SUPERMAN3 recut as horror movie

SUPERMAN III - From Horrible to Horror from One Perfect Shot on Vimeo.

I love when past movies get recut.. this one is good.

Where's Thanksgiving's Horror Movie?

Where's Thanksgiving's Horror Movie?:

INVERSE has a great question..

It may be the one holiday that merely gets satirical horror ..

I think a good Pilgrim Zombie villain is in order.. Thanksgiving needs a bit of horror.

Maybe some short film makers will be up to the task that Hollywood has never been.

Gobble Gobble.

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The top scary movies for the colder season

DREAD CENTRAL gives us a list of the top movies for the winter season–horror with cold and chill as the background theme of the flick. The list here..

I disagree–you heard that right–with virtually the entire list.

The biggest problem is the lack of inclusion of my all time favorite snow/cold related movie: STORM OF THE CENTURY, by Stephen King. It’s the amazing near day-long experience, one that’s perfect for a night stuck in because of snow or a day held up because of closings.. Andre Linoge walking the streets of a town during a blizzard, looking for what he wants to go away. That’s scary. The list from DREAD CENTRAL, to me at least, not scary.

I am sure you have your favorite too..
Mine will always be the STORM..

2015′s great way to celebrate Thanksgiving: 12 hours of Art Bell

KABC in Los Angeles, the big Cumulus station that recently picked up the MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT Art Bell stream, is offering up 12 hours of programming Thanksgiving that features the best of Art Bell’s radio program.

Perhaps even better news, the programming isn’t being picked at random or a computer, it’s from Bell himself.

From the press release:
BELL said, “We are thrilled to be back on the great 790 KABC, where we had great success.  My loyal fans will love that I’m personally hand picking the best 12 hours of out-of-this-world radio.”

Operations Dir. DREW HAYES added, “This ART BELL special goes great with turkey and stuffing, and is the perfect program for families at home or traveling, to enjoy and be spellbound together.”

- See more at:

Gobble gobble.

Dolls of death.. dolls of doom.

Dolls of death.. dolls of doom.

Iraqi forces prevented a major Islamic State (previously ISIS/ISIL) attack as they found and disabled 18 booby-trapped dolls with explosives inside just north of the capital Baghdad. The plot targeted Shia Muslims going on an upcoming religious pilgrimage.


This from RT:
The diabolical plan was to scatter all the dolls alongside the road between Baghdad and Karbala during the Arbaeen pilgrimage, which is a Shia Muslim annual religious observance.

Millions of Shia Muslims walk the path every year. In 2014, there was a new record number of pilgrims, totaling 17.5 million people.

I attempt to recoil from news like this. On one hand, if it’s true, it’s depravity at its finest. And on the other side of the coin, it could always be state propaganda from someone who is trying to compel people with morality into a position of war theater.

Regardless, as a whole, there is something chilling about the perversion of children in this world–the suffering of children.. the theft of childhood.. the insanity of adults who warp the mind of the youth and make their pain on this planet great. The biggest crime a human can commit to anyone–I really believe–is to steal their innocence or their virtue..

Putting bombs in dolls is low.. But nothing new on this sickening planet.. There are times when the bad seems to outweigh the good. It is difficult but true to keep in mind: There are amazing people across this planet and of billions, mostly people who just want to enjoy their short lives..

The big wobble? The big shift? The load of bunk?

I often read about the ‘Inuit reports that the earth has wobbled,’ or shifted.. rumors online say that we just aren’t where we used to be. That the sun sets somewhere else..that the moon isn’t looking right in the sky anymore.

Scientists, when they actually talk about it, dismiss it all.. They use reason and logic to say most of these rumors are false..

The website ALL NEWS PIPELINE has been a mainstay in the conspiracy world online for years.. I read it with interest. I take it all with massive grains of salt but often sprinkle on some pepper to ignite my imagination.

November 20, there was a report on the site again talking about this Inuit rumor that the planet has shifted.. After offering up information on weather and showcasing PDFs of letters to Congress, the site asks:

What are they hiding? There are a variety of theories, including HAARP and the geoengineering and weather manipulation causing the atmospheric chaos being seen today. Some believe we are feeling the effects of the much-talked about Planet X. There is also the IduitElder warning of the “Earth shifting,”  which in light of reports that came pouring in to the ANP comment section yesterday on this article, has many wondering if we are witnessing a magnetic pole shift could be the real culprit behind climate change and if this is the real reason for the government gag orders, the secrecy, and the refusal to provide Congress with the data they have issued a subpoena for.


