Words of caution on the flu from Seph Lawless

There is no escape.. the flu is rampant in 50 states and officials have declared it the worst in a decade--perhaps longer--and the season is not peaking yet. More to come.
More misery.
And tragically more deaths to result as well.
One of everyone's favorite photographers just had a near tragic battle:

Recently I had the flu. I ended up in the ER testing positive for the deadly H3N2. They tested my blood gas in artery said the virus was cuttin off oxygen to my organs and that’s why I felt like I was dying, made me stay for 24hr observation. I got the flu shot this year

I was informed by doctors that I could of easily died within minutes if the virus eventually cut more oxygen off to my organs. They also said the CDC predicted the wrong strain this year and that the flu shot is only 10% effective this flu season

It should be duly noted that I exhibited no flu-like symptoms and when asked how I felt I kept saying I felt like I was dying, like my body was shutting down, turns out it was so always trust your gut and go to ER especially during this deadly flu epidemic this year!
....trust your gut.

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