Trump Tannem

It has been another wild week of politics. Thanks to the President. And Twitter. And Wolfe's book...

But some interesting history..

Did you ever notice the similarities between Biff Tannen and Donald Trump? It’s not just you.

In 2015, back when most laughed at the prospects that Trump would ever become president, the writer of the movie opened up about who he based Bif off of: Trump!

He told the DAILY BEAST

“We thought about it when we made the movie! Are you kidding?” he says. “You watch Part II again and there’s a scene where Marty confronts Biff in his office and there’s a huge portrait of Biff on the wall behind Biff, and there’s one moment where Biff kind of stands up and he takes exactly the same pose as the portrait? Yeah.”
Of course, in the movie, Biff uses the profits from his 27-story casino (the Trump Plaza Hotel, completed in 1984, is 37 floors, by the way) to help shake up the Republican Party, before eventually assuming political power himself, helping transform Hill Valley, California, into a lawless, dystopian wasteland, where hooliganism reigns, dissent is quashed, and wherein Biff encourages every citizen to call him “America’s greatest living folk hero.”
“Yeah,” says Gale. “That’s what we were thinking about.”


Could not be more excited about this

“Exploring the idea of The Mandela Effect, in which large groups of people remember an alternate history, Mulder and Scully learn how The X-Files themselves may have originated in the all-new “The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat” episode of THE X-FILES airing Wednesday, Jan. 24 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT), on FOX.”

The multiple truths are out there.

#StableGenuis trends on Twitterland


AND WITH THAT!? #StableGenuis trends on Twitter as the masses mock the leader..

Flu in California turning very deadly very fast

This year's flu season appears unusually harsh.. Some speculate that it seems such only because it is peaking early..


The flu season is typically worst around February, but can reach its height anytime from October to April. Though influenza had only only killed three Californians at this time last year, it had taken 68 lives by the end of February, according to state data.
Many California doctors, however, contend that the recent surge has been unusually severe.
“Rates of influenza are even exceeding last year, and last year was one of the worst flu seasons in the last decade,” said Dr. Randy Bergen, clinical lead of the flu vaccine program for Kaiser Permanente in Northern California.


STAR WARS Episode VIII is being beaten by Sony’s Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle in first place with a stellar $35.8M third weekend in a row!

The unexpected hit starring Jack Black, the ROCK, and Madison Iseman is creating a stir of various demographics. Most who see it love it.. even those who expected to be lukewarm end up completely diving into the strange and amazing world that JUMANJI has to offer..

INSIDIOUS THE LAST KEY is holding its own, as well! Bolstered by the continuous creep down of STAR WARS, the horror flick has enough cash to finish second place this weekend..

INTERNAL INDUSTRY ESTIMATES for this weekend now revealed:

  1. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle  (SONY), 3,801 theaters (+36) / $10.7M Fri (-39%)/3-day: $35.8M (-28%)/Total:$244.1M/ Wk 3
  2. Insidious: The Last Key (UNI), 3,116 theaters (0)/ $12.7M  Fri/3-day: $25.9M/ Wk 1
  3. Star Wars: The Last Jedi(DIS), 4,232 theaters (0)/ $6.7M  Fri (-65%)/3-day: $23.6M  (-55%)/Total:$572.5M/ Wk 4
  4. The Greatest Showman  (FOX), 3,342 theaters (+26) / $4.1M Fri (-22%) / 3-day: $14.1M (-9%)/Total: $77.2M/Wk 3
  5. Pitch Perfect 3  (UNI), 3,458 theaters (-10)/ $3.3M  Fri (-50%)/3-day: $10.5M (-37%)/Total: $86.2M/ Wk 3

Roger Friedman is noting the amount of a drop LAST JEDI has had -- along with that a joke that Blumhouse must be feeding their actors now.. that joke because normally horror flicks from the company are budgeted at $5 mil.. INSIDIOUS was $10..


NETFLIX premiered END OF THE F****ING WORLD on Friday night. The show has been critically acclaimed, it is receiving up to a 98% approval rate online..

Reviews are in..