ALL NEWS PIPELINE is a bit tough to read. Old style HTML coupled with lots of exclamation points and words..

But the gist is clear: The Earth’s position has changed, they say..

I read with MORE interest, the comments section. Such as this comment from someone named June:

Since the late 1990’s, myself and others have noticed that the Sun has shifted into it’s Fall position before it should.
This past summer, the Sun shifted into the Fall position on August 3. This is not normal. So it is not the Sun that is shifting, it is the earth. I’ve read that the magnetic north pole has moved. And since it has, so has the magnetic south pole. I live in NE Ohio, right below Lake Erie


Someone else said,

Sometimes I look up and wonder if I’m on the same planet. Looks like alien skies. It’s amazing and disturbing because I know it’s not supposed to look like that.


A user named JJ offered up reason:

My husband is a logger and I used his compass. Here in south Kentucky, north is north if I can trust this compass


I started paying attention to this whole earth shift rumor about four years ago.

Just a year ago, when I talked about the earth shift again on this website, I received an interesting comment from someone on the post.

There is a ton of information to consider, sift through.. but compel reason in your mind before just buying into climate conspiracy craziness or lunar lunacy.

And with that said, I will only offer up this last thing.
I have noticed some oddities, too.
Some strange … skies.

Over the past several years I have noticed what, well I just can’t describe it really, a certain shift in where the sun in the sky was compared to where it is now. And not just the seasonal changes the sun takes on.. I have some photographs taken this exact time of year in the past. When I see where the sunset was then compared to where it’s setting now, the exact date years later, it’s different. This summer, I noted a part of my house got sunlight that never quite had sunlight in the past.

Am I going crazy? Is this all really happening? I had thought my tin foil hat was secure, but perhaps some loosening has occurred on the skull grip over the past few years..
SOS to the Inuits.. were you right?



The targets listed by Anonymous are as follow:

  • Cigales Electroniques with Vocodecks, RE-Play & Rawtor at Le Bizen (Paris)

  • Concrete Invites Drumcode: Adam Beyer, Alan Fitzpatrick, Joel Mull at Concrete (Paris)

  • Demonstration by Collectif du Droit des Femmes (Paris)

  • Feast of Christ the King celebrations (Rome/Worldwide)

  • Al-Jihad, One Day One Juz (Indonesia)

  • Five Finger Death Punch (Milan)

  • University Pastoral Day (Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Lebanon)

And this:

Anonymous also said the Islamic State group is planning an assault at the WWE Survivor Series event scheduled to take place in the Philips Arena in Atlanta Sunday at 7.30 p.m. EST, as well as attacks at multiple events in Paris


This is a developing story..

Updated: 17 Oklahoma earthquakes of 2.6 magnitude or greater recorded since Thursday's 4.7

Updated: 17 Oklahoma earthquakes of 2.6 magnitude or greater recorded since Thursday's 4.7:

The USGS recorded 17 Oklahoma earthquakes since the 4.7, including a 4.0 magnitude near Crescent, and the 4.1 magnitude near Medford.

The quakes recorded as low as 2.6 magnitude (two Thursday near Cherokee and Medford), but also include six recorded earlier today:

- 2.7 magnitude 6:07 a.m. about 9 miles south-southwest of Cherokee

- 2.8 magnitude 9:42 a.m. about 15 miles north-northwest of Fairview

- 3.1 magnitude 3:11 p.m. about 15 miles east of Cherokee

- 3.2 magnitude 2:06 a.m. about 18 miles  north-northwest of Fairview

- 3.5 magnitude 12:12 a.m. about 9 miles southwest of Cherokee

- 3.5 magnitude 5:22 a.m. about 9 miles southwest of Cherokee.

Remember the good ole’ days when people who said gas well fracking would cause earthquakes were called loons and conspiracy theorists? Environmentalist wackos and alarmists who didn’t deserve press? I remember those days… Happy to have been one of the few who raised alarms.

