The debate that won't go away: Does wi-fi, cell towers, cell phones, and routers make people sick?

Louisiana sinkhole update: Additional collapse around sinkhole reveals 50 underground caverns..

More information: Here are some amazinng photos of the Louisiana sinkhole disaster..

The big sinkhole is also raising concerns of explosions and radiation.. More on that from ABC NEWS, which reports that An update: The Mississippi River is drying up due to extreme drought conditions this year..

The new dust bowl.. 2012 drought has been wretched. The United States has downgraded the crop outlook for the harvest this year..

Emergency wells are being drilled in the Midwest to try to bring relief to farmers experiencing horrid 2012 dust bowl drought conditions..

It is so dry that, yet again, wildfires are raging..

The drought and fires are not hitting just in the United States: Record high temps and forest blazes are also striking Russia..

Social Security Administration to purchase 174,000 rounds of hollow point bullets..

TIME magazine picked the wrong decade to declare God dead: A big spike in atheism occurring across the United States..

More on the atheism study: People across the planet who say they are religious dropped from 73% to 60%.. people who say they don't believe in God rose, from 1% to 5%..

If the world abandoned God, does it mean that if there is a creator, he left us, too?

Bill Gates is kicking off his next great thing: Finding a toilet of the future.. Perhaps Gates' best hope would be one that vaccinates your rump when you sit down.. maybe one that sterilizes populations across the planet? Maybe one that control the population by sucking persons needing to relieve themselves on a toilet straight down into the middle of the earth, only to be ground up in the core of the planet? Bill Gates: May the best toilet win..

Campaign 2012 getting vicious: Joe Biden makes somewhat of a slavery reference on campaign trail while angry Romney tells Obama to take his 'hate' back to Chicago.. We have 12 weeks to go--and two conventions, too. Let the hate continue..

The PRICE IS RIGHT is seeking its first male model.. (Bob Barker would have had none of that!)

The Olympics were the most watched event on US TV ever. If we can trust the numbers..

Pennsylvania woman admits to poisoning her boyfriend with Visine drops..

Do you know your enemy? Residents of a town in Washington want Canadians OUT of their local Costco!




Fukushima hits butterflies: Third generation mutated..

The future is now: Facedeal is getting to know all about you..

Dire aftermath as two quakes hit Iran..

New developments at Penn State: Now booster may have seen Sandusky abuse boys in plane..A larger sex ring may be very well likely..

Heyy did you hear about the end of the world this week? The Liberty Man John Moore is helping spread the rumor that PLANET X is coming back on August 16..


That's a wrap! The London games end..USA ends up with more gold medals than China..

The Civil War of 2016? The Washington TIMES echoes something that has been seen on INFOWARS and the like for years: The military is being told of a future in which they may have to fire on Americans..



Summer Arctic storm causing havoc..experts surprised by the aggressiveness of the coming storm.. It has lead to swift melting of Arctic ice..

THANK YOU TO ALL THE NEW FOLLOWERS ON TWITTER: Official HORROR REPORT Twitter, should you choose to follow along..

Chaos in Times Square: Police kill a man wielding a knife.. Ten rounds fired..

The next time you're in the movie theater, you may think twice about popcorn, now that a new study has linked butter popcorn to Alzheimer's..
The chemical linked to Alzheimer's in the new study is diacetyl .. That same ingredient has been linked to lung disease..
Even more, diacetyl is in more than just popcorn, including eggs in greasy spoon restaurants, and often used as the spray on skillets for foods in restaurants such as shrimp, steak, chicken, and fresh vegetables..

Dogs being burned alive at Ohio shelter..

You are what you eat. So watch what you eat. And know what you eat--sometimes it's painful to do research on your ingredients but it may just pay off in the end..

Two big quakes hit Iran, deaths and injuries occur..

West Nile becoming deadly in Texas..

Plate tectonics discovered on Mars!

Mitt names his VP.. Paul Ryan..

Deadly two days for US soldiers in Afghanistan.. six yesterday, three Marines today..

The drought is getting worse, Obama calling for a new farm bill.. And I just wonder if that Farm Bill continues key provisions that will help Monsanto genetically modify food and trademark it even more..

Forget the drones, try this! A robotic earthworm may be used for secret milita ry missions..

CDC says new swine flu has infected 145 people since July, mostly due to state fairs, according to the Center..

Scientist says the sun is surrounded by dark matter..

NASA offers an amazing view of sunspots and a solar flare..

First Greenland's ice virtually vanished, and now the Arctic meltdown is nearing levels not seen in years..

Fareed Zakaria from CNN and TIME suspended after admitting plagiarism..

The fear everyone has at some point in their lives came true for a woman--doctors had to remove a spider from her ear canal!

Jersey woman sues after her 'how to' video on breastfeeding turned into internet porn..

Scientists are scratching their heads as a bizarre rock 'ice shelf' has been found in the Pacific..

Star of PARANORMAL STATE Ryan Buell diagnosed with cancer..

Girl says notable paranormal figure from TV abused her.. Her dad was known for being on Oprah and an expert voice on NDEs.. And now he is known for waterboarding his daughter..

Interesting lawsuit to watch: Man forced to work in prison sues under Anti-Slavery Amendment saying forced labor in jail violates the 13th Amendment..

Woman has baffling skin condition--and she is the only one in the world with it, according to doctors studying the situation: She has fingernails (FINGERNAILS) growing from hair folicles all over her body..


Mars rover: Color photos from Mars!

Massive sinkhole develops in Louisiana..


Report claims that the United States has presented Israel with an attack on Iran plan..

Doctors are in demand.. a shortage may get worse with new Obama health care law..

Report: Homeland Security is gearing up for civil unrest before 2012 elections..

Tragic: Mom wounded in Aurora shooting now has suffered a miscarriage, according to her family..



OLYMPIC SPIRIT: Yes, the US women's soccer team won 3-0 over Columbia.. but the bigger news that came from that game was that Abby Wambach was sucker punched during the game..

At this point, let people in for free!


Now the MILITARY has been drafted to fill empty seats in London!!

Fill the seats!

Ouch! Michael Phelps in FOURTH...

Ebola breakout in Uganda..

DARK KNIGHT RISES, falls, and back up again.. Friday night saw huge dropoff--Olypmpics coverage? Saturday rebound took place.. now on track for another strong weekend..

Snoop Dog banned from Norway..

Fred Willard roasted by Jimmy Fallon..

UFO investigators gather in Kecksburg PA..




The more they rise, the more they fall.. this DARK KNIGHT falls hard.. This weekend's developing box office story may be just how much THE DARK KNIGHT RISES has fallen in money when compared to last week.. Industry insiders predicted the film would have staying power, but on Friday Warner Bros and experts were amazed at the startling speed down that ticket sales have taken.. Insiders say there has been a 76% drop.. Could it be the week of news about James Holmes? Fear of a dark theater? Madness used to be confined to the screen. Now it's in the audience.. Watching the rest of the weekend to see if the slide continues..

Nikki Finke writes about latest box numbers and says moviegoers are still scared.. THE WATCH and STEP UP REVOLUTION are not even cracking $6 mil in Friday opening hours, but DEADLINE points out one ominous thing for Warner Bros and the Noland BAT franchise: DARK KNIGHT RISES seems to be falling, a shocking 78% drop has occurred in sales this week.. Developing..