Written by Charlie Covell and directed by Jonathan Entwistle, The End of the F***ing World takes more unexpected narrative turns as it goes on, and that makes it worth watching, assuming you can muscle your way through the accompanying gloom and occasional gore. Both Lawther and Barden have a capacity to go from deadpan to deeply agitated in an instant, and those shifts become more compelling the more you watch. Another point in The End of the F***ing World’s favor: No episode is longer than 22 minutes, which means you can fly through the whole series in half an afternoon. Brevity has so much value in an oversaturated binge-watching market.

“The End of the F***ing World,” a TV series that premiered Friday on Netflix, joins a growing number of shows exploring the fringes of adolescent tumult. Among them: “Riverdale” (The CW), which plunged the gang from Archie Comics into a noir murder mystery; “Runaways” (Hulu), in which a group of high schoolers balance everyday angst with a friend’s death and burgeoning superpowers; and “13 Reasons Why” (Netflix), a teen suicide drama that made waves last year in schools and families.

Even “Stranger Things,” Netflix’s sci-fi series set in the 1980s, tapped into the trend by pitting a group of prepubescent children against a horror from another realm.
Maybe it’s due to an evolution of teen storytelling tropes, a reflection of uncertainty and anxiety in the real world, or an effort by producers to match the mind-set of young viewers who have already seen it all on the internet—but the genre is processing harsher stuff than the high-school crushes and crises that typified “Sixteen Candles” and other hormone-steeped classics of past generations.

Entwistle imbues The End of the F***ing World with an ambiguously retro vibe, and one that’s geographically indistinct. The series is set in England, in an unspecified town outside London, but the film has a notably American aesthetic, which the script winks at (“If this were a film,” Alyssa says at one point, “we’d probably be American”). On their journey, James and Alyssa drive through wooded landscapes and vast open roads, emulating classic heist films like Natural Born Killers. They break into a house that’s a masterpiece in mid-century modern design, in the middle of nowhere. When they decide to change their appearances, Alyssa raids a thrift store and finds a baby-doll dress for herself and a Hawaiian shirt for James, adding to the offbeat visual overtones, and both teenagers have smashed their cellphones, which amps up the analog feel of the show. The accompanying music, which includes original songs written by Blur’s Graham Coxon, adds emotional texture and a kind of wistfulness to the story.

Although the series has other fine performances, including Gemma Whelan and Wunmi Mosaku as two detectives on the couple's trail, The End hinges on the two tremendous lead performances. Barden, so bloody good as Justine in the third season of Penny Dreadful, is a tart-tongued delight, quickly locating the vulnerability beneath Alyssa's thick skin and making both sides of the character vulgar and funny. Lawther gets to have a more straight-forward arc and takes James from deeply internalized and troubled and lets him bloom, in strange ways. Could you remake this with Aubrey Plaza and McLovin'? Sure. Should you? No. Lawther and Barden's strange chemistry is theirs alone and makes this thing work.


This is big on WEIBO tonight in China: The fried fish that came back to life!!


The seemingly dead fish came back to life in front of stunned diners in Hengyang, Hunan Province in southern China - and the whole thing was caught on camera.Placed next to other fried fish, the video shows the fried fish twitch slightly before beginning to flail around - at which point a female patron begins to yell.

The woman can be heard screaming: "Oh no, no, no! It's cracking!" as the fish begins to jerk its flesh open.

Uploaded to Chinese social media site Weibo, the video has people horrified



The fish is dead.

LIVESCIENCE explains how fish can move after being killed.

PERHAPS..a Zombie Fish!?

BUT! It is not the first time a fish has come back to life on video and shared on social media in China!

In 2016, the UK DAILY MAIL reported about another video showcasing a fish seemingly coming back to life after being slaughtered. That video at that time left some suggested the creature had been prepared in the style of Yin Yang fish - where the animal has its head wrapped in a wet cloth to keep it alive while its body is cooked.

The practice has been banned in many countries and has been heavily criticized by animal rights activists due to its excessive cruelty.

No word on whether or not the newest video being shared tonight is resulting from the same cruelty.


The world of true horror!! Streets frozen in Boston

Freezing floodwaters swamped cars on this street near Boston as high tide combines with snowstorm to inundate coastal Massachusetts with icy water!

It appears that they won't be getting to work any time soon.


Boston broke its flooding record Thursday with the highest ever recorded tide since 1921.

