The biggest story of 2017 that no one wanted to talk about

In the wake of Michael’s death, his mother, Sherri Kent from Calgary, has taken to Facebook, where she posted photos of her son in the hospital in an effort to show the side effects of opioid use and how it ended her son’s life


Heroin and meth use across small towns in America have destroyed main street, families, lives, and the future.
Businesses are closed. Whether it’s because of NAFTA or just economics in general, there are few places for people to work. Few places to play. Malls and stores are gone. Chain restaurants exist but nothing of family value.

And with this vapid and rapid existence of healthy lifestyle, another thing took its place: Drug use.
Not just recreational> Life altering, life ending.

Heroin and other opioids are silently whispered about. People who condemned the druggies only a few years ago are now burying their once healthy children because they couldn’t just ‘kick the habit.’
We are in a crisis of epidemic proportions. But we’d rather not mention it. It makes us feel uncomfortable as a society.

Instead we’ll keep burying the young. That’s easier than actually finding a solution, apparently.
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