A poster on Facebook released the third police report filed by now FORMER talk show host Art Bell this past week.. Bell himself went on Facebook and copied and pasted the report in total.. from that post:
Thank you whoever posted this, it is the third of (3) reports given. It's hard to believe I even have to post this, in a prior one a witness saw a Man firing rounds at or near my studio on a dead end street!

Nye County Sheriff's Office
17 mins ·


On 12/09/2015 at approximately 2006 NCSO Dispatch received a 911 call from the wife of Art Bell reporting that he was out walking on the property and he had called her from his cell phone to tell her someone had shot at him and then he stopped responding.

NCSO Deputies responded and checked the area. Art Bell was located laying on the ground of his property with no injuries. He reported to responding deputies that he was not sure if the noise he heard was a firework or gunshot.

Deputies did a thorough check of the area and located no one and also did not locate any evidence of gunshots. Deputies maintained extra patrol in the area over the remainder of the week however nothing was discovered. At this point the investigation is closed unless further information is discovered.


It would appear, according to the report and press release, that the investigation is closed. It also seems to compile data showcasing the hectic and frantic scene that developed when, as Bell said, shots or fireworks were heard near or on his property as he was walking to the location of his show broadcasting location juxtapose to his house in Pahrump, NV..

Several people online, in various places, have expressed doubt in the Bell story, decrying his final quit as a staged attempt to either get ratings or utilize the situation to quit the program. Bell has taken on critics, both on Facebook and on Bellgab. He even called into the Friday MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT program hosted by Heather Wade to explain why he suddenly quit.

In an earlier message today, Bell stated that when asked about whether he'd come back if the alleged shooter was caught: " People ask if they catch this person would I come back? Perhaps I would if I was sure it was stopped. There are people saying I made all this up to leave, in what Universe does that make sense? I love what I do."

But even if a return *(again)* was possible, the major stations who picked up the show have already started to bail. Along with that most likely is a steady stream of people quitting the time traveler club.



Full moon set for Christmas 2015–the first time since 1977

Full moon set for Christmas 2015–the first time since 1977. It will also not happen for a long time to come..

It will be full at 6:11 a.m. EST on December 25th, according to Fred Espenak with NASA.  A Christmas full moon will not happen again until 2034.


December’s full moon is called the Full Cold Moon, or the moon before yule.

And it will make for a good scene as Santa Claus crosses the sky with Rudolph guiding his sleigh..


artbellbyeArt Bell fans are about to light up in rage, anger, sadness, grief, and whatever mixture of emotions they could conjure at the latest Facebook post from the talk show host: He quits.

From Bell,
I am sorry to have to announce this but I will not be on Tonight or any other night, yes I am going to hang it up. Whoever this crazy person is, they are not stopping and it has come to the point that we as a Family do not feel it is worth the risk. While I think the person or persons are after me, my Wife and now my Daughter are really scared, the other night after the latest incident my Daughter was off in the corner of her bed scared to death as the Police cars came screaming up. I will not put my Family through this. As you all know I dearly love what I do but not at the expense of never ending Terrorism. I want to thank those of you who have shown so much support and it has been my joy, short as it has been to have cracked that Mic open for a last time. This was a Family decision. The girls stuck with me and still would but if one of them were harmed because of what I love doing my life would be over.


This message comes after a series of threatening encounters with an unknown man popping shots onto Bell's property.

The HORROR REPORT has followed this story as it developed..
And now tonight, this Friday which would normally be reserved for open lines, is going to be without Art Bell. In his place: His producer Heather Wade..
There will be a live show Tonight and while I know people hate change, Heather my Producer has decided to give tonight's show a try! I would ask that you give her a fair listen before you decide thumbs up or down. She is really really good at what she does.


And with that.. a whimper and not a bang, the MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT program is done. Short lived.. very popular--big stations picked him up and even Clyde Lewis got bumped down from 5 hours to 3.. Coast to Coast AM, though seemingly the weak contender, wins by default..
The Art Bell generation is aging and the new crowd that was introduced to his show over the past few months have suddenly lost a new favorite.