And just when you thought Hollywood may cool its jets for a while, enter KILLER JOE, which boasts a star-filled cast and an NC-17 rating for intense violence..


The Queen snapped picking her nails just as Great Britain came into Olympic stadium..

The parade of nations: Lots of beautiful people from lots of ugly nations..

Olympics Political opener: A shot at US health care system?

It ain't '08: Phelps barely qualifies..


PBS fires Fred Willard..

New information coming to light about Aurora shooter James Holmes: He was seeing a therapist before the DARK KNIGHT midnight massacre .. According to more information on the therapist, it was Doctor Lynne Fenton, medical director for student mental health services at the University of Colorado-Denver Anschutz Medical Campus.. And she is also a a former US Air Force doctor JC PENNYS will soon scrap all cash registers..

It's a zoo: Gorilla hangs himself..

David Letterman gets political [again].. this time on the issue of fracking..


CNN's president Jim
Not so mighty: Mississippi at record lows, forces ligher barges..
Mississippi River dropping in Memphis..
Receding Mississippi exposing historic relics..

The Midwest is suffering its worst drought in 50 years.. Could this be the 'new' norm? Will the United States go from bread basket of the world to the dust bowl of the planet? Will the record warmth continue? More and more hot records relative to cold records have taken place for some time.. The past two years have seen many more hot records as opposed to cold records. These recent heat waves have made this drought much worse--after a winter of almost no snow in much of the United States. Global changes are in full effect. Big economic impacts will be coming this fall, expect that at a grocery store near you. The fires that we saw this year may be a new norm, too.. Earth changes will get worse and worse.. Greenland has lost 97% of its ice. Even the highest points in Greenland are melting. Major transformations of landscapes coming--coastal area flooding? worst case could be a massive sea rise?

But planes still fly and cars still drive. If manmade impacts are the reasons for warming, then humans seem not to care. If it's the earth itself, humans are in for a wild ride--one not seens for centuries..

The drought that is occurring has some ominous signs for our future.. In Illinois, people are beginning to become alarmed with just how dry and hot things have been.. The drought in the United States is also going to cause problems for China..

The drought and constant heat waves that have hit the United States this summer have been only intensifying and shows no signs of receding.. According to one report, the drought size has increased by the 'size of Texas'..

This summer's horrid weather will have one extremely negative ramification for this world.. for our wallets.. for us: Food prices will skyrocket until at least 2013..



Anger at NBC for not streaming live the opening cermonies..
2012 games: Taped ..
Downpour during the opener..
Bean brings down the house..
Royal entrance..
Rough Queen..

Mitt Romney questions if London is ready for the games.. then backtracks.. but before British papers labeled him MITT THE TWIT in time for the London kickoff..

MTV developing paranormal type show THE EXPERIMENT..

Chick-fil-A goes from the fryer to the fire.. controversial comments over homosexuality has marred the fast food restaurant in recent weeks..

Age of Autism writer says SPIDER-MAN in new film is a high functioning autistic..

The Material Mom booed in France.. Madonna called 'slut' in French and fans ask for their money back after unsuccessful show.. Madonna has also brought on the wrath of Right Wing Party leader Marine Le Pen

40 deadly spiders invade man's small apartment..



A powerful set of storms rolled through my area today.. I just get this deep down feeling that weather is getting rougher and more intense. I also get the feeling that people lost their sense of dread about what the future may entail if climate change is truly happening. Here is a MSM article about the severe weather that rolled through Ohio and Pennsylvania ..

More from the strange department.. yesterday news was rampant of Greenland losing 97% of its ice in four days.. today there is news of an unexpected ozone destruction taking place over the United States..

Anyone getting alarmed yet? A sweeping 'Grand Canyon' as been discovered beneath Antarctic Ice.. It is tied to the loss of ice..

And then there is James Moore and Nibiru..

A solar system has been found that mirrors ours.. Maybe it is ours. Maybe it's a reflection of us at one time in the past? Or the future. Light years away ... it was us. Maybe you'll get there and dinosaurs will be dominant. Or perhaps you'll see Ben Franklin forcing his son to hold a kite during a lightning storm. Science will tell us that this is simply similar to ours, but I will speculate since I have the freedom to do so, and say: Maybe this is actually us looking at ourselves. If we did, though, would we even know what we are seeing?

A boy opened a hot dog stand for his disabled parents. The city shut it down..

Kristen Stewart cheated! Lady Gaga came to the rescue.. ! I yawned.




Greenland ice melt the worst in 132 years..

Scientists 'baffled' by massive ice melt.


Let the games begin! North Korea walks off the field after South Korean flag was displayed before soccer match.. delays game an hour.. Olympics committee makes apology to Kim..

New information: James Holmes sent his notebook to his psychiatrist detailing plans on how he would massacre a movie theater.. it went unopened in the University of Colorado since July 12

This is James Holmes. After he was blamed for shooting the Aurora Colorado movie theater during the midnight massacre at the DARK KNIGHT RISES showing, he was taken to prison.. Reports and rumors circulated that he was calling himself the Joker and spitting on guards. He was in solitary confinement. When he appeared in court the other day, he appeared almost to be drugged. His hair was red and bushy and his eyes were wild.. So who is that Joker?

An expert says Holmes' odd behavior is a sign of psyhosis or he is just faking it..

Report claims: James Holmes wants to know how DARK KNIGHT RISES ends!

The names and faces in the crowd.. A listing of the murder victims at the hands of James Holmes..

DARK anxiety: 3 arrested at seperate DARK KNIGHT RISES incidents..

Women survived theater shooting grieve hero boyfriends..

DC COMICS has delayed a Batman release..


Bayou bubbling now blamed on natural gas (again).. there is apparently an old well that went unnoticed last month during a survey of Assumption Parish.. Now officials are trying to figure out who even owns it..

Months after Clintonville, WI, stopped booming, a resident reports that it is booming yet again..

Penalty hit on PENN STATE includes vacating Paterno wins and not playing bowl games..
112 victories from Paterno scrubbed from the record..

Anarchy in Anaheim: Police are now firing on the media as unrest and riots continue..

North Korean state TV says that Kim Jong UN is married..


Fourteen people were killed and 50 injured when a gunman opened fire during an early Friday morning screening of the new Batman movie at an Aurora, Colorado, theater, Police Chief Dan Oates told reporters.

24-year-old man in custody..

The heavily armed suspect, who was wearing a bulletproof vest, was apprehended by police in a rear parking lot of the theater, Frank Fania, a police spokesman, told CNN

Aurora is a suburb less than 10 miles east of downtown Denver.

Reports that shooter was calm after the massacre..

Raw video of the scene of the shooting..

Obama put out statement that First Lady and he are shocked at the tragic situation in Colorado.. says the White House will support the people and families of the shooting..

President Obama notified of Colorado shooting by Homeland Security advisor Brennan - @NBCNews

Witnesses thought that the shooting was a part of the DARK KNIGHT showing..

This is a true HOLLYWOOD nightmare..

Two tales of one picture..

Waking up to a DARK KNIGHT horror..


THE BAT UNLEASHED! 'DARK KNIGHT' RISES IN 4,404 THEATERS STRONG.. Major weekend expected for Christopher Nolan's DARK KNIGHT RISES.. big numbers.. big money? Record breaking? Developing..

