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This could be the year when the when the TRUTH out there comes here?

For years, former Clinton advisor and now Hillary campaign chair John Podesta has been a proponent of revealing the 'truth' and hidden history of alien involvement on the planet earth..

Today a CNN article is being showcased on the news site about Podesta and Jake Tapper's talk on UFOs.. "The U.S. government could do a much better job in answering the quite legitimate questions that people have about what's going on with unidentified aerial phenomena."

"The American people can handle the truth."

But what truth? The Grays and their secret deal with IKE? The truth and the Nixon showing of alien bodies to Jackie Gleason? The truth and the Carter conspiracy where he was told to stop asking questions?

Conspiracy theories and UFO lure go back decades. Ever since that "weather balloon" went down in Roswell we have had strange activity, a bu…

FBI warns of cyber threat

Regardless of season or world menace, the threat that keeps on threatening: Cyber attacks and the grid collapse.

Bill Gertz dispatches this in the FREE BEACON:
The nationwide campaign by DHS and the FBI began March 31 and includes 12 briefings and online webinars for electrical power infrastructure companies and others involved in security, with sessions in eight U.S. cities, including a session next week in Washington.
The briefings will outline the details of the attacks, the techniques used by the hackers, and strategies to be used to limit risks and improve cyber security for grid organizations.

Security researchers have concluded the attack was carried out by Russian government hackers based on the type of malicious software, called BlackEnergy, that was detected in the incident.

The threat briefings followed an internal DHS intelligence report published in January that stated the risk of a cyber attack against U.S. electrical infrastructure was low.

“We assess the threat of a dama…

Forget smart glasses: Samsung patents contact lenses with built-in camera

Forget smart glasses: Samsung patents contact lenses with built-in camera : Samsung has been granted a patent for contact lenses that project images directly into the eye.

The patent, awarded in South Korea, includes a contact lens equipped with a display, a camera, an antenna, and several sensors that detect movement.

The contact lens will use the antenna to link up to a smartphone..

Or whatever comes after the smartphone, like the implant directly into your hand..

The future. It’s here. No stopping it now.

California Blackouts Up to 14 Days Long Possible This Summer Because of Aliso Canyon Methane Leak, Officials Say

California Blackouts Up to 14 Days Long Possible This Summer Because of Aliso Canyon Methane Leak, Officials Say : Here’s he story

A massive methane leak in Southern California was expected to have lasting impacts, but a new announcement by energy officials suggests prolonged blackouts – as long as 14 days – could also be coming as temperatures soar this summer.

State agencies studied the effects of the Aliso Canyon gas storage field’s partial shutdown after a natural gas blowout last year that crippled a major energy supply for the region. These officials proposed a plan to prevent power outages but concluded they "will reduce, but not eliminate, the risk of gas shortages this summer that are large enough to cause electricity interruptions for the region’s residents and businesses.“

Demonic arches rising

Watch April 19.. reproductions of the arch that stood in front of the Temple of Baal in Palmyra, Syria are going to be erected in Times Square and in Trafalgar Square. That would coincide with an occult festival related to the worship of a demon named Baal.

 This may also be as usual a very dangerous time (as usual since it seems historically accurate to say bad things happen to good people in April starting he 19th) .. The sacrifice time ends May 1 with the 'holy day of Beltane'..

You can read more and get paranoid here ..

 Even if you disagree on the occult possibilities associated with this time of year, history proves how often demanding the final week of April can be to our senses.

 Let's hope this year is not the same as so many others in recent memory.


Real news has been pretty harsh as of late.. I just read an article about a child, too close to home, who killed himself because of bullying at his school.. he was 12.  Twelve.. a young beautiful child.. at 12 .. dead because of hateful words and evil messages ..

This life isn't long. It is filled with rage and over zealous self righteousness ..  Let's get a little real and get a little better. Nice guys finish last? Who the hell cares. Be proud at the final before you succumb to nightmares of grief and pain being number 1.

And for those BEING BULLIED? For those who feel helplessness, and pain, and grief? For those who do not think they can go on?  You can a little longer to make a few more clicks.. and take a time out.. and find a suicide hotline near you.  If you don't want to click, just pick up your phone and call
1 (800) 273-8255.
The number is 24/7

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A reason to love Chelsea Handler

Love her protesting skills.