BENADRYL CUMMERBUND..BENEDICT Cumberbatch saw crime in the making, and reportedly jumped out of his Uber cab to help a cyclist from the food delivery company Deliveroo, who was being attacked by a group of would-be muggers in central London!

The moment of heroism described and being thanked by the company:

Deliveroo thanked Cumberbatch in a tweet on Saturday, describing his actions as brave.

"Deliveroo riders are heroes -- their safety is our priority and any violence against them is totally unacceptable," the delivery company said..

Clumpersticks was with Sophie Hunter, rushed to the cyclist's rescue, pulling the attackers away and shouting "leave him alone," British newspaper the Sun reported on Saturday.

Yes.. my misspellings of Cunningsnitch is purposely done for humor.. but his DR STRANGE heroic nature is obviously praiseworthy..

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