DARK KNIGHT credits roll... after a long movie.. and Bob Kane is snubbed yet again..

With years of DARK KNIGHT hype behind us, the film has already earned $25 million and counting in ticket sales--before the film has even been released..

Will DARK KNIGHT set a box office record?

Cast joins for NYC premiere..


Review: DARK KNIGHT finishes strong..

Rotten Tomatoes: Review roundup..
Fans will wish for more..
Flaws 'few'

Will Hathaway Cat-away be the one to remember? Developing this weekend..

Will Bane make people think of Mitt Romney? Developing this November..


According to reports tonight, the popular movie website ROTTEN TOMATOES has suspended user comments for the DARK KNIGHT film after users began making threatening and profane comments towards reviewers who gave DARK KNIGHT a less than good review.. This may be the biggest movie opening of the year, maybe ever (? we will see?).. but the fact that the website has suspended users from making comments is a first.. Also, the site is considering a move to a Facebook commenting system, which might cut down on the glut of anonymous posts..


Life after death? An amazing story if true.. A woman says her husband sent a message after death --one she says proves that an afterlife exists..

More proof that science has few if any answers about who we are, what we are, and why we are: LA TIMES reporting: "Astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope have discovered the oldest known spiral galaxy, a 10.7-billion-year-old anomaly that by all rights shouldn't exist. The galaxy was present in the early universe, about 3 billion years after the Big Bang, at a time when galaxies were still forming and normally looked clumpy and irregular"

For better or worse (probably worse) it's official: An iceberg as broken off of Greenland's Petermann Glacier.. And as reported the other day, it's twice Manhattan's size

Violence is escalating in Syria.. the United States tells Russia that the situation is getting out of control..

As if the Syria crisis isn't enough to worry the world about war, here are some more drums beating: Israel is blaming Iran for a Bulgaria attack today..

This is a story that should be front page news around the world, but chances are you didn't see it anywhere: Japan is probing 'active faults' under nuclear plants .. I think that's a good idea, Japan. But there are purple strange creatures now washing up on shores across certain places. No radiation at issue, of course. Keep moving.. Nothing to see here.

50 tons of litter pulled from the Pacific..

Yesterday, angry fanboys shut down ROTTEN TOMATOES comments system.. today Christopher Nolan defends them

Now Tom Cruise leads the paparazzi on a high speed chase.. All for a photo, no matter the impact, no matter the tragic situation that could happen. All for a photo. One snap..

Halle Berry has a head injury during filming of THE HIVE but the incident will not be investigated, according to an official statement..

According to former Senator John DeCamp of the Franklin Cover up fame, he will be on the Alex Jones radio program for a full hour next Tuesday. On today's program, Jones told listeners to research past programs as he believes that DeCamp knew of the Penn State abuse scandal at least ten years ago and mentioned it on his program.. Developing..

It's been a while since I read some gossip rags. I forget just how much they glorified celebs, and then took them down.. plus how much crap they served to the avid readers. Case in point, PEOPLE MAG has a hard hitting report on how Jessica Simpson is 'working very hard' to lose weight.. YAWN.. sigh.. bye.

Scientist makes a claim that immortality is just twenty years away


THE EARTH IS CHANGING.. For several years scientists have been watching for a huge piece of ice to break off of Greenland. And now it has happened, as the crack became complete and the iceberg twice the size of Manhattan has broken off..

This could be the dramatic illustration of a warming Greenland ..

Strange situation developing in Brazil as hundreds of penguins have been found dead on beaches.. And now biologists are on the case..

There is a looming budget crisis.. and 2 million jobs could be lost within months..

Amazing video circulating around the world.. a 7-year-old girl escaped injury when she fell from a window in Brooklyn only to be caught by a neighbor..

Big drug bust in Ohio as student, age 17, is accused of a multimillion dollar drug ring.. he was netting $20,000 a month in sales..

Strange campaign: Is BANE in DARK KNIGHT a Democrat attempt to destroy Mitt Romney?

Entire states may be threatened by the now epic drought taking place across the United States.. record high food prices this fall will be next as corn crop gets decimated by continued heat..

The 2012 Dust Bowl: No End in Sight to Record Drought

A frightening situation is developing today as news emerges about a woman who bit into a needle in her sandwich on a Delta flight now being put on anti-HIV medication.. Four Delta flights are affected.. it is a possible 'terrorist' act.. the FBI is investigating the matter. The persons who bit into the needles were biting into turkey sandwiches. How safe from sabotage are airport food products? Apparently not safe enough..

I missed this story when it happened but just caught it now: Merck in June delayed a batch of MMR vaccine slated for release because it was released too early, before it was finished an internal approval process.. The company asked 39,000 vaccines to be returned..

UK reports shows that there has been a huge uptake in children receiving the MMR vaccine, 87.1%. But the number 'falls short' of the target of '95%'..

Welcome to the land of savages: Chicago teens charged with beating death of man who was collecting cans because social security was not enough.. the moron teens posted the video of the beating on Facebook for their fellow savages and crude sickos to like. Fortunately someone alerted police..

Chaos in Canada.. a food festival had to close after 17 people were hospitalized after lightning struck..

There were tornadoes in Poland of all places the other day, another heat wave building in the USA, corn crops being decimated.. truly we are living in the quickening, just hope not 'an ending'

A fierce lightning storm turns night into day

My essay on We are on borrowed time!


The Bayou is still bubbling..

Congress may allow Monsanto to write its own rules!

3-year-old gets mugged in NYC! Chain ripped from his neck..

The storm: Obama camp decimates Romney in new TV ad.. President attacks in stump speech in heavy rain..

Romney signatures at Bain after he said he left..

Bankrupt Scranton, PA may be the harbinger of doom for cities and towns across the United States
"Give it a couple of months. This is the first domino. This is the leak that indicates the dam is breaking"



What is troubling to think about is when a really large solar event takes place that could have a significant impact on this planet, will things be this much of a mess? And I reiterate: I hope this won’t happen should there be a ‘big one’.. It appears the world is not going to sizzle with this flare—and won’t in the future, either. But when a strong X class has the potential to do some damage you’d hope that federal agencies are on the same page. But then again.. what if the same page they are on is dead wrong? In that regard, maybe it’s better they oppose and offer different forecasts. May the strongest forecast win.

Olympics coming but London fears rain may spoil the show..

Penn State plans to change Sandusky shower room sex lair .. rennovation plans underway.. sorry PSU but the tears and screams of innocent children will never vanish..

All the contractual rewards that Paterno got will stand..

Dust bowl 12? Corn prices soar at US heat shrivels up crop.. But I bet they'll still use it for ethanol..

How low will the auroro go?

Team USA's Olympics outfits made in China..

How high did the chain of sickness go? Former FBI director Freeh releases report on Penn State.. implicates top officials including the late and maybe not to great Joe Paterno.. Fallout ensues..

Should Paterno's statue be removed?

Feeling like 2008 all over again: People passing out at Obama event..

29-year-old campaign staffer in Obama's Chicago office collapses and dies..

Bain Capital becomes the center of attention in campaign 2012.. When did Mitt Romney quit?

New and fresh reports of another Syria massacre..

Sage Stallone dead ..



Scranton PA making big national headlines as all city workers have their pay slashed to minimum wage.. Court orders.. mayor ignores.. the fight is one, dead heat in the middle of summer as the city goes broke..
Desperate solution to budget problems on the back of cops and firefighters..

