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Some late Saturday night shenanigans making news from the planet and beyond..
Typhoon hits Taiwan with the same force of Katrina.. The storm went on to make landfall in China.. Soudelor was the strongest storm on the planet so far in 2015.. At this point, at least 1 million are without power..
The eye of the drone.. the way we view earth--and photography in general--is changing. Thanks to drones.. and here are some photos to prove it..
Islamic extremists attack and hack to death a Bangledeshi blogger in his home..

How FOX NEWS planned to take down Donald Trump..
More Yellowstone fear--a bear attacked a hiker and killed him.. and that has given rise to the media's ability to bring out the fear.. DAILY MAIL interviews an expert who says a nuclear hell on earth will hit the United States if Yellowstone blows..
Not taught in history books: One of the reasons the United States dropped a nuclear bomb on Japan did not have anything to do with a world war..
From ZERO HEDGE: Dropping the bomb…

The risk of making horror based on real events

Horror movie inspired by real Isla Vista killings sparks outrage, and a petition to stop the release
Director Shaun Hart writes, "While I do admit there is the connection of Santa Barbara, this film is not about Elliot Rodger" /// MORE..

20,000 sign petition to stop release of DEL PLAYA..

This type of event should have been expected..
It is one thing to make a series of films decades after real events--when most of those who suffered the consequences of the reality of horror in life are either expired or too old to fight, or even know about the pop culture incarnation of realistic bloody scenes.. But this film by Shaun Hart hits hard, and soon after events it is based off of played out..
Hart's horror flick DEL PLAYA focuses on a troubled college male who murders after being rejected by a woman. 
Then came a firestorm of controversy..
Then a petition to stop the release..
Then 20,000 + signatures. And then this statement, in full, from Shaun Hart:

First and foremost, I would l…


I have long believed that horror movies and professional wrestling are pop cultural examples of any given time or generation.. I have believed that, still do, and will always.
As an example, as quick as I can explain, Hulk Hogan was the hero of the 1980s. Pure. Americana.. vitamins. The secrets of the 80s era became known later, as did many secrets. But the bear was in the woods during the Reagan years, and flags were waving. All the while, Jason Vorhees was slashing his way through Camp Crystal Lake during the heyday of slasher flicks. But Jason wasn’t just a villain, he was commentary by filmmakers against the Christian Right. Jason was the ultimate judge and jury. Almost Godlike, some would say.. he killed those who had premarital sex and also teenagers who lost respect for adults. Fast forward to the 1990s, beer swigging Steve Austin became Stone Cold and the attitude of the Clinton years came into full swing.
After 9/11, the birth of the torture porn films took place. Torture wa…

The wild Donald Trump

The presidential race is amazingly entertaining .. 24 million people watching an early republican primary debate is almost unbelievable .. And now post debate commentary from Trump about Megyn Kelly saying blood was coming out her 'wherever' for him uninvited to a conservative event this weekend ...

Trump praise Drudge. He told CNN he wants 25% of their profits and that he won the debate..

This is much more entertaining than a reality show and as long as he's in the race ratings will continue to surge .. And the GOP will continue to live in a constant state of panic and fear with each poll showing Trump ahead that comes out..

A creepy weekend read: True crime and the people who clean up after it

Presented on CRACKED: Things you learn when cleaning a murder site..
There are some obvious horrid things in here--like the clean up after a body is found drained of blood in a bathtub.. and also some emotionally true things, like the fact those who find the body of someone who committed suicide are likely to do the same thing themselves..

This article is not presented with any form of glee.. instead it is a true and accurate portrayal of the rottenness and loathsomeness that life often has..

Read at your own mental risk..
And don't think for an instance that it's easy being someone who fights crime or discovers the victims of it..and especially that it's easy for someone to clean up after it.

It certainly is not.

Last nights guest on Art Bell professed that the earth is flat

He didn't give his full name but he was adamantly arguing that the round earth idea is misguided and false..
A flat earth..
Tell that to his beautiful sunset as it fades Westward and the night takes over ..

New Line lunacy

New Line Cinema is set to reboot the Nightmare on Elm Street series. Again. Five years after the failed attempt in 2010..

Details are scarce, but it appears that New Line is going back to the drawing board..

That in itself appears to be a veiled admission that the reboot from the second year of the Obama presidency didn't hit the mark..

Actually Freddy fans agree. The movie was a disaster, regardless of the stars who appeared..

I have no hope that the newest incarnation will be any different or better..

The original movie is 30 years old. And still, when you watch it, as good and creative as when it first appeared ..

Sometimes you should let classics be classics. Respect them and leave them alone.

I'm talking to you, POLTERGEIST remakers..

Epic view of the moon transiting the earth

The video was released by NASA..
Comments on the YOUTUBE video are disabled.
But that does not mean other places aren't littered with comments.. such as this: Why aren't the clouds moving...?
You be the judge.
Tropical development off Carolina coast being monitored..
Sex with robots will be the norm in 50, days experts. I tend to think it will happen sooner.. Or already is.
Massive wildfire in California jumping containment areas..
Awful heat in the Middle East..
Police blame Wiccan blue moon ritual for killings in Florida home..
The Benjamin Franklin Bridge is set t be CLOSED when the Pope comes to Philadelphia in September..
Barf bags being handed out for a horror movie? Apparently the film BITE is so awful, there have been ambulances called to a screening, people vomiting, and one person fainting.. All good press in the horror world.
BLOODY-DISGUSTING website includes rape scenes in its listing of 'graphic sex' in horror movies.. This has caused a highly charged comment thread on both Facebook and the website that offered up the story. I am actually thinking a bit about writing more on this topic, stepping into the waters. I have some opinions on what the site has published.. and I am …

Breasts on Mars

Forget about water, Mars enthusiasts, searching like heck for any sign of something on Mars photos released by NASA, found breasts.

We are being told by those who suspect strangeness on the red planet that a woman with large breasts and long hair was watching the Curiosity Rover when her image was captured..

We have now been treated to Mars crabs, squirrels, Obama's statue.. just about everything on that rocky red sphere..

And now a woman with flowing hair standing on a rock...
The truth perhaps is out there. As are theories about the odd things being seen on the planet Mars..

"Free the bacon"

Kevin Bacon takes to the NET to demand more male nudity..]
His goal: Free the bacon..

Lucy wants XENA

Lucy Lawless is positive about a XENA reboot.. she'd love to see it happen..


“If there’s anything current going on, we’re not involved — we being me, Rob [Tapert and] Sam [Raimi],” she told on Friday at the Television Critics Association summer press tour in Beverly Hills. “But [NBC] could be doing it without us; they have the right to, don’t they? … I’d love to see it happen and I know that NBC wants to do it, but they’re just trying to find a way and a time.”
“I really couldn’t live that life,” she told the site. “I look back, I’ve got all sort of wear and tear from that lifestyle. That’s just what happens to human bodies when they get used a certain way a lot. I actually couldn’t do it. I’m 47, but there’s somebody great out there.”


CRUISING: MISSION IMPOSSIBLE SET FOR $50MIL WEEKEND / / / BUT FALLS BELOW PAST 'IMPOSSIBLE' OPENINGS Mission: Impossible - 1996 wknd: $45M - 2015 Adjusted $72.6M.
Mission: Impossible II - 2000 wknd: $57.8M - 2015 Adjusted - $92.4M
Mission: Impossible III - 2006 wknd: $47.7M - 2015 Adjusted - $62.8M

This mission, ROGUE NATION, set for $55 mil.. It could have a strong Sunday...

It HAD a strong Sunday.. $65 mil for the weekend total..

Cruise showing he can still rock the box office..