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Sort of a strange little photo making its way around the...

Sort of a strange little photo making its way around the internet.. The painting is called Mr. Pynchon and the Settling of SpringfieldMr Pynchon was a successful fur trader who founded Springfield, Massachusetts..The painting is from 1937..
Most historians say the mystery object is a mirror - used widely in the 17th century
But that isn’t stopping people from pondering if the mystery item is actually a smart phone!Look at the way he holds it! The way he stares.. Could it be an iPhone? or… maybe the other burning question.. An Android!?
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JOKER origin movie being planned

JOKER origin movie being planned : DEADLINE has the exclusive:
Warner Bros and DC are in the early stages of another Batman Universe spinoff movie, this one telling the origin story of the signature villain The Joker. The studio has set The Hangover‘s Todd Phillips to co-write a script with 8 Mile scribe Scott Silver. Phillips will direct the movie, and Martin Scorsese will produce it with Phillips. This will be the first film under a new banner that has yet to be named in which WB can expand the canon of DC properties and create unique storylines with different actors playing the iconic characters.The storyline reportedly will be set in the early 1980s and will most likely be a gritty crime drama..Jared Leto will most likely NOT be the Joker, despite his reprisal of the role in SUICIDE SQUAD 2 and the HARLEY QUINN spin off..
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A Satanic cult is believed to be responsible for the murder of a pregnant Argentinian woman, who was discovered stabbed multiple times and burned in a fire so hot only her necklace helped authorities identify her. The body of Fernanda Pereyra, 26, who was six months pregnant, was found July 20 at the 6-kilometer mark on Route 6 in Argentina, near the town of Rincon de los Sauces.

Enormous Asteroid Is Passing Close by Earth in Two Weeks Time

Enormous Asteroid Is Passing Close by Earth in Two Weeks Time: On 1 September, a mammoth 4.4 kilometer (2.7 mile) chunk of rock will pass within an astronomical whisker of our planet – the largest near-Earth object to come this close since NASA set up its Near Earth Observations program in 1998. 
But .. it’s far far away. 18 times the distance between Earth and the Moon this asteroid poses no threat..

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