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I just watched THE THREAD, a pretty good documentary on how the internet completely helped or ruined the Boston bombing investigation, depending on your point of view.. You should really give it a watch..


It forced me into a strange place.. contemplation over what this whole NET thing is doing to the world. To us. To news.. to everything.

I turned 21 a week before 9/11 happened. When that terror attack took place, I went online and immediately began updating –in HTML mind you–my website about the terror attack.. There is still a record of it somewhere on So in that regard, I was immersed in the NET world at 21 before REDDIT and Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. Back then it was AOL Chat rooms and Drudge, along with very basic chats..

But now? Twitter? REDDIT.. The REAL error of citizen journalism is here. And it’s fast, sloppy, messy, and amazing.

But to what end?


The funny thing is after watching THE THREAD, I feel out of the loop. Even though I was a NET kid, it was new then.. it was all new. Now it’s ‘always been’ to the generation born since 2000. Think about that.. Kids of today have no idea what a boring Sunday afternoon watching NICK meant.. Now it’s constant life online. Nothing boring but yet everything is. Kids of today? You don’t KNOW boring..


And even though I was somewhat on the ‘cutting edge’ of media evolution with my VERY OWN DOT COM in the early part of the century, it’s rudimentary when compared to the fast paced information overload of today’s age.


Fast news.
Loose rules..
What you see isn’t what you get.
And the best chance of real factual information may come when the book is written years later.


But we are all experimenting with this old media murder. The journalists of yesterday who are still paying their school loans are watching the carpet pulled from them. YOU. Me. EVERYONE can be a reporter.

Is it too much/ Too much Trump? Too much of a good thing?
Live streaming until it gets dull?

Periscope…And all of the rest of the social networks popping up hourly.

Yes it is changing everything.



spiPhone X: Brave new world with a filter

It is hard to believe that only ten years ago, the technology that Apple would be selling the public was just about unfathomable.. Extremely fast processors. Facial recognition. Emojis that can make poop turn into your face and voice. 

In 2007, people were happy with Myspace and turning 'off' the net in favor of a night out. Now they can't leave home without the smartphone.
Apple wants to capitalize further on the influencers: Those who we are told have 'disposable income' (credit cards) and are below the age of 25 .. those who care less about processor speed and more about selfie. Those who would indeed literally buy an iPhone simply because it can turn their face into an Emoji of feces...

Let's pause for a moment. The most precious few seconds of Apple's big unveiling was a big flop: They tried to announce facial recognition but when they actually attempted to use it, it failed.
Apple has offered an explanation for an embarrassing glitch at the launch of its …


As the Earth Changes..

This is reporting from the WASHINGTON POST ( along with a must-read article about the devastation in the wake of Hurricane Irma and the destruction being seen in the islands:
CRUZ BAY, U.S. Virgin Islands — The Asolare restaurant is gone, practically blown off its cliff, along with its world-famous carrot ginger soup. The facade of Margarita Phil’s is a junkyard of yellow and vermilion planks. Multimillion-dollar homes and aluminum huts alike lie in ruins.On the island of St. John, that was only Irma’s beginning. Once a lush gem in the U.S. Virgin Islands, a chain steeped in the lore of pirates and killer storms, this 20-square-mile island is now perhaps the site of Irma’s worst devastation on American soil.Six days after the storm — some say several days too late — …

DOES 'MOTHER!' DESERVE THE PRAISE IT IS GETTING? (A spoiler alert with this one)

The horror film 'mother!' Is getting high praise from noble media affiliations. It is also being billed as an intellectual horror flick with a message.. religious overtones.. social justice ramifications.
Big name star: Lawrence. Big name director: Aronofsky (BLACK SWAN FAME) Shock scene (SPOILER): Infant being eaten.

Let's unpack this.. The HOLLYWOOD REPORTER ( opines:
Taken purely on its surface, the film is about the horror of hosting ungrateful houseguests. Going beneath that surface, it’s about gruesome male narcissism. Ignoring its text and subtext entirely though, mother! is something more ambitious: A herald of prestige horror at a moment when we might actually need it. It’s September, the calm before the dizzying storm of awards season self-aggrandizement, when we stop thinking of movies as works of art and start thinking of them as show horses; we sac…