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The weird story of the 'suicide village'

The TIMES OF INDIA published an article last week.. I just cannot get the notion out of my mind about the subject matter: A village hit hard by suicides.. Mothers and brothers killing themselves.. people thinking en masse that there is some sort of demonic entity to blame.. others think pesticides. Some argue it's crop failure.. a few blame alcohol...

It's all detailed in the TIMES story about the Badi village in the Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh..

Representative Image- India Tv

Get this: 381 suicides in just one year..

Sisodiya, the village sarpanch also believes that the cause of deaths is a "demonic presence" in the village, but psychiatrists said that the reason behind high rate of suicide cases is rational causes...

Dr Srikanth Reddy told the suicides are related to depression and schizophrenic episodes among villagers, possibly due to excessive use of pesticides, apart from financial stress..

Khargone is officially one of India's 250 most impoverished and backward districts and many such areas are extremely superstitious.  Earlier this year a seven-year-old boy in a village in the Indian state of Jharkand was forced to marry a dog because his horoscopes foretold his first wife would die young.

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How do you stop a ravaging wildfire? Looks like you can't.

Still following this disaster in Canada.. I saw one quote from an official in the New York Times speaking about how to stop the wildfire in Fort Mcmurray Alberta.. He said it was akin to stopping a hurricane from hitting the east coast. It's just going to happen.
 No stopping it.
 And with that said the only thing left to do is watch and hope it stops spreading, fight where you see options, and evacuate as many people as you can..
 It's traumatic and dramatic. My full thoughts and prayers are with the people there.. It's just horrendous.

There is one site have been following with updated live info as it develops from Canada.. Bookmark it for the near future as this disaster continues..

Book review: The Phantom Killer

A dark night.. a window cracked open with a breeze blowing in.. a quiet corner in the confines of your home, safely lit with a lamp. Just enough to see around you.. not quite enough to get a good glance into the distance. That, my friends, is the way to read a book. 
But as so often happens in life, my place to read a book is in a bathroom, a lunchroom cafeteria, or at my desk if I’m early enough to work that I can secure time to read a chapter or two..

 While the book may not be new to me, a great read I recently finished was THE PHANTOM KILLER:UNLOCKING THE MYSTERY OF THE TEXARKANA SERIAL MURDERS. It’s the story of a town in terror..
Written by PH.D author James Presley from Texas, the book travels into the past and recounts the before and after effects of the multiple murders that rocked the post World War II landscape of Texarkana.. 

 I have written about the ‘phantom killer’ before. It remains an unsolved case—though so many by this time in history have theories as to the ‘whodunit’ of the story. Multiple killings happening at lovers lane led to an intense national buzz. It was not the first time global media descended on a small time—but given the time and state of America, it is amazing to see and analyze not only the true crime story but the pop culture and journalistic changes that happened because of the series of crimes at the hands of a masked perpetrator.
As far as the crime itself, Presley details and documents the follies and attempts at investigating during the early stages of some of the crime scenes. Police mistakes, not accounting for an inventory of evidence.. the lack of DNA.. the fact that small town crimes were the normal calling for a police force. And these big headline murders were too much, at times..
Journalism… headline writers had a field day. And once they captured the public’s imagination with the ‘phantom killer,’ all hell broke loose. Literally. More murders and with it fear—people locking windows, staring at neighbors a little more closely.. looking for killers underneath the shrubs. It is a small town mid-20th century vision of the fear that nationally would hit America in the post 9/11 landscape..
 Pop culture.. perhaps you did, or did not know, that there was a movie called THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN made in the 70s.. it wasn’t a ‘true’ account but ‘inspired’ by such. Court cases attempted to stop the film. They did not work. Free form of art won.. and with it, a cult classic horror movie that had little to do with facts. Then came a remake in the 2000s—and the weirdest part? The town shows the original film every Halloween in a field near where the actual real life murders took place decades prior.. Talk about creepy..
 Presley’s book is a must read for those who really into true crime. And even those into psychology and the ultimate state of terror so often people can find themselves in. It sets the stage perfectly well.. the writing style, along with frequent descriptive accounts of the weather on any given day, offers a glimpse into the past. And sort of makes you feel like you’re there.. While you’re not reading the headlines in a newspaper, Presley’s ability to work those true headlines into print gives you the same chills it would have the people of Texarkana so many years ago.
And … the truth the killer was not caught. At least not for the crimes of murder.. perhaps another crime or crimes. Read the book for more on that.

The dreadful forest fire in the North: Videos and information

Like many of you I am shocked looking at footage from Canada.. the massive forest with no end,  out of control.. The evacuations are enormous and the work being done to try to stop the fire impressive but often fleeting.

