The world of true horror!! Streets frozen in Boston

Freezing floodwaters swamped cars on this street near Boston as high tide combines with snowstorm to inundate coastal Massachusetts with icy water!

It appears that they won't be getting to work any time soon.


Boston broke its flooding record Thursday with the highest ever recorded tide since 1921.

The National Weather Service reported Boston set a new record of 4.88' MHHW (or 15.16' MLLW) on Jan. 4, 2018, beating out the previous record of 4.82' MHHW (or 15.10' MLLW), which was set during the Blizzard of '78...

On Thursday, in response to a photo of a news reporter doing a live shot from atop a sheet of floating ice, the NWS warned people not to go out and "float on icebergs," saying "This is a very dangerous situation along the coastline with major flooding ongoing, peoples homes & other infrastructure becoming inundated and damaged..."

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