It may sound like big bucks, but to a big corporation it's pennies: Google is fined $22.5mil fine in privacy case... Google set to pay to resolve allegations that it broke a privacy promise by secretly tracking millions of Web surfers who rely on Apple's Safari browse..

Study confirms that there IS SOUND to the Northern Lights..

Speaking of the Northern Lights. Get ready for some more as Sunspot 1520 is poised to hurl potentially large solar flares at Earth in the coming days. The sunspot is huge and the chances are good for M class of even X class flares..

A strange vortex has been discovered on Saturn's moon Titan.. Winter may be coming to the huge body's southern areas.

Astronomers discover an entirely new class of black hole..


But how 'amazing' was Spidey? $65 million opening weekend and $140 million in six days in 2012? Compare that to 2002 when the first SPIDERMAN film opened with $114 million, a record that year.. and in 2004 when SPIDERMAN 2 got $88 million.. and in 2007 when SPIDERMAN 3 got $151 million. The numbers look different when you compare.. And in that comparison also don't forget ticket prices were cheaper in all years previous to now. $65 mil for yet another re-imagined Spiderman isn't so great anymore..

Not only that, but with the extreme heat across much of the United States over the past 6 days, roughly the same amount as the days Spider-Man was in theaters, you'd certainly think that more people would have tried to escape the blazing sun by getting into a cool theater? Maybe people accepted the joys of summer and simply took a dip into pools instead..?

Looking at the calender, time appears to be fleeting. The seconds hands on the clocks fly around in a circular motion.. after all, summer time is about halfway through. Sure it extends well into September, but by then kids are back in school and colleges campuses are less than sober. There is something interesting about the summertime and how it trickles slowly into autumn. Even with this year's heat, we can be aware that cooler breezes will blow in two months. And despite the fact that many of us are long gone from hallowed hallways of high schools, we all get that same pit of the stomach feeling as August winds to a close, and as the summer sun bakes the landscape in one last vibrant attempt to keep things hot. Summer comes and goes.. The same in 2012 as it was in 2001 and 1991. Enjoy these moments while you can. Be alive ... take in some rays. Wear sunscreen. (I never liked that song.)

* * *

Ernest Borgnine dead at 95..
Oscar winning actor will be missed..

50 CENT has created a firestorm of controversy with this fingertips and Twitter.. He said on his timeline that he "dont want no special ed kids on [his] time line".. He also responded to a Twitter user by responding, publicly for all to see, "yeah just saw your picture fool you look autistic." With this controversy storming the characters of Tweets, now the rapper has been forced to say sorry. So the question is, if responsible, high minded, and intelligent people like '50 CENT' can't use Twitter, how do we expect our kids to!? (Hope you get at least a bit of sarcasm there)

Massive floods taking place in Russia.. Russia declares day of mourning..
Nation critisized over flood response..
Putin 'orders probe' into flood deaths..

When wireless cell carriers aren't busy counting the money you and I are paying in bills, it's busy fielding requests from law enforcement .. In the first public accounting of its kind, cellphone carriers reported that they responded to a startling 1.3 million demands for subscriber information last year from law enforcement agencies seeking text messages, caller locations, and other data.. Photo surveillance is skyrocketing ..

NASA releases amazing new photos of Mars..

Forbes: Why you should care about the Higgs Boson, and sadly why you don't

Early this morning, the DNSChanger bug happened: Internet was 'lost for thousands' ..


HEAT.. STORMS.. RECORDS BROKEN... THIS ISN'T NORMAL FOLKS. NOT NORMAL AT ALL. BUT WHAT IT IS? WE DON'T QUITE YET KNOW It just feels like something is wrong, very wrong. Perhaps the heat made me feel that way? Could it be that 100+ degree heat indexes persuaded me to think that something has gone awry? Or is it that something has gone awry...? Could it be that something is wrong? Maybe there is a disturbance in the Force?.. I don't know. I sometimes wait for the 'other shoe to drop' not knowing if there is a shoe or a drop coming. In the final analysis, it's a choice between this: Either I am overly negative or negative with purpose. There will be another shoe or simply socks, socks soaked in sweat from a heat wave that broke 4,000 + records..


WE LUCK OUT AGAIN: CME NOT HEADING TOWARDS PLANET EARTH: Major X class solar flare unleashed from sunspot 1515
CME hurled off the sun by 1515..
CME heading away from Earth..

USA in the midst of a massive heat wave..
Day ten of the heat.. today promises to be the HOTTEST of the heat.. 100s widespread today..
An amazing number of records being shattered by oppressive summer heat..

High heat across United States causes new fears of dust bowl.. crop prices expeted to skyrocket and heat damages yield..

Doggerland, Britain's Atlantis, discovered..

Glitch in San Diego causes fireworks show to pop in 15 seconds..

A nation of drones.. Air Force trains drone pilots by tracking CIVILIAN CARS in the UNITED STATES..



Some of the hottest weather of the heat wave coming tommorow. Widespread 100s throughout the United States on the way..




Fireworks!! The sun crackles with life as CMEs unleashed, Earth directed.. Millions of people remain without power during blazing heat..

Former FBI agent says 'legions of angels' were at Flight 93 crash site on 9/11, and says she saw them..

Higgs Boson particle may have been found..

Solar fireworks: Powerful flare released.. X flares possible and they would be Earth directed

Very high radiation levels recorded at Fukushima

Meteor plunges into ocean causing sky to light..

Video from space shows that army is building an island of the Northeast coast..

Zombie themed park planned for vacant Detroit..

British military readying missiles for London Olympics..


The year is halfway over.. Christmas in July is coming.. oh my..

Strange bubbling and noises in the Bayou: Just what is going on in Assumption Parish, Louisiana?

Dangerous heat wave across nation..

Canary Islands quake again..

Rumble in San Diego, military takes credit..

14 years of weather radar..



This is how solar flares can kill: A distant planet had an entire atmosphere blasted away by solar flares 60 light years away fom Earth..

Saturn's moon Titan may have an ocean beneath its surface!

Exhumed rocks reveal that Mars water ran deep..


This photo of horrid Colorado fires taken by Helen Richardson of the Denver Post.. The winds and heat have made a troubling situation even worse.. And now it's life threatening as one person has perished as a result of the series of blazes stalking and killing the land..
Entire neighborhoods have been erased by the fires as these photos illustrate..
A dire situation continues in Colorado as the hills are still alive with fires and fear. Colorado Springs fire is now ranked as the most destructive for the state on record, there is a war room type effort happening, and now the fires have claimed their first fatality as homes and businesses continue to be evacuated .. Extreme heat has blanketed the nation for days, today in some parts of the Rockies temprs will rise above 105.. A troubling situation awaits firefighters who battle the flames and the heat of nature..

Erin Ryder 'CHASING UFOS' in new series, but is also a part believer in real life..

So what exactly did the Mayor of British town dress as!?

Working from home or hardly working? A new survey seems to suggest that those who work from home don’t always work and tend to squeeze some other things in.. But ask yourself this, office workers of the world: How much of your day is filled with work and not just maligning and hissing at fellow co workers or discussing the latest ridiculous reality show to grace the TV sets of Ameridumb? Employers: Pick your poison carefully..