Speaking of Lewis, the Bell re-re-re-retirement has had an effect on Ground Zero. From Lewis,
Art Bell has resigned from Midnight in the Desert. The whole Ground Zero team wishes him the best in the future. In light of this news Ground Zero will go back to 5 hours a night on KXL. (We will post any other updates as needed)


MIDNIGHT riders unite.. this is one sad night.

As 'Rick Deckard' on BELLGAB writes tonight,
Damn. Looks like I'll be going to sleep while listening to Art Bell reruns... forever.

So long, Art Bell. You're much loved and will be much missed.

Stay safe. Stay happy. And enjoy your family.

Merry Christmas.

There are some Facebook fans calling Bell to task tonight over the allegations that shootings have occurred on his property. One poster wrote, " On /r/artbell (reddit) they are saying there is no proof of any of these shooting incidents. No police reports, nothing.
I am a huge fan, have been since '95. I am disappointed with this announcement.
Can you explain why you made no police reports about these incidents?"  Bell responded directly, saying, "I did, several times at the Nye County Sheriff Dept." 


Another message from Bell posted after the original two talks about refunds for subscribers,
Midnight in the Desert

So, I made my decision after my Wife told me about my Daughter today. She was really scared.

Everybody who wants refunds will get them.

Heather will do a show Tonight with I think a Time Traveler.

Perhaps I will come and do a random show when Heather needs a break if you give her a chance. I just can not keep a routine that puts my Family in danger.


Tonight, Dark Matter Radio Network braintrust Keith Rowland offered up instructions on how to cancel your Art Bell subscription..


# # # #


Art Bell had one more post on the entire matter.
Heather Wade appeared hosting Midnight in the Desert last night.  She sounded like herself--those who may have heard her before on Midnight or even on Bellgab's numerous past podcasts as '(Redacted)' already knew what she sounded like. Her guest was troubling, however. He was not able to complete a thought almost a sentence. He was a supposed time traveler from the future but was guarding his secrets. He seemed to be filled with bunk. Suddenly, around an hour into the program fraught with technical issues, Bell called in to greet the new host. He appeared to be giving her an on-air reassuring--and listeners too.

Then Bell wrote this on Facebook this morning,
I think Heather did a amazing job given the short notice, connection problems and a Guest who was tough. She will return Monday with a great Guest and I think those of you who are considering cancelling should give her a couple of more days before deciding. In my view she has one of the more pleasant voices on Radio!

On another note it may be that after some time if you stick with it I may be able to show up now and then. While I understand I could have some Guard out there it is not a road I care to go down again, I did that Years ago and hated it for the same reason anybody who has ever been under Guard would easily understand, it's really intrusive.

I was prepared to go on, threat or not but after a sit down with my Wife about what life has been like since all this started for her and most of all Asia, it just seemed selfish of me to keep doing it so I could have fun under current circumstances. I also want to say the Sheriff's office has been doing a wonderful job, they have a big valley to protect.


The comments section on this post showcase anger and sadness mixed together in the style reminiscent of the other times Bell quit. Despite his assurance that he'd come back to do an occasional show if 'time travelers' stick around, Keith Rowland has already posted instruction on how to quit and get money back. Major radio affiliates like KXL have already dropped MIDNIGHT.. Most likely other big players who recently picked up the show will do the same thing.

The only take I can personally have on this: It seems too late to make any comeback after this. At this point, the show is Midnight with Heather Wade. It may be wise to take out 'the desert' portion since she's from the West's undisclosed location.  It may also be inventive to try to get other Bellgab.com users involved with the program.  Calling MV? Jazz? others?

And when Wade needs a night off.. Bell may be the relief and give an open lines here and there. But with him gone as the headliner of the program, the audience that gets built will have to be more organic. Bell's name brought back big players and opened the door for huge numbers in ratings. Heather Wade will not have that immediate advantage. And in some ironic twist, thought she and others on Bellgab have long been critical of George Noory and how he got his gig after Bell left Coast in the early 2000s, she may face the same hostile audience.

