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The verdicts are coming in.. those of the people I now who saw BATMAN VS SUPERMAN are highly upset.. one person’s reaction was shock when she learned that the film cost almost a billion bucks *($800 mil to be exact)* to create.. a monstrosity of a borefest..

BUT BUT BUT.. stop the presses, here’s the latest bat news: Easter weekend take moneywise for the flick is going to be wide and big. $171 predicted for BATMAN VS SUPERMAN, despite the bad reviews. Despite the bad reactions. Despite Ben Affleck. The $171 mil will be minus Affleck’s children, as well..

The movie’s release is pre-summer. The spring Cherry Blossoms are not even done blooming. The genius of Warner Bros was to release a film like this – comic book, bombs, fights, explosions, Wonder Woman in a skimpy outfit – when kids were home from school. During a three day weekend when teens had nothing to do but go to the movies.. The marketing was also amazing with product placement everywhere, including in the cereal aisle for my five year old to have the choice of BATMAN or SUPERMAN flavor..

And finally, despite the misgivings and criticism, Affleck is scoring some points for his role as Wayne. Maybe not from me. But from enough people.

All that said, the movie is getting 30% at Rotten Tomatoes. The movie is also most likely going to drop next week after this initial trial run in over 4000 theaters as the Easter Bunny hops along..

Oh…..second place this weekend? Take a guess. The mighty ZOOTOPIA…



spiPhone X: Brave new world with a filter

It is hard to believe that only ten years ago, the technology that Apple would be selling the public was just about unfathomable.. Extremely fast processors. Facial recognition. Emojis that can make poop turn into your face and voice. 

In 2007, people were happy with Myspace and turning 'off' the net in favor of a night out. Now they can't leave home without the smartphone.
Apple wants to capitalize further on the influencers: Those who we are told have 'disposable income' (credit cards) and are below the age of 25 .. those who care less about processor speed and more about selfie. Those who would indeed literally buy an iPhone simply because it can turn their face into an Emoji of feces...

Let's pause for a moment. The most precious few seconds of Apple's big unveiling was a big flop: They tried to announce facial recognition but when they actually attempted to use it, it failed.
Apple has offered an explanation for an embarrassing glitch at the launch of its …


As the Earth Changes..

This is reporting from the WASHINGTON POST ( along with a must-read article about the devastation in the wake of Hurricane Irma and the destruction being seen in the islands:
CRUZ BAY, U.S. Virgin Islands — The Asolare restaurant is gone, practically blown off its cliff, along with its world-famous carrot ginger soup. The facade of Margarita Phil’s is a junkyard of yellow and vermilion planks. Multimillion-dollar homes and aluminum huts alike lie in ruins.On the island of St. John, that was only Irma’s beginning. Once a lush gem in the U.S. Virgin Islands, a chain steeped in the lore of pirates and killer storms, this 20-square-mile island is now perhaps the site of Irma’s worst devastation on American soil.Six days after the storm — some say several days too late — …

DOES 'MOTHER!' DESERVE THE PRAISE IT IS GETTING? (A spoiler alert with this one)

The horror film 'mother!' Is getting high praise from noble media affiliations. It is also being billed as an intellectual horror flick with a message.. religious overtones.. social justice ramifications.
Big name star: Lawrence. Big name director: Aronofsky (BLACK SWAN FAME) Shock scene (SPOILER): Infant being eaten.

Let's unpack this.. The HOLLYWOOD REPORTER ( opines:
Taken purely on its surface, the film is about the horror of hosting ungrateful houseguests. Going beneath that surface, it’s about gruesome male narcissism. Ignoring its text and subtext entirely though, mother! is something more ambitious: A herald of prestige horror at a moment when we might actually need it. It’s September, the calm before the dizzying storm of awards season self-aggrandizement, when we stop thinking of movies as works of art and start thinking of them as show horses; we sac…