Obamacare legal: Yesterday the Supreme Court made perhaps one of its most important decisions since Bush vs Gore 2000 when it decided that the individual mandate would stand as a tax and that Obamacare would be constitutional. The judge who flipped: Chief Justice Roberts, appointed by Bush but reviled by Democrats, and now hated by Republicans and lauded by Obama. How the political winds shift.. how strange these days are that we live in.. But get ready! It's not over yet. Perahps just beginning now is a fight to repeal health care .. the November election just got a semi-charged particle called health care that may become the main issue ..

New research seems to suggest that age old theories about dinasaurs being cold blooded may have been wrong..

New private deep space mission will hunt killer asteroids..

Amazing universe: Solar tornadoes as big as the US eat up the sun's atmosphere.. and not only that, but there may be 11,000 super tornadoes on the sun's surface!

The stars of this weekend's new release MAGIC MIKE say that when they practice-stripped for women, they learned a lot about the gender they never knew.. According to Channing Tatum: Waxing in prep for the film was painful.. Reviews for the film are now trickling in.. And ain't it just sumptin' .. I bet most of the women you know, or if you're a women, want to see this film this weekend or at least have made comments when seeing the poster. Perhaps the makers are on to something. Box office glory coming for male strippers? Waxed and ready. Is America?

Website finds itself in legal troubling for linking to site with copyrighted material..

Distubring: Sick drugged up patients asked to pay--at bedside!

Madonna maybe trying to out-Gaga Lady Gaga in shock value, but the latest from Camp Material Mom has some ruffled: She allowed her daughter to pose in a cone bra.. the image was quickly deleted from Madge's timeline after it was published online for the world to screen cap and save..

The parents aren't alright either: Father arrested because he left his two year old son in a hot car in Kentucky.. Why? He got 'distracted' and forgot to drop him off at day care, leaving him in his parked car outside of his office.. The child was strapped in his car seat while the temperatures climbed above 100 degrees inside the car..

How ethical is this!? Does anyone care about ethics anymore..? News now that the first GMO babies have been born, about 30 to be exact: Fifteen of the children were born in the past three years as a result of one experimental programme at the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science of St Barnabas in New Jersey...

Ann Curry bids farewell on the TODAY show.. it's pretty clear that at this point the 4 hour extravaganza of entertainment goo, ooze, and garbage, is clear: No news is good news Truly.. she is about one of the few people with journalistic integrity that TODAY has. Really.. if you want news you need to tune in for about the first 14 minutes. Then local weather plops itself on again.. then it’s Justin Beiber live and Katy Perry with clothes. Now it’s Matt and Al for the duration. Who will replace her? Kathy Lee?? If she’s sober.

Woman claims that she was sexually abused by a priest over a two year period of time while undergoing exorcisms..

Texas college successfully hacks into drone!

Nature strikes back: A 'super rootworm' may now destroy Monsanto crops..

Of all of the things that Asbury Park, NJ, would have to worry about, I don't think that people walking on the beach in bathing suits is of them.. but some on the city council want to go back to an old ban that would make walking on the beach in swimwear a crime..

Scientists have long sought out how to make the 'perfect tomato' .. but they forgot about one thing: People like the taste of them. Now they are trying to figure out how the taste vanished ..

An amazing story: Author and legendary conservationist Lawrence Anthony died March 2. His family tells of a solemn procession of Elephants that defies human explanation..


The situation in Colorado becoming increasingly dire as the wildfire that is advancing advances even more, forcing thousands to leave their homes. .. Among the fallout expected: Tourism will take a hit.. There are thousands of people displaced near Colorado Springs . . Something not helping firefighters continues to be record heat.. Here is a map of where the fire is worst..

Debby is finally deciding where to go.. and up to 20,000 people who have fled from one Florida county alone wish she would have chosen one of the other paths she could of.. instead now, rain is deluging parts of the Coastline as a weakened depression named Debby makes landfall..

New weather models forecasting extreme heat to blanket the entire East Coast by the weekend. Widespread 90s and 100s expected.. It is currently about 59 degrees outside Horror Report home base.. This summer night is more like an early fall evening. But changes are coming. Dog days are on the way.. get the grass mowed early because by high noon some day soon the blistering sun will bake the ground..

More weather models suggest: There is another potential tropical system set to develop some time in early July, potentially around July 8 as a big high develops..

If there is life on Mars NASA expected to find it with an air test..

Amazing stuff keeps coming in .. thanks now to gravitational lensing: Using NASA's Huble Space Telescope, astronomers have detected a huge cluster of galaxies some 10 billion light-years away. The cluster is so massive that it distorts light that passes near it.. Even more: The new galaxy cluster is 500 trillion times the mass of the sun. It is 10 billion light years away. And it has a name that you shouldn't, but will, forget: IDCS J1426.5+3508

New worries in Japan over Fukushima No. 4..

If tweets are beamed across space, will aliens retweet?

Lead poisoning is ravaging the bird population in California..

Maybe he can blame the radiation?? Japan police are investigating a man who cooked and served his own genitals Here's the nuts and bolts of the story: Mao Sugiyama had his penis and testicles surgically removed in March and kept them frozen for two months before cooking them at a public event in May..Diners each paid 20,000 yen ($250) for a portion.. the mayor alerted police and now international headlines are being made with news that the event happened. No word on what taste the meal had.. no word on what spices were used. And it's not the only penis story making headlines on news wires tonight: Unfortunately something that may give new meaning to the word 'dickhead': A baby was born with a penis on her forehead (yes, her).. and yes, her forehead. Of course specialists may address the issue. And hopefully they do.. a dangling penis over someone's eyes can certainly alter vision for the worse. Prayers with this girl. Not sure if prayers are with the man who served his genitals though.. can't muster enough energy to grasp that one..


Recommended listen: George Knapp interviews David Paulides tonight on Coast to Coast AM about people vanishing in strange ways.. Follow up to March show (which was excellent)

Shoes of victims suddenly swept away by tsunami in Japan washing up on Washington shores


ABRAHAM LINCOLN VAMPIRE HUNTER being released in over 3,100 theaters nationwide with many starting at midnight Friday.. BRAVE will take it on in a big way with 4,164 theaters..

ABE LINCOLN reviews trickle in.. is it worth the weekend hunt?
CBS: Joyless..
SUNTIMES: Revisionist history works..
MERCURY NEWS: "Taps the wrong vein"
E!ONLINE: It doesn't suck
LA TIMES: Bloody and relentless..
"Dices history"

Video of woman being bullied by teenagers on bus sparks outrage and compassion.. When I watched it, it simply sparked a deep anger and disgust in my own human race.. How can kids, regardless of their immaturity level, be so horrid in action and words? So vile and reprehensible in their thoughts? So vicious in how hurtful they are to a fellow human, one who is crying as they taunt her about her weight? This video is outrageous .. but only so because it's real and true. I teared up for this person.. the KIDS AREN'T ALRIGHT. The Offspring were right..

Potential storm brewing in Gulf of Mexico.. watching development..

Update: Anne Curry's days appear to be numbered on the TODAY show..

Twitter explains downtime.. explains why it ruined millions of peoples' lives during downtime..

Astronomers discover 'an odd couple of planets'.. The Kepler spacecraft has detected a pair of extrasolar planets with orbits so close that at times the larger planet looms more than twice the size of the full moon in the second planet's night sky..

