‘Jeepers Creepers III’ Casting Notice Removed After Victor Salva’s Past Revealed!

‘Jeepers Creepers III’ Casting Notice Removed After Victor Salva’s Past Revealed!:

The casting notice sought an 18-year-old actress for the role of Addison, who at the age of 13 had been sent to live with her grandmother after her stepfather “started making overtures” to her. Salva could not be reached for comment to the DEADLINE article..

Salva was embroiled in a criminal controversy in the 1980s for copulating with the 12-year-old star of CLOWNHOUSE..

His fame came again in 2001 with a horror gem called JEEPERS CREEPERS..

The new age of social media brought forth knowledge of Salva’s past sins–items that have long been discussed on the HORROR REPORT over the past 15 years since the original JEEPERS..

Some even thought JEEPERS CREEPERS 2 was displayed homoerotic of the scenes with the cast, in the film an underage group of bare chested high school boys..

The newest information showcases how one man’s past never quite leaves someone..

Ask Bill Cosby.

And now Victor Salva.

But is a fair game?....

that is the question..


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