The ball is in her court now. The HORROR REPORT has personally wished her success in this venture and publicly does here, as well.

Given the circumstances of everything, going from producer to host may not be a simple task..


Another Art Bell incident last night forced the cancellation of his show last night (AND NOW TONIGHT -- UPDATED)

From Art Bell on Facebook, explaining why a repeat of the program unexpectedly greeted listeners waiting to hear a live show:

This is seriously out of control..

Another Art Bell incident last night forced the cancellation of the show.. This is getting Otto extreme when you consider it..
This is seriously out of control..

The host has gone through countless threats as of late, both on and off the air. The most famous of which was when live gun rounds were fired on him during a program, as he repeatedly was forced to stop talking and play musical interludes of disco hits..

Only moments ago, Bell announced this on Facebook:
Ok, here is what will happen next, I will not be on Tonight for a couple of reasons. I am sore in parts of my body that I didn't even know could be sore. Also I have a contractor coming to put up giant honking lights to cover the problem area. I will be back on Friday body willing.

The post has already attracted hundreds of likes and commentary about where to get the type of lights Bell would need to be able to see in the darkness of the desert.. A few joked, 'ya old fart,' while others expressed a desire for Bell to safely return to the air as soon as possible.

I did some previous reporting on this matter and as a result was actually contacted by a reporter for a Pahrump news service. I did not see any actual follow up, despite the reporter telling me that he interviewed Bell directly about the series of events.



Here is a dose of the paranormal when you most need it.. Spooky...

Here is a dose of the paranormal when you most need it..

Spooky moment TV presenter watches glass of water move across table during live broadcast .. The host claims there was no obvious explanation for the movement of the glass and admits he ‘felt strange’ in the moments beforehand

It’s weird..


KRAMPUS has been getting negative reviews.. nasty tomatoes thrown from some critics, even. Both professional and amateur movie reviewers alike have presented a mixed bag of thoughts regarding this film. But I never care about reviews until I actually see a film for myself.

There are a few Christmas films that stand out to me in my short life. SCROOGE comes to mind.. The GREMLINS is next – notice the pattern of creepiness? This movie, KRAMPUS, may have rattled my mental list of movies and given me a new favorite.

It took me about five minutes into the film before I decided that I absolutely loved KRAMPUS.

KRAMPUS opens with a scene of people hurling themselves into a store, striking down fellow shoppers over products, trampling over people, all the while ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’ plays in the background. The scene is reminiscent of any you see on Black Friday. Even this Black Friday, which paled in comparison to online shopping, still featured images of people knocking down displays and fighting over toys and cheaply made slave products from third world nations.

The immediate political commentary from KRAMPUS is obvious. You think there is a war on Christmas? There is. And you’re the ones beginning it, shoppers.

The movie features a drinking workaholic father played by Adam Scott. A panic-ridden most likely nerve-pill-popping-mom that Toni Collette effectively plays. There are other family members, a grandmother who knows legends, and a drunk aunt who decides to tag along with the family rejects for Christmas. There is humor. There is darkness. There is fear.

Things get set into motion when the child protagonist, superbly played by Emjay Anthony, rips up his note to Santa Claus and gives up the Christmas spirit. In doing so, he joins the rest of his immediate and extended family who have already done so. A blizzard sets in.. As does Krampus with his demented pack of creatures and elves.

The rest is horror and action, humor and sarcasm. The movie points you in a direction, and then pulls the rug out from under you. Without giving away anything further, the ending is impressive and conclusive. And it swerves you away from what you thought the film ended was, giving it the feel of either the final scene of JEEPERS CREEPERS or a TWILIGHT ZONE that was never made.

I listened to radio host Clyde Lewis last night describe his thoughts about seeing the film, and he said something that struck me deeply: He think that Krampus is the ‘Santa Claus we deserve” in America.

Think about that for a moment.

