Seattle butterflies: ALL GODS MUST DIE gets attention

There is something strange afoot in the city of Seattle Washington -- a butterfly effect is causing strange emotions from people who are finding origami butterflies throughout public locations.. when the papers are unfolded, ominous messages appear..

From a local report:

"Origami butterflies with ominous messages have been found all around Seattle.The colorful creations look cheerful at first, but when unfolded, the phrase “you are not safe,” is revealed. A date is printed along with the message: 9-28-17.Even more puzzling are the illustrations, which include Russell Wilson, Kurt Cobain, the Starbucks siren, and a peace message. One of the notes features the Seattle skyline without its famous Space Needle landmark.A website is listed on some of the papers: On it, a scramble of letters merge together to form the statement, "You Are Not Safe” while Wagner's "Das Rheingold" plays. Then, a psychedelic goat appears behind the vaguely threatening.There is a Reddit thread dedicated to the strange occurrence."

Interesting information has been unearthed by users on REDDIT.. they appear to be on to something. THe ALL GODS MUST DIE page may be associated with an anti-abortion religious zealot.A theory has emerged that this person could be drumming up attention for national abortion rights day--9/28.. 

But it is tattering already fretting nerves in the area--a location that is having earthquake drills and emergency alert tests... 

Sexist relic Hugh Hefner dead

A relic of a sexist era gone.. Hugh Hefner dead at 91..

Hugh Hefner -- the silk-robed Casanova whose Playboy men's magazine popularized the term "centerfold," glamorized an urbane bachelor lifestyle and helped spur the 'sexual revolution' of the 1960s -- has died, his company said late Wednesday. He was 91.

Hefner founded Playboy in 1953 with $600 of his own money and built the magazine into a multimillion-dollar entertainment empire that at its 1970s peak included TV shows, a jazz festival and a string of Playboy Clubs whose cocktail waitresses wore bunny ears and cottontails.

Mystery Surrounds Metal Towers Popping Up In Tunnels & Bridges

Mystery Surrounds Metal Towers Popping Up In Tunnels & Bridges:

It’s a $100 million MTA project shrouded in secrecy, with 18 of them for tunnels and bridges. So what are they exactly?

The MTA’s man in charge of the bridges and tunnels, Cedrick Fulton, dodged Carlin’s questions Wednesday.

“I said no comment,” he said.

Some MTA board members, including New York City Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg, say they know too little about the towers – even with half the money already spent and some of the towers already up.

“A lot of the board members felt they didn’t have all the details they would have wanted, myself included,” she said.

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Knowles out: It ain't cool

Harry Knowles, the movie blogger who founded Ain’t It Cool News, is taking a leave of absence from the popular fan site after being accused of sexually assaulting a number of women.

Knowles allegedly groped and harassed five women over the past few decades, according to multiple reports this week from IndieWire.

“Therapy, detox, and getting to a better place,” Knowles wrote of his departure on Facebook and Twitter late Tuesday. His sister will take over AICN in the interim.

Developing .. 


New Line and Warner Bros is celebrating a renewed interest in the box office with IT's release..

Today the two studios have announced the release date for the sequel to IT as September 6, 2019, where it will debut in regular theaters and IMAX screens..

By that point, 'IT' may still be in some theaters.. the movie has been a complete and total phenomenon..And continues to do well..

Though there has been no official announcement, it’s presumed that Andy Muschietti will be returning to direct..

NFL water cooler talk isn't cool today

The numbers are in..

In metered market numbers, the primetime match-up between the 27-10 winning Washington Redskins and the Oakland Raiders snared an 11.6/20.

The worst SNF has performed this season so far, that’s an 8% dip from the early numbers of last week’s Atlanta Falcon’s 34-23 win over the Green Bay Packers. Gaining cheers and boos from fans at FedEx Field in Maryland last night, the third week of SNF for the 2017-2018 season declined 10% from early numbers of the comparable game of last year on September 25, 2016.

The outcome to the weekend is what I expected. Facebook and Twitter are filled with memes and jersey burnings, controversy and "I stand" logos overtop of people's profile photos... I have literally witnessed "virtual" online friendships ending this morning due to the kneeling controversy ...

Someone I know wrote a long post about how she will stay off of Facebook due to the debate. Perhaps I will do the same, only lurking from a safe distance.

This whole debacle about kneeling during the National Anthem has reminded me a little of the 'freedom fries' battle of the early 2000s. Back then France decided it would not support the United States war in Iraq. The Capitol cafeteria renamed French fries 'freedom fries' in a strange Orwellian protest. Some others in the nation followed with the same name...  

It was quite the hot topic then.

Cue now: 3 million without power in Puerto Rico, Houston still devasted, fires along the West Coast, Florida with many locations recovering, and a new hurricane looming in the Atlantic.. that coupled with some of the weirdest and most bizarre weather in a long time. North Korea threatening to shoot down a US plane.  Terrorist threats being made against soft targets... Crises abound.

And we? In America? We are busy. People are kneeling during a song.

We will get to those issues later.....

Russian ‘cannibal couple’ detained after 'eating' up to 30 victims since 1999

Russian ‘cannibal couple’ detained after 'eating' up to 30 victims since 1999 :

Russia’s southern Krasnodarsky Region has awoken to horrifying news about a pair of cannibals that could be responsible for up to 30 grisly murders, local media report citing police. Parts of some of the victims were reportedly stored for later consumption.

Some of the victims were in fridges… Some others in parts.

Apparently the couple has been involved with the kid napping and eating of people since 1999, last century.

