FRANCIS EXPOSED! Bergoglio shocker: The Pope embroiled in child

    POPE FRANCIS IS BEGGING HIS FLOCK TO KEEP FOLLOWING... He asked for forgiveness in the ever-broadening and escalating child pedophilia scandal among priests in the Roman Catholic Church across the world, but most recently within the confines of multiple Dioceses in Pennsylvania.

    The pontiff made the comments at the Marian shrine in Knock during the second day of an historic trip to the Republic of Ireland. He said no-one could fail to be moved by stories of those who “suffered abuse, were robbed of their innocence and left scarred by painful memories.” It is the first papal visit to Ireland in 39 years.

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    BUT now a shock!
    The Vatican's ex-ambassador says that Pope Francis and Benedict knew of sexual misconduct allegations against a Cardinal and acted with complicity!

    McCarrick in some 'happier' times

    Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò claims Pope Francis withdrew sanctions against Archbishop Theodore McCarrick..

    This coming from the NATIONAL CATHOLIC REGISTER:

    In an extraordinary 11-page written testament, a former apostolic nuncio to the United States has accused several senior prelates of complicity in covering up Archbishop Theodore McCarrick’s allegations of sexual abuse, and has claimed that Pope Francis knew about sanctions imposed on then-Cardinal McCarrick by Pope Benedict XVI but chose to repeal them.
    Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, 77, who served as apostolic nuncio in Washington D.C. from 2011 to 2016, said that in the late 2000s, Benedict had “imposed on Cardinal McCarrick sanctions similar to those now imposed on him by Pope Francis” and that Viganò personally told Pope Francis about those sanctions in 2013.
    Archbishop Viganò said in his written statement, simultaneously released to the Register and other media, (see full text below) that Pope Francis “continued to cover” for McCarrick and not only did he “not take into account the sanctions that Pope Benedict had imposed on him” but also made McCarrick “his trusted counselor.” Viganò said that the former archbishop of Washington advised the Pope to appoint a number of bishops in the United States, including Cardinals Blase Cupich of Chicago and Joseph Tobin of Newark.

    There is a lot more..
    Which you can read about here in the full 11-page document that has been translated from Italian to English

    CRAZY RICH ASIANS and THE MEG devour McCarthy's comedy flop HAPPYTIME MURDERS

    It has been yet ANOTHER brutal weekend for Melissa McCarthy..

    Box office reports are indicating that the HAPPYTIME MURDERS has tanked..

    Anthony D'Alessando reports it this way:

    Which brings us to STX Entertainment’s raunchy, R-rated Melissa McCarthy-puppet comedy, The Happytime Murders, which is dead and wrapped in plastic with a $10.2M start, repping the Groundling alum’s lowest wide opening ever for one of her solo films – not counting St. Vincent, which was a platform release. Happytime Murders’ opening is even lower than McCarthy’s May PG-13 title Life of the Party ($17.9M), which we thought was rock bottom.

    Beyond the disastrous box office numbers, ratings have been poor as well.

    Lately, the rising comedy stardom of McCathy has diminished into a box office travesty.. Movie after movie seems like it gets worse. What was once star has become a shark.. bigger than MEG.. Mightier than CRAZY RICH ASIANS.

    But even with all that said, I would love to see the movie and still want to.
    I think it will be surprisingly better than movie critics and armchair critics on ROTTEN TOMATOES write.

    I will give Brian Henson a chance.


    Robin Leach, the debonair TV host who regaled audiences with talk of “champagne wishes and caviar dreams,” has died, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

    John Katsilometes, a writer for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, where Leach was working as a columnist before his death, said on Twitter Leach had suffered a stroke and had been hospitalized since November

    He was 76.

    Many of us remember his voice and attitude vividly.. the celebration of wealth, the decadence of the Reagan era bleeding into the blaring 90s attitude era. Yes indeed.. Robin Leach may not have defined an generation but certainly showcased the lavishness of the 1%.

