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Seven U.S. sailors are unaccounted for after a Navy destroyer collided with a merchant ship southwest of Yokosuka, Japan, early Saturday local time, the Navy said... More..

Amazon is buying Whole Foods for $13.4 billion.. And it is about more than just drone deliveries.. it is about the war with Walmart: “Make no mistake, Walmart under no circumstances can lose the grocery wars to Amazon,” said Brittain Ladd, a strategy and supply chain consultant who formerly worked with Amazon on its grocery business. “If Walmart loses the grocery battle to Amazon, they have no chance of ever dethroning Amazon as the largest e-commerce player in the world.”..

Bizarre glowing SEA CREATURES blooming in the Pacific!

Panic!! Warning ussies after dozens of bathgers are attacked by piranhas in Brazil!

Bill Maher: PANIC is the word..

NEW REPUBLIC ponders: What ever happened to the great scary summer horror movie? I wonder the same.. It is what so often seems missing now, the old days of August thrills are repla…

On the radar: Kevin Smith shooting a horror moving titled Kilroy was here

On the radar: Kevin Smith shooting a horror moving titled KILLROY WAS HERE.. Some of the filming took place at a Florida college..
A little bit of history about KILLROY WAS HERE: The phrase “Kilroy Was Here” originated in American culture as graffiti during World War II as a bald-headed man with a big nose peeking over a wall with the fingers of each hand clutching the wall. Smith said the new film will be the first installment of a horror anthology.. Even more: Author Charles Panati says that in the United States “the mischievous face and the phrase became a national joke… The outrageousness of the graffiti was not so much what it said, but where it turned up.”[2] The major Kilroy graffiti fad ended in the 1950s, but today people all over the world still scribble the character and “Kilroy was here” in schools, trains, and other public areas. It is believed that James J. Kilroy was the origin of the expression, as he used the phrase when checking ships at the Fore River Shipyard in Mas…

STRANGE SOUNDS with Clyde Lewis

STRANGE SOUNDS with Clyde Lewis
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Tom Cruise was the reason the MUMMY melted down this summer at the box office.. so says new reporting in Hollywood circles.. Apparently the star was fully in charge of the movie..


There were few signs that a major blockbuster was about to premiere when “The Mummy” rolled into Manhattan last week. The marquee of the AMC Loews Lincoln Square Theatres had gone blank. The carpet was totally covered with black plastic. Security only let guests past barricades after quizzing them about what they were there to see, and everybody had to walk through two imposing metal detectors.
Inside the theater, Tom Cruise was jubilant, as he stood in front of the crowd. “Hey y’all,” said the 54-year-old actor. He introduced Alex Kurtzman, the film’s director, as well as the cast members, who stood quietly as Cruise delivered a 10-minute improvised speech. “Movies aren’t made by single people,” he said. “It’s a team effort.”
But in the case of “The Mummy,” one person–Cruise–had an excessive amount…

Tom Holland ready to bring in the Spidey Bacon

Inside sources hoping or praying: The first tracking figures are in for next month’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming” which is on course to earn in the neighborhood of $90-108 million domestically in its opening weekend on July 7th.That’s erring towards Sam Raimi’s first “Spider-Man” in 2002 which made $114.8 million in its opening weekend, and a big improvement on Marc Webb’s “The Amazing Spider-Man” which made $62 million in its three-day domestic opening.
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Megyn Kelly Exposed by Alex Jones in Leaked Audio Recordings

I figured something was up last week when Megyn Kelly visited the set of Alex Jones.. Jones told her to sit in the same chair that Matt Drudge sat in in 2016.. She was joking with him while on his set of his daily syndicated Youtube and radio program..

All friendly..
Then ..
The real interview.. people angry that NBC gave Jones a major voice – though he most likely was one of the biggest influences on the 2016 election of anyway.

And now this: Controversy! Jones has the secret tapes!

More from the DAILY BEAST:

Alex Jones, the conspiracy-theorizing host of the Infowars website whose controversial interview with NBC’s Megyn Kelly is set to air Sunday night, has fallen back to the argument of every disgruntled interviewee: “They took me out of context.”
Except in this case, Jones may cause serious trouble for Kelly, who he apparently took the precaution of covertly taping in pre-interview calls and, he claims, the interview itself, which he is now publicizing on Infowars and his YouTube channe…


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The bat signal shines

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti will light the Bat-Signal over Los Angeles in a special ceremony honoring the late Adam West, who starred in the 60s Batman TV series as the Caped Crusader himself.The ceremony will be conducted on Thursday, June 15 at 7:30 p.m. PST at Los Angeles City Hall. Garcetti will be joined by unnamed special guests for the tribute, along with Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck.
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Positive words. Positives vibes. Let's try together!

The world has been wildly negative lately. People are hating on each other.. words are caustic and arguments are vitriolic. Families are divided and friendships are ending..

OR      S O    W E    A R E      T O L D !!

If you pay attention to modern media, you are blasted by by the negative sensation that has become pop culture.. It is deriding and divisive.. it is hateful and intrusive.. It attacks the very pit of your soul and insults the top of your brain. It connects you to nothing but further hate. Further animosity.. further connection to darkness...

And then come the hate-filled words. You don't even know you're saying.

Each time you say the following you connect yourself with negative repercussions:

I hate life.

People suck.

The world sucks.

Nothing good happens.

You can't trust anyone.

People's intentions are awful.

I'm broke.

I am in debt.

