Trump insults reporters, claims Acosta video wasn't altered

Trump insults reporters, claims Acosta video wasn't altered:

Phillip asked Trump whether he wanted Matt Whitaker, the newly-appointed acting attorney general, to rein in Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

“What a stupid question you asked,” Trump replied. “What a stupid question and I watch you a lot and you ask a lot of stupid questions.”

In response, CNN said through its Twitter feed that Phillip’s question wasn’t stupid. “In fact, she asked the most pertinent question of the day,” CNN said. Trump’s insults “are nothing new. And never surprising,” CNN said.

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VIDEO of passenger plane ‘suspended mid-air’ sparks wild theories on social mediaFootage of a plane,...

Footage of a plane, which has ‘stopped’ mid-air, has been captured by baffled motorists just outside Moscow. The “mysterious” occurrence has triggered intense online speculation.

Video, captured by onlookers travelling in their car close to Vnukovo airport, shows a passenger jet apparently suspended mid-air.

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Scientists say mysterious 'Oumuamua' object could be an alien spacecraft

Scientists say mysterious 'Oumuamua' object could be an alien spacecraft:

Scientists have been puzzling over Oumuamua ever since the mysterious space object was observed tumbling past the sun in late 2017. Given its high speed and its unusual trajectory, the reddish, stadium-sized whatever-it-is had clearly come from outside our solar system. But its flattened, elongated shape and the way it accelerated on its way through the solar system set it apart from conventional asteroids and comets.

Now a pair of Harvard researchers are raising the possibility that Oumuamua is an alien spacecraft. As they say in a paper to be published Nov. 12 in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, the object “may be a fully operational probe sent intentionally to Earth vicinity by an alien civilization.”

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The end of GOD? Claims humans will ‘worship AI Messiah’Dan Brown:Speaking about the advent of this...

Dan Brown:

Speaking about the advent of this technology, the Da Vinci Code writer said: “Humanity no longer needs God but may with the help of artificial intelligence develop a new form of collective consciousness that fulfils the role of religion.

“Are we naive today to believe that the gods of the present will survive and be here in a hundred years?”

According to Daily Galaxy, MIT physicist and cosmologist Max Tegmark also said that once this new superintelligence is vastly greater than that of a human, the fate of mankind will depend on it.

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'Haunting of Hill House' Alternate Ending Would've Been Truly Scary and Depressing

'Haunting of Hill House' Alternate Ending Would've Been Truly Scary and Depressing

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Rise in melatonin for sleep aid

This from the UK GUARDIAN:

Tens of thousands of children and young people are being given the hormone melatonin to help them sleep, prompting concern that the medicine is being handed out too readily with little evidence of its long-term effectiveness or safety.

Melatonin, which is produced naturally by the body in dark environments to help sleep preparations, has been authorised for use by people aged over 55. It has been hailed as a less addictive alternative to insomnia drug treatments.

Despite the fact it is not licensed for use by any other age group, 117,085 people under 18 were given melatonin “off label” – the term used for when a drug is given for an unapproved indication or in an unapproved age group – to aid sleep in the 2017-18 financial year. In the first four months of the current financial year, 69,280 prescriptions were given to under-18s.

The WEBMD verdict is this: Melatonin is POSSIBLY SAFE when taken by mouth appropriately, long-term.Melatonin has been used safely for up to 2 years in some people. However, it can cause some side effects including headache, short-term feelings of depression, daytime sleepiness, dizziness, stomach cramps, and irritability..

But why the overwhelming need? What is the issue within America and the developed world that is leading to such awful sleep problems? 

A recent report running in the CHICAGO SUN TIMES  reports on one expert who concludes:

Before trying sleep aids, return to basics like establishing a regular sleep schedule, Tsai said. She sympathizes with parents, and in the last five years has seen an influx of teens in her own sleep clinic fighting some serious emotional battles.