NASA discovers huge ice crater on moon..

Bad moon rising: Moody's now downgrades banks.. Credit rating slashed .. among the victims: Citigroup, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase.. Stocks collapsed Thursday in anticipation.. now all eyes on Wall Street Friday to see how investors react..
15 big banks get cut..

The final mile: Sandusky jurors deliberate: Verdict cannot be reported until court is adjourned, according to judge's rule.. This as news today slashed across wires that the newest accuser of Sandusky is his own son..

Richard Lynch dead


House panel recommends contempt case against Attorney General Holder..
Obama exerts Executive Privilege in Fast and Furious case..

Sources say that NBC may ditch Anne Curry on TODAY SHOW..

New theory suggests that the statues on Easter Island may have 'walked' to the location they now reside at.. Using the ropes, islanders would stand on each side of the statues, swaying them back and forth to create the walking effect...

New research suggests that about 7,000 years ago, farmers flourished in the once green Sahara..

Evidence suggests cattle were milked 7,000 years ago..

A father beheads his daughter in 'honor killing' -- then takes the head to a police station!

United States says that up to 27 million people worldwide are living in slavery..

House of 1000 Flyers: Rob Zombie to make 'Broad Street Bullies' hockey flick!

The hunt begins this weekend: Vampire slaying Abe Lincoln hitting box office this week..

Cruel summer: Scorching heat begins season..
Dog days: Heat wave begins as summer starts..



The former king of the night, Art Bell, chose to give up broadcasting on Coast to Coast Am on a full time basis years ago. In October 2010 he broadcasted his final show.. Since then he has not appeared on the program, even though host George Noory signs off nightly using Art Bell's name. Also on Saturday nights across radio stations and the internet, older did of Art Bell are replayed called "Somewhere in Time." For now..
Tonight on his Facebook page, Art Bell announced, "I have made a request that Premiere Radio cease Broadcasting the Saturday "Somewhere in Time" shows."..

Art Bell moved back to the United States some time in 2011.. around the same time, he began posting brief messages on Facebook.. His messages have been from posts about boxing matches to some commentary on how he is not involved with Coast to Coast AM. A few months ago, he responded to a question about whether he would appear on the radio program again: He said no.. In the meantime, various large affiliates around the nation have stopped broadcasting Coast to Coast AM in some major markets.. George Noory's direction has taken the show from unpredictable and paranormal to political and conspiratorial.. Now the new posting on Facebook has already created a huge online buzz.. Comments to Bell's post range from confusion to sadness, and others are thanking him for trying to completely disassociate himself with the radio program.. Rumors persist that he will be back on the air full time.. Bell turned 67 this past Sunday. Perhaps a birthday gift to all will be his coming from the shadows of the desert to explain exactly what occurred that led him to begin a complete dissolution with Noory et al..

A group of young students at an all girls school were left in "mass hypnosis" after a demonstration from a fledging hypnotist reportedly left them locked in a trance -- one was locked in a trance for five hours!

Man plays CIVILIZATION II for 10 years only to discover a hellish world of nuclear war and dwindling resources created..

New Adidas sneaker has shackles similiar to slaves..

Economy hitting Generation X the hardest..

Empty airports and spiraling Euro debt: Zero Hedge says the experiment has failed.. 'are you ready?'

100s killed and 1000s injured in police chases in California over past 10 years...

Shia LaBeouf buff: Star goes full frontal nude in new music video..

The Pope says sexual abuse in Catholic Church 'remains a mystery'

Voyager 1 nears interstellar space..


3.3 mag quake rattles Mississippi along New Madrid Seismic Zone..

Sandusky defense: Others were in the shower too!

Update: Aimee Copeland pleads for painkillers..

According to new stats, humans on earth are '17 million tons overweight'..

After two decades, Arsenio Hall returning to late night in syndication deal..

Google reveals an 'alarming' increase for censorship around the world..
Forbes columnist says Google should be applauded for taking stand against censorship..

Signs clear: There is a worsening situation in Syria.. Russia now sending warships to 'protect Russian citizens' in the nation..Spokesman for Russia says action "in case of necessity"

Industrial accident? Chemical plant explosion? Naaahhh.. China says simply 'straw burning' is the culprit for a thick and mysterious haze that has descended over Wuhan city..
The haze is yellow-grey-green in color .. government tells young and old alike to stay indoors..

The haze started to make headlines around June 11.. Around that time, China detained 2 people for "pollution rumor" .. No word on whether those detained are still ...around, so to speak..
One theory was that high school students were burning books after graduation.. Much more serious notions of why the thick fog showed up exist.

And now this! A giant mushroom cloud forms over Beijing!

The next American crisis: Who will pay for state retirement benefits when they rise to $1.4 trillion?

Now looters targeting fire victims in Colorado..
Almost 60,000 now burned..

Prayer need..mass consciousness need .. whatever you believe in: Dad of flesh eating victim in Georgia says Aimee Copeland is now suffering through the worst pain of her entire ordeal..

Rodney King found dead over the weekend.. bottom of his swimming pool..

DEFENSE! Sandusky trial goes on..

Victory for austerity..
Euro survives: Greeks end up voting for austerity that so many hate so much..

Jack Osbourne reveals: He has Multiple Sclerosis..

Night club in New York City where high profile hip hop stars fought has been shut down by the NYPD..

Baltic Sea UFO: New investigation.. new mystery.. new questions..

Heat wave coming.. for those who complained that it doesn't feel like summer you're going to wish for winter by the middle of the week..

Mittens Romney steps into it: Sheetz vs Wawa in Pennsylvania.. a question that divides the state literally in half.

Radiohead releases comment on fatal stage collapse over weekend that took one life.. "We have all been shattered"..

Know what you eat, since you will be it: Mystery ingredients are typically industrial chemicals..

A reason why enducing your body to expel all waste may also have negative consequences.. the human body can contain up to 5 pounds of bacteria that actually helps it..

Sometimes you are not what you eat and do not want to be: A woman's circumstances have made international headlines after a cooked squid she was eating actually injected sperm into her cheek and tongue..

Next time you travel think of this: The fecal matter and waste hiding in hotel rooms..

The new world of Facebook etiquette: What you should never say in the virtual world..

I'm a dear old dad now..


Summer coming..
heat on the way
Father's take pride
This is your day

Geomagnetic storms are circling Earth's poles in the wake of a double CME impact on June 16th.. Earth's magnetic field has strongly compressed after the flares and impact.. After nightfall Saturday Northern Lights were visible even in the Northern United States such as North Dakota and Wisconsin..

Mediocre Father's Day weekend for ROCK OF AGES..

Greek wildfire rages near Athens..

Wildfire in Colorado rages, destroying homes..

Welcome to another jobless cruel summer..

30,000 drones may be flying over the United States in the next ten years.. Civil libertarians cry foul while frankly no one hears their valid concerns.

Secret X-37B lands..

Radiohead stage collapses before show.. 1 dead..

New revelations released.. A sordid Secret Service history was hidden from public.. Drunken escapades, assault..

The final battle of Pope Benedict.. Struggle behind the scenes, along with backbiting and scandal..


Violence rages in Syria.. UN suspends monitoring..

Outrage after Chinese government forces seven month pregnant woman to have an abortion..

