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Art Bell tolls: $20,000 to whoever catches the stalker!

The famed talk show host put a message on Facebook tonight: Help me find the stalker who pushed me off the air..

Bell wrote,
I will offer $20,000.00 to anybody providing information leading to the Arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the Stalking Terror resulting in my Leaving the air from MITD.

Art Bell
The talk show legend left MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT last week after multiple incidents pushed him from the program.

Since then, Heather Wade has been hosting the program and received mixed reviews..

The Bell will toll, and $20,000 may result..

STAR WARS will earn a lot of money.. may even break some budgets.. but there is one thing important to consider..


Ticket prices back in the 1970s were .. oh.. a wee bit lower than the wallet bursting prices that greet consumers today.. on average then: $2.23. ON average now? A lot more than that..

So STAR WARS got $512 mil in ticket sales in 1977 and 1978 (theaters in some cities actually played the movie daily for two years) .. I saw a  number today that approximately 230 million Americans saw STAR WARS A NEW HOPE..

Here is a good graph from BLOOMBERG today on how inflation has impacted STAR WARS’ release:

Yes the force will awaken. It will be gigantic.
But it will not be the new hope .. nothing quite will ever be the new hope..

Droids and The Force: How the Science in ‘Star Wars’ Is Actually Real

Droids and The Force: How the Science in ‘Star Wars’ Is Actually Real:


For a story that takes place “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away” a great deal of the technology in the “Star Wars” series actually has parallels today on planet Earth. Part of the reason is, ironically, how long the franchise has been around. Concepts and ideas that were the stuff of science fiction when the first “Star Wars” movie came out in 1977 have had almost four decades of science to become real.

If such stories like this continue, surely also will the swelling ranks of the Church of Jedi..

If we make it through December we'll be fine

I went to a viewing last night for a friend.. I will skip the details, they are very personal and I wouldn’t want to exchange thoughts on such an instance to the world at large.. I wish I could write down most of what I am saying but if I do so, it will not be in a public forum. It will be kept private intentionally. There are some parts of the modern age of websites, Tweets, Facebooks, and blogs that I still don’t embrace. One of those parts is the emergence of saying everything and anything for all to read.

I will simply say this.. one of the saddest things to watch is a son stare at his mother in a casket—when that young man is not even of an age to understand what he is seeing.. When a child is so young that he cannot care for himself.. when a boy is just starting to mature and already his father and mother are both gone.. that is remarkably sad..

I cannot get the image out of my mind.. a well-dressed young man.. staring at his now at rest mother.. regardless of what anyone may say …

Are you trapped? Are you someone’s dinner?

Are you trapped? Are you someone’s dinner?

His just in-ned.. Listen I’m not perfect. But I’m...

His just in-ned..

Listen I’m not perfect. But I’m also not CNN. Get the headline spelling right. The articles can be botched up, no one reads anything anymore anyway..

Elon Musk says 'We must get to Mars before World War Three'

Elon Musk says 'We must get to Mars before World War Three' :

Mankind may only have a brief window to set foot on Mars before a disaster such as a third World War makes it no longer possible, Elon Musk has warned.

The founder of SpaceX, which was the first private company to resupply the International Space Station, fears such a war could set back technological advancements.

His company is preparing to announce its ambitious plans for rocket and space exploration..

A lot of people are laughing at Musk and his fear.. But consider what he is saying. Consider the chances.. And yes, it could become likely that a war to end all wars could also end all progress and humanity on this planet.

In the 21st century, it’s strange to think we fear a return to the Stone Age..

Pro Trump people are getting nasty..Anti Trump people are...

Pro Trump people are getting nasty..
Anti Trump people are getting nasty.
Effigies of him are now being beaten and beheaded in weird fits of rage.. all the while those opposed to him decry the rage at his rallies.

I want this election to be over as soon as possible. Maybe it’s the most important in history (though we hear that every four years) but it certainly will be the most divisive and potentially unhealthy for the nation..

It depends on what the meaning of the word 'quit' is

He quits!

He doesn't?

He's done!

He isn't?

Art Bell quit on Friday night and by Monday it became a fight..

Redacted is set to host.. The unexpected is what happens most..

Just days before Christmas and al through the land, we sit back and wonder if Dark Matter will be left stand..

Confusion greets anyone attempting to understand the Art Bell issue at the moment.. 

Time will tell.. Will will time travelers tune in?


Heather Wade, newest host of MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT, writes this in full on Facebook about the situation with Art Bell,
I write to you with a heavy heart tonight. It has been a pleasure and a great honor to work with Art Bell. I have been with him every step of the way through each incident: his studio internet being tampered with on Sept 23rd, shots fired at his studio on Oct 21st while he was on the air, the threatening phone call he received at his private home number on Nov 18th, the intruder on his property on Nov 23rd, and this last incident of a shot being fired at him when he was on his way to his studio on Dec 9th.

The incidents are becoming more brazen, and more often. I'd give anything to know who it is. Anything. I want this person/ persons caught and stopped. However, wishing it does not make it so. The proper Police reports have been made, Art's security increased, yet it continued.

For anyone who thinks this is a stunt or an excuse to quit, I have made reports to N…


While some would perceive anarchy behind the scenes at the Dark Matter Radio Network in light of Art Bell's sudden and unexpected departure Friday, Keith Rowland is putting a professional voice to the chaos. The brains behind the paranormal radio network that has grown in popularity online--with help from MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT and Richard C. Hoagland alike--put out an official statement on to explain the future plans. At least the immediate future.

Rowland explains,
I will run Midnight in the Desert w/Heather Wade on the Dark Matter Digital Network for the next 30 days minimum. She will start in Art’s same time slot for Monday and Tuesday…

However, seeing as I’m obligated to continue feeding the terrestrial affiliate stations for the next 30 days, I’ll need to feed either Heather’s live show or replays of Art Bell’s archives, (which ever they determine the best for them yet to be decided). If I need to feed the Art Bell replays to them at 9-12, Art’s time slot,  I will h…