The National Weather Service reported Boston set a new record of 4.88' MHHW (or 15.16' MLLW) on Jan. 4, 2018, beating out the previous record of 4.82' MHHW (or 15.10' MLLW), which was set during the Blizzard of '78...

On Thursday, in response to a photo of a news reporter doing a live shot from atop a sheet of floating ice, the NWS warned people not to go out and "float on icebergs," saying "This is a very dangerous situation along the coastline with major flooding ongoing, peoples homes & other infrastructure becoming inundated and damaged..."



Roy Moore accuser Tina Johnson lost her home Wednesday in a fire that is now under investigation by the Etowah County Arson Task Force.
 Tina Johnson, who first came to public notice for accusing Senate candidate Roy Moore of grabbing her in his office in the early 1990s, said her home on Lake Mary Louise Road in Gadsden caught fire Tuesday morning.

After neighbors and some utility workers called 911 shortly after 8 a.m. Tuesday, the Lookout Mountain Fire Department responded to the scene. By the time the flames were extinguished, Johnson and her family had lost everything they owned.



Robert Englund checked in on Twitter concerning BLACK MIRROR 4.. he liked it..

FREDDY tweeted that the season is must see.. he loved METALHEAD--which incidentally is the HORROR REPORT pick as the most tense of the entire season..

While some have been extremely critical of the season for being so different from the previous three, any observer who enjoys good entertainment and loves to be scared to death of future technological advancements and how they can utterly destroy humanity, will acknowledge that the show continues to be cutting edge entertainment science fiction. The modern TWILIGHT ZONE of our era..

The HORROR REPORT plans on showcasing further thoughts on BLACK MIRROR season 4 after a second viewing of each show -- only with contemplation of the season could a true review be conducted.

But in the mean time, Englund does have a good question: Who let the dogs out? I trust Season 5 may shed more light on the futuristic conundrum.. 

Letterman's next guest: The Netflix trailer


The show will launch Friday, Jan. 12 and a new episode will be stream each subsequent month in 2018 — so the Letterman series is rather unique in the Netflix universe as it has a rather anti-binge roll-out.

The hour-long Netflix premiere will have two firsts: The former CBS Late Show host emerging from retirement and the former president giving his first on-camera talk-show chat of the Trump era.

Letterman’s lineup of influential guests includes George Clooney, Malala Yousafzai, JAY-Z, Tina Fey, and Howard Stern.


SNOWSTORM Grayson hit hard... and arguably INSIDIOUS still did well.. $2 mil opening..

Insidious: The Last Key is projected to earn north of $20M while Disney/Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Sony’s Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle will fight for No. 1 with $25M-$26M. That’s according to tracking figures. Despite theater closures in the Northeast, distribution chiefs are expecting those multiplexes to reopen in time for tonight. 

And when schools are closed, horror movies are open.

2018 goes 1984: The creepy factor

At the January 4 2018 White House Sarah Huckabee Sanders press briefing, the floor was turned immediately over to the President. Trump was beamed onto giant television screens next to Sanders ..he spoke about corporations' patriotism in giving bonuses to employees after the 2017 tax cuts were passed late December..

The moment was surprisingly surreal, with Sanders expressionless face suddenly becoming seemingly motivated by the creepiness of it. Her lips turned down, her eyes gleamed with awareness... the press was quiet as they watched the President on the screens. 

The moment was captured in this photo.. 

Mandatory Credit: Photo by MICHAEL REYNOLDS/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock (9307528a) Sarah Huckabee Sanders White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders holds a news conference at the White House, Washington, USA - 04 Jan 2018 White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders stands beside monitors showing US President Donald J. Trump delivering a statement on the economy, at the beginning of a news conference in the James Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House in Washington, DC, USA, 04 January 2018.

The President has been faced with a horrid week.. A book out called FIRE AND FURY has solidified that.. claims in the book have shaken the White House.. too voluminous to mention, but including tales that Melania wept election night, that Trump tries to bed friends' wives, that most in the inner circle believe Trump is not capable of putting sentences together, and that they had three television sets installed in the White House ... and that he retires to his bedroom around 6:30 to eat cheeseburgers and watch the TVs while perusing his Twitter account on this phone.  Insanity ..

Add to the mix? Giant screens of the President speaking to the masses.
Very 1984.