Small Texas town stands by man who killed daughter of alleged abuser..

Brain drain? Facebook's tech chief says goodbye..

British researchers create robot that can learn simple words by conversing..

Max Page, the young actor who played Darth Vader in Volkswagen commercial, has successful heart surgery..

Victim of flesh eating disease has painful skin grafts.. Aimee Copeland refuses morphines..

Welcome to your life: Man arrested for growing vegetables..


I had a website YEARS ago hosted on Angelfire. I also had a Guestbook that, only this week, I found out was gone forever. Seriously.. they deleted it on me. You know, I guess… things change. So this guestbook existed since the year 1998. There were tons of memories in there. I signed up with an email address that is now non existent. So if I had an email that was existent as the main contact, I would have known since April it was going away. Alas! I didn’t.
So there goes that guestbook.. filled with as many memories as a photo album. Friends…long nights of messaging back and forth when the internet was in its infancy.. drunken stupors in text. All that in this guestbook. The world was able to read it.
And now it’s gone.
I know people say if you type something online “it will last forever.”
Tell that to people who had websites on Geocities. Or those who had Tripod guestbooks. Or slambooks (remember those!?) Or ICQ.
I hopefully think that somewhere, in the vast universe, the keys we stroked and letters we typed still exist. But with all these companies folding their ventures and replacing them with nothing, I dare to think that there are some things online that will never exist again. And that’s sad.
What will exist is Facebook. .Maybe Myspace? That’s up to Murdoch. Maybe Tumblr, that’s up to Karp if he makes money.. and Google blogger, which is probably up to the CIA more than anyone else.
Yes.. what you type may not exist tomorrow.
Kind of sad, in a way. Years of Guestbook entries back when the net was young have just been deleted from countless sites…
They better not get rid of Angelfire. Or else if they do, my entire 18 years old to 21 years old period of my life is gone. Forever

Sandusky trial gets creepy..
He was the 'tickle monster'..
Prosecution ends in Sandusky case..
The trial will resume on Monday..

Hurricane Carlotta forms of Mexico coast..

Forest boy fraud: Will authorities charge?
Background on the case: Berlin police say an English-speaking teenage boy who wandered into the city nine months ago saying his name was Ray and that he had been living in the forest for the last five is a hoax..

Election year: Obama makes a big change in immigration policy without running through Congress// Obama will grant immunity to young illegals..

To 'heaven and back' and all over the news: Dr. Mary Neal continues book blitz on CNN to talk of her death while kayaking

Famous cave paintings may not have been made by humans..

A spiral seen in the sky over Middle East was likely a Russian missile test..

Is this the 'ghost of a universe' before the big bang?

Lawless meets the law: Pleads guilty to trespassing.. she protested on an oil ship months back to prevent it from sailing to the arctic to drill..

Methane lakes may have been found on Titan!

A drone causes a uFO panic in D.C.

Hundreds briefly evacuated after Northeast Indonesia volcano erupted..

New evacuations ordered in Colorado; fire continues to advance; Governor signs order ..

NY Mets exploring the option of a 'quiet section' for autistic fans.. Fire hits church, but spares a religious image..

Weekend box rock: ROCK OF AGES out..

Controversy after George Bush head 'decapitated' on HBO's GAME OF THRONES..

Man alleges NYPD "strangled" his penis..

Microsoft forced to say sorry for 'penis dance'..

Lindsay Lohan concerned about graphic sex scenes in her new movie..

"Five truths that will set you free"


Massive hail storm hits Texas


Ray Dolin, a man crossing the nation writing about 'The Kindness of America,' shot Saturday in a random act of violence

Sandusky trial begins.. hears victim tesitfy about abuse..
Gap between abuse and charges could be an issue..
Sandusky labeled a predator..


Spain falls.. Italy next?

Colorado and New Mexico wildfire expands.. Evacuations currently taking place..
Fire's reach quickly exploding..

Torrential rains along the Gulf Coast.. more coming..
Water logged Gulf..
State of emergency Florida..

Sardine Beach: scary sight on a port in Isumi City of Chiba Prefecture in Japan: The port city sees nothing but 200 tons of dead sardines and water turned into the blood..
Sardines started washing up onto shore a week ago..And hasn't stopped since..

Violent fluctuations of hydrogen concentration in reactor 1..

Should you be so inclined, John B. Wells hosted a special on Fukushimi on Coast to Coast AM and it's worth listening to should you have a spare four hours.. He interviewed Arnie Gunderson, David Blume, John Aplsey, and Theresa Dale.. all four hours and all hour guests were important and the story itself is one of the utmost importance for this current generation and the future of this world..

The melting arctic: Now blooms of algae found..

Update: Israel begins rounding up African migrants while a court ruling may force Africans to leave Israel..

Trendy Tel Aviv: Shopping on the sabbath suddenly becoming more popular..

Tombstones are surfacing along San Francisco beach..A reminder of the past and a reminder of what lurks under the beach..

One too many!? Reports indicate that British Prime Minster David Cameron and his wife left their 8-year-old daughter in a pub by mistake over the weekend..

Creflo Dollar arrested..

March of the penguins redefined: Graphic sexual acts of penguins shock researcher in 1910..

Investigation of Commerce Secretary Bryson after hit-and-run after causing two car accidents within minutes of one another in Southern California..
Explanation: Seizure..

Is union power in government ending after Walker victory?

Tears flow? Is this Virgin Mary statue weeping in Russia?


BOOMS AND RADIATION READINGS: INTRIGUE IN THE MIDWEST.. Strange mystery in Indiana and south Michigan.. rumors of snapped trees and shaking booms before a spike in radiation numbers.. Levels went as high on some gauges to 7,139 CPM ..
Officials claim "mistaken readings" have caused the concern.. say no real cause for intrigue..
Flashback May 29 2012: Mysterious Michigan booms "not from earthquakes or jets"
Flashback January 17 2012: Strange Indiana booms draw many theories..

The kids are ...deranged!! Dateline Georgia: Teenage girls call Domino's Pizza delivery woman to home and brutally stab her 50 times on doorstep.. Police charge..

Think the weather where you are is bad? Read this: The Gulf Coat is getting up to 20 inchces of rain .. and still raining..

Colorado wildfire out of control; 20,000 acres burned, authorities evacuating.. Developing..

China plans manned space flight.. State media earlier reported that the mission would involve three astronauts manually docking with the Tiangong-1 - or "Heavenly Palace 1" - module currently orbiting the Earth... astronauts will move temporarily into the Tiangong-1 where they will perform scientific experiments..

Lady Gaga suffers concussion during JUDAS in New Zealand.. Dancer hit her in the head with a pole .. And even more news from the strange world of female artists: Lady Gaga may have been hit during a concert but Madonna hit her audience with a shocking little red blotch: She flashed her nipple in Istanbul.. So Lady Gaga hit in New Zealand.. Madonna's bare breast in Istanbul. More proof that nothing exciting in the world of music happens in the United States anymore..

Labor Dept backs down: Will not force reporters to use government computers.. The plan had first amendment concerns.. resulted in cries about potential free-speech violations and the government now having computer access to news agencies..

Israel to put thousands of Africans in detention camp..
Human Rights watch slams..
Rising tensions..
52% of Jewish Israelis say illegal African migrants is 'a cancer'..
Israel offering cash to Africans who leave..