    Dead in VEGAS in 2018.


    History from Scranton in the early 1900s illustrates what the neighborhood was like then.. “They were only a trio of bums who infested the alley every night,” the elder Webber told his daughter. “You just go across and I’ll watch that no harm is done.” MORE: The April 14, 1914, story about Ida and her ordeal mentions that 432 Raymond Court “is the place where four disorderly houses were cleaned out by county detectives.”

    Are we sure this is not just some amazing advertising for the new move THE MEG? Couple finds prehistoric megalodon tooth on NC beach!

    Interesting perspective on why people divorce.. .. MORE: most people fall out of love for the same reasons they fell in it. That their lover’s once endearing stubbornness has now become refusal to compromise and their one track mind is now immaturity and their bad habits that you once adored is now money down the drain. Their spontaneity becomes reckless and irresponsible and their feet up on your dash is no longer sexy, just another distraction in your busy life.

    Cool blend of horror movie characters with HE-MAN action figures

    Horror movie fans who once played with HE-MAN toys in their childhood may have the perfect gift ready to be purchased: Horror icons in the shape and style of MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE toys..

    The toy line was unveiled by FUNKO at a toy fair.. it is called the SAVAGE WORLD HORROR LINEUP.


    Reaction has been mixed.. But why? ... the nostalgia of the 80s coupled with hugely instrumental horror movie characters--all born during the same time period by the way ..

    Even the packaging is similar to the containers that contained the HE-MAN toys of the 80s generation.

    Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees Savage World Action Figure

    Everything can be ordered here on Entertainment Earth.


    It's not just Alex Jones being taken off of Youtube! Now the NUN! Apparently the newest ad has been so scary that is violated their policies! MELTING SNOWFLAKES ABOUND..

    Detailed sexual abuse by priests in Pennsylvania revealed..
    How they hid it..
    70 years of covering it up!

    Judge allows sex-trafficking suit against Weinstein, citing history of the casting couch!

    THe Omarosa show! Tapes! The n word! The firing! The scandal! The intrigue!

    Penn Jillette claims he heard President Donald Trump say "racially insensitive things" on the set of "The Celebrity Apprentice" back in 2012! "He would say racially insensitive things that made me uncomfortable," Jillette said. "I don't think he ever said anything in that room like 'African-Americans are inferior' or anything about rape or grabbing women, but of those two hours every other day in a room with him, every 10 minutes was fingernails on chalkboard."

    Alex Jones getting more popular despite NET companies banning him from services..


    Fears over Notre Dame holy water! Poison!?

    Kylie Jenner’s 21st birthday party ends with model Tammy Hembrow being ‘carried out face down on stretcher after medical emergency’


    Put this in the true horror category..

    I am from PA. I know several people in this report.. I may even know several abuse victims.

    This is the end.

    The death of the great tax exempt church..

    The blue-haired bakers who love the block parties are dying away...

    The truth--with all its sordid details of abusive priests, sex rings, and pedophilia--all now out.

    A long-awaited state grand jury report into sexual abuse in six Pennsylvania dioceses, including Pittsburgh and Greensburg, has finally been released. “Today, the most comprehensive report on child sexual abuse within the church ever produced in our country was released,” Attorney General Josh Shapiro said. “Pennsylvanians can finally learn the extent of sexual abuse in these dioceses. For the first time, we can all begin to understand the systematic cover up by church leaders that followed. The abuse scarred every diocese. The cover up was sophisticated. The church protected the institution at all costs.”

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    The report begins with the following statement:

    “We, the members of this grand jury, need you to hear this. We know some of you have head some of it before. There have been other reports about child sex abuse within the Catholic Church. But never on this scale. For many of us, those earlier stories happened someplace else, someplace away. Now we know the truth: it happened everywhere.”

    The report cites 301 priests, clergy and lay teachers with credible allegations against them. There are 99 in the Diocese of Pittsburgh alone.

