Mystery of Pulsing Pink Beam in Pedricktown, NJ. Linda...

Mystery of Pulsing Pink Beam in Pedricktown, NJ.

Linda Moulton Howe reporting on the EARTHFILES page about this:

A Pedricktown resident sent the following email with his image of a mysterious, pulsing pink beam that lasted for at least ten minutes before the strange beam kept contracting on itself half a dozen times getting smaller and smaller until it disappeared.

The light is bizarre to say the least.. in the description Linda received, the tipster wrote,

At 6:45 am, the beam disappeared. The way it disappeared was it contracted to about 2/3 of the size that was visible towards its center, disappeared,reappeared at its original size and repeated the contraction and disappearance-reappearance about five or six times.

This was not a spotlight, as the brightest spot was in the middle of the beam. Spotlights would be brighter at the power source. It wasn’t a laser pointer as known laser pointers are handheld and couldn’t produce a beam that strong.

There may be a very normal (?) explanation for this light.. but I certainly cannot think of something that would make it seem that way..

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