Perhaps now we are seeing why ROTTEN TOMATOES didn't release JUSTICE LEAGUE ratings until opening day: The numbers are weak. Scoring below 40%..


Saturday, June 3, 2017


Yet another nightmare scenario of terrorism in a major city is playing out in real time..

Social media reports indicated all the news first. Then terror attack news blanketed the major airwaves across the world..

The situation at hand:

Militants drove a van at high speed into pedestrians on London Bridge before stabbing revelers on the street and in bars in the nearby Borough Market area on Saturday night in what authorities described as a terrorist attack.

Armed police rushed to the scene where shots were heard and authorities urged Londoners on Twitter to "run, hide, tell" if they were caught in the attack.

Witnesses described a van speeding into several pedestrians on London Bridge and then a knife-wielding man sprinting towards a bar packed with revellers enjoying a Saturday night out.

Italian photographer Gabriele Sciotto, who was watching the Champions League final at the Wheatsheaf pub in Borough Market, said he saw three men being shot just outside the pub.

Donald Trump tells London 'we are with you' after terror attack..

One eyewitness account: Waitress was targeted and stabbed in the neck during attack..

This .. all days away from an election in England..



BUT on the mend..

He had to cancel a Wizard World convention in Des Moines after breaking a foot through his 'clumsy' act in his home..

Robert Englund, 69, looks to be recovering well from his accident, smiling while hobbling along using a walking stick at Los Angeles Airport on Thursday.

Tweeting about his injury on May 18, the actor wrote: 'Nightmare at my house!! Freddy vs clumsy me! Broke my foot. Sorry I'll miss my fans.'

Finding your best defense with someone else's worst offense..

Early in the week Kathy Griffin thought it would be humorous to be showcased in a photo shoot raising the severed head of Donald Trump.

Later in the week.. Bill Maher uttered the N word during his HBO REAL TIME live broadcast..

Anger online!

Twitter repudiates!

This morning, Bill Maher is facing widespread calls that he should be fired for his joke!

Maher was talking to Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Nebraska) about the senator’s book, “The Vanishing American Adult,” which explores why today’s young people are unable to survive in a competitive global economy. The conversation drifted to Halloween and how dressing up is no longer just a children’s tradition. Sasse said adults don’t do that quite as much in his state because it’s frowned upon. In response, Maher said he should visit Nebraska more.

“We’d love to have you work in the fields with us,” Sasse said.

“Work in the fields? Senator, I’m a house n—–,” Maher said, raising both of his hands up. “No it’s — it’s a joke.”

At this time, there has not been a public response from Bill Maher. It will undoubtedly come.

But we did have a response from Griffin, who late in the week blamed Donald Trump and family for attempting to take her career down.

At this time, people including Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson and Jack Posobiec, a Trump supporter who writes for the right-wing site Rebel Media, have called for Maher to be fired. #FireBillMaher is circulating on Twitter.

The rest.. rest.. the rest may be history.

This has been an awful year for fake outrage over things that don't matter. Like when the Late Show host Colbert had a nasty joke about Trump.. Or when people wanted Sean Hannity fired for being political opposed to them.. or when Steve Martin had to say sorry for calling Carrie Fisher beautiful shortly after she passed away.

This is tiring.. This is getting to be a drag on freedom of speech. And unfortunately, as the whole mess of 2017 continues, this nonsensical tripe will most likely keep occurring.

Should Kathy Griffin say sorry? Sure if she wants to. Same for Bill Maher. But should they be fired? ....I suppose the private companies who employ them can only decide after reading the tea leaves.. But my God.. my God.. jokes are over. In the new age, everyone can take offense at what they choose..demand repercussions for their agony.. and then at the end of the day still demand the termination of whatever person said something to offend them.

Conservative.. Red states.

Blue state liberals.. All the same.

In the end, the middle of the roaders--all of us--have been forced into a giant mess of madness.

Welcome to the modern age. Pop culture may have to slice and dice the MIC in favor of the duct tape. Over the mouth. Not a word to be uttered in the 21st century breakdown.

GIRLS RULE!! Gal Gadot's “Wonder Woman” is soaring to a $100 million opening weekend at the North American box office, early estimates showed Friday...