    Of those 99, a group of four groomed and violently sexually assaulted young boys, said Shapiro.

    “One boy was forced to stand on a bed in a rectory, strip naked and pose as Christ on the cross for the priests. They took photos of their victim, adding them to a collection of child pornography which they produced and shared on church grounds,” Shapiro said.


    Hey... remember when Fr. Malachi Martin appeared on Art Bell over several years saying this would all occur? ....he was right.

    We lived through the conceal.

    Now comes the reveal...

    The lies were safer for an older generation.. this new generation can handle the truth.

    Twilight Zone: A Matter of Minutes. Could something like this explain the Mandela Effect?

    Just the other day, a friend of mine was adamant: Tinkerbell DEFINITELY did dot the I in the Disney Logo ..

    She did not.
    Never happened. Ever.

    And thus began that person's foray into the Mandela Effect world -- something we have been taking time to discuss over the past few years or so since the whole thing was unveiled on Art Bell in the late 90s and the again by Starfire Tor on Coast to Coast AM during the mid-2000s...

    This TWILIGHT ZONE entitled A MATTER OF MINUTES from 1985 is somewhat on that subject..

    Just think! Every minute is built.. every period of time is constructed. Some get lost.. And some times things get lost.
    But nothing major. Just the E in Berenstain and the turkey leg in King Henry's painting....

    Houston? We have a problem.. a genie is out of the Sinbad bottle.. and it's nothing that Tinkerbell can dot an I away with...

    The Anvil dead at 63

    WWE along with the confirmation of Brian Blairhave announced that Jim “The Anvil” Neidharthas passed away at the age of 63. Neidhart was one of the original members of The Hart Foundation alongside his Hall of Famer brother-in-law Bret Hart

    Neidhart spent time in both WWE and WCW. As a member of The Hart Foundation, he was a two-time WWE Tag Team Champion and is the father to current WWE Superstar Natalya.

    It's over. Print dies: September VOGUE does not matter

    It was once the biggest print magazine of the year..
    They were the days..

    NOW THIS, AS REPORTED BY Alexandra Steigrad:

    Days before the issue hit newsstands, usually in early August, executives from Vogue, InStyle, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Glamour and W would brag about the thickness of their telephone book-sized glossies. They’d boast of the “thud” the issues made when dropped on a coffee table. The louder the thud, the more powerful the magazine.
    Now that thud is more of a whimper.
    “The September issue means nothing anymore,” said Sam Shahid, founder of branding, advertising and design agency Shahid & Company. “You used to hold that magazine in your hand. It takes you to a place — that’s what a magazine used to do. Now they are all doing the same thing. There’s no imagination there. It’s just pure product, it’s pleasing the advertiser.”
    Shahid says a lack of funds at publishers, due to a decline in print circulation and ad revenue in the digital age, has led to a crazy scramble to attract any kind of buzz or revenue.
    “There’s a desperation right now with print,” he added. “The power magazines used to have is no longer there. Celebrities are controlling fashion.”

    Image result for vogue september editionImage result for vogue september editionImage result for vogue september edition


    Related image

    DeWayne “Lee” Johnson claimed that years of working with Roundup and Ranger Pro, both made by Monsanto, gave him terminal cancer.

    Jurors in California superior court agreed the product contributed to Johnson’s cancer and the company should have provided a label warning of the potential health hazard. Johnson’s attorneys sought and won $39 million in compensatory damages and $250 million of the $373 million they wanted in punitive damages.

    “This jury found Monsanto acted with malice and oppression because they knew what they were doing was wrong and doing it with reckless disregard for human life,” Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a member of Johnson’s legal team, told the Associated Press. “This should send a strong message to the boardroom of Monsanto.”

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says Roundup’s active ingredient is safe for people when used in accordance with label directions.

    However, the France-based International Agency for Research on Cancer, which is part of the World Health Organization, classified it as a “probable human carcinogen” in 2015. California added glyphosate to its list of chemicals known to cause cancer..

