Russian strikes again expose US disarray

Russian strikes again expose US disarray

He AFP reports:

As US Secretary of State John Kerry was in New York trying to coordinate with his Kremlin opposite number Sergei Lavrov, a Russian officer contacted the US embassy in Baghdad.
His message was simple: Russian jets are about to launch air strikes in Syria, please stay out of their way.
Kerry quickly protested to Lavrov that this was not in the spirit of Moscow’s promise to agree a “de-confliction” mechanism to ensure Russian flights do not interfere with US-led operations.
But the strikes were already underway, potentially altering the balance of power in Syria back in favor of Bashar al-Assad’s regime, and Washington was looking at a fait accompli.

The Mars announcement revealed

Nasa scientists find evidence of flowing water on Mars!! »

Liquid water runs down canyons and crater walls over the summer months on Mars, according to researchers who say the discovery raises the odds of the planet being home to some form of life.

This is big big big big…


Horror flop this weekend: Eli Roth's ode to cannibal horror called THE GREEN INFERNO averaged $955 per theater.. the film is graphic and has a 38 on Rotten Tomatoes.

Reviewers have not been kind, either, calling the film awful..

People with strong stomachs may enjoy the movie. Others may turn away--and it would appear they did if the numbers hold up.. INFERNO appears likely to finish even lower that THE VISIT in its second week in box offices..

HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 is set for number 1 this weekend..


NASA has sent lots of people into a tizzy over the announcement thety say is coming that will 'solve' a mystery about Mars..

The space agency says a major announcement is coming Monday, a news conference is set for 11:30am ET adn will be broadcast on NASA TV and its website--hopefully it the news is big enough, people will ignore Donald Trump for five minutes and actually give the space agency some time on the major networks..

If it's HUGE enough, NBC should do the Chimes of Death and give us a special report on their affiliates. Of course it would have to be big news for the Chimes to play.

Perhaps water on Mars is.. or life.. or evidence, conclusive evidence, of either..

One common joke has emerged on the Twitters: NASA found astronaut Mark Watney. Watney is the name of the fictional astronaut stranded on Mars in the movie THE MARTIAN.

While people are in a frenzy with speculation, a part of me thinks this will be just be a ho-hum news conference with little information rendered.

I hope I'm wrong, but that seemingly has happened before with earth shattering news.

The most exciting space story of the year, minus the rodents on Mars images offbeat sites find, has been Pluto and the ever changing way we view that non planet planet. I think life on Mars or evidence of past life would far dominate Pluto..

We will see Monday.

Mars mystery: NASA will make a special announcement about the red planet on Monday.

Pea soup or CGI?

The power of Christ compels me to not like remakes.. but there is so much hype and hope over the EXORCIST remake that I will hope it's good, too.

The question for me: Will the vomit scene by CGI or will they rely on the old fashioned pea soup method..?

NIC CAGE on PAY THE GHOST and the 2% paranormal activity theory

Nic Cage interviewed on his new horror movie PAY THE GHOST .. the star also talked about the horror genre in general.

 He said, 'I certainly would have participated more in what you call “straight-up horror” if I had been given the opportunities to participate in them earlier on in my career'..

Read more on this. I am with Cage, especially on the slasher body count idea..

 Some more media interviews of Cage yielded this interesting factoid about his true thoughts of the paranormal in general: Esquire talked to him about PAY THE GHOST and also his own personal fears.. "I would say that I'm 98 percent skeptical, but the other 2 percent [is] open for the possibility of things." ..

On the question of whether he experienced the paranormal, Cage responded, "Nothing I would be able to discuss on public record. I'm not going there" ..

Sounds like he may not be doing any Celebrity Ghost Story show, but there may be a basis for the 2%.. I think there is a basis for the 2% with everyone, including me.

When that 2% type of event occurs to you, you're immediately placed into a mental location you've never expected to be. Sometimes you get the same feeling during a NIC CAGE movie (I kid Nic, I kid him) .. but his track record on films is often hit or miss.