Boston bomb genesis: unprecedented storm effects

A “bomb cyclone” wreaking havoc in the Northeast on Thursday unleashed dangerous flooding in Boston and unprecedented high tides along the Massachusetts coast, trapping drivers in cars “floating” through ice-slushed streets covered in mini "icebergs." 

High tide started to peak Thursday afternoon, with the height tying the one set during the blizzard of 1978, Boston25 reported. 

The National Weather Service compared the flooding to that set during that historic blizzard, and said Thursday’s storm brought in “some of the worst [to Boston] in recent history.”

Bad superstitions over Logan Paul

This seems to be an ever changing story..

Will Logan Paul be or not be in a forthcoming horror movie ..?

Logan's the centerpiece of writer Jeffrey Reddick's new fright flick, "Superstition: The Rule of 3's." Production sources told TMZ tonight that he hasn't been fired in the wake of controversy ... Logan had his online dilemma start when he uploaded a video of him bet to a suicide victim in Japan.. 

Doug Falconer -- CEO of Falconer Productions, which is producing 'Superstition' -- confirms with TMZ ... there have been no talks to recast Logan.

That said, TMZ also reports that Falconer do not even hear of the story yet but now that he did he would get back to the site on any changes or developments.

So yes.. there could very well be a quick change coming..

Trebek brain surgery

Taping of the game show "Jeopardy!" has been suspended while host Alex Trebek recovers from surgery to remove blood clots from his brain, Trebek and the show's producer said Thursday!


Trebek, 77, who has hosted the quintessential American quiz for more than 33 years, said Thursday that he was diagnosed with the blood clots, a condition called subdural hematoma, in December after he suffered a bad fall in October.
Prayers for Trebek..

Chip blip: Apple iPhone freak out

Apple has confirmed all its Mac systems and iOS devices are affected by two recently disclosed processor flaws called Spectre and Meltdown. 

In an announcement on Thursday, Apple(AAPL) said it has released mitigations to defend against Meltdown in iOS 11.2, macOS 10.13.2, and tvOS 11.2. It will release mitigations in Safari to defend against the Spectre bug "in the coming days," the release said.


The East Coast is really lucky this superstorm was not closer to the coast.. Really lucky that the 100 MPH winds stayed mostly out to sea.. this could have been a disater of epic proportions. Instead it was a murderous event for the fish at sea..

New Scientist magazine has called 2018 “The Year of the Flu” because this year’s influenza outbreak is showing signs of being the most lethal and severe since the 1918 “Great Influenza” pandemic that infected a third of the world’s population and killed between 20 and 50 million people. MORE: New Scientist‘s Deborah MacKenzie wrote, “A record number of flu strains are currently circulating, two in the influenza B group and two influenza A strains, H1N1 and H3N2. H3N2 is the real problem. Our strongest immunity is to the first kind of flu we caught. Between 1918 and 1968, no H3N2 viruses circulated as winter flu, so people born before 1968 have weaker immunity to it.”..

Tech giant is rolling out new robots to replace workers in hotels, airports and supermarkets! MORE: South Korean tech giant LG Electronics said Thursday it will showcase three new "concept robots" at next week's consumer electronics show in Las Vegas.. A McKinsey report released in November said that up to 800 million workers could be affected globally by automation and the rise of artificial intelligence.. Tech companies are testing robots to carry out various tasks that could affect the services industry, which employs nearly 50 percent of the global workforce, according to the International Labor Organization..

The world tension over Tweets: TRUMP'S BUTTON IS BIGGER THAN LITTLE KIM'S

World War I arguably was ignited with an assassination.. World War II was ongoing and the United States was thrown into the nightmare when Japan bombed our fleet at Pearl Harbor..

So what will future generations ponder if history ends up creating a war between rival nations--over Tweets!!?

President Trump warned the Kim Jong UN From North Korea: "North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un just stated that the ''Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times.'' Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!'

The threat came after an annual speech given by Kim, in which he cautioned: 'The U.S. should know that the button for nuclear weapons is on my table.'  

Kim warned America that it can 'never start a war against me and our country' and insisted his nukes are now a reality, not a threat. 

The media is in a feeding frenzy over the 'my button is bigger than your button' Tweet.. other nations are closely monitoring the ongoing tension and warning of a nightmare scenario should war break out on the peninsula.. 


