Global information streaming in.. CHINA loves REVENANT.. $30 mil plus in that nation--rare for the nation where R rated flicks don't get releases in China that often..

DiCaprio the star adored by locals as “Little Lee,” will attend the Beijing premiere tomorrow...

China could quickly become the biggest overseas play for the film, unseating the UK...

Japan is next: Little Leo is headed there for a Wednesday premiere..

The international market is fast becoming more important than the American version--China and Japan especially..
But while we are speaking of the American market, some BO news from that over the weekend..
ZOOTOPIA stays at number 1 for a third week. Through 17 days, Zootopia is outstripping Frozen ($400M), Disney’s highest grossing non-Pixar toon, by 51% .. This week adds another $39 mil to the mix.

MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN next.. For that, Older females at 67% women and 75% over 25 took up the majority of seats...
10 CLOVERFIELD LANE places fourth..

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