Hopefully PAY THE GHOST scares up some cash based off of a strong story line. Often people cringe during Cage flicks. Hopefully if they do during PAY THE GHOST it will be for the right reasons..

When we elevate children to political stardom

A 13-year-old makes national headlines after he claimed he was blocked by the @POTUS Twitter account. CJ Pearson is an immediate success with conservatives for his youthful attacks on the President and Democrats.. He's a black teen who has been swelling in popularity.. But now it appears that the teen in stardom fever either punked his fans or was punked himself, with no evidence pointing at an unfollow conspiracy.. And more: This young intelligent (I will give him that) teen wants people to sign a petition to meet with Obama--this is the reason, Pearson says, he was banned...


It's the SUPERMOON is a quick instructional story on how to take the best pictures of the red moon rising and shadowed by the earth..

The supermoon must see on Sunday: A celestial event that will not happen for another 18 years..

The Mormons are freaked..

Speaking of prophecy..
The Islamic propechies that don't jive with ISIS.. Makes me hum the tune in my head by John Lennon and sing aloud 'imagine no religion'...

The Pope's Excellent American Vacation comes to Philly. And then Francis met Marky Mark

The major story this week was the Papal visit.. covered here a bit too..

There remains a few last minute articles to contemplate regarding the Pope before he goes back to Rome..

Among them:
Did Philadelphia go *way* overboard with security? I know few things not mentioned in the USA TODAY article.. I would argue, based off of what I know, it was beyond overboard and almost paranoid.. Maybe they were listening to the prophecies about end times, or even the Mormons fretting about the Sunday blood moon. The pope has also showcased his energy during his excellent American adventure, but he is now weary and walking with a limp--and caught on camera stumbling up the steps..

 I think people so often forget his age..

But there was one last Papal moment, at this point, that I need desreves some notes..

It's this: Actor Mark Wahlberg hosted an event attended by Pope Francis in Philly.. He also made a joke about the raunchy movie 'TED' in front of Francis..

  After Bobby Hill, 14, of the Keystone State Boychoir performed an opera solo, he told Wahlberg that he liked his performance in the movie about an angry talking teddy bear. "He whispered in my ear that he liked the movie 'Ted,'" Wahlberg said. "I told him that was not appropriate for his age. Holy Father, please forgive me."

He also said "go Eagles"... tacky tacky tacky..


Pope in a Fiat

The scenes have been historic: Pope Francis travailing the streets of the United States, first in D.C. and then in New York. The City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, is on the agenda for Saturday..

The famous Mojave Phone Booth gets re-famous

It's not an urban legend, but sure has the feel of one..

Call and ye shall answer

I called 760-733-9969 a few times since Clyde Lewis mentioned it on his show last night.. Though I had heard about the famed Mojave desert phone booth many times over, I had forgotten it returned a few years ago thanks to someone who bought the line and made a conference call bridge out of it..




Mila Kunis and Rob Zombie have teamed up to executive produce a half-hour horror-comedy series written and created by Arrested Development co-producer Joey Slamon..

The summer of selfie over

It has been a bad year for sharks..
8 people killed..

But news now has been revealed that SELFIES have cost more lives: 12 total have been attributed to people attempting to take dangerous shots of themselves in precarious positions.


A few days ago, Art Bell announced the he was joining with Nexus to provide up to 4,000 stations the ability to 'flip the switch' and broadcast MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT to whatever program directors decide to pick up the show..

It looks like the nighttime revolution is beginning to pick up steam..

A horned beast before a Papal Feast?

Though the Pope is in America, it still must be a slow news day.. Or perhaps my mockery of the 'horned President' images is missing the paranormal boat I should be riding..



For days, Art Bell has teased a major announcement for today.

That announcement hit–it also portends a major development in his program MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT and another enormous opportunity for him to change the night time air waves..
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