Is it possible that we do deserve Krampus during this time? Just yesterday, news outlets showed images of a person dying in the streets of New York City while a woman, watching, walked by and continued eating pizza like it did not matter. Shootings are common. Seasons beatings are happening. There is a war between cultures in America. There seems to be a sudden and immediate sense that we are divided and simply concerned over material possessions.

….so do we deserve Krampus?

The legend of Krampus is not new. Despite his sudden emergence in pop culture, he has been around for eons of time. I have written about him extensively for years. The horror that gripped populations in Germany for centuries can be attributed to Krampus. A sudden clang on the roof top and pounding knock on the door insinuated that Krampus arrived at a home to take away a bad child and send him or her to the fiery pits of hell. The gnome creatures who were the lower pawns of Krampus would sniff socks and shoes to see which ones were clean versus not. The unclean kids would have a strike against them immediately.

When I was in grade school, our class put our shoes outside the classroom as a tradition. We heard bells and when we checked there was candy in all of our property. Little did we as kids know what the opposite conclusion to our lives would have meant. . .

Krampus is a figure of lure that has been around for as long as stories about this time of year go back. Christmas was not always about Christ. Cultures, instead, utilized scary ghost stories around camp fires to watch the night until light arrived. They always shunned away evil spirits from their homes by lighting candles in every room. Throughout time, the darkness in December both depressed and annihilated hope within people. Thankfully the modern age features blinking lights and gigantic air-filled garden ornaments of Charlie Brown characters to keep us semi-normal.

In history, Krampus was a natural effect of fear of the lack of light. He would arise at this moment when the dangers of darkness were most present. As time went on, he became a bargaining chip. Kids were afraid of their punishment for being bad because of the horrid things Krampus would do to them, parents most likely often threatened them with the Krampus treatment for unruly behavior. Thankfully for the psyche of children as a whole, Santa Claus eventually rose to greatness and gave us the hopes and dreams of the season. Up on the rooftop, click click click, Krampus was replaced by ole’ Saint Nick.

Now that I saw the film, I read through some reviews of the movie. They were unkind and often, in my opinion, unfair. They also seemed to not understand the legend of Krampus or the meaning of the season that he actually gives.

I will never forge the scene in the GREMLINS when the little creatures were involved in a fight that included a blender while DO YOU HEAR WHAT I HEAR played on a record. KRAMPUS had about four scenes that will stand out to me now, in the same nostalgic way GREMLINS did.

Even more, KRAMPUS is somewhat like NATIONAL LAMPOON’S CHRISTMAS VACATION meets JEEPERS CREEPERS. When the extended family shows up, they bring with them dysfunction and chaos. Fighting ensues, family quibbles turn into battles. And when the Christmas spirit, once strong, is gone, it gives rise for darker forces to enter.

There were moments of KRAMPUS where I got sentimental alongside of times where I got genuinely freaked out by the characters on display. There are times it was more like a dark fairy tale, a grim scene followed by a series of unfortunate decisions by the family. By the end, even though we do not get to like this family—I don’t think it was meant to be like that—we still are rooting for the main child. The one who suddenly regains his holiday spirit while staring into the endless hole to hell.

I have long believed—and have written a number of times—that Christmas is potentially the most paranormal of all seasons. Think of the reason so many celebrate: Jesus Christ, the savior of mankind, was born of a virgin in a stable, with people following stars in the sky to bring the new kind gifts. There is nothing at all more paranormal than that.

One of the most famous stories of all time for this time of year is A CHRISTMAS CAROLE, featuring ghosts of past present and future Christmases.

KRAMPUS, which in my opinion, does all the right things, has brought a new form of celebration into the season. You better watch out. You better not cry. You better not pout, and I’m telling you why. Not because Santa Claus is coming with gifts, but because if you lose the reason for the season, the spirit of the time, and the deeper feeling of helping humanity and caring for others, then you will be greeted by the king of darkness and the one who capitalizing on the decreasing Christmas spirit. Krampus.

And it won’t be pretty.