Who could have ever predicted a time where a president named Trump issued something called a 'tweet' that could ignite a flare up of tensions in a land that has been technically still at 'war' for decades..? Not the best psychic in the world could have..


Web star peak on YouTube? AND As YouTubers have decried, it may be the page's fault! YouTube personalities like PewDiePie and Zoella are seeing a massive slowdown in subscriber growth and views, according to social stats analysed by Business Insider. YouTube stars have seen years of growth as vlogging has exploded, but it looks as though the golden days are over and the most business-savvy creators will need to diversify. Popular creators like H3H3Productions have blamed YouTube's algorithms for an apparent slowdown in subscribers or viewers..

Horror movies will be boosted by the IT effect in 2018.. MORE.. "Horror was having a rough ride, but It put a definitive stamp on a year where horror kicked box- office butt," says Brad Miska, editor and co-founder of the horror movie website "2017's success will be felt with the confidence studios have in 2018."..

How Scary Is 'Insidious: The Last Key'? The Movie Won't Terrify You In The Way You'd Expect MORE: The Last Key is the franchise's fourth film, but the second chronologically. This lets the series' unlikely hero Dr. Elise Rainier, killed at the end of the first film, continue participating without the limitations of the spirit realm (when dealing with ghosts, characters are never really gone)...

The NUN gets a release date.. July 13 2018..A summer horror

SLENDERMAN movie gets a poster and a trailer.. Sylvain White (Stomp the Yard) directed the horror film from a script by David Birke and Victor Surge. Javier Botet (IT) plays the supernatural, child-snatching title character. The movie also stars Jaz Sinclair (Paper Towns), Joey King (The Conjuring), Julia Goldani Telles (The Affair), Annalise Basso (Ouija 2), and Kevin Chapman (Mystic River)..

How LOGAN can you GO?


More ..

Internet-celebrity Logan Paul drew widespread condemnation from the Internet Monday night after the popular YouTube star posted a video showing an apparent suicide victim in Japan’s “suicide forest.” 

The video, which has since been pulled from Paul’s official YouTube channel though has been re-uploaded by other users on the service, featured Paul and several friends “vlogging” a recent trip to Japan. In an intro to the video — titled “We saw a dead body in the Japanese Suicide Forest” — Paul says: “this is not clickbait. This is the most real vlog I have ever posted on this channel.”

He then warns viewers that the video is graphic and remarks that he thinks it is “a moment in YouTube history because I’m pretty sure this has never hopefully happened to anyone on YouTube ever.”

This was the statement from LOGAN post incident..




What horror movies really do to your body.. MORE: In the study, published in British journal The BMJ, researchers recruited 24 healthy volunteers aged 30 or younger. Fourteen of the volunteers watched a scary movie (Insidious), and then a week later a light, educational movie (A Year in Champagne). The remaining volunteers did the reverse, watching the tame movie first, and then the suspenseful one. Researchers found that while watching Insidious, the volunteers’ levels of factor VIII—a protein that plays a role in blood clotting—jumped by enough to raise their risk of blood clots; 57 percent of the volunteers experienced the jump, while just 14 percent experienced an increase during the educational movie. (If you’re not a fan of scary movies, there’s an explanation why.)..