GIRL FOOL!! Kathy Griffin turns blame on Trump after ISIS-ish beheading stunt..

Bill Maher hit on Twitter for using N word on HBO..


Weekend Warrior: POTENTIAL $100 mil for Wonder Woman predicted!

'UFO' shimmering bright in UK night sky


The video, taken by a resident from Frome, shows streaks of light over nearby Cley hill which is 2 miles from UFO town Warminster.
The footage, which lasts a few minutes, shows the peculiar light moving in circular directions in the night sky.

'I took this video from my house in Frome last night. It was over the Cley Hill area I think, which is always a hotspot for UFOs', the resident who took the video told Somerset Live.
'Probably a drone with a fancy flame effect tail or something. It's been spotted a few times locally', the resident said.

Politically incorrect or culturally inappropriate ?

The latest from pop culture:

Bill Maher, the HBO late-night host of “Real Time,” was criticized widely on social media after an interview with a Nebraska senator that aired Friday night where the host joked that he is a “house [expletive].”

Maher was having a back-and-forth with Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., and the senator invited the liberal talk-show host to visit his state.

“We’d love to have you work in the fields with us,” Sasse joked.

Maher responded, “Work in the fields? Senator, I’m a house [expletive].”

Some in the audience groaned and a few clapped. Maher appeared to quickly reassure the audience and said, “No, it’s a joke.”

Sasse did not address the comment and the two moved on to another subject. Sasse faced some criticism on social media for not quickly condemning the host’s comments.

The word was not cut from the Midnight rebroadcast on HBO..

Friday, June 2, 2017


PR stunt today attempts to turn tables as pendulum swung against her.. CNN fired her. And the President questioned her mental health.
Tears... for fears..

“That apology absolutely stands,” Griffin said at the packed morning news conference held at her attorney’s office in Woodland Hills. “I apologized because it was the right thing to do and I meant it.”

“Then I saw the tide turning,” she continued, adding that she has received death threats. “I saw what was happening. It was a mob mentality pile-on.”

Public outrage over the photo was immediate on Tuesday, and Griffin apologized soon after, but the damage had already been done.

President Trump and family speculated on Twitter about Griffin’s mental health, saying that she should be ashamed and calling for CNN to fire her from her New Year’s Eve hosting gig, which the cable news network did.

Wonder Woman weekend mania or stallout?

$100 million on way? Maybe more..

According to some early estimates, there are hopes that the newest super-heroine movie will yield dramatically high early summer box office results..

In North America, Warner Bros. is being more conservative and suggesting a $65 million to $70 million debut, considering tracking has been unreliable as of late.

But if tracking is right, Wonder Woman could land the biggest domestic opening ever for a female director, primarily because very few women have been given the chance to helm a Hollywood tentpole. It would also be a morale boost for Hollywood following the worst Memorial Day weekend in 18 years, thanks to a number of underperforming summer event pics...

The movie's profits are in your hands, moviegoers of the world.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

I still exist. Therefore I am.

Welcome BACK to the horror report.. the demise isn't what I thought it would be. A

After announcing several weeks ago that I didn't have enough fundage in the wallet this year to cover the hosting costs for the site with Wordpress, I was given more than a few emails from readers regretting the site leaving..

I decided to change things up a bit. Eliminate the hefty cost and, at least for one year, switch to a cheaper hosting platform and also keep the domain name--why not since it existed since the early 2000s..

So here I am.

The biggest challenge: Figuring out what to do with the content that was published on the Wordpress site. I made a backup. The problem is not having any new ability since the year 2015 to re-format the XML into a usable document that can be uploaded somewhere else.

But that is my problem.

In the mean time, my email (at least for now) continues to remain bryan@horrorreport.com  .. Yes the site is on Facebook and Twitter. But the old fashioned 20th century boy in me still likes emails the best.


POLITICS: WONDER WOMAN banned in Lebanon!


Tuesday, May 30, 2017



And from TMZ, the exclusive first look at the photo shoot leaked out.
And now the world sees..

She joked she would have to move to MEXICO after it was revealed..