And now with this many earthquakes in the state that once had so little, this news:
The Oklahoma Corporation Commission announced Friday plans to shut off four disposal wells within 3 miles of the earthquake activity near Crescent on Thursday. Two quakes were recorded, one of which was a magnitude 4.0.

The plan also called for a 50 percent volume reduction at seven Arbuckle disposal wells. Operators at other nearby wells also were put on notice to be prepared for possible changes in operation.

MAYER SLAYERS COMING!?News from inside the world of Yahoo!.. the...


News from inside the world of Yahoo!.. the exclamation point may soon get bigger over the tenure of Tumblr Gobbler Melissa Mayer..

There are troubles in the boardroom–troubles that may portend the end for the acting Mayer..


There have been a number of business decisions, investments, and acquisitions being questioned as of late.. in a very public way.. Questions that showcase risky movies that the board may deem as too much..

The main question: The purchase plan of Alibaba..

As it currently stands, no indications from Yahoo have suggested the company is re-thinking its Alibaba spin-off plan.

One Yahoo investor told us that the board and Yahoo’s management team appears not to be thinking about this as owners of the company — and therefore stewards of shareholder capital — but as a management team that simply wants to keep itself in place.

In other words, this investor sees Yahoo’s board in something resembling self-preservation mode rather than acting in the best interests of the company over the long term.

Mayer is also facing the consequences of her own rule.. The company is   in no better shape now financially than it was before she took over. The acquisition of Tumblr seemed strange at the time it occurred and now even more so.. remember the amount of people who flocked off of the social network then?

As I said then, I will say again. The fact Yahoo! buys something is a virtual online death sentence .. eventually. And just because so many people use Tumblr? Doesn’t mean much. Lots of people used and loved Geocities too.. Nothing is forever. With Marissa Mayer, less things are forever faster..

Time is ticking.
The boardroom is waiting.
Will bedlam hit the board? Or will Mayer live to slay another day?

Reports from inside the Mali hotel where terrorist struck

Gunmen who raided a Malian hotel hollered “Allahu akbar” as they sprayed bullets on tables of people who were gathered for breakfast, a witness said.

The attackers did not say a word to anyone as they opened fire Friday morning, employee Tamba Couye said.

They shot at “anything that moved” as terrified patrons dashed for cover all over the hotel, he said.

By the time United Nations forces got to the site, bodies were scattered across the floors..

Maybe the kids are alright.. the NEW YORK TIMES is running some...

Maybe the kids are alright.. the NEW YORK TIMES is running some student political cartoons..

Very talented.. a nice way to end a Friday night. Perhaps the kids are paying attention after all.

See them here..

This Stormy Star Means Alien Life May Be Rarer Than We Thought

This Stormy Star Means Alien Life May Be Rarer Than We Thought:

And this: There’s a red dwarf about 35 light-years from here that’s spewing powerful, life crushing solar flares into space. These types of stellar objects are fairly common, leading to speculation that our galaxy is less habitable than we thought.

I don’t know if I buy into the argument that the universe is teaming with life.. And likewise don’t buy that there’s none.

But what if–what if!–we really are the only planet in the entire universe that has life! What if it’s us.. Just us. And accidental mishap causing a creation of life and eventually creatures who love and hate.
Perhaps the idea we are alone is a million times more frightening than the prospects we are not..


There seems to be a developing situation unfolding in Mali


The U.S. Embassy in Mali has asked American citizens and its staffers to remain indoors after reports surfaced of a shooting at the Radisson Hotel in the capital Bamako

The 190-room hotel was just finishing off the hosting of a major mining conference, Aislinn Laing writes. Those due to speak included the Malian prime minister, government ministers, African Development Bank representatives as well as the directors of some major mining houses operating in Africa. As a result of the conference, the hotel is believed to have been at 90 per cent occupancy. »

And now it is the site of the newest terror attack on the planet earth..

This was reported only minutes ago in a UK TELEGRAPH article:
Hostages freed from siege hotel if they can recite Qur'an verses

Security sources are reporting that some gunmen at the Mali hotel are freeing hostages who are able to recite verses of the Qur'an.

Two women have been escorted from the besieged Bamako hotel.


Remember those Freddy 1-900 numbers?