I can't get ahead.

No one likes me.

I have no friends.

I have no future.

I may…

GOP rep. received threatening email with subject line 'One down, 216 to go...' after lawmaker shooting | TheHill

GOP rep. received threatening email with subject line 'One down, 216 to go...' after lawmaker shooting | TheHill: “This morning, our office received a disturbing message referencing the tragic shooting that wounded House Whip Rep. Steve Scalise, U.S. Capitol Police officers and a Congressional staff member,“ Hannah Andrews said in a statement Wednesday afternoon. "Although our office receives threats like these regularly, today’s message was particularly disheartening following this morning’s tragic events.”
“The level of discourse in politics today is truly unfortunate. Our nation was founded on the principle of free speech, and it’s vitally important that we have a robust debate on the issues. However, protections under the first amendment do not extend to violence,” Andrews added. X x x XThis type of incivility is why I have become alienated so often from the politics process.. why this website, though often reporting news of the day, doesn’t much speak about the polit…

HEATHER WADE ROCKS MIDNIGHT: Ultra Top Secret: Assessment of Situation / Statement on Position on UFOs

HEATHER WADE ROCKS MIDNIGHT: Ultra Top Secret: Assessment of Situation / Statement on Position on UFOs: Last night before the daily broadcast of MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT began, Art Bell posted a Facebook message that breaking news could occur on the program.. Host Heather Wade followed up with a ‘brace for it’ message.When the intro music finally ended, Wade waded deep into the Men In Black danger zone: Revealed though her radio broadcast and now on the Midnight in the Desert page ( are secret documents said to be given to Wade by a trusted source..Stanton Friedman, an expert in the UFO community who goes back decades in research, told Art Bell that the documents now downloadable are all new pieces of information.. and even more, that they prove government knowledge of different types of extra-terrestrial beings. Even that we truly did recover bodies..Bombshell stuff if it proves true.
And speaking of that.. the MIDNIGHT page still has a caveat to the breaking news…

Bieber dodges bottle during show

Bieber dodges bottle during show : Biebs was forced to dodge the flying piece of debris, presumably on anger over him not performing a song?Responding to calls for him to play Despacito, Bieber told the crowd: ‘I can’t do that [song] specifically. I don’t know the words… I can’t do it.’One fan took Bieber’s refusal rather personally, however, and threw a bottle which nearly struck the star square on the head…
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'Little Nightmares' being made into a TV series..

“Avengers: Infinity War” directors Anthony and Joe Russo are teaming with the legendary “A Nightmare Before Christmas” director Henry Selick for a TV series adaptation of the horror-adventure video game “Little Nightmares”.The game follows a nine-year-old girl named Six who finds herself trapped on the bottom of a terror-filled ship named the Maw. She tries to escape from the ship while evading capture and death at the hands of characters named the Janitor, the Twin Chefs and the Lady.
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The Dennis Rodman effect

This morning it was reported that Dennis Rodman was going --again-- to North Korea..

Then he arrived..

Then this news alert..

Pyongyang, North Korea (CNN)Otto Warmbier, an American college student jailed in North Korea, has been released, according to his parents.
"He is being medivacked to the US. The brutalization and terrorism the North Koreans have put upon Otto and the Warmbier family have ended. Thank God," they told CNN.
Warmbier was detained in January 2016 at the airport in Pyongyang on his way home from a visit to the reclusive country.

And you still say that he's not a secret agent...??

The Babadook: how the horror movie monster became a gay icon

The Babadook: how the horror movie monster became a gay icon : It all started on Tumblr as somewhat of a tongue in cheek post.. it went from there to explode into a true thing.. people now using the horror film imagery as a celebration of LGBT..In December 2016, a screenshot was posted to Tumblr showing The Babadook listed prominently among “LGBT Movies” on Netflix – more likely to be a doctored image indicative of the meme’s gaining momentum, than a categorisation error.“The B in LGBT stands for Babadook,” another user responded.
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Dennis Rodman back in Beijing ahead of rumored trip to North Korea

Dennis Rodman back in Beijing ahead of rumored trip to North Korea : Hong Kong and Washington (CNN)NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman is expected to arrive in North Korea Tuesday, according to two officials in that country who spoke to CNN. CNN spotted Rodman at Beijing International Airport, where he declined to answer questions. Rodman would be arriving in Pyongyang at a time of heightened tension between Washington and Pyongyang, which is currently detaining four Americans.The fate of the world is in his hands.I still think we’ll find out in a generation that he has been a CIA asset..
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Tom Cruise unravels..

Weak weekend..

The sexless appeal of Tom Cruise..

1.). Wonder Woman (WB), 4,165 theaters / $15.8M Fri. (-59%)/3-day cume: $52.8M (-49%)/Total:$200.6M/ Wk 2

2.). The Mummy (Uni), 4.035 theaters / $12M Fri. (includes $2.66M) /3-day cume: $30.5M/Wk 1

3.). Captain Underpants (DWA/20TH), 3,529 theaters (+95)/ $3.5M Fri. (-56%) /3-day cume: $12.6M (-47%)/Total: $44.1M/Wk 2

4.). Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (DIS), 3,679 theaters (-597) / $2.97 M Fri. (-53%)/3-day cume: $10.4M (-53%)/Total:$135.5M/ Wk 3

5.). It Comes at Night (A24), 2,533 theaters / $2.4M Fri. (includes $700 previews) /3-day cume: $6.2M/Total: Wk 1