Let the paranormal begin! The blood wolf moon rises



This could be the year when the when the TRUTH out there comes here?

For years, former Clinton advisor and now Hillary campaign chair John Podesta has been a proponent of revealing the 'truth' and hidden history of alien involvement on the planet earth..

Today a CNN article is being showcased on the news site about Podesta and Jake Tapper's talk on UFOs.. "The U.S. government could do a much better job in answering the quite legitimate questions that people have about what's going on with unidentified aerial phenomena."

"The American people can handle the truth."

But what truth? The Grays and their secret deal with IKE? The truth and the Nixon showing of alien bodies to Jackie Gleason? The truth and the Carter conspiracy where he was told to stop asking questions?

Conspiracy theories and UFO lure go back decades. Ever since that "weather balloon" went down in Roswell we have had strange activity, a burst of technology, and rumors about creatures from beyond the planet watching over us or .. harboring intentions far beyond our comprehension.

Hillary Clinton has publicly talked about alien life on Jimmy Kimmel. Bubba her husband did too..

Nothing from the Trump campaign yet. Some may think his hair could harbor alien 'intelligence.' Maybe we will put up a giant sky-wall to go with the Trump wall on the border?

For UFO watchers and those who study the issue, Podesta has long been in the corner of letting the 'truth' out..

However I keep cringing at the notion that America can handle it..

We really don't know what the 'truth' is .. and if it means that John Lear was right when he told Art Bell that the truth is there is no god and Eisenhower was so freaked he put 'in God we trust' on coins, then perhaps the world at large cannot handle the truth at all..

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