Every year in February, a hog emerges from his hole to see if he can visualize a shadow. Or at least that’s what the men in top hats compel us to believe.
And this time of year, as Christmas feelings of warmth wane down and turn into cold winds of a new year, I review the predictions I made one year back and delve deep into the coal mine crystal ball to come up with a new set.
A trying year deserves people to try a bit harder.
First, a link to last year’s predictions page:   The page was created the final week of December. No cheating took place. It is what I said then, listed here, with commentary on accuracy in red.
  1. Donald Trump is going to have a much more difficult time than expected. At least initially.  He will be besieged by protests and also by people within his own party. By the middle of the year, he will realize that by going directly to people above party leaders can motivate the electorate to accept some if his policies. I expect rallies by the end of the year to be a normal course of White House business.
    I think this turned to be extremely accurate.  It was a year if chaos! Russian intrigue! Monumental failures of public perception and legislation… followed by rallies held by Trump and a sense of ‘normalcy.’  The tax cut bill just passed… This prediction was the best I made in ages.
  2. The stock market will hit 20,000 and stay within that range. By August we will be speculating when the market will hit 25,000.
    Again, this prediction is beyond accurate. NO ONE, and I mean no one, really believed this could happen. And just this month, CNN was writing articles about what DOW 25,000 really means,
  3. Vladimir Putin will either visit the United States or Donald Trump will visit Russia. Either way a more united front will emerge.
    Accurate again. Trump gave information to Putin, Putin and Trump both showed love for each other at public venues. Putin did not visit the United States. But his entire team did on more than one occasion.
  4. The weather in 2017 will be hot. As hot as 2016.. there may be slick spots of winter that emerge from time to time sporadically throughout the world, but the majority of the months to come will feature hotter than normal temperatures.
  5. The British Royal family will have to decide how to move forward after a tragic scenario.. there may be a new queen before 2018.
    The situation was not tragic. There was Royal news. A marriage is coming in 2018. And another baby. But no death.
  6. Stephen Colbert may be facing cancellation in 2017. There is going to be a dramatic realignment of late night TV. People are tired of an obsessive amount of politics during the daytime hours. The nighttime should be sacred for comedy. People may turn on political version of such by rebelling against the Colbert program on CBS.
    I was completely, totally, and morbidly wrong on this ... I thought people would get sick of politics. Instead Colbert ended up being one of the TOP figures on TV in 2017..
  7. BREXIT. Trump. I think France and Germany will have upheaval in 2017. The world is shaking like a post-earthquake atmosphere from the changes in 2016. Transitions something are sloppy. And we have somehow transitioned into something very different than we were in 16..
    Yes there was. But not earthquake nightmare status. Just your normal run of the crisis. I will say I got this one wrong.
  8. Major hacking will reveal something in 2017. Either from Wikileaks, or a source not yet to be named. Secrets will become revealed in 2017 to make us question what type of reality we live in.
    Nothing more than usual. Half-right.
  9. Though everyone seems to predict it, Donald Trump will be aggressive in NOT declaring war or bombing other nations. (This is a prediction, but also a prayer)
    A prayer came through in 2017. Maybe not 18. Yes, there were comments of ‘fire and fury’ but bombs, besides the typical daily drone strikes, did not occur. 
  10. Virtual reality! All the rage in 2016! …..but just wait. I predict the opposite for 2017.
    I think I am half-correct here. The rage became more normal. It’s now a part of our daily existence.

And with that! We move on..
We move on to the new list. The great top ten predictions for 2018.
I don’t write what I hope or don’t hope what happens. It’s just what I think will happen.
  1.  Donald Trump will not be impeached. He will not resign. He will not be placed into jail.  But he may be facing a crisis of epic proportions as the Russian investigation closes in on allies and friends. By the end the year we will be discussing who Trump will pardon.
  2. The mid-term elections will be strange. The voter turnout will not be as high as some predict. Instead, in many states, Democrats will sweep. But in the reddest of states, Republicans will hold their base. The base, as small as it is becoming, will vote.  The Senate will go Democrat but the House will stay red.
  3. CHINA is going to become the world superpower in 2018. Not ‘almost become.’ But become. They will thrive economically and be a major factor in the actions taken in North Korea.
  4. The United States will continue to close in on Kim Jong UN. Action will not occur until Kim goes too far. The action taken will initially be defensive. However, a bombing campaign may take place in pinpointed locations in North Korea, with the goal to cause chaos for his ruling leaders, but not death.
  5. Unfortunately a continuation of mass shootings and terror attacks will not only be less shocking but as normal as car accidents and heroin overdoses. We are living in an age of terror..
  6. The Olympics in South Korea will be fine. Security will be tight. But there will also be a global lack of interest in the games.
  7. There will be a revelation about life in space that could change and alter the course of humanity and earthly religions.
  8. 2018 will be colder! It will be a marked change from the previous two decades. But 2018 will not end up being the hottest year in history. Maybe just the tenth or twelfth.
  9. There may be a new King of England by year’s end.
  10. The DOW will surge to 29,000. It will not hit 30,000. But then will fall. In the mean time, various new forms of bit currency will change the landscape of money as we know it.

And that’s a wrap!
We’ll check next year as the year changes to 2019 to see just how well, or unwell, I did.