According to Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo, Stephen Paddock — the man responsible for the deadliest mass shooting in the U.S. — was a “status-driven,” high-rolling gambler who had been steadily losing money for two years... New information also portrays Paddock as a Trump supporter who was happy the stock market was doing well..

SAUDI ARABIA INTERCEPTS BALLISTIC MISSILE OVER CAPITAL! MORE: Yemen's air force on Saturday targeted an airport in Saudi Arabia's capital with a ballistic missile, according to Yemen's Houthi-controlled Defense Ministry...

Man arrested after an incident at the Bowling Green home of U.S. Sen. Rand Paul. Rene Boucher, 59, is in the Warren County Regional Jail in lieu of a $5,000 bond, according to online jail records available Saturday afternoon. Paul suffered minor injuries, according to a news release from Kentucky State Police Post 3 in Bowling Green... DEVELOPING..

The VERGE asks: Should you cover your webcam? The HORROR REPORT 15 years ago: YES!!


Spacey-ed out: 'I woke to find Spacey performing sex act on me', says latest accuser.. The alleged victim was 23 at the time and claimed Spacey asked him not to tell anyone after reportedly being caught in the act and asked to stop.

Meanwhile: Netflix Fires Kevin Spacey From ‘House of Cards,’ Cancels Upcoming Gore Vidal Biopic.. The mighty have fallen.

LORD OF THE RINGS could be rebooted for TV.. MORE: Warner Bros — the studio behind Sir Peter Jackson's hugely popular Lord of the Rings movies — is in negotiations with Amazon to adapt the novel into an episodic format, according to The Hollywood Reporter...

BLACK FRIDAY: SEARS closing 63 more stores.. Liquidation sales begin Nov. 9 for the 45 Kmart and 18 Sears locations targeted for closure.

LAPD investigates Harvey Weinstein ‘lewd conduct’ adding to police probes.. Police in New York also announced they are investigating a “credible” rape allegation..

Eric Vespe Joins Rooster Teeth After Leaving Ain’t It Cool News.. Vespe, known as “Quint” on Ain’t It Cool News, left the website after 20 years following the emergence of sexual-assault allegations against founder Harry Knowles. Knowles has denied the allegations...

STRANGER THINGS creators talk: What the final scene of the show means to Eleven.. "The Mind Flayer is still on the other side and he's right there in The Upside Down, so the question is 'Are characters safe?' And they are for a time."

Tom Delonge spills the UFO beans


Six feared dead after truck driver shouting 'allahu akbar' mows down cyclists on bike path in lower Manhattan before being gunned down by police as he waved imitation firearms!

The truck rammed into cyclists and runners on the West Side Highway on Tuesday shortly after 3pm
Driver drove south from further uptown and mounted the bike path a few blocks above Chambers Street
He mowed down several cyclists and runners, according to police sources, then crashed into a school bus
The driver then reportedly got out of the Home Depot truck with fake guns in his hands and was shot by police
The suspect survived and is in hospital but it remains unclear how many he injured in his path of destruction
He had rented the truck from Home Depot which said it was cooperating with authorities after the attack


At least six people were killed and 15 were injured when a truck driver deliberately mowed down people and targeted a school bus in lower Manhattan Tuesday in what authorities are investigating as an act of terror, officials tell News 4 New York.

More than a dozen people were hit when the driver of a Home Depot rental truck zoomed at least 10 blocks down a popular bike bath from West Houston to Chambers streets.

The man crashed into a school bus carrying three children during the rampage, and police say that he'd deliberately targeted that bus. Witnesses told police they saw the driver swerve the truck to target the school bus. They said the driver screamed "Allah' akbar" in the truck, then emerged carrying two fake guns -- either BB or paint guns -- and started running around before he was finally shot by police.

A very merry Trump Halloween

Pictured here is a very real photograph of the White House during their Halloween event yesterday--the first Halloween of the Trump administration..

While politics may not necessarily be the forte of this website, we do occasionally mention it because of how so often the paranormal coincides with the politics.. As Clyde Lewis coined, the 'para-political.' 

So when I saw this image of the White House adorned with horrific and ghastly spiders and cobwebs, it was interesting to note how the same day--Halloween time in D.C.--Robert Mueller decided to file the first charges against officials with the Trump Administration concerning the Russian/2016 election connection.

The White House could not have looked better for the occasion....

STRANGER THINGS 2 was unstoppable and amazing

There’s immense magic in the second season of Stranger Things.. magic you have to experience to believe