“There’s more electronic usage and I feel like our teens have higher rates of anxiety and/or depression and that plays a role in our sleep,” she said.

Afraid of the effects of melatonin and effectiveness in general? Maybe CBD gummies are the way to go instead.

One article tells of a “sleepyhead” who was put to sleep by the them..

The first night I took the gummies, I was convinced they worked. I felt less stressed on the Sunday night before work and within thirty to forty minutes after getting into bed I was asleep. However, my success was short-lived. I don’t know if I abused the gummies by taking them in the day time (when I was also stressed) or built a nightly tolerance, but after a week or so, I was awake again. The 10mg of cbd oil that the Sunday Scaries contained was not doing it for me anymore.

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A Nightmare on Elm Street star Heather Langenkamp says that...

A Nightmare on Elm Street star Heather Langenkamp says that there’s a sexist connotation with the phrase “the final girl,” as male characters earn a nickname that doesn’t specify gender. ..

“I don’t think we should call her a ‘final girl’ anymore,” Langenkamp shared with the L.A. Times. “Because one, I want a boy to be able to play a part like this, and they’re never going to call him a ‘final boy’ — they just call him a hero. Just call a hero a hero, regardless of gender.”“To me, it’s at least a little less offensive than ‘final girl’ in some ways; at least she’s at the top of the heap — she’s a queen,” the actress pointed out. “I just hope that for women in my shoes who get the opportunity to play a part like Nancy [in A Nightmare on Elm Street], it doesn’t take them so long to think that they did something right.”

“I’m sitting here like any other scream queen in Hollywood, hoping that they revive their franchise,” Langenkamp shared with Entertainment Weekly. “I’m not alone! I know of lots of other horror heroines who have this little bit of spring in their step thinking about the chance of perhaps being in [new versions of] the movies that they helped make famous as young people. It’s kind of crazy, but it’s definitely something I would love to do.”

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Hacked Facebook private messages for saleThe perpetrators told the BBC Russian Service that they had...

The perpetrators told the BBC Russian Service that they had details from a total of 120 million accounts, which they were attempting to sell, although there are reasons to be sceptical about that figure.

Facebook said its security had not been compromised.

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Stranger Things day on November 6

Mystery as 1,000 human teeth are found hidden inside a WALL during renovation of former...

BUILDERS were baffled after cracking open a wall to find around 1,000 human teeth inside.

The workers were renovating an old building in Valdosta, Georgia, when they came across the stash of gnashers.

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Whitey Bulger was killed when cells were unlocked for breakfast

Convicted Boston mobster James “Whitey” Bulger was beaten early Tuesday morning when cell doors were unlocked so inmates could leave to eat breakfast, according to a law-enforcement official familiar with the investigation into Bulger’s death at a West Virginia prison.

The onetime kingpin of a ruthless gang was pronounced dead soon after, and federal authorities are investigating his death at the U.S. Penitentiary Hazelton as a homicide. One of the suspects is a mafia hitman from Massachusetts serving a life sentence at the same prison, the law enforcement official said.

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'Halloween' Earned A Record-Breaking $5.5M On Halloween

TEARS OF BLOOD! The unnamed man, 52, is thought to have visited...


The unnamed man, 52, is thought to have visited a hospital in the Sicilian city of Messina after blood started leaking from both his eyes.

Initially, the bleeding only carried on for a couple of minutes before it stopped.

However while he was waiting to be seen by the medical staff it started again.

Doctors discovered the man had non-cancerous tumours underneath his eyelids and diagnosed he was suffering from a rare condition called haemolacria.

These tumours are made of blood vessel cells, which are often seen on the skin of children and are sometimes known as strawberry marks.

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Not a headline one can be comfortable with..

unexplained-events: Scariest Urban Legends In Each StateHERE is...


Scariest Urban Legends In Each State

HERE is the link for those of you who want to read a text version of the list.

Amazing urban legend list from each state ..

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