And now caught.
A murderous and horrific long-winded rampage of cannibalism over……

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'UFO' spotted over LA as hidden Planet X predicted to destroy Earth? The new battle over Los Angeles ?

'UFO' spotted over LA as hidden Planet X predicted to destroy Earth? The new battle over Los Angeles ?:

The prediction that a hidden planet was meant to smash into Earth on Saturday — killing us all — was laughed at by experts.
But that quickly turned into nervous laughter when a number of people spotted strange lights in the skies above America hours before the destruction was supposed to take place.
Freaked-out Los Angeles residents saw what they described as a UFO with a weird crescent flying over them.

Luckily we are still here and the earth hasn’t been destroyed .. but for a few seconds there may have been absurd fears within the hearts of Los Angrlenos…

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Sunday night knees

Suddenly America's past time has divided the nation--or the President talking about it..

This past week, Donald Trump loudly stated that players who take needs during national anthems should be FIIIIIIRRREEEDDDD!.....

And this weekend? Many NFL players locked arms or kneeled in solidarity against the President, causing a new national fervor about the biggest game in the United States..

I wrote before that I suspected some odd conspiracy--ratings were down and now ... most likely up.

This is how the AFP reports it:
A wave of protests swept across the National Football League on Sunday as President Donald Trump escalated his feud with players who kneel during the US national anthem to draw attention to racial injustice.
Trump ignited a firestorm of criticism after comments on Friday in which he described NFL players who chose to take a knee through renditions of "The Star-Spangled Banner" as "sons of bitches" who should be fired.
The US leader doubled down on those remarks early Sunday, urging fans to boycott the NFL as long as the protests continued.
"If NFL fans refuse to go to games until players stop disrespecting our Flag & Country, you will see change take place fast. Fire or suspend!" Trump wrote on Twitter.
Yet players throughout America's most popular sport took a defiant stance on Sunday, in the largest such demonstration since former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started the protests in 2016.
Trump was forced back into the issue tonight (and he LOVED every minute of it) ...

Trump, speaking to reporters on a New Jersey tarmac before boarding Air Force One, was asked for a reaction to the statement by New England Patriots owner (and Trump supporter) Robert Kraft about being “disappointed” by Trump’s recent comments.

“I like Bob very much, we’re friends — he gave me a Super Bowl ring a month ago, right? — so he’s a good friend of mine, and I want him to do what he wants to do, but we have a great country, we have great people representing our country, especially our soldiers, our first responders, and they should be treated with respect, and when you get on your knee and you don’t respect the American flag or the anthem, that’s not being treated with respect.”

Asked a reporter: “Are you inflaming racial tensions, sir?”

“This has nothing to do with race,” Trump said. “I never said anything about race. This has nothing to do with race or anything else. This has to do with respect for our country and respect for our flag.”

The new 'freedom fries' of Monday water cooler chat will center around Donald Trump and the new national sensation.

Meanwhile? .... lots of tiny players and older ones too have brains rattling around their heads and futures filled with head injuries. 
But ratings were down.
So to Twitter we went.

Terrifying Apocalyptic Message Interrupts Orange County California TV Broadcast

Terrifying Apocalyptic Message Interrupts Orange County California TV Broadcast:

If you were watching HGTV in Orange County on Thursday morning, you may have been treated to a terrifying surprise.

As the channel switched to an emergency broadcast screen, an extremely loud, badly transmitted voice came over the speakers.

“Realize this, extremely violent times will come,” the voice said.

“It almost sounded like Hitler talking,” Stacy Laflamme told The OC Register. “It sounded like a radio broadcast coming through the television.”

TV viewers on both Cox Communications and Spectrum received the alert. According to the broadcasting companies, no one was sure why. They believe that some sort of radio emergency test tone was sent, which was picked up by the television stations. Instead of ending after a tone as usual, whichever station sent the alert did not send the ending code, and another radio transmission was picked up and continued to air.

With how intense the world has been lately–earthquakes, fires, fears, and hurricanes–this must have come at the completely wrong moment. 

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Taking a knee: Trump comments will undoubtedly increase NFL ratings

I am beginning to wonder if the new world order is just a fake fraud and cover up of the REAL conspiracy among us: TV executives working with Trump to get better ratings!

Think of it! Since the realDonald become the real president, ratings have gone up.. networks who despise the president are constantly capitalizing on their hate and the viewers dislike as well. And CNN!? It’s all Trump.. all the time. Morning, noon and night.

Cue the newest:
Donald Trump said the other night that NFL players who take a knee during the national anthem should be fired and thrown off the field. The NFL immediately didn’t like it.. Football players united in their dislike.. Some Democrats said ALL players should kneel.. And the President stands firm. 

Over the past several weeks, there have been video and pictures to prove just how unpopular the NFL has gotten. Stands not even half full on the latest Thursday night game? Ratings slumping? Interest in pee-wee sports down because of traumatic brain injuries, and NFL executives have been in a constant state of denial over retired players mental problems due to head injuries that took place during their short careers.

With Trump forcing the issue, riling up both sides with his rhetoric, and now, most likely, equaling and increase in ratings for the NFL.


All the ratings are set to increase..

Yes indeed.
This television scheme is sure feeling suspicious lately.


The world was set to end yesterday.

So far every time zone is reporting that life has continued.

David Meade, the owner of the failed end times prophecy, has already changed his story and said , no this is just the BEGINNING of the end times.. That he never said the world would end!

....So for all of those who wanted the world to avoid your weekly mass of choice this Sunday morning, wakey wakey.. God is waiting to judge you.