. the CNN headline is accurate and descriptive of the Nepal nightmare tye world is watching ..




Land rises out of the sea in Hokkaido, Japan

The extra stretch of coastline at the town of Rausu on Hokkaido island has risen as high as 10 metres from the sea surface in some places, exposing what used to be the ocean floor to the elements

There has been fear and speculation over the sudden land mass .. geologists attitude it to a landslide ...

Others gearing up for potential seismic activity. 



Sunday, April 26, 2015

George Noory investigates

With the thrilling day of high drama at BELLGAB, Sunday night just won't end quietly.. Hours ago, Bellgab redirected to George Noory's COASTTOCOASTAM.COM, but tonight Noory himself is posting messages on the site that was hacked earlier.. Minus the 'crown' avatar, Noory stuck with the koala bear. He wrote,
Rest assured folks we were just as baffled as you and were conducting an investigation to see if my site had any unusual activity its bizarre

He additionally addressed the concern by some that he was threatening a 'war' with Bell's fans.. Noory wrote,
Not war with bellgab lol I meant were are about ready for war in the middleast yetpeople were concerned about my avatar

In the spirit of the increasingly tense verbal battle as the July 20th MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT premiere, Art Bell wrote,
Hey George, when your done with your investigation perhaps you can help out with the St Louis PD internal probe.

Bell added,
Dave's actions are getting worse and his excuses for them much worse.

The whirlwind of a Sunday with the FTP nightmare facing MV at Bellgab may have ended. But showcasing how popular the site has become, it is yet again the epicenter evidencing differences between both camps of fans.

It indeed was a strange day. To borrow a term from Coast's host, 'bizarre.'

But the clear loser of a day? A guy from Pittsburgh who had a planned interview with George Noory sidelined by fate.

In the words of Graham Hess in SIGNS: Everybody in this family needs to just calm down and eat some fruit or something..

Bellgab back after FTP nightmare


After hours of mysterious events leading to the vanishing act of BELLGAB, it has returned..

Users were stunned late Saturday night when BELLGAB began redirecting to Coast to Coast AM's official website.

We can now confirm that someone hacked into the BELLGAB server and changed coding to create the redirect. Even more, the attack appears to have come from an international source.
There may be legal ramifications--it is illegal to do such activity.
However, the return of BELLGAB will end rampant speculation that the site's owner sold out for a quick penny to Premiere Radio Networks..

Now as far as that 'war' Noory warned of?
While there is no evidence that pinpoints this attack from the direction of Noory or cohorts, it's perhaps the opening battle truly of a long war before July..


The numbers continue to climb after the massive 7.8 quake.. Now it stands at 2,336 and most come from Nepal itself, with neighboring countries such as India reporting dozens ..

There have been powerful aftershocks making the horror of clean up and rescue missions even worse. There was a strong 6.7 quake just today--considered an aftershock but certainly strong enough to be considered a major quake as well.. There newest earthquake today also set off more avalanches on Mount Everest, according to those climbing..







The popular message board BELLGAB.COM is current redirecting to COAST TO COAST AM's official website.   The website Georgenoorysucks.com has also been given a direct  to the same..

There does seem to be a hint of intrigue, however, just by judging from the link that BELLGAB now directs to:


It would be mighty strange, however, for a DMCA battle to play out this way. It's certainly not typical that websites immediately redirect to another with the DMCA note .. Typically a battle over legal issues can take days or weeks, plus the owner of a site would be updated by the ISP prior to any takedown.

The other night when George Noory took to BELLGAB, he used the term war. Perhaps he wasn't showing his cards and the war indeed has begun on the home turf of Art Bell fans..

From NPPA.ORG, here are two easy steps for taking down a website for copyright infringement.. From the site:
The same provision of copyright law that allows for the takedown notice also allows the alleged infringer to file a counter notice. After sending your takedown notice to the ISP, the ISP will notify the alleged infringer of the notice. The infringer then can send a counter notice to the ISP declaring that the infringer “has a good faith belief that the material was removed or disabled as a result of mistake or misidentification of the material to be removed or disabled” and other requirements of Section 512 (g). At that point, the ISP is caught in the middle. By law, the ISP must repost the infringing material to its original location.

Unfortunately, the only option then to stop the infringement is to file a lawsuit asking the court to enter an injunction stopping the use of the copyright material

Art Bell posted a Facebook message saying that BELLGAB has been hacked. However, the DMCA Acquire link may prove something else..

There is also rampant speculation on other Twitter feeds and Facebook postings that BELLGAB was 'sold ten days ago,' and that the results of that sale are not apparent..

The HORROR REPORT is attempting to contact the owner of BELLGAB through Twitter along with other users who may have a better direct link to him.