    A California jury on Friday ordered Monsanto to pay $289 million in damages to a former school groundskeeper who claims its weed killer Roundup gave him terminal cancer!

    Monsanto said it will appeal.. but this could be the start of something .. floodgates for thousands of other pending lawsuits claiming the herbicide causes non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma may not have been opened.

    SLENDERMAN reviews coming in! A slate of blank possibilities

    Meagan Navarro reviewed SLENDERMAN for Bloody Disgusting..

    The results are not good..

    Slender Man took a blank slate of possibilities and turned it into a tired retread. It’s a strange choice made even more curious considering the popularity of the creepypasta seems to have waned in the last few years. There’s a chance that Slender Man will work for a group of teen girls during a sleepover, but for everyone else, it’ll be a maddening experience in tedium. There’s some imagery from earlier trailers missing in the final cut, making me wonder what White might have originally envisioned, but even then I don’t know that anything could’ve saved this.

    Halloween will premiere this September at the Toronto International Film Festival

    Ahead of its October 19, 2018 release via Universal Pictures, writer and director David Gordon Green’s hotly-anticipated Halloween is set for its world premiere this September as a Midnight Madness selection of the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival, which runs September 6 – 16!

    Tickets are available here..

    From the official press release:

    “This year’s Midnight Madness slate promises another idiosyncratic confluence of established and emerging genre filmmakers,” Midnight Madness programmer Peter Kuplowsky said of the selection in a press statement. “To complement some of the buzziest provocations on the festival circuit, I have sought to curate an eccentric array of World Premieres that demonstrate the dexterity of genre cinema as a canvas for both sublime satisfaction and stunning subversion. That includes – Halloween – which boldly and brilliantly builds upon its mythic iconography to thrilling and surprising effect.”

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    Talk about losing your car in the parking lot: Sinkhole opens up at Lancaster PA shopping center!

    A sinkhole formed in the parking lot at Tanger Outlets in East Lampeter Township, Lancaster County, Aug. 10, 2018. Several cars, including at least one with someone inside, were damaged.

    As the day turned into night, the cars sunk further..


    Sinkholes have been prevalent around the eastern part of PA, including Harrisburg, Lancaster, and Allentown, over the past decade..

    Pilot on a suicide mission! How did it he do it!? "I'm just a broken guy with a few screws loose"

    A strange occurrence Friday night on the west coast..

    Investigators are currently working to find out how a “suicidal” airline employee stole an empty Horizon Air turboprop plane, took off from Sea-Tac International Airport and finally crashed into a small island in the Puget Sound after being chased by military jets that were quickly scrambled to intercept the aircraft.

    The entire event seemed like a ficitious conclusion to some Hollywood tale.. but it was real and played out before witnesses in Washington..

    The Friday night crash happened because the 29-year-old man was “doing stunts in air or lack of flying skills,” the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department said. The man, who was believed killed, wasn’t immediately identified.

    Video showed the Horizon Air Q400 doing large loops and other dangerous maneuvers as the sun set on the Puget Sound. There were no passengers aboard. Authorities initially said the man was a mechanic, but Alaska Airlines later said he was believed to be a ground service agent employed by Horizon. Those employees direct aircraft for takeoff and gate approach and de-ice planes.

    The plane was pursued by military aircraft before it crashed on Ketron Island, southwest of Tacoma, Washington. Troyer said F-15 aircraft took off out of Portland, Oregon, and were in the air “within a few minutes” and the pilots kept “people on the ground safe.”

    News organizations today are pressuring officials for information.. the mystery at this time is abundant.

    Video from a witness on the ground shows the plane at one point doing a loop, putting the aircraft upside-down, then pulling up just feet above a body of water.
    The incident, which the FBI's Seattle office said was not considered terrorism, raises questions about security at the airport, including how the man was able to get aboard the plane by himself, CNN safety analyst David Soucie said.