APTOPIX Canada Wildfire

The fire is in Alberta's Fort McMurray.. A wall of smoke and fire is rampaging the landscape.. Even parts of a Canadian City were overtaken by flames.

Get this: Authorities ordered the evacuation of about 88,000 people, including the entire city of Fort McMurray, the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo said. 80,000..

The blaze has already destroyed 80% of Fort McMurray's Beacon Hill community.

24,000 + acres have been scorched at the last press briefing. 1600 structures have been completely destroyed.

This quote from CNN:
High winds, warm weather and dry conditions were expected to create "explosive conditions" for fire growth and make it difficult for firefighters to keep up, Alberta forestry manager Bernie Schmitte said.


There are 85 wildfires right now in Canada. Albert must wait. That word according to the Forest Minister.



The pictures are harrowing. The information is plenty..

Hopes and prayers and goodwill towards all going through this right now.


Wednesday headlines to be aware of

Headlines and more from around the world and beyond.. Start your day informed..

Ted Cruz dropped out last night as Donald Trump, somehow, made history.. meanwhile the presumptive nominee for the Democrats, Hillary Clinton, lost. The Dems in disarray and Sanders, with another victory behind him in Indiana, pledges to continue.. Could it be, after all of these months of speculating about a brokered convention, that it happens with the Democrats and not the Republicans...?

How does the world view the Trump victory..
According to publication HUFFINGTON POST, the world isn't pleased..
Japan believes he is riding a wave of 'warped' 1980s nostalgia..
Cameron calls Trump divisive stupid and wrong..
Asian market sell-off: Because of Trump victory?

Illma Gore posted this image to Instagram
Remember the 'naked Donald Trump' painting? I bet, like me, you cannot get the sordid image out of your head either.. The woman who painted the picture, Illma Gore, posted an Instagram image of herself with a black eye and said she was assaulted by a Trump supporter..

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Fierce storms are going to take aim at Florida today.. Be prepared to not see as much sunshine as most likely desired..
Meanwhile to the north: Hail battered Washington DC.. See the video.

News of weather, but from space: Earth is entering a debris field from Halley's Comet. It is the annual Aquariid meteor shower.. peak May 5. Look to the heavens especially during the hours right before sunrise.

Smart bling: China wins against Apple: iPhone handbags to be permitted..

More women please: Saudi minister claims he is not 'satisfied' with level of female employment in the kingdom.. Female unemployment is at 34%..

China's army releases 'first person shooter' recruitment videos to attract millennials..  The video seems to be based on games like CALL OF DUTY and has a soundtrack where the words "kill kill kill" repeat themselves..

HUSH: Screen Gems is developing a SLENDER MAN film.

BIG BIRD: Bert and Ernie used for STD testing advertisements..

German horror: Women tortured to death after answering ads of couple claiming they had lonely hearts..

Bithi Akhtar
Reclusive 'werewolf girl' lives alone to avoid bullies..

Claim: Orthodox churches around the world being burned because a Nazi cardinal did not become a saint..

Federal lawsuit claims: Students who want to talk about Jesus at North Carolina State university have to get a permit first!

Wildfire is worsening along highway 63 Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada May 3, 2016. © CBC News
Tens of thousands flee Canadian super fire..

And finally.. with all of the political hot mess microwaving itself until explosion points, there is one last weird and creepy video (in a long series of them) featuring Ted Cruz to watch. This? After he conceded he will not win he punched his wife in the face. All accidental of course.. but it just adds to the mystique of Cruzifer.

Thanks for the memories Ted.

Would you unlock your iPhone for Mark Dice?

A warrant was issued in February ordering Paytsar Bkhchadzhyan to unlock an iPhone seized from a Glendale, California, residence. She later pleaded no contest to a felony count of identity theft, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Paytsar Bkhchadzhyan

The debate centers around whether unlocking on iPhone or the smart device for police is the same thing as testifying without speaking a word.. talking without having a lawyer.. giving up the right or privacy that should not have been trampled..

These are big questions and a big future ahead..

The entire story which centers on one woman has huge implications. Police want your fingerprints to unlock your phone. And should that be allowed?

There is one person asking people to unlock their iPhones for him to see a reaction. Mark Dice, the famed conspiracy researcher, took to the streets to demand passersby unlock their phones. And why would they refuse, after all!? If they have nothing to hide there's nothing to fear... right?

When put into the context of someone asking them to unlock their phones they refused. But if the person wore a uniform and had a badge, they'd obey?

What would you do?