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A year end treat: You want propaganda?! You got propaganda!

And North Korea surely knows how to do it..

Large images of Kim Jong Il on a motorcade of government vehicles on a snowy stretch of North Korean highway. The dear leader perished from the earth after becoming so overworked that he died on a train.. So they said. 

A "clearly audible" out pouring grief took place as the motorcade swept through the streets.. According to reports, tens of thousands of people braved the freezing weather to say goodbye to the dear leader--and then most likely to home to freezing homes as well. 

And sure, those images were "live." Right? You mean, state run media would lie to the world? You mean they would call something live without it truly being live? It was getting dark in Seoul but on TV the light was abundant for the funeral procession. But I guess that just means God is smiling on Kim. Or wait, isn't Kim God? 

I think..?

I'd be curious to exactly created the giant portrait--and we mean GIANT--of Kim Jong Il? You can't just go to a Kinkos or Staples and get one produced, can you? ... There is just something about nations that go all out with propaganda that impress me: Giant signs, giant images, and giant photos. Amazing quality on the massive image of Kim ...I'm surprised the car was even able to movie with the weight on the humongous Kim.

But why poke fun at the death of a tyrant. 

Just get me the number to the giant portrait store!



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