A glimpse of the scary drones of tomorrow..

Rand Paul endorsed Mitt Romney.. now he is defending his words..

Scientists have found microbes that are able to survive in Mars-like conditions.. How long until that colony on Mars really happens?

USA's biggest asset on the books: Student loans!?

Is it possible to convince yourself you'll be successful and be successful as a result? Some think yes..

Fans are willing to pay a 400% markup for Kanye West sneakers..
Limited edition sneaker brings out the cashless but plastic masses..

IT's ON: Heat and Thunder hit the NBA finals..


Amazing! Universe's 1st Objects After Big Bang Possibly Seen by NASA Telescope

New study claims that autism is triggered by low doses of anti-depressants and chemicals in water supply--critics of the study say sample size was not large enough to make conclusion

Big brother campaign: Data mining the name of the game for election '12

The drug industry PUSHED for Obama health care plan.... So when you hear them complain now don't buy it; they got everything they wanted..

Funny video: If Mrs Doubtfire was a horror movie..

USA awaits a debris field three times its own size..

New thought police coming: Get ready for 'pre crime' enforcement..

Scientists made headlines with a bake sale for NASA today.. But how many cupcakes do you need to sell to make up for a $300 million cut!?

Lindsay Lohan totals her porsche..

Creepy Garden of your Mind Mr Rogers video goes viral..

Time mag promotes new eugenics with 'how to die' cover

Man turns into musical savant after recovering from serious head injury..


Bath salt cannibal attack now in Louisiana..

Chariots found in Red Sea?

Mystery of the Vatican bank..

If New York City got a hurricane..

Suicides soaring among US troops..

New Jersey hail storm..
High school hail storm hits during graduation..


Japan's former ambassador to Switzerland says Fukushima presents a security problem for the entire world

Drones as small as golf balls about to be overhead in the USA..

Mayo earthquake surprises geologists and poses very interesting questions due to location..



A must read for all who are concerned about the world and all who doubt officials who "officially" tell us that Fukushima is nothing to worry about.. these headlines tonight are entered onto the record for your consideration and thought.. A news account from CTV says that reactor 4 at Fukushima poses a major threat to the world and another says that the worst is yet to come.. Japan continues to insist that the nuclear pool is stable and the country's leaders claim it could withstand another major quake. Consider these facts, too: Japan is dumping about a thousand tons per day of radioactive water into the Pacific ocean, and a new report says the Pacific won't do much to dilute the water in the great sea.. Yes indeed. Nothing to see here..

Two more cannibal-lite attacks..

So how do you train a good worker to be a good worker? In China, you do it with long hours, exposure to harmful chemicals, and 'military style' training sessions..

It has been 68 years now since D-Day.. less and less news coverage occurs every year. This year, though, the account of Bernard Friedenberg, a 90-year-old World War II medic who took part in the D-Day invasion, is haunting. He recalls a mortally-wounded soldier gasping for air.. he recalls an 'absolute massacre' .. he speaks of patching 'guys up right and left.. Yes indeed, the greatest generation is slowly leaving this war-torn planet called hell, otherwise known as Earth.

Welcome to the new world order--if you have a chance to enter the world.. Babies could be tested soon for up to 3,500 'genetic faults' .. Fears that these routine tests could lead to more abortions

Sandusky reportedly wrote 'creepy love letters' to victim..

Clive Barker to write new zombie flick..

History unearthed: Now found is the report of the first doctor to reach Abraham Lincoln after he was shot.. the doctor rushed to his ceremonial box and found him paralyzed, comatose and leaning against his wife. Dr. Charles Leale ordered brandy and water to be brought immediately..

A privately financed Dutch company has a plan: They want to create a colony on Mars by 2023.. it will be a one way ticket if you decide to venture out into the great unknown of space..

Wedding day hell: A bridge was drenched with oily black ooze from hotel sprinklers as she was prepping for her big day..

Did Magnotta do it? Body parts mailed to Canadian school..

How to stay young: Laugh a lot and be positive..

Mystery in the desert: Spiritual retreat or cult?



Ready, set, watch: The world sees Venus pass by the sun..
And it won't happen again until 2117..

Sheryl Crow diagnosed with brain tumor..
Crow not worried..
How serious?

History all wrong!? New research points to a new origin of human: Not Africa, but instead Asia..

Black hole 'evicted' from galaxy at staggering rate of several million miles per hour..

I knew some very healthy people in life that ended up dying very early. People who would jog regularly may be doing more harm than good, in some circumstances. Scientists now say that excess exercise can hurt the heart and actually cause long term health damage.

Pope's butler formally questioned in leak scandal..
Up to six years in prison..
All eyes turn to Vatican judicial system

Sandusky cild sex abuse hearing set to begin in PA..

Tragic story in Ohio as an 18 year old dies ours after graduation.. There are yearly cautionary tales concerning kids who just finish school perishing in a tragic car accident.. Be careful this year regardless of your age or location. Life is too short, so don't make it shorter.. And as always, good luck class of 2012: With this world, you're going to need it.

There are a lot of jokes and online cartoons about the 'zombie' attacks coming due to the recent news of cannibal attacks--attacks that involve human beings and not actors in some film.. The latest reminder that all these jokes are about real people is this news story detailing the sad life of the man who had his face eaten off by another on bath salts in Florida.. Don't get me wrong, I love a good zombie joke now and then, but the news is creepy in 2012: A Maryland cannibal, a gay porn dismemberer, a nude bath salt cannibal, and a homeless woman trying to eat the arm off of a baby--all these events real headlines and real things. The very purpose of the HORROR REPORT is to reflect on the day to day news, news that I personally feel is scarier than ever. The cannibal attacks only go to prove my point--and cause me to have even more paranoid fears..

Virginia governor can't wait for drones over is state..

Is Japan creating a furter disaster by burning radioactive debrs?


Zombie nation: Homeless woman snatches baby and tries to eat its arm!!

TRUMAN SHOW delusions on the rise..

Analyst predicts: Facebook may be gone on 5 years!

EPA using drones to watch cattle ranchers..

Gay porn star wanted for bizarre murders caught..
Cannibal was caught in Berlin--searching for news stories of himself at a cafe..

Boy buys old camera at garage sale and finds photo of his deceased uncle..


Your kids are for sale.. Advertisers getting more and more customers--as schools become breeding ground for sales.. Reading, writing, and new sneakers.. That's right: Advertising in schools now common..


Bilderberg weekend wraps up.. as protesters hail their new hero: Infowars' Alex Jones..

UK media writes a fair story on Alex Jones..

In response to children being killed in horrid ways in Syria, Fareed Zakaria argues it's time to starve the nation!

Life beginning to resemble sick horror flick as cannibal attacks occur in three states..

'Zombie' talk viral online--talk that is offensive to victims of real life NON ZOMBIE cannibals..

More Vatican documents leaked--it wasn't just the butler who did it

Newspaper gets new documents after Vatican arrests butler

Passenger plane crashes into building in Nigeria..

The passenger plane carrying 153 people crashed in Lagos, Nigeria, state rescue officials confirmed Sunday... The Dana Air flight attempted to take off from Lagos and went down in a residential neighborhood, resulting in three house fires

Weekend box: SNOW WHITE surprises with better than expected showing, MEN IN BLACK 3 sinks 54%..

Samberg leaving SNL..

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