The website BLOODY DISGUSTING today reminded me of something I completely forgot about from my youth.. the Freddy Kreuger 1-900 number..

Like Brad Miska, I never called when I was a kid. I remember my cousins and I watching these commercials late at night and thinking about doing it.. but that was the 20th century. The time of TOLL calls and no internet.. such a strange and different time compared to now.

Nonetheless, check out the article from B-D that also includes plenty of Youtube nostalgia of people actually calling the number.

So .. did anyone ever win that ‘contest’ to appear in a movie??

A THE VIEW segment turns into a debate about creationism

A THE VIEW segment turns into a debate about creationism


AS though the news of the world wasn't freaky enough, Pope Francis is adding fodder to the already mighty load of end times porn that has overloaded our society from all religious perspectives.. From a report November 15 (I missed it until now), this information:
Francis unequivocally recognized the Islamist ideology behind the attacks, denouncing the use of God’s name to justify the brutal attacks as “blasphemy.”

Commenting on Sunday’s Scripture readings, the Pope said that Jesus’ preaching about the end of the world contains “apocalyptic elements, like war, famine, and cosmic catastrophes.”

“In those days,” Francis repeated, “the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will be falling from the sky, and the powers in the heavens will be shaken.”

This year has seen a plethora of information concerning the Pope and threats to the Vatican from ISIS terrorists.. Since the French horror last week, the United States State Department has issued a warning to Americans to stay away from the Vatican.. From that report:
The November 18 notice is billed as a “Security Message for U.S. Citizens” regarding a potential for terrorist attacks, and arrived punctually into the email boxes of all Americans registered with the embassy, including that of Breitbart News.

Along with the Vatican, the State Department singles out the Duomo (cathedral) and La Scala opera house in Milan. It goes on to note that general venues “such as churches, synagogues, restaurants, theatres, and hotels” in both Rome and Milan are possible targets as well.

The embassy notice says: “Terrorist groups may possibly utilize similar methods used in the recent Paris attacks,” meaning bombs and assault rifles.

If we make it through December we'll be (hopefully) fine..


"Who’ll love the devil?… Who’ll song his song?… Who will love the devil..."

“Who’ll love the devil?…
Who’ll song his song?…
Who will love the devil and his song?…
I’ll love the devil!…
I’ll sing his song!…
I will love the devil and his song!… Who’ll love the devil?… Who’ll kiss his tongue?… Who will kiss the devil on his tongue?… I’ll love the devil!… I’ll kiss his tongue!…
I will kiss the devil on his tongue!…
Who’ll love the devil?…
Who’ll sing his song?…


These were the words being sung as the Paris terror attack began in the packed concert hall in France.. The band was from the United States called Eagles of Metal Death. The song is ‘Kiss the devil.’

I offer it as fodder for thought, not really food.. but fodder. Fodder perhaps for debate. There have been more than a few people who have pointed to these lyrics in hopes of finding some metaphysical connection between the earthly terror and the otherworldly forces some believe are fighting in the other realm. 


take a breather from the Bible.

Get this shocker.. the EAGLES OF DEATH METAL? They aren’t really a ‘death metal’ band as some sites have claimed.. their name and even the lyrics of this song are parody..  They are actually parodying bands who sing about Satan and fans who like them..

But silly facts don’t matter.

So keep on .. condemn the band..


POOTIE POOT AND BARRY NOW FRIENDS?Love grows when terror...


Love grows when terror throws?


CNN reports

Presidents Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin had a markedly warmer exchange at the G20 in Turkey this week than in other recent encounters, and both sides indicated a willingness to do more to work together.

At a meeting Monday, the two men flashed toothy smiles at each other and erupted in quick bursts of laughter – a far cry from virtually every photographed interaction between the leaders in the past several years, including an awkward handshake shared just six weeks ago at the United Nations General Assembly.

The TNT network isn’t airing an episode of its drama...

The TNT network isn’t airing an episode of its drama “Legends” on Monday because it depicts a terrorist shooting into a crowd in Paris.

The network instead re-aired a rerun of “Legends” that was originally shown a few weeks ago…

This seems to be an unending pattern.

Remember this year when that horrid live shooting occurred where a newscaster died? A show was called off then, too..