    More STRANGER THINGS 3 reveals

    Call 1985 the summer of love ... the cast will be 15.. malls are booming. Ollie North is selling farms for hostages .. and demagorgans are about to run wild again in Sheriff Hopper’s town..

    Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler) talked to US Weekly about when exactly the next season will be set. “I don’t know much about it because we get the scripts as we go along,” he said at the premiere of his new film Dog Days. “But yeah, it’s set in 1985, in the summer. It’s the summer of love — that’s all I can say, really.” 

    Initial rumors had the third season playing the Fourth of July angle ... which could truly bring in lots of amazing political feel for the show, keeping the angle of government officials doing wrong in a small town..


    We will also meet Bruce, a sleazy-sounding journalist played by Jake Busey, son of Gary. “If you think about the way culture has changed, life was a lot different in the ‘80s,” he told Bloody Disgusting. “This is a character who is fully living in that time period. He doesn’t mind making fun of women and children. He doesn’t mind poking fun at someone else’s expense, that type of thing. He’s just a crass newsman.”

    The most recent reveal came with a humorous fake mall commercial with Steve Harrington serving ice cream.. but the fun may stop at that point..

     Shawn Levy warns viewers not to expect this new season to be a fun series. He said it aims to deliver the most horrifying sequences the series has seen yet.

    "That would be part of the store. but not at all representative of the season," Levy shared with The Playlist. "There’s no question that, as you saw in that infomercial, Starcourt Mall is a part of Season Three. As is summertime. So Season Three has a really healthy dose of poppy, bright levity and cultural fun. But I can only promise you that Season Three eventually goes places that are darker, and unquestionably more action-packed,than we’ve ever gone before."

    Coming soon to a upside down world near you.. 

    Rumor mill: Lady Gaga turned down role in BIRDS OF PREY

    Anazing musician Lady Gaga proved herself to be a formible actress during her role in AMERICAN HORROR STORY...
    But the rumor mill today churns with this: Scooper @DanielRPK says that Lady Gaga was offered the role of Huntress or Black Canary in Birds of Prey three months ago, but turned it down.

    That’s too bad. We think she would have been excellent. And if the rumor is not true, movie makers should actually ask her..

    The main female cast members in Birds of Prey will be Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, Black Canary, Huntress, Cassandra Cain, and detective Renee Montoya. Black Mask will be the villain.

    As the fires rage

    The man suspected of starting one of the massive wild fires raging in California was to appear in court on Friday and could face life in prison if eventually convicted of arson and other charges.

    Forrest Gordon Clark, 51, stands accused of starting the Holy fire, which in four days has burned more than 18,000 acres (7,300 hectares) of Cleveland National Forest 60 miles (100 kilometers) north of San Diego.

    Developing .. 

    The beauty of SOMEWHERE IN TIME: Bigfoot as viewed in the 90s

    Yes, Art Bell is dead.. and Yes, suddenly Keith Rowland and Heather Wade are continuing their very public fight even in the post-mortem world of Bell..

    Thankfully fans still have somewhere in time.

    And tomorrow on COAST TO COAST AM's special SIT Saturday broadcast, this:

    Somewhere in Time travels back to April 16, 1996, for a night of Open Lines with weird and bizarre stories - including a call from a man who says he killed multiple Bigfoot in 1973

    I recall this show.. I was just a kid, and I remember distinctly sneaking out of my bedroom to listen to the radio as my father listened to it in the kitchen of the house.. It perked me ears up and created a fascination from that point on with Art Bell...

    Speaking of that latest quip between ROWLAND and WADE: Earlier this week Rowland made a public comment lambasting a radio broadcaster playing reruns of MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT.. He said that Heather Wade will never come back. In the mean time a very public debate plays out on Wade's Facebook page..

    I will always be humbled knowing that Art Bell himself copied and pasted the HORROR REPORT onto his Facebook feed only days before his death.. I am humbled to know he read my site and appreciated it.. And we, all of his fans, miss him greatly..

    At least we have Somewhere in Time......

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