Is Matt Drudge listening to Art Bell?

I think so..

While Matt Drudge didn’t link news on the much reach Drudge Report about Art Bell’s return to radio–he did in 2013 with the Sirius deal–a look at headlines being posted on the site makes one wonder if he’s been listening..

Just today.. Asteroids…blue moon…aliens and the Vatcian.. Cancer from cell phones… Exorcisms airing on live TV and being filmed I parks … And humans evolving a new way of walking.

While Drudge focused mainly on politics over the course of career, oddities and strangeness has been intertwined.. 

I have it on good source that Drudge is a Bell fan. Even when he hosted his own Sunday show in the early part of this century, he crack wisely about Bell taking over the night after him.. 

A peek at Drudge headlines makes me conclude that MIDNIGHT IN THR DESERT may be forcing him to think about other worldly things that matter often more than political intrigue.

Such as Donald Trump. 

If you’re listening Drudge, you’re joining a big group of Midnight fans that Bell is developing. 

Keep on linking the weird. We will keep reading.


Bagpipes will be greeting him in heaven.. He was a legend of his time and ahead of his time just the same.

Tonight TMZ is exclusively reporting that Roddy Piper died at 61 of cardiac arrest–news I don’t want to believe but information I believe is credible enough to pass along..

This year has seen a number of mighty stars of wrestling pass away, most recently Dusty Rhodes..

But Piper came as a shock–61 is young.. 

And his past medical battles, fights he won, made me think he’d be around a lot longer.

But instead he’s gone too soon..

As so many wrestlers before him..

x x x

NEW YORK TIMES calls Piper a master villain..
The top of his game..
Pop culture icon..
WWE statement..

Roderick Toombs dead at 61

Friday July 31 2015

This story is beyond comprehension.. true horror: Ohio man arrested after daughter's decomposing body found in crib.. The man also admitted putting bags of garbage in his young daughter’s room to mask the smell of her decomposing body was granted sole custody of the toddler during a divorce last year..


Cecil the lion's hunter is being hunted.. Mia Farrow tweets out his home address.. He has become the most reviled dentist in the world--quite a feat of talent for dentists..

All tears for Cecil.. but..

The future is now: AP asks if the Internet will listen to private conversations.. At this point, I don't know who people are kidding. The internet has listened, including big tech companies and their email systems.. Refrigerators listening.. washing machines listen.. And lest we forget the words General Petraeus years ago in WIRED: We'll spy on you through your dishwasher.

The old joke gets a remake: Is your refrigerator running? No it's too busy listening to you talk to me..

The HORROR REPORT has worried aloud for many years about solar flares.. This doesn't help: If the earth in the crosshairs of a major solar event, it would only have 12 hours to prep..

And if a massive solar event hit in 2050, what would 9.7 billion people on earth do. You read that right: There are predictions that the planet's population will be nearing ten billion people in our lifetimes..

Rumors yesterday said that missing flight 370 pieces may have been found.. Today officials are stating it's too early to conclude anything regarding the debris..

On-the-run fugutive caught--after being seen ni a low budget horror film! MORE: His appearance in the movie led to his arrest.. his name is Jason Strange and the movie MARLA MAE wrapped up filming just last week..

Millennials don't want to stay in small towns.. They are the the bright lights big city generation..

THE BIG ONE COMING? Fear and loathing in the Bay Area

A few people who I read believed that the film SAN ANDREAS was just product placement for the real deal--that something big was going to happen in California. Getting the people prepped for natural calamity? That indeed is what some argued..

Early this morning there was a 4.0 quake felt far and wide around the city of San Francisco. It rattled nerves more than buildings or ground.. But even scarier than a little rattle would be a bigger shake.

That bigger shake, a geologist says, will happen any day now.

The fault line in question is the Hayward Fault.. Bay area residents, the geologist said, should be ready for a natural disaster that could change landscape and lives.

CBS in the Bay Area interviewed geologist Tom Brocher.. Among the words from the station that may be heeded:

“We keep a close eye on the Hayward Fault because it does sit in the heart of the Bay Area and when we do get a big earthquake on it, it’s going to have a big impact on the entire Bay Area,” Brocher said.
While a 2008 report put the probability of a 6.7-magnitude or larger earthquake on the Hayward-Rodgers Creek Fault system over the next 30 years at 31 percent, Brocher said the reality is a major quake is expected on the fault “any day now.”
“The past five major earthquakes on the fault have been about 140 years apart, and now we’re 147 years from that 1868 earthquake, so we definitely feel that could happen any time,” Brocher said.

Brocher urged residents to take steps to prepare for a major earthquake.

Does this sound imminent to you reading?
Could this just be conjecture? Maybe just a frightful message to stir the pot, keep people motivated to be prepped, and allow people to get a plan ready. Just in case it's any day or any year? Is that what this is?

Some, like Stan Deyo and the famed net quakeshaker DUTCHSINSE, believe that quakes can not only be predicted but also, perhaps, purposely manipulated..

The chorus of proclaimers who think predictions are likely and possible may have not grown larger--a US Geologist warning residents on a large California broadcast station to be prepared and that within only a few days, their world could be rocked and changed..

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