NOT PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN? For the first time in 'Gallup's' history a record low of 47 percent of people are 'Extremely proud to be Americans'...

Fireworks horror: Authorities say two people have died after a tree branch fell on spectators during a fireworks display in western Illinois. The Rock Island County Sheriff's Office says the branch fell from a large oak tree outside the county courthouse in Rock Island around 9:40 p.m. Tuesday..

THIS FOURTH OF JULY, one tradition ends and another begins.. THE SYFY network was airing THE TWILIGHT ZONE marathon for years on the 4th (along with New Years) .. this July 4, today, they are not. Instead they switched to A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET marathon.. I am somewhat against this change. And even worse, the BEST movies are not included: FREDDY'S DEAD and A NEW NIGHTMARE, along with FREDDY VS JASON... Excluded fromt he lineup..

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