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Memorial Day news wrap: Monday May 28 2018

Disney and Lucasfilm's "Solo: A Star Wars Story," a prequel film about the origins of Han Solo, made an estimated $101 million domestically for its four-day weekend opening which includes the Monday holiday, according to Disney. That makes "Solo" the smallest opening for a "Star Wars" film since 2002...

This now may force DISNEY to have a force awakened.. And rethink the STAR WARS strategy..

Following reports of sexual harassment by eight women, Morgan Freeman released the following statement via his publicist on Friday evening. “I am devastated that 80 years of my life is at risk of being undermined, in the blink of an eye, by Thursday’s media report..
"Did not assault women"

THERE'S NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOW BUSINESS.. Harvey Weintein is reportedly pitching a new documentary--about himself!

LAVA is now engulfing Hawaii geothermal plant..

DRUNK MAN in Russia wrecks a museum's painting of IVAN THE TERRIBLE..

Reports the US Department of Health and Human Services cannot locate nearly 1,500 migrant children it placed with American sponsors have drawn attention since a department official testified about the issue last month!

Outrage at Trump over caged migrant photo.. People deleted their angry tweets after learning the photo was taken in 2014..

Chelsea Manning tweeted a suicide note and a picture of herself standing on the edge of a tall building on Sunday night..

Trump says dead soldiers would have loved his presidency..

STAR TREK's Nichelle Nichols is locked in a legal battle over her future amid claims she has dementia. Nichelle, 85, who played Lieutenant Uhura in the original series, was US TV's first African-American sex symbol..

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR passes $1.9 BILLION at worldwide box office..

'Deadpool 2' Star Ryan Reynolds Asks 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Director for a Crossover

BTS earns number 1 album..

All of these years later, King is still holds resentment towards the adaptation and proves this by throwing hilarious shade in his new novel, “The Outsider”..

Pluto was downgraded from a planet to dwarf.. And now may be facing another change in description: Some believe it is actually a comet..

SECRET AGENT MAN.. Years ago the HORROR REPORT headlined Dennis Rodman as a secret agent.. We believed that decades in the future we will come to realize how important he was in the North Korean affairs of the 2000s.. And now this coming out from TMZ: DENNIS RODMAN LAID GROUNDWORK FOR N. KOREAN SUMMIT!


In the lead-up to A&E’s premiere of its “Cults and Extreme Belief” series, exclusive clips released online feature former members of NXIVM detailing how participants – including “Smallville” actress Allison Mack – were lured into the sadistic sex cult by “charismatic” leader Keith Raniere.




I already notice some yellow and orange showing on the once green trees. Life is like this.. it comes and goes.. and even though the oppressive heat and humidity of summer 2012 was not something you can miss, you'll end up missing it once the cold winds begin to bite ..

The first workday of September (unless you work weekends), news of the world:

There is no investigation planned into Michael Clarke Duncan's death..

Celebrity world mouns death of the gentle giant Duncan..

Hollywood stunned at Duncan's demise..

Duncan was also the star of an upcoming horror film called THE SIBLING..

The future is now: Chinese scientists unveil 'mind-controlled' drone!

The swarm of earthquakes taking place in California continues.. now it strikes Beverly Hills with a 3.3..

Indonesia warns of eruption of volcano..

Syria continues to degrade into atrocity and chaos..

Frustrated new labor leader throws empty cha…

Fires and floods, estrogen and beer: Your Friday the 13th update