Robert Englund checked in on Twitter concerning BLACK MIRROR 4.. he liked it..

FREDDY tweeted that the season is must see.. he loved METALHEAD--which incidentally is the HORROR REPORT pick as the most tense of the entire season..

While some have been extremely critical of the season for being so different from the previous three, any observer who enjoys good entertainment and loves to be scared to death of future technological advancements and how they can utterly destroy humanity, will acknowledge that the show continues to be cutting edge entertainment science fiction. The modern TWILIGHT ZONE of our era..

The HORROR REPORT plans on showcasing further thoughts on BLACK MIRROR season 4 after a second viewing of each show -- only with contemplation of the season could a true review be conducted.

But in the mean time, Englund does have a good question: Who let the dogs out? I trust Season 5 may shed more light on the futuristic conundrum.. 

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