With all major disasters and terror attacks in recent memory, there is either a show about it before it occurs or pulled after it happens.

Life imitating art?
Art being ahead of the curve?
Or a sign we’re in a controlled matrix with nothing but predictable endings all around. Maybe that’s extreme.

Images from Syria.. the refugee crisis .. and the sights and sounds of warfare tearing a nation apart

FROM THE huffingtonpost:

Look At These Photos Before You Say We Can’t Take In Syrian Refugees

If we close our borders to Syrians, this is what we’re leaving them to face.

This article appearing on the HUFFINGTON POST offers up images to stir emotions..

Emotions are running high in the United States.. several governors have declared that they don’t want Syrian refugees..
My governor from Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf, will not join the chorus of mostly Republican governors who have declined the warfare fleeing Syrians..

My Facebook page is lit up this evening by people on both sides of the fence.. declaring their opinions.. illuminating their profile pictures in French colors.. signing petitions for and against the refugee influx..

One person even humorously posted the Tom Petty song dealing with such topics..

Catholics and evangelicals are stepping into the fray..

The debate goes on..
The beat goes on..
The war rages on..
Hatred flares on..
Social media opines.

Just another day in the life of the planet Earth.

72 hours before Paris attacks, ISIS-linked social media account reveals 'God bless you in your mission'

72 hours before Paris attacks, ISIS-linked social media account reveals 'God bless you in your mission' :

From the FOX NEWS report:

“Separately, Fox News has learned that four credible, ISIS-linked social media accounts began sharing messages 72 hours before the Paris attack, including images of weapons, the Eiffel tower, as well as blessings for the attackers’ mission.  A military intelligence source says the social media traffic is now seen as evidence the three teams had gone operational.”

6.5 magnitude quake strikes Greece – USGS

6.5 magnitude quake strikes Greece – USGS

NBC News has learned that ISIS is using a web-savvy new tactic to expand its global operational footprint -- a 24-hour Jihadi Help Desk to help its foot soldiers spread its message worldwide, recruit followers and launch more attacks on foreign soil.

NBC News has learned that ISIS is using a web-savvy new tactic to expand its global operational footprint -- a 24-hour Jihadi Help Desk to help its foot soldiers spread its message worldwide, recruit followers and launch more attacks on foreign soil.


I went to an auction this past weekend.. a bit of an emotional roller coaster sort of began and ended at the right time in my life.. at the moment when I understand things better than before.. at a point where I can forgive, forget, and focus nostalgic memories when needed for perspective.

I went to the great auction of Cardinal Brennan Jr/Sr/ High School in Fountain Springs, PA.. my alma mater.. the place I called home for four short years ending with a graduation as the century turned in 1999.. You may know I already went to this school, I wrote a more in depth posting about my thoughts a few weeks ago..

To give a quick history.. the school was once for all women. It changed to a Catholic high school later.. it housed my antics… and the diocese of Allentown PA chose to close the school in 2007..

Years later–this year–North Schuylkill, the district the vacant building resides in, bought it .. some considered it sold for pennies on the dollar. Others felt it was an investment gone wrong.

Today there was a public auction.. and a Betsy Ross piano was included. I just about walked away bidding on this for $1 … My failure become notable when I got into a bidding war with a fellow piano lover.. I gave up after the price went too high ($120, however.. perhaps not too high for a baby grand) .. Nonetheless, before I left the building, I had one last shot to dish out a song.. And what better one to choose than the Cardinal Brennan high school Alma Mater..

That’s me.. I quick put my iPhone in a spot where it could record myself..

I am proudly boasting and will always relish in this fact: I was the final person who had the chance to blast out the school alma mater on a piano in this building. Forever. It will never happen again. The ghosts of the past perhaps had one last chance to sing their praise.. or maybe those ghosts have been gone for a long time anyway.
We sing our praise to alma mater the school we all love.
We raise heart and voice in joyous acclaim.
We cherish you and all you teach us.
Blue and gold your colors our fame.
We will be true to the ideals that are strong heritage.
From on high you reign our true beacon light;
Now let’s sing out in happy chorus.
Praise to our dear school,
Cardinal Brennan High!

Nonetheless, that is this video.. that is this song..
That’s the show, folks.
School is out. Forever.