Scientists develop mini Death Star to protect us from asteroids

Scientists develop mini Death Star to protect us from asteroids :
That is the concept being developed by American researchers who believe they have found a way to use a high-power laser beam to deflect space rocks that are on course to hit Earth.

The idea has been around for years but the team at the University of California say laboratory tests show their De-Star - or Directed Energy System for Targeting of Asteroids and exploRation – could actually work.

They envisage putting an unmanned De-Star craft in orbit. At the first sign of a impending disaster it would target the asteroid with a high-energy laser, causing part of the rock to vaporise in a process known as sublimation.

This should have been thought about long ago.. No reason why the civilized word at this time shouldn’t be endeavoring on future plans to keep the human species alive. One big bomb from space can ruin everything and suddenly the size of Donald Trump’s phalanges and other appendages won’t matter a hill of beans.

Onward to the future!
Build he mini Death Star as soon as possible!

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