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I just watched THE THREAD, a pretty good documentary on how the internet completely helped or ruined the Boston bombing investigation, depending on your point of view.. You should really give it a watch..


It forced me into a strange place.. contemplation over what this whole NET thing is doing to the world. To us. To news.. to everything.

I turned 21 a week before 9/11 happened. When that terror attack took place, I went online and immediately began updating –in HTML mind you–my website about the terror attack.. There is still a record of it somewhere on So in that regard, I was immersed in the NET world at 21 before REDDIT and Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. Back then it was AOL Chat rooms and Drudge, along with very basic chats..

But now? Twitter? REDDIT.. The REAL error of citizen journalism is here. And it’s fast, sloppy, messy, and amazing.

But to what end?


The funny thing is after watching THE THREAD, I feel out of the loop. Even though I was a NET kid, it was new then.. it was all new. Now it’s ‘always been’ to the generation born since 2000. Think about that.. Kids of today have no idea what a boring Sunday afternoon watching NICK meant.. Now it’s constant life online. Nothing boring but yet everything is. Kids of today? You don’t KNOW boring..


And even though I was somewhat on the ‘cutting edge’ of media evolution with my VERY OWN DOT COM in the early part of the century, it’s rudimentary when compared to the fast paced information overload of today’s age.


Fast news.
Loose rules..
What you see isn’t what you get.
And the best chance of real factual information may come when the book is written years later.


But we are all experimenting with this old media murder. The journalists of yesterday who are still paying their school loans are watching the carpet pulled from them. YOU. Me. EVERYONE can be a reporter.

Is it too much/ Too much Trump? Too much of a good thing?
Live streaming until it gets dull?

Periscope…And all of the rest of the social networks popping up hourly.

Yes it is changing everything.



The Detroit boom: A friend visits from a trip 28,000 miles per house

This is the AP news brief on the meteor and earthquake in Detroit January 16:
DETROIT (AP) — Experts say a bright light and what sounded like thunder in the sky above Michigan was a meteor.  The American Meteor Society says it received hundreds of reports of a fireball Tuesday night over the state, including many in the Detroit area. Reports also came in from several other states and Ontario, Canada.Some Michigan residents reported their homes shaking.  The society says the reports suggest a space rock penetrated deep into the Earth’s atmosphere before it broke apart. The U.S. Geological Service says it registered as a 2.0 magnitude earthquake in Michigan. Bill Cooke with NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office tells The Detroit News it was “definitely a meteoroid” and a rare sight for Michigan.Other states where people reported seeing a fireball included Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Missouri.
More information now being revealed.. CBS in Detroit reported that NASA said the mete…


USGS confirms meteor occurred around 811pm, causing a magnitude 2.0 earthquake. The very bright fireball illuminated the sky over Michigan, US on January 16, 2018 and was followed by a sonic boom reported several miles away. The American Meteor Society (AMS) has received 356 witness reports from Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio as well as from Ontario in Canada.

50 people reported concurrent sound associated with the event and 114 delayed. Reports are still coming in..


mother! just scored Jennifer Lawrence the worst box office opening of her career..

The reviews were awful.
The critics panned..
The citizens revolted and were revulsed.


The fake missile warning in Hawaii was scary for residents of that state .. 38 minutes of hell.

Scary for America more may be what ELIANA JOHNSON writes in POLITICO: A false warning of a missile threat in Hawaii sent White House aides scrambling Saturday, frantically phoning agencies to determine a response and triggering worries about their preparedness almost a year into the Trump administration. President Donald Trump’s Cabinet has yet to test formal plans for how to respond to a domestic missile attack, according to a senior administration official. John Kelly, while serving as Secretary of Homeland Security through last July, planned to conduct the exercise. But he left his post to become White House chief of staff before it was conducted, and acting secretary Elaine Duke never carried it out. The Old Cold War guard is gone. The newcomers can issue threats but appear to be unaware on how to act on them.. “The U.S. government hasn’t tested these plans in 30 years,” said the senior a…

A Peebles, Ohio meteor strike?


This story has gained some major attention tonight.. The big meteor that was seen in now 12 states Friday night may have hit in Peebles, Ohio.. and two people may be dead as a result..

The HORROR REPORT is looking for some type of certification of the Examiner article .. Originally a news account stated that an elderly couple died after their house caught on fire..  Reports of the meteor and fire in the sky Friday night seemed to center mostly in Ohio, and especially Peebles.. a comment on the AMSMETEORS.ORG page about the fireball from 'James' said,  
I live in Adams county southern Ohio…a meteorite or satellite burst through the atmosphere, I heard a loud boom preceded by a blue streak and white flash…then the vapor trail lasted about 10 seconds…fire trucks scrambled to a nearby farm where a fire was reported from a fireball from the sky..around peebles area…crazy!Another comment on